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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality dental crowns abroad.

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Cracow, Poland

from 220 eur

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Warsaw, Poland

from 255 eur

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Izmir, Turkey

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Papatya Dental Hospital

Antalya, Turkey

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Istanbul, Turkey

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Cracow, Poland

from 255 eur

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Albusdent Centrum Stomatologiczne

Cracow, Poland

(3 reviews)

MDental (Medicover)

Budapest, Hungary

from 329 eur

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Cayra Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

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Celikkaya Clinic

Famagusta, Cyprus

Dental Crowns Abroad

Dental crowns, also known as teeth caps, are prefabricated pieces that cover a tooth or an implant (screw). The dental crown can be made of different materials, depending on the dentist’s criteria and the patient’s choice.  

crownsDental crowns function is to bring back the appearance and functionality of a damaged tooth or cover the top of a dental implant (screw), being the part that looks like a natural tooth. Sometimes teeth crowns can also be used as a pontic or false tooth in the middle of a dental bridge

A frequent question is: How long do dental crowns last? Well, that’s closely related to the types of dental crowns and cost.

There are two types of dental crowns: 

  1. Provisional Dental Crowns
  2. Permanent Dental Crowns

Provisional dental crowns are made of composite; these are also known as all-resin dental crowns. This type of dental crown is very aesthetic thanks to the composite’s ability to imitate the natural teeth’s color. 

Unfortunately, composite all-resin crowns aren’t strong enough to resist the forces exerted during chewing. That’s why they are usually used for a short time while the dental laboratory elaborates the permanent crowns.  

Permanent dental crowns are made with quality materials that provide the required resistance; those can last 15 years on average.

Some of these materials are:

  • Porcelain crowns, or ceramic crowns
  • Metal Crowns
  • Metal-porcelain crowns
  • Zirconium crowns
  • Emax crowns

CAD CAM dentistDental crown prices in the UK might not be the most affordable option. A provisional dental crown UK costs around 30 GBP. Permanent dental crowns UK prices oscillate from 250 GBP to 1.200 GBP per crown depending on the material used. 

When it comes to getting dental crowns NHS, patients must consider that NHS covers treatments with the only purpose of recovering functionality. When it comes to aesthetic purposes, the best option is always getting dental crowns in private dental practice.

Dental crowns UK costs is one of many reasons why the British people is joining dental tourism. Getting dental crowns abroad is more affordable, especially if the patient needs more than just one crown.

Reasons to get dental crowns abroad

Dental work abroad has gained popularity in the latest years due to the low prices and high-quality dental tourism industry standards.

The truth is, there are excellent reasons for patients to get dental treatment abroad, and some of these are:

  • They have advanced dental clinics
  • Well educated dentists
  • High-tech modern equipment
  • English speaking dentists and staff
  • International certifications on high-quality treatments
  • Affordable prices

Dentists officeResults speak for themselves; there are hundreds of favourable dental treatment abroad reviews on the internet. Those are usually written by former patients who want to share their personal experience with others and represent an excellent resource to find the right place to get the best dental treatment abroad.

Also, private clinics are the ones that offer dental tourism, so prices correspond to private dental charges and still more affordable than charges in the UK. 

Dentists abroad are well-qualified

What kind of education is required to be a dentist? Dentist qualifications abroad are very similar to dentist qualifications UK. It’s also widespread that dentists dedicated to dental tourism receive dentist education in the UK or USA to upgrade their professional profiles. 

At the dentist with the patientDentist degree requirements might vary from country to country. The qualifications needed to be a dentist in most countries are 5 to 6 years of dentist education and training in a dental school plus one year of professional practicing program before they can legally practice the profession.

Plus, dental clinics abroad are highly selective about the staff they hire, including doctors, dental technicians, dental hygienists, etc.  

Dentists abroad speak English

Dental clinics abroad make sure they hire English-speaking dentists to guarantee the proper dentists-patient communication considering that most dental tourists come from English speaking countries. 

Dental clinic clinics abroad are modern and certificated

One of the many advantages of dental treatments abroad is that dental clinics abroad own state-to-the-art facilities with modern medical equipment. Their dentists receive continuous education on modern techniques and protocols for dental protection and safe practices.

Dentist officeThat said, it is not a surprise that most dental care centers abroad hold at least one clinic certification. Some outstanding dental tourism countries like Poland and Hungary own various international certification on high-quality standards.  

Despite this, many patients do not consider it necessary to travel to another country to get a dental crown abroad if they can get dental crowns through the NHS. That’s why it’s essential to highlight the difference between NSH and private dental crowns.

The NHS covers the dental crowns treatments to rehabilitate the patient’s oral health for functional reasons, which means that an aesthetic smile is not a priority. 

With the level of importance that dental aesthetic has achieved in our time, many patients would rather pay for an aesthetic dental crown.

In a private dental clinic, the patient is welcome to choose the type of dental crowns that better fit their smile.

Even though aesthetic dental crowns are expensive in the UK, they are way more affordable if you get them abroad, including extra expenses like flights and accommodation.   

