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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality dental crowns Turkey.

Check all the Dental Crowns clinics in Turkey

593 results

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Izmir, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Papatya Dental Hospital

Antalya, Turkey

(1 reviews)


Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Cayra Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

(2 reviews)

Gözde International Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

(0 reviews)


Antalya, Turkey

(0 reviews)

WestDent Clinic

Izmir, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Umut Dental Clinic Antalya

Antalya, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Suave Dental Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Soraca Med

Antalya, Turkey

Dental crowns in Turkey

crowns at the deskDental crowns are caps that cover a decayed tooth or implant. Depending on the material, a crown cost varies. If you look for a good-quality material such as zirconium, getting such crowns abroad would be more cost-effective than the same crowns in e.g. the UK, the USA, Germany or Norway. Travelling for cheap dental crowns abroad has become massively popular and the top direction among medical tourists is dental crowns in Turkey. Turkey is a perfect destination for all those who look for a high-quality and low-cost treatment combined with holidays in the beautiful resort.

Dentist in Turkey qualifications

A dentist in Turkey must come a long way before obtaining the necessary dentist qualifications. The training involves a 5-year course followed by a specialization (either orthodontic or prosthodontic). Generally, dentist education is tough and demanding and dentist degree requirements are hard to meet while compared to other countries. Each dentist Turkey must register in Turkish Dental Association, and of course, we can always check if a specialist we consider is recognized by this organization. Obviously, we always advise patients to check the information about their dentist. The easiest way to do it is the Internet – websites of the clinics (all best dentist in Turkey have their own website also), scores, reviews, and message boards should give you sufficient and reliable information about the dentist. 

Clinics in Turkey are well-equipped

Dental assistant adjusting lightFinding a decent clinic in Turkey is very easy. Now, partially thanks to medical tourism, the standards of health care in Turkey are much larger-than-average. Dental clinics in Turkey contend for both Turkish and foreign patients, so they get better and better regarding equipment clinic, technological solutions, treatments offered, cooperation with specialists and the prices of course. We dare say that the top dental clinics in Turkey are very luxurious and offer much more than solely treatment, that is accommodation and transfers. If you want to find the best dental clinics in Turkey, again, we recommend the research on the Internet. Nowadays, all private dental clinics in Turkey open to international patients have websites, so if you find it hard to find a clinic, it is probably not worth visiting. 

English-speaking dentists in Turkey

English is a prevalent language in health centres, so finding an English-speaking dentist is more than easy. However, if it happens that a specialist that will treat us doesn’t speak English, the clinic will probably offer a translator help. In fact, more and more clinics in Turkey hire coordinators for international patients, which guarantees safety, comfort, communication and help for patients during their stay in Turkey. If you are not sure if you can communicate in English in the clinic you consider, it is good to contact them and simply ask.

Dentist examining a female patient with toolsIs it safe to travel to Turkey?

Is Turkey safe? Or more precisely, is Turkey safe to travel now? Without hesitation, yes, it is – both for treatment and holidays. The only concern among the travellers should be the one that always accompanies us when we go to a foreign country, but nothing more. Turkey is a safe country with neither domestic nor international conflicts which may pose danger to tourists. Just to double check whether the situation in Turkey hasn’t changed before we go there, we can check the government’s websites and any possible warnings for tourists. 

Cost of dental crowns in Turkey

As mentioned before in this article, there are several types of dental crowns and cost of each type is different. Still, the dental crowns cost in Turkey is even four time less than the cost for the treatment using the same materials in Western European countries or the USA, The dental crowns materials include:

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Zirconia
  • Composite resin
  • mix of materials

Crowns made of composite resin are the cheapest, while zirconia ones are the most expensive. Of course, dentists always recommend the crown material depending on a patient’s budget, tooth number, type of decay and some other individual situations. Composite crowns are not used as permanent restoration, but rather as a temporary solution. So, how much do dental crowns cost in Turkey? The price for a zirconium crown (which is the best one on the market) starts from even 200 GBP, which is an unbelievable cost for many foreigners. The cost for a porcelain crown, not to mention the mixed-material or composite ones can be even lower. 

Perfect destination for dental crowns in Turkey – Which city is most reasonable for having dental crowns done?

Turkey tourismThere are a few cities in Turkey which are the top destinations for medical tourists. The main reasons for choosing them is the competitiveness among the clinics and low prices as well as the opportunity to do some sightseeing and spend nice holidays. So, the cities which we mean here include Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya and Izmir. These four cities are the most popular cities in Turkey among both Turkish citizens and foreigners. Why is having dental crowns in each of them a great idea? We will explain it below. 

Dental crowns in Istanbul

Istanbul is a great location for holidays and dental treatment as well. The popularity of dental tourism in this city has a great impact on the quality of the clinics, competitive prices and travel packages. There is an ongoing friendly rivalry between clinics, as a result of which they are constantly improving their service and are treating each patient with the greatest devotion and professionalism. The quality of dental crowns Istanbul is excellent, so doing the dental work there is definitely worth considering. From the touristic point of view, Istanbul is one of the most unique cities in the world. Located on the verge of Europe and Asia, it reflects the combination of cultures and traditions. On the one hand, it is a very historically-rich place with great architecture, monuments and heritage and on the other hand, it represents the economic and modern Western impact. Istanbul is a must-have city for tourists travelling to Turkey, so planning a dental treatment there is just a great choice. 

Dental crowns in Antalya

AntlyaAntalya is the most popular city in Turkey in terms of national and international tourism. There are numerous luxury hotels and a lot of tourist attractions. The city is located in breath-taking scenery of the sea, mountains, and national parks. People can find here the great all-inclusive holidays as well as unforgettable trips exploring the intact nature and a long history of the country. There are hundreds of dental clinics offering very affordable dental crowns Antalya, so it is rather easy to find a place for dental work. Of course, we recommend that everyone planning holidays and treatment in Antalya check the standard of healthcare and doctor’s experience on the Internet just to make sure they are in good hands.

Dental crowns in Alanya

Alanya is a city located close to Antalya. It is sometimes mistaken with Antalya, yet these are two different cities. Alanya is an elegant coastal city, very popular among tourists who want to chill and relax far from the crowds. It is situated by two bays which are separated from each other by a peninsula. The city offers sandy beaches, great therapeutic and remedial places, fancy restaurants and a unique atmosphere. Dental crowns Alanya are quite less popular among medical tourists just because the city itself is less popular among international tourists. However, it means that dental crowns here may be even more affordable than in Istanbul or Antalya, so everyone looking for the cheapest treatment done in a reliable clinic may consider this option. 

Dental crowns in Izmir

Female patient looking at mirrorIt is one of the oldest cities in Turkey. Izmir is much less popular than Istanbul, Antalya or Ankara, yet it is the 3rd biggest city in Turkey with merely 4 millions inhabitants. It’s main characteristic is the Western-orientation. The European influences here have not broken through, most of the inhabitants are Muslims, yet the culture is not so strict as in other Muslim countries. Izmir is very charming and not spoiled by tourists, which is especially visible in the Bazaar District which greatly reflects Turkish culture and traditions. Anyone looking for dental crowns Izmir should not have any difficulties with finding a good clinic there. Also, similarly to other cities, medical travel agencies in Turkey organise all-inclusive holidays combined with dental treatment in Izmir, so it is a good idea to ask them for help with the organization of holidays in Izmir. 

Dental crowns in Turkey- reviews

Before going to Turkey for a dental treatment, each patient should take a look at dental crowns in Turkey reviews. We advise to search for the reviews about a chosen dentist or clinic because they give a real image of the healthcare in a place that we choose. If any of the reviews is worrying or challenges the trust, patients have time to verify it and change the place. Coming to any clinic abroad or in a home country without checking it’s reliability is not recommended.

Alternatives to dental crowns in Turkey

Warsaw- pałac kulturyDental crowns in Turkey are one of the most competitive options for getting dental treatment abroad. Of course, not everyone wants or has a chance to go there. There are some alternatives, especially dental crowns in Poland and dental crowns in Hungary are very popular. The prices for crowns in these 2 countries are a little higher than in Turkey, yet the quality of the treatment and medical care is world-class. Both Hungary and Poland are countries where medical tourism is highly developed and clinics are broadly experienced in treating international patients. So, anyone who is looking for cheap dental crowns abroad should also consider these options and compare all the offers. 


Dental crowns in Turkey are a great alternative for people who cannot afford extensive dental work in their country. With the modern possibilities of travelling and organization of the trip and treatment, having the crowns done abroad is as easy as having them in a nearby city. Medical tourism gives the opportunity to have a cheap treatment as well as visit a new place, so combining holidays with getting dental crowns is a great idea. Many clinics in Turkey offer hotels and transfers included in their prices, so not only is the treatment cheaper, but also the holidays get much more affordable. Clinic Hunter offers free help in finding the top dental clinics across the world, so do not hesitate to contact us and find out more details about your treatment options.

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