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Weight loss surgery Mexico

map and cameraMedical tourism in the world has been booming in recent years – the main reason why people travel for medical treatment abroad is the lower treatment cost. The popular sector chosen by patients is weightloss surgery (known as stomach surgery, bariatric surgery or gastric surgery). Weight loss surgery Mexico is the obesity-surgery which causes fast and significant weightloss and eliminates many obesity-related chronic diseases. There are 3 main types of cheap weight loss surgery in Mexico: gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and gastric balloon. Of course, there are more types of weight loss surgery abroad, however, they are less common. A bariatric surgery Mexico is mostly chosen by Americans. The average prices for weight loss surgery in the US are so high that millions of people cannot afford it. Bariatric surgery in Mexico is a great solution for them – the Mexico bariatric services are a few times cheaper than in the US and the distance between the countries allows Americans for a fast and comfortable travel.

Overweight woman jogging on the highwayWell, so what is bariatric surgery? It is a live-saving surgery that enables fast and safe weightloss. Depending on the type of obesity-surgery, it makes changes to the stomach and digestive system, as a result of which, patients eat much less food and do not feel hunger as they had before. Below, we present the important aspects of Mexico weight loss surgery as a type of medical treatment abroad.

Mexican clinics offer different types of weight loss surgery

Medical tourists who decide that they will have obesity surgery in Mexico have a few weight loss surgery options that are internationally acclaimed as effective types of weight loss surgery.

They include:

There are also different types of weight loss surgery but they are less popular – most of them are on a testing experimental level and are not approved as official obesity treatments yet. The most popular surgery among medical tourists though is gastric bypass surgery in Mexico. It is complicated, yet the most effective surgery which allows patients to lose up to 80% of the starting weight. The best weight loss surgery is always individually recommended to each patient by a qualified bariatric surgeon

Mexico weight loss surgeons are experienced

Portrait smiling male doctors making rounds in hospitalThere are many well educated and qualified Mexico weight loss surgeons. The majority of Mexican top bariatric surgeons studied in the United States and gained experience and qualifications abroad working for international American hospitals. Clinic Hunter is very careful about choosing bariatric surgery surgeons for the cooperation, which gives patients the guarantee that they will be treated by a specialist with huge expertise and experience. We always share the surgeon’s profiles and CVs with patients to build trust and make them feel safe. The weight loss surgery options in Mexico include gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric balloon, gastric band and duodenal switch. There are also some less common methods and less popular types of surgeries performed in Mexican bariatric clinic, which patients may opt for. The best weight loss surgery is always individually recommended to each patient by qualified bariatric surgery surgeons. 

Regardless of the country where you have a weight loss surgery, checking the weight loss doctors is a normal thing that we all do. Finding the best bariatric surgery clinic and surgeon is a key to surgery success. We advise anyone to check the surgeon’s qualifications, experience, and types of weight loss surgery that he specializes in. Firstly, patients need to verify whether the surgeon is certified and allowed to perform desired weight loss surgery options, then they should analyse any Mexico bariatric surgery reviews and check Mexico bariatric centre deaths rate, and lastly, check whether the clinic follows the high standards that enable the best weight loss surgery. Once this information is satisfying, we can entrust our life and health to this surgeon and clinic in Mexico.

Weight loss surgery Mexico – prices

Stethoscope on bundle of currency noteMany people find weight loss surgery prices abroad much lower than in their home country. Regarding Americas, Mexico prides itself with the most competitive bariatric surgery cost. The bariatric surgery Mexico cost is often 2 or 3 times lower than in the United States. So, how much is weight loss surgery in Mexico cost? Gastric balloon has the lowest weight loss surgery Mexico price, which is 3700 USD on average. Gastric sleeve price is about 4500 USD and gastric bypass – 5500 USD. The paralel weight loss surgery cost in the US can reach even 20 000 USD, so it makes a huge difference for patients. The additional cost of weight loss surgery that patients bear are hotel and flights – however, the good news is that the flight ticket prices between the US and Mexico are amazingly low and the hotel costs are also affordable for people from Western Europe or the USA. Also, many clinics offer the hotel and transfers as a component of the cost of cheap weight loss surgery Mexico, so the additional expenses are also reduced to a minimum.

