What type of penis enlargement surgery should I choose?

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Clinic Hunter

What type of penis enlargement surgery should I choose?

This cosmetic surgery aims at widening and lengthening the penis. On average, surgical penis enlargement methods allow for increasing the penis girth and length by 2,5-4cm. The most recommended methods for penis enlargement include:


  • fat transfer: in this procedure, the fat is taken from a chosen body part (e.g. tummy) and injected into the penis; fat transfer to penis may increase its girth by 20-30%, and the length may increase by 3-5cm.; it is also natural that penile fat transfer is not permanent as the fat is naturally absorbed by the body over time;
  • skin graft / dermal grafts: it increases the circumference of the penis; the penis skin graft involves taking the skin from a patient’s body (the area is agreed before the surgery, usually thighs or tummy) and using it to enlarge penis;
  • suspensory ligament division (called also ligamentolysis or ligamentolysis surgery): it involves cutting suspensory ligament, thanks to which the penis appears longer. The role of this ligament is attaching the penis to pubic bone;
  • penis fillers (an injection for penis enlargement): these are usually hyaluronic acid injections that are injected into the penis soft tissue; it is a cosmetic procedure, rather than a surgery; penis enlargement filler effects may last up to 18 months; they allow for increasing the girth by 2cm;
  • penile disassembly: penile disassembly surgery is used for penis reconstruction, or when men suffer any diseases and need reconstruction; penile disassembly for enlargement only is rarely used, yet it may be possible;
  • penile implants: penile implants surgery involves putting special devices inside the penis to tackle erectile dysfunction; the penile implants enlargement may involve semirigid implants or inflatable implants; this surgery mainly aims at tackling ED problems.

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