How to get best results after liposuction?

Clinic Hunter
Clinic Hunter

How to get best results after liposuction?

Patients achieve the best liposuction results when they strictly follow the post-op recovery instructions and recommendations. The most important aspects include:


  • wearing compression garments (they reduce swelling, reduce bruising, prevent edema, allow for an even body contouring)
  • apply lymphatic drainage massages
  • take a proper post-op care of the operated site, avoid infections – it helps minimize scarring
  • follow Post-operative Diet (start with soft foods, soft diet, and gradually develop it into healthy food diet with high-fiber foods) – it prevents weight-regain
    attend all scheduled follow-up appointment
  • practice light activity (e.g. walking) during the recovery, go back to sport when allowed by a doctor and keep a healthy, active lifestyle.

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