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Tummy tuck in Mexico

Young woman at home holding flag of Mexico with a happy face standing and smiling with a confident smile showing teethMedical tourism is a trend which has gained much popularity in the 20th and 21st century. Medical tourism in Mexico is one of the most popular destinations among international tourists. The main reasons why medical tourism Mexico is so popular include: a very attractive location, proximity to North and South American countries, welcoming climate, unique traditions and culture, rich history, many tourist attractions and, most importantly, very competitive prices for body surgery, including plastic surgery. Each year, these are millions of medical tourists who visit Mexico for cosmetic procedures – the prices for plastic surgery in Mexico there are about 2-3 times cheaper than in the USA. 

In this article, we will focus on one medical tourism Mexico plastic surgery, which is tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). What is tummy tuck Mexico? It is a surgery which allows for removing the excessive skin from the tummy area. It also tightens the loose abdominal muscles. Tummy tuck in Mexico is dedicated to people who have lost much weight or women after pregnancy – in general, it is the most effective solution for getting rid of loose and sagging skin in the abdomen area. Plastic surgery Mexico is the most popular sector of a general Mexico medical tourism not only thanks to the low cost but also thanks to the high standard of treatment and great plastic surgeons. In the following sections, we will present the most important aspects of tummy tuck as a leading Mexico plastic surgery.

Tummy tuck cost in Mexico

How much is a tummy tuck in Mexico? How much does a tummy tuck cost in Mexico? These questions naturally arise when people hear about getting a surgery abroad. Generally, the tummy tuck cost in Mexico is very low, it is even claimed to be one of the most affordable pricing in the world. Tummy tuck prices in Mexico are competitive for such nations as Americans, British, Irish, German or Scandinavians. Besides, tummy tuck price in Mexico is often cheaper than in countries which are also popular medical tourism destinations, e.g. Brazil or Hungary. So, what is the cost of tummy tuck in Mexico? The average tummy tuck Mexico cost is 4500 USD – 5000 USD. It is much less than in the USA, the tummy tuck in Mexico cost may be even 30-50% lower than in the USA or the UK. Finally, patients must be aware of the fact that the final Mexico tummy tuck cost is individual and depends greatly on a patient’s health condition and scope of the surgery. 

Is Mexico cheap?

Plastic / Cosmetic Surgeon Talks with Female Patient about Her Future Procedure. His Monitor Shows Before and After Results of Liposuction. World Famous Plastic Surgery Clinic.How much is plastic surgery in Mexico? Is Mexico a cheap country? Undoubtedly, plastic surgery cost in Mexico is low and patients can always consider cheap plastic surgery in Mexico as an alternative place to get affordable surgery. The private healthcare in the Mexican clinics and hospitals is very affordable for foreign patients – in fact, it refers to all the treatments, e.g. plastic surgeries, dentistry, bariatrics, orthopaedics, and infertility treatment. But why are plastic surgery in Mexico prices so low? The main factor making the plastic surgery cost Mexico so low is the low living cost. The daily expenses, prices for services and products, salaries and fees for surgeons and medical staff as well as clinics’ maintenance are really low-cost when compared to other regions in the world. In addition, the currency used in Mexico is peso, and its exchange rate is very favourable for people using euro or dollars, so they regard the prices in Mexico as even lower. Finally, we must note that despite low pricing, the quality of medical treatment in Mexican clinics is excellent and thanks to affordable costs, patients have a chance to choose the best clinics and the best surgeons in Mexico. 

Other reasons for affordable tummy tuck Mexico

Why are so many people choosing medical tourism Mexico plastic surgery? Obviously, medical tourism Mexico has been popularised thanks to the highly affordable prices, and it is the leading factor influencing patients decisions about choosing this country. However, Mexico tourism offers not only low Mexico plastic surgery prices. There are plenty of reasons why Mexico is worth visiting from both medical and touristic point of view. The main reasons why Mexico is so popular among medical tourists include:

  • the private clinics and hospitals follow all the international healthcare and safety standards and requirements
  • thanks to the low price, patients can choose the best plastic surgeon and the top-quality luxury plastic surgery clinics
  • plastic surgeons in Mexico are great specialists, many of them are world-wide  famous for their works and achievements 
  • patients can combine tummy tuck with summer holidays – Mexico is a popular destination for tourists looking for both active vacations and all-inclusive stay in a holiday resort
  • Mexico is a region full of unique traditions with rich history, deeply-rooted culture, characteristic cuisine and one-of-a-kind attractions for tourists
  • people can easily get to Mexico by plane or car; there are many international flights connecting Mexico with hundreds of cities across the world; Americans, especially from southern and Eastern states, can easily get to Mexico by car
  • patients can obtain full all inclusive packages covering surgery and stay – the clinic or special agency organises all aspects of medical trips (e.g. surgery, hotel and local transfers), thanks to which organising the surgery abroad is effortless and stressless.

