How safe is penile enlargement surgery?

Is penis enlargement safe?

Clinic Hunter
Clinic Hunter

How safe is penile enlargement surgery?

Yes, penis enlargement is a very safe surgery when done by an experienced plastic surgeon. The risk of serious complications is really low, some non-serious side-effects are possible, but they can be well-controlled by a patient or surgeon. The safety of this surgery is maximally achieved when there’s a good doctor who does the surgery and when a patient follows the post-op instructions.

Anyway, there are some complications that may happen. The common post-surgical complications include:


  • thick scarring, visible scars;
  • poor aesthetic;
  • silicone implants side effects;
  • surgery risks / plastic surgery risks – connected to general anesthesia; anesthesia risks are not a problem when the procedure is done under local anesthesia;
  • infection (e.g. of open wounds);
  • inflammation;
  • skin numbness;
  • bleeding;
  • swelling;
  • bruising;
  • erection pain;
  • slow wound healing.


Plastic surgery risks and complications happen rarely, yet they need to be accepted by the patient before the surgery is performed.

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