Rumeli Medical Center

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Nispetiye Caddesi, No:15/2 Sarıyer, Turkey, Istanbul (check on map)

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Rumeli Medical Center - Rumeli Tip Merkezi
Rumeli Medical Center - Rumeli Tip Merkezi


Rumeli Medical Center is one of the many famous clinics in Istanbul Turkey. The medical center boasts of having the capability of being able to handle different kinds of dental cases among them Health Screenings.
Rumeli Medical Center is under supervision of a great medical team which operates for 24hours including weekends just to assure that your dental needs are not at risk. Having health teeth, bones and a confidence smile are some of the important aspects they ride on. They offer all types of dental procedures including maxillofacial surgery.


At the center of İstanbul city.
Near Bogazici University.
Rumeli Medical Clinic has adopted world class hygiene with a high sense of quality services. Once you check in, they personalize and internalize your dental problems and make them their own.
Every patient is allocated his/her time with a qualified consultant who will appropriately take you through your queries. For complex cases, they will make referral and transfer arrangements to a higher specialized unit where a dentist will accompany you and be by your side to monitor your treatment.
Rumeli Medical Centre dental practice environment is designed to allow you experience tender dental care with tranquility making your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.
At the end of it all they will provide a full treatment report for you and help you prepare a calendar for follow ups and home visits which they conveniently offer.

Local atraction

Rumelihisarı, Golden Horn

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Languages spoken

Arabic, English, Farsi, Persian, Russian, Russian, Turkish

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Open 24/7

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Estetik Dishekimligi Akademisi Dernegi

Türk Dishekimleri Birligi

Türk Tabipleri Birligi

Turkish Medical Association




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