Weight loss surgery Mexico- the best locations

Regarding the choice of a weight loss clinic location, Tijuana and Mexico City are the most popular among medical tourists. These are 2 large cities, where medical tourism is highly developed and the clinics meet the highest international standards. 

Tijuana is a city located only 19 kilometers from San Diego, California, which makes it easy and effortless for many Americans to get there fast even by car. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Mexico and its location (by the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by hills) makes Tijuana a famous holiday resort. Mexico city – a capital city of Mexico – is having a moment in the 21st century. It is located merely a 4-5 hour flight from Chicago or New York. It is a center of Latin AmericaTijuana city with signn history and art, an economic area for the greatest Mexican businesses, and a place riddled with restaurants, tourist attractions, and innovative buildings. There are many clinics and Mexico bariatric center buildings, so patients should easily find the clinic that would meet their needs there. Both cities have international airports, which makes travel there convenient, fast, and affordable. The easy access combined with the top clinics, all inclusive packages, and great touristic value make Tijuana and Mexico city perfect destinations for medical tourists.

Weight loss surgery in Mexico reviews

You can read some weight loss surgery reviews in Mexico.

Alternative countries to get weight loss surgery abroad

There are of course other locations than Mexico chosen by millions of medical tourists every year. The second common American destination is bariatric surgery Costa Rica. Regarding Asians, the scale of the obesity problem is much smaller than in other regions. Yet, they also face it. What they choose often is weight loss surgery India and weight loss surgery Thailand – similarly to Americans, the main reason is easy access to these countries and low cost for the surgery. However, the top destinations for medical tourists are European countries, especially weight loss surgery Turkey and weight loss surgery Poland.

Poland view on Warsaw with bridgePoland is a very popular destination for tourists mainly because of its rich history, numerous landmarks, beautiful nature, and plenty of Poland tourist attractions. One of the main ideas of medical tourism is combining medical treatment and sightseeing and Poland has a variety of options in both fields. Our clinics with top surgeons in Poland are located in modern cities or charming towns in beautiful sceneries, so we encourage each patient to benefit from local tourist attractions in Poland, cultural events, traditional cuisine, and landscapes while they are visiting Poland. 

But is Poland a safe country? Yes, the political situation in Poland is stable. Since 2004, when Poland joined the European Union, the country has become open to tourists, multiculturalism, and multinationalism. There are direct flights to Poland from hundreds of destinations including almost all European and North American countries and all major cities, so access to Poland is very easy

Turkey- seaMedical tourism Turkey has been booming in recent years – the main reason for that is a great touristic value (e.g. location, climate, culture, history, many luxury holiday resorts) as well as low prices for surgery and medical treatment abroad. No wonder many people choose Turkey as their treatment destination. Turkey is a leader of the affordable weight loss surgery cost, the bariatric surgery cost there is so affordable that even Americans are eager to come to Turkey for the surgery. Weight loss surgery UK or the USA is often over 3-4 times more expensive than in Turkey. Modern Turkey is a safe country with no domestic or international conflicts. It is widely known that there were some riots and attacks in Turkey a few years ago, and that is why nowadays there is a strong prevalent security presence on the streets, airports, touristic spots, galleries, shopping centres and hotels. 


Planning a weight loss surgery abroad may seem complicated, but in fact, it is as easy as planning the surgery in your home country. You just need to choose the country and find the clinic or surgeon who wins your trust. Many clinics and medical travel agencies offer touristic packages – with the hotel, transfers or other amenities, and medical travel insurance, which makes treatment abroad even more safe and easy. Finally, thanks to bariatric surgery abroad, you may get a very affordable treatment whenever you want without any waiting list. So, if you feel ready to change your life forever, improve your health, and lose dozens of excessive kilograms, consider getting weight loss surgery abroad!

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