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and give a sense of safety to your foreign patients

Clinic Hunter together with AXA offers an insurance for the patients who are traveling abroad to get the treatment done. You can offer this product to your patients today.


How it works?


Register on Clinic Hunter

Starting cooperation with us it’s simple and easy. Just register on the Clinic Hunter Clinic’s Panel and start the distribution of our insurance. Don’t worry, the registration and account using are totally free. In the Clinic’s Panel, you can see all the insurances purchased through your clinic.


Install a widget on your website

The Clinic’s panel will be used for insurance distribution. You can generate the widget through which patients will purchase the insurance. Next, You can place the widget anywhere on your website, but we recommend setting a dedicated page. Except using the widget, you can also create the insurance in the panel and send the payment link to the patient.


Encourage patients to get the insurance

You can offer the insurance for each foreign patient regardless of the source of their acquisition. Thanks to the insurance patients have a lower risk of making a decision about treatment abroad, so they are more likely to choose treatment at your clinic. Our product will increase your conversion.


Get the commission

In addition to increased conversion and higher income from foreign patients, you will also have an additional financial benefit in the form of a commission for each patient who purchases insurance through your clinic.



Register on Clinic Hunter and start the cooperation with us


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