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Check all the Liposuction clinics in Mexico

283 results

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Sastre Cirugía Plástica

Mexico City, Mexico

from 1378 eur

(0 reviews)

Plastic Surgery Corporation

Mexico City, Mexico

from 1378 eur

(0 reviews)

Mexico Plastic Surgery Clinic

Tijuana, Mexico

from 1378 eur

(0 reviews)


Morelos, Mexico

from 1378 eur

(0 reviews)

Global Anti Aging

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

from 1378 eur

(0 reviews)

dr. Raúl Pérez Cerezo

Colonia Juárez, Mexico

from 1378 eur

(0 reviews)

Dr. José Humberto Campillo Ortiz

Hermosillo, Mexico

from 1378 eur

(0 reviews)

Dr. Enrique Morales del Valle

Mexico City, Mexico

from 1378 eur

(0 reviews)

Doctor.Oscar Zorola

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

from 1378 eur

(0 reviews)


Cuernavaca, Mexico

from 1378 eur

Liposuction Mexico

Medical tourism Mexico has become very popular in recent years. The main reasons why medical tourism in Mexico is favoured by millions of people include:

  • a great touristic value – especially its great location, welcoming climate, rich history and colourful unique culture
  • low prices (e.g. Mexico medical tourism cosmetic surgery are often twice as cheap as in the USA).

Plastic surgery. Liposuction. Slim body conceptHere, we would like to focus on a popular medical tourism Mexico plastic surgery, namely liposuction in Mexico. It is one of the leading cosmetic procedures done within Mexico medical tourism. Millions of men and women choose cheap liposuction in Mexico each year. Mexico liposuction is a procedure which removes the unwanted fat from any problematic body part. There are various types of liposuction, and many clinics offering lipo in Mexico offer the most modern, advanced, and highly effective techniques, so patients may really find the excellent treatment and world-class plastic surgeons. Below, we present the most important aspects of Mexico liposuction.

Liposuction cost Mexico

How much does liposuction cost in Mexico? In general, plastic surgery cost Mexico is said to be highly affordable. Many patients admit that there’s no other country offering prices lower than plastic surgery in Mexico prices. The nations which are particularly attracted by liposuction cost in Mexico include Americans, Canadians, and British. Obviously, the greatest group of medical tourists choosing the low liposuction in Mexico cost are people coming from South and North American countries. The main reason for that is the close location and good accessibility and flight connection. So, how much is liposuction in Mexico? Patients may expect to pay 200-2500 USD on average. Of course, there are many determinants of the final liposuction in Mexico prices.

The 3 main aspects influencing the cost of liposuction in Mexico include:

  • Plastic / Cosmetic Surgeon Talks with Female Patient about Her Future Procedure. His Monitor Shows Before and After Results of Liposuction. World Famous Plastic Surgery Clinic.the area involved, e.g. arm liposuction may cost much less than 2000 USD, while 360 lipo (including back, sides and tummy) may reach 3000 USD; the usual rule is that the largest body part, the higher price is set;
  • the liposuction technique – some techniques are old-fashioned, they give moderate effects, and of course are much cheaper than the new, technologically-advanced, minimally invasive lipo types (e.g. vaser lipo would be more expensive than tumescent lipo)
  • individual predispositions – the final liposuction costs in Mexico is always individual in the end; a certified plastic surgeon always takes into consideration health condition, medical history – any allergies, or chronic diseases may complicate the procedure, so the price may also increase. 

Why is Mexico so cheap?

Latin woman backpacker shopping in a Tourist Market in Mexico City, Mexican Traveler in AmericaIs Mexico cheap? We’ve already shown that it is really cheap. The healthcare offered by private clinics and hospitals in Mexico is often unbelievably affordable for medical tourists, especially Americans and Canadians. The affordability refers to all medical treatment sectors including plastic surgeries, dentistry, infertility treatment, orthopaedics, bariatrics, etc. How much is plastic surgery in Mexico? Generally, the prices for cosmetic procedures are 3-4 times cheaper than in the USA, Canada, Scandinavian countries, the UK or Ireland. The main reason which makes the price so low is the low cost of living in Mexico. The expenses for hospital maintenance, everyday costs, surgeons’ fees and a favourable currency rate make Mexico really cheap for foreigners. Needless to say, the low price does not influence the quality of healthcare and there are many top class clinics which still offer really competitive cost.

Reasons to do liposuction in Mexico

The main determinant for medical tourists is the price, obviously. So, the low Mexico plastic surgery prices are the main reason why people travel there. Yet, Mexico has more advantages which may be really valuable from the touristic and medical point of view.

The main pros of medical tourism Mexico plastic surgery include: 

  • an opportunity to spend great holidays – Mexico is a very touristic country offering great climate, sandy beaches, unique cities, one-of-a-kind cuisine, and deeply-rooted traditions and history
  • there are international airports with direct flight connections with hundreds of cities, in addition, people from the USA can travel to Mexico easily by car
  • Mexican doctors are great specialists, there are also many world-class quality clinics, so the overall quality and standard of medical care is fantastic
  • many clinics and facilitators offer a complex help and all-inclusive packages for medical tourists so that they do not need to worry about the organization of the travel.

Different types of liposuction in Mexico

woman grabbing skin on her thigh with the black color crosses marking, Lose weight and liposuction cellulite removal concept, Isolated on white background.In Mexico, people can choose from a variety of certified liposuction methods. Medical tourists may choose laser liposuction Mexico, tumescent liposuction Mexico, or smart lipo in Tijuana Mexico. The most popular and effective lipo techniques are vaser liposuction, body-jet liposuction and laser lipo Mexico. Many clinics have several machines for liposuction, which allows a doctor to adjust the technique individually to each patient. It’s also possible to combine liposuction with other procedures, the most popular of which is liposuction and tummy tuck in Mexico. Plastic surgeons there are really helpful in recommending and advising patients on the most effective liposuction method which allows for achieving the desired results. 

Best plastic surgeons in Mexico

Getting a plastic surgery in Mexico may give astonishing results and make people save much money at the same time, patients should just remember about choosing the right surgeon. In general, a plastic surgeon has control and much impact on the surgery effectiveness and safety, so choosing the qualified and well educated surgeon with broad experience and necessary liposuction qualifications is extremely important. In fact, it does nor matter whether patients have plastic surgery Mexico or any other country, they should always spend some time on a deep research regarding a surgeon. In Mexico, there are numerous plastic surgeons who are regarded as world-class specialists, however, there are also specialists with doubtful qualifications, that is why patients must always check the information about a chosen doctor. Anyone looking for the best plastic surgery in Mexico, best plastic surgery in Tijuana Mexico, or liposuction travel Mexico vacation may contact Clinic Hunter and get professional advice on the top plastic surgeons in Mexico. 

Mexico plastic surgery packages

Portrait of team of multiethnic surgeons at work in a operation theatre. Several doctors surrounding patient on operation table during their work. Team surgeons at work in operating room.Travelling to Mexico may be really effortless and stressless. Medical tourists are often offered plastic surgery packages in Mexico, which simply means that they get all inclusive plastic surgery vacation Mexico combined with plastic surgery. Having in mind that there is a possibility to choose the best plastic surgery clinics in Mexico and top-standard hotels at the low cost is a very tempting option. Such a vacation plastic surgery Mexico may still cost less than vacation in the USA or Canada, and here, liposuction is also included. How to get such Mexico plastic surgery vacation? Patients should just check whether the considered clinic offers such packages or look for medical tourism facilitators who offer a complex organisation of the trip and surgery. What’s important, such help is free, so patients do not bear any costs for having the medical trip organised. 

Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

Patients wanting to get rhinoplasty in Mexico always have a significant question in their mind, namely: Is it safe to travel to Mexico right now? Is Mexico safe (or specifically: is Mexico City safe)? We can shortly say that yes, Mexico is safe for tourists including medical tourists. There may be some myths and stereotypes regarding Mexico and its internal conflicts between cartels, problem with crimes and corruption, yet the modern Mexico is a country protecting its citizens and travellers. People may feel safe on the streets, in shops, restaurants, airports and touristic spots. Of course, everyone must watch for themselves and keep their baggage and belongings safe as some dangerous situations or thefts may happen anywhere in the world, and it does not depend on a country, actually. 

Most popular destinations for liposuction Mexico

Mexico, Colorful buildings and streets of San Miguel de Allende in historic city centerMexico is a country located in the southern part of the North America. It is a big country and has many cities where patients may get a cheap liposuction procedure. The most popular destinations in Mexico include:

  • liposuction in Tijuana Mexico
  • liposuction Cancún Mexico
  • Mexico City plastic surgery
  • plastic surgery in Juárez Mexico.

The choice of the location for liposuction procedure is very individual, yet Mexico City and Tijuana are the top destinations – these are two large cities which have developed medical tourism market to a great extent and offer the top standard meeting all the international requirements. Tijuana is a city situated near the border with the USA – less than 20 kilometres from San Diego (California) – so it’s extremely easy to get there especially for people from the southern US states. Most Americans travel there by car, which cuts their expenses even more. Tijuana is one of the fastest-growing cities in Mexico, it is also a popular holiday destination thanks to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and beautiful landscapes. Liposuction cost in Tijuana Mexico often includes hotel and all the transfers, so it’s usually a full all inclusive medical trip package. Mexico City is a capital city of Mexico. To get an affordable plastic surgery in Mexico City, people need to take flight, yet the flight connection with the US cities is highly developed, for example people from Chicago or New York can get there within 4-5 hours by plane. Mexico City is a heart of Latin American art, culture and history, it’s also a centre of Mexican business and architecture. Patients may find there numerous local restaurants, innovative buildings and many tourist attractions. And finally, despite the fact that it’s a capital city, the prices are as competitive as in other Mexican cities (e.g. plastic surgery in Cancún Mexico).

Liposuction in Mexico reviews

Medical tourism Mexico reviews are a great source of knowledge and information for patients considering liposuction abroad. Nowadays, patients may easily find Mexico plastic surgery reviews – they are available on the Internet on various social media groups, forums, rank websites, etc. If people visiting a specific clinic regularly admit that plastic surgery in Mexico gone wrong, it should warn patients against a given place and make them double check its reliability and quality. It does not matter whether liposuction will take place in home country or abroad, patients should always verify a doctor and a clinic, read the opinions, reviews and see before-after photos just to make sure that their decision about the clinic is the right one. 

Alternative countries for liposuction abroad

A young European couple walks in the courtyard of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. Traveler guy and girl in yellow hats walk in winter Istanbul. cloudy autumn day in Istanbul.Mexico is a very popular destination for medical tourists, yet it gathers mostly specific nations, that is Canadians and Americans. For Europeans or Asians, it’s quite a far destination, that is why they prefer closer countries where they can get cheap liposuction abroad. Asians usually choose liposuction Thailand and liposuction Turkey – these countries are much more accessible for them than Mexico. Europeans, on the other hand, choose liposuction Poland, liposuction in Turkey and liposuction Spain. How much does liposuction cost in Spain, Poland and Turkey? Well, patients may expect to pay 250-3500 USD depending on a body part involved and technique used. Liposuction in Thailand may be even cheaper than in Turkey and Mexico, yet patients need to make sure that a chosen clinic meets the safety standards. Liposuction in Poland and Turkey liposuction are two destinations most frequently chosen by people from all over the world. These countries set an example for others regarding medical tourism business. So, if patients look for a well-organized and high-standard medical trip, they should consider Poland or Turkey as they are greatly experienced in medical tourism. 


Planning liposuction abroad may seem a bit complicated, but the truth is, it’s as easy as planning and organising the surgery in a home country. Patients just need to find a trust-worthy doctor and a reliable clinic. Regarding the stay, there are so many agencies and companies organising the travel that patients do not need t worry about anything, and they may feel as if they book all-inclusive holidays where everything is organised for them. So, if you are ready to get liposuction and change your life, you should definitely consider surgery abroad, thanks to which you can save much money. Clinic Hunter team is ready to help you organise the cheap liposuction abroad, so do not hesitate to contact us and find out more about medical travel. 

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