What to eat before gastric bypass?

What to eat before gastric bypass surgery?

Clinic Hunter
Clinic Hunter

What to eat before gastric bypass?

A diet before gastric bypass (as well as before any other weight loss surgery) must be followed because it helps reduce the fat around the liver and makes the surgery safe (if the liver is too fatty, the surgeon may refuse to perform the surgery). 

So, it is suggested that patients follow a pre-op diet for 1-2 weeks (it depends on the individual recommendations from the surgeon).

The diet has to contain:

  • protein shakes as a main diet components
  • sugar-free beverages
  • soup broths
  • beverages which not contain caffeine or carbohydrates
  • one serving of lean meat with vegetables or only vegetables a day 
  • vegetable juices.

It is important to separate eating solid food and drinking and drink slowly throughout the day. Regarding the meals, it is recommended that patients eat/drink once in an hour a very tiny amount of food/liquid.

You can read more about diet in the article: diet before weigth loss surgery.

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