Mexico tummy tuck types

Tummy tuck operation is a general term for skin removal from the abdomen area. Yet, patients usually have some more specific concerns regarding this surgery, namely they often ask about types of tummy tuck incisions, types of tummy tuck procedures, or types of tummy tuck surgery. Also, not everyone realizes that tummy tuck provides the same plastic surgery options for men and women. In addition, there are some combinations possible – e.g. liposuction and tummy tuck in Mexico is a very common combination of various plastic surgery types. Regarding tummy tuck, the types of plastic surgery include:

  • full tummy tuck
  • mini tummy tuck or limited tummy tuck
  • extended tummy tuck
  • reverse tummy tuck.

Thanks to the different types of tummy tuck, plastic surgeons can individually adjust the plastic surgery options to each patient. Depending on the problem and expectations, a plastic surgeon is able to recommend the best plastic surgery in Mexico for tummy skin removal. Finally, having in mind that there are different types of plastic surgery of tummy tuck, patients should always consult a certified plastic surgeon who can objectively recommend the best surgery out of all plastic surgery options. 

Best tummy tuck surgeons

Plastic surgeon applying marking on male body against color backgroundMexico is a country offering very low cost of medical treatments, thanks to which foreign patients can afford the best plastic surgery in Mexico (or e.g. the best plastic surgery in Tijuana Mexico) and have a chance to choose the best plastic surgeons in Mexico. The truth is, in Mexico, patients can find ones of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world. In fact, choosing the right tummy tuck surgeons in Mexico is a key to the success and effectiveness of the plastic surgery in Mexico. It is of utmost importance that tummy tuck surgery Mexico is performed by a qualified and well educated surgeon who has broad experience and certified qualifications for treating specific body part. Of course, we are not able to say who are the best plastic surgeons or where patients can get the best plastic surgery Mexico – it is just too individual and too subjective. However, we encourage each patient to verify a considered plastic surgeon – the experience, before-after photos, qualifications, training, associations, accreditations and courses play an important role and show whether a surgeon is a good professional whom we can trust.

Mexico plastic surgery packages

It may be surprising but having a cheap tummy tuck in Mexico may be really stressless to foreign patients. It is because medical tourists are often offered plastic surgery packages in Mexico. Such packages resemble regular all inclusive packages for vacation. They are just extended by surgery and treatment-related aspects. So, medical tourists have an opportunity to buy all inclusive plastic surgery vacation Mexico, in which they have everything organised by specialists. What’s more, patients usually can afford the best clinics and the best hotels because the price for plastic surgery vacations in Mexico is still very low. So, how to find Mexico plastic surgery vacation and how to obtain such vacation plastic surgery Mexico? It’s quite simple just because the clinics themselves more and more often offer such options. It concerns especially clinics which serve foreign patients on a daily basis. All the best plastic surgery clinics in Mexico put all inclusive package to their services, so patients can easily get it. If, by any chance, a clinic does not offer plastic surgery vacation packages Mexico, patients may ask medical tourism agencies or facilitators for help. Such a help is usually free of charge. Here, patients are recommended the hotel and clinic which meet their needs, so this offer is individually prepared for every patient. Clinic Hunter also offers a free help in finding the best clinic and hotel abroad. We make all inclusive packages to patients from all over the world, so you may feel free to contact us any time you are looking for tummy tuck abroad. 

Is tummy tuck surgery in Mexico safe?

surgeonThe safety in a country chosen for plastic surgery is a significant aspect for medical tourists. No wonder, there appear such questions as: is Mexico safe or is Mexico City safe? is it safe to travel to Mexico right now? is it safe to have surgery in Mexico? Well, answering all questions about surgery in Mexico is it safe, we can certainly say that yes, is it safe to travel to Mexico for plastic surgery. People can still come across the opinions about crimes, internal conflicts, corruptions, or Mexican cartels, however nowadays, Mexico is a country which guarantees the protection of its citizens and travellers. Why is it safe to have plastic surgery in Mexico right now? Well, the Mexican authorities have drawn very important conclusions from the history and the former problems and nowadays, with the help of other countries and organizations Mexico maintains the satisfying level of safety and security. Of course, it may happen that plastic surgery in Mexico gone wrong, however it may happen in any other country as well – it’s just essential that patients choose a trust-worthy, experienced surgeon and a high-standard clinic. 