Dental crowns abroad cost

How much do dental crowns cost abroad? The prices might vary from country to country, but the cost of dental crowns abroad can be up to three and even four times cheaper than dental crown cost UK. 

MoneyIn countries like Poland and Hungary, the price per single crown is around 350 GBP. These are the two countries with higher quality standards. Nevertheless, there are cheaper but less popular countries to visit.

Dental crowns cost in India and Turkey oscillates from 160 GBP to 200 GBP, being the cheapest options. 

Keep in mind that dental treatment abroad prices are affordable due to the low cost of living in these countries and have nothing to do with the treatments’ quality. 

As an extra fact, the British can take a flight to another country, get their dental treatment abroad and then flight back to the UK on the same day.

Even when paying accommodations is necessary, the final cost of getting a dental crown abroad stills cheaper considering how much are dental crowns UK.

Where to get dental crowns abroad?

With the boom of dental tourism Europe, more and more countries have joined it. They offer dental work abroad for citizens from expensive countries like the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, and even the USA.   

Even so, you must be selective when it comes to choosing the ideal destination to get dental treatment abroad. Three of the prefered destination for dental tourism are:

  • Poland
  • Turkey
  • Hungary

Dental crowns Poland

Poland doesn’t just offer cheap dental crowns abroad, but it also provides one of the highest quality standards in Europe. A permanent dental crown cost in Poland goes around 350 GBP. 

Poland MapCheap dental work in Poland is due to the country’s low cost of living. The private health system holds an impeachable international reputation for treatments’ quality, rigorous dentist education, modern facilities, and stringent dental tourism practices.  

Besides good dental care, Poland is a great tourist destination; it is also a safe place to visit and is easily accessible for British citizens from every UK airport. As extra information, English is a language very used by Polish, so communication won’t be a problem. 

Some of the most popular Poland cities for dental tourism due to their cultural richness are Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw. 

Getting dental crowns Warsaw is an excellent idea considering it is Poland’s capital city. It’s the right place to find the best dental centres and the best tourist attractions.

Dental crowns in Krakow and Wroclaw are also good options for patients who want to enjoy a full dental holiday.   

Dental crowns Turkey

Due to the aesthetic nature of dental crowns, Turkey might be one of the best options since it is well known for providing the best price-quality treatments for aesthetic dentistry.

Visiting a dental centre Turkey is a great way to get the cheapest Turkey crowns since the facilities are well equipped and aim to provide the best aesthetic treatments in a shorter time. 

Some dental clinics Turkey even offer special services for their patients like transport and accommodation to simplify things for people who want to spend a dental holiday turkey.

The price of dental crowns Turkey goes around 200 GBP. Extra expenses like flights and accommodation are also affordable for people from The UK, Ireland, and even The USA.

Dental crowns Hungary

Just like in Poland, dental treatment in Hungary stands out for its quality and good reputation. Dental training and education in Hungary are very rigorous, and even students from all over Europe go there looking for the best dental schools.  

BudapestBesides, dentists in Hungary usually get post-graduate specialisations abroad, in countries like the UK and The USA, to keep growing their professional profile.

Dental crowns in Hungary cost on average 350 GBP. Furthermore, the fact that a flight from London to Budapest lasts approximately two hours gives you the possibility to go and get the treatments and then come back home on the same day. 

Other locations for dental crowns

For patients interested in finding a beautiful location to spend dental holidays, getting dental crowns in Spain or Grece are excellent options. 

Those destinations don’t have prices as low as other countries, yet still affordable compared to dental treatments in the UK. 

It is essential to say that Spain is well known for the high-quality of its dental treatments, so visiting the country is worth it even if the prices aren’t that low.   

Getting dental crowns in Greece is the perfect chance to upgrade your smile while enjoying vacations in a touristic destination by excellence.

And for the most adventurous travelers, Mexico might offer the kind of dental holiday they are looking for. A dental crown in Mexico cost, on average, 300 GBP.

Dental crowns abroad reviews

Looking on the internetAs proof of how normalized it is to travel out of your country to get affordable dental work, you can find hundreds of reviews on the internet where patients share their experiences. 

Some of the most common facts about getting dental crowns abroad are:

  • Dentists who communicate in English easily
  • State-to-the-art facilities
  • Modern equipement and sofisticadet techniques
  • Quality dental services, some patients affirm that’s even better than what they experienced in their own countries

Choosing the right dental clinic abroad is essential to ensure you will have a positive experience, so we encourage you to do proper research before making a decision. 


Getting a dental crown UK might be highly expensive for people who care about their smile’s aesthetics and want to opt for private dental care. Practicing some dental tourism in Europe might bring the possibility to receive high quality and affordable dental crowns abroad.   

The best places to get cheap dental crowns abroad are Poland, Turkey, and Hungary due to the price-quality ratio. Thus, getting dental crowns abroad doesn’t mean that you’ll have to sacrifice quality; it’s quite the opposite. 

Besides, there are many other options for patients who want to turn vacations into a dental holiday and get the needed dental work while enjoying the tourist destination. 

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