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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality dentures Hungary.

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Dentium Implant Center

Budapest, Hungary

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Suba Dental Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Dentures in Hungary

dentures on the black backgroundGetting fixed dentures abroad or getting flexible dentures abroad can be much cheaper than paying for them privately in the UK.
Lower labour costs in Central and Eastern European countries mean that the cost of dentures works out much less. The quality of the materials and skills of the dentist, however, should be at least comparable with, if not better than that in the UK. Obtaining dentures in Hungary will normally require two visits or, occasionally, just one extended visit.

Due to more frequent flight schedules and relatively short journey times, European destinations will always represent better value for money than more far-flung places. Hungary has become known as the ‘Dental Capital of the Europe’. with an estimated 35,000 dental tourism visitors annually. This means that its dental clinics are used to dealing with foreign clients and have invested a lot of money in making sure that they have the very latest equipment.

Hungarian Dentists are well-qualified

Chattering teeth toyAs Hungary is a member of the EU all its dentists must adhere to the same EU regulations as in the UK. Dentist qualifications in Hungary take 5-6 years to obtain, followed by further training should the dentist wish to specialise in a particular aspect of dentistry. So, dentist education and training is all-encompassing, taking the same amount of time as training in the UK.
Dentists in Hungary must register with the Hungarian Ministry of Health which grants a licence allowing them to practise dentistry. This is renewable annually providing enough points have been accrued. These points are awarded for attendance at seminars, lectures, and courses about the latest dental technologies, procedures and products. The best dentists in Hungary also belong to the Hungarian Medical Chamber (HMC) which organises information and lectures on the latest and most effective dental procedures as well as ensuring that standards are met.

Dentists in Hungary speak English

An English-speaking dentist is the norm in Hungary rather than the exception. Many Hungarian dentists specifically target their services at foreign visitors and understand that in order to do this, it is vital to speak good English – often German as well. It is always worth checking that your preferred dentist does indeed speak English, but it is very unlikely that the answer will be ‘no’. English is now compulsory in all Hungarian schools so even outside the world of dentistry, most under-30s speak English. Staff at hotels, main attractions, and other places will probably speak English. So, moving around the country generally and, more specifically, explaining dentistry issues should not pose any problems communication-wise.

Dental Clinics in Hungary will provide you with high-quality treatment

man with denturesIn order to attract dental tourism visitors, Hungarian dentists understand that they must have the best and latest dental equipment. Dental clinics in Hungary are equipped with some of the most cutting-edge technology. For example some of the clinics even have their own laboratories, so dentures can be produced much quicker than if the dentist has to send off to an external laboratory. Many have the facility to take 3D scans of the mouth rather than relying on a dental mould. It is often a surprise when British people realise how well appointed these clinics are.

How much are dentures in Hungary

How much do dentures cost UK on the NHS

Dentures or ‘false teeth’ as they are more colloquially called are available on the NHS. They are classed as a Band 3 treatment which means that the cost is £269.30 in England, £199.10 in Wales, with NHS Scotland and NHS Northern Ireland both charging 80% of costs up to a maximum of £384.00. Dentures provided by the NHS are usually of the hard acrylic type. For newer and more flexible materials, it is necessary to pay privately.

How much do dentures cost privately

piggy bankFor those who hold dental insurance policies, it is sometimes possible to claim all or at least part of the cost of privately arranged dentures. However, every policy is slightly different, so please check directly with your insurance company.

For those who do not have insurance policies or whose policies do not cover this eventuality than the full private price will have to be paid. In the case where only one or two teeth need to be replaced with a denture, the cost of private treatment, starting at about £200, can be comparable to NHS costs. Chrome and/or porcelain dentures may cost anything up to £2500 if a full or almost full set is required. If you prefer flexible dentures, again the price depends on how many teeth are required. The cost will probably be somewhere between £450 and £1500. As with all private treatment, costs will vary between dentists and between regions.

How much do dentures cost in Hungary

Prices for dentures in Hungary, as in the UK, will vary greatly depending on the type of denture, how many teeth are required, and the dentist. Costs for a full set of dentures in Hungary start at around £370 with acrylic teeth and flexible dentures have a starting price of around £230. Obviously the more teeth on the denture the higher the price. Bear in mind that there may be other work required e.g. teeth extraction which will cost extra, either as a private patient in the UK or in Hungary. However, even with flight costs (from £34 return from London airports) obtaining dentures in Hungary can lead to savings of 50% on the UK price.

The best places in Hungary for having dentures done

BudapestThe main cities in Hungary which have flights from the UK are Budapest and Debrecen. There are many dental clinics in the largest cities in Hungary, as well as in some of the smaller ones. Some of the best clinics, which attract dental tourism, are obviously the ones which are easiest for tourists to travel to. These are either those which are close to international airports or those on the western borders of Hungary which are easily accessible by car.

Dentures in Budapest

There are many flights to Budapest from the main airports in the UK as well as from some of the provincial airports. This obviously makes it an ideal destination for obtaining dentures abroad. Being the capital city of Hungary it also has the greatest choice of different dental clinics. Most types of dentures are available including fixed dentures, flexible dentures and implant retained dentures.

Dentