Adam Bielawski

Adam Bielawski

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Adam Bielawski

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Information about doctor

Work experience: 2024

Languages: English, Polish

Founder of Dentineo Dental Clinic. Since graduation from the University he constantly raises his qualifications and expanding his knowledge though local and foreign conferences and workshops such as Curriculum of Implantology by Polish Implantology Association.
“My aim is to give people Perfect Healthy Smiles giving them maximum comfort during dental treatment.We at Dentineo are doing our best to change patients way of thinking about dental treatment,to make it more like Spa visits, so If You ll fall asleep in our dental chair we won’t be surprised. Try it for Yourself” – Dr. Adam Bielawski


Medical University Of Gdansk


Membership and awards

International Congress of Oral Implantologists and Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Orale Implantologie.

Polish Association of Endodontic and Polish Periodontal Association.

Many Dental Societies, among others

Polish Implantological Association

Polish Endodontic Society

Polish Peri Odontological Society

Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Orale Implantologie

International Congress of Oral Implantologists

Digital Smile Design Academy



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