Tummy tuck in Mexico – best locations

People looking for an affordable plastic surgery in Mexico have several options to consider. Mexico is a country situated in the North America, there are many cities where patients can spend great time and get the surgery. The most popular medical tourism destinations in Mexico include:

  • tummy tuck in Tijuana Mexico / plastic surgery Tijuana Mexico
  • tummy tuck in Monterrey Mexico / plastic surgery in Monterrey Mexico
  • plastic surgery in Juarez Mexico
  • plastic surgery in Cancun Mexico
  • Mexico City plastic surgery.

The choice of a Mexican city is very individual and depends on subjective factors and preferences. Yet, there are two cities which deserve attention – they are Mexico City and Tijuana Mexico plastic surgery. These are the cities where medical tourism is greatly developed – patients can find there the best clinics and the most experienced surgeons. Tijuana is a city located in the Northern part of Mexico, close to the border with the USA. In fact, Americans can get there within 20 minutes by car from Sand Diego and within 2 hours by car from Los Angeles. It makes the savings even bigger as no flight tickets are necessary, also tummy tuck prices in Tijuana Mexico are one of the lowest in this country. Tijuana is a fast-growing, touristic city gathering millions of tourists every year. It’s located by the Pacific Ocean, so anyone wanting to combine tummy tuck with vacations will benefit from choosing this location. Mexico City is a capital city of the country. It is an economic and business centre, also it’s regarded as a heart of Latin culture, art, architecture, and history. In addition, the prices in Mexico City are not exaggerated. On the contrary, they are highly competitive and patients who are looking for the top clinics should definitely consider clinics located in Mexico City. Americans can get to Mexico by plane within a few hours only. 

Tummy tuck in Mexico reviews

Mature woman with arms outstretched standing on the beachTummy tuck Mexico reviews are a relevant source of knowledge and information about a hospital and surgeon for patients. Nowadays, patients can effortlessly find the medical tourism Mexico reviews, plastic surgery in Mexico reviews, plastic surgery Tijuana Mexico reviews or check whether there have been cases when plastic surgery in Mexico gone wrong. Having a tummy tuck abroad may pose much more concerns than when it’s done near a home place – here, reading Mexico plastic surgery reviews builds necessary trust and makes patients reassured about their decision as for a clinic and surgeon abroad. Mexico tummy tuck reviews show a real image of what to expect from the surgery, former patients usually share their experience in a specific clinic and give valuable advice for future patients e.g. they give information about the attitude of the surgeon and clinic’s personnel, explain what the whole stay looks like, advise on what to take for such a trip, assess the surgeon’s professionalism and clinic’s standard and show the surgery effects. 

Alternative countries for tummy tuck abroad

Mexico is one of the cheapest, and consequently one of the most commonly visited medical tourism destination. There, people can choose the best tummy tuck surgeon and top cosmetic surgery clinics, they may also get all inclusive cosmetic surgery packages abroad and still pay low price. However, coming to Mexico is fast and convenient mostly for people from North and South Americas. They may even treat Mexico destination as a “tummy tuck near me“. For others, especially Europeans and Asians, getting a tummy tuck abroad in Mexico poses one serious limitation. It is the distance between the home country and destination country. To get from European country to Mexico, people must take a flight which is long and quite exhaustive, often with a stopover, then, there is a change of time zone and jet lag. So, cosmetic surgery abroad in this case should involve some other destinations. Well, Asians and Europeans who consider the prices for tummy tuck high in their country may choose:

girl looking at the sea

Breast implants in Turkey are one of the cheapest in the world

Tummy tuck in a cosmetic surgery clinic in the listed countries may be as low as in Mexico. So, for example plastic surgery in Poland is 2-3 times cheaper than plastic surgery UK. Similarly, many people cannot afford to have the best cosmetic surgery UK, while they can afford the best tummy tuck in Poland or the best tummy tuck in Turkey. Poland and Turkey are famous for their great quality of healthcare, highly competitive prices for medical services and professional approach. These locations are the most popular destinations from medical tourists in Europe, however, similarly to Mexico, we cannot determine which one is the best country for tummy tuck – every patient should think it over on their own. 


Planning the abdominoplasty surgery abroad may be perceived as a demanding and complicated thing, yet the truth is that it is as easy as getting the surgery in a home town. In general, it all boils down to making the right choice about a clinic and a surgeon. Such aspects as travel, flights, stay and local transfers are often covered by the clinics or independent medical travel agencies – patients may have everything professionally organised, so they feel as if they booked all-inclusive holidays, not a surgery. Also, the location is an important decision – patients need to find such a country where they can easily get to. Finally, if you need tummy tuck and look for a reliable clinic abroad, they may contact Clinic Hunter. We offer a free help in choosing the location, clinic, surgeon and organising the stay in a chosen country. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details. 

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