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If you have a lot of foreign patients, you probably need help in improving your services. Especially for you, Clinic Hunter has prepared dedicated tools which will be helpful in organizing the treatment . With us, foreign patients' service will be easier and more effective. Join Clinic Hunter and make your patients feel more comfortable.

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Talk with your patients no matter where they are

Decision about undergoing treatment, especially abroad, is always difficult. Consultation with a specialist makes it much easier. Help your patients choose the treatment with you thanks to telemedicine consultations. Our tool will enable you to talk to patients all over the world.

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Insurance for medical trip

Make your patients feel safer

Going abroad for treatment often raises many doubts. Let your patients feel safer by offering them dedicated insurance for medical trips. The insurance will cover travel and accommodation costs in case of extending the patient's treatment or returning for re-treatment.

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Take care of your patients after the treatment

Don’t leave patients alone when they return to their country. Help them follow all post-treatment recommendations with automated aftercare. Our system will remind them about the recommendations, and you can rest assured patients know what to do.


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Present your clinic and show your value for your patients

Let your patient get to know your clinic. Present yourself at ClinicHunter and build trust abroad. Within the clinic's profile, you will be able to present your treatments, show the experience of doctors and, above all, convince a patient that you are a valuable clinic.


What our partners say

I have a dental clinic in Warsaw, and most of my patients come from abroad. Tools offered by ClinicHunter make my work easier, and I serve more patients. I am able to prepare more detailed treatment plans thanks to the telemedicine consultation. My patients feel safer having insurance, and they are more confident of making their decision about treatment abroad. And I can use automated aftercare to take care of my patients without any effort.

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Bookings 24/7

Patients are able to book the video consultations anytime and anywhere, because your calendar is available 24/7. Bookings are being done online, so patients can do that even if you cannot pick up the phone.

Calendar Management

Just set up the time when you are available and wait for the patient's bookings. You can choose your availability and the consultation period.

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Distance Consultations

You can talk with your patients from all over the world. Doesn’t matter where you are during the consultation. You can talk with your patients from any other country.

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Digital AfterCare Process

Our aftercare tool will help the patients follow the post-treatment recommendations. The system is totally automated. You can manage the notifications, and you don’t have to call the patient each time when he/she needs a reminder.

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Aftercare E-mail Notifications

Your patients will be receiving the e-mail reminders with the aftercare recommendations. They won’t forget about taking medicines, taking stitches off or post-treatment consultation. Make sure that they are taken care of after their return to their country.


Insurance dedicated for the medical travels

Let your patients feel safer thanks to products created with AXA Partners. Cover the risk of treatment cancellation, re-booking flights or re-treatment visits. This product increases the conversion from lead to patient, because it reduces risks of having treatment done abroad.

25 %

higher conversion

Patients who are able to talk to their doctor before undergoing surgery feel much safer and more willingly decide to undergo surgery abroad. The insurance make your patient feel more confident due to reducing the risks. Telemedicine consultations and insurance may increase your conversion up to 25%.

20 %

less complaints

Patients who have received telemedicine consultation before the surgery, and after-treatment recommendations have less complications which means less complaints from your patients.

10 %

higher retention rate

Thanks to telemedicine and aftercare you are in touch with your patient after his/her return to home country. It allows you to build a strong relationship with them. If patients need another surgery, they will return to your clinic.


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