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(1 reviews)

Daryl Bristow

United Kingdom

Non verified

A really first class dentist in Poznan (Orimplant Stomatologia)

31/01/2019 23:47

Dr. Krzysztof Sidorowicz is first class dental surgeon. I recently made 3 visits in 3 & a half months from England to Poznan (a very easy journey from Luton airport via Wizzair) to get 2 new implants done plus a bridging tooth. My dentist in England quoted me more than double the Poznan price. Even with the travel expenses my total was still less than half of UK costs. Dr. Sidorowicz speaks perfect English. He has a nice well equipped surgery and his receptionist also spoke English. Dr. Sidorowicz speaks to you all the time he is working letting you know what he is doing. He has a very calm, gentle and professional manner. I am very happy with my new teeth that perfectly match my existing teeth. So thank you Dr. Sidorowicz & I hope he gets more patients from the UK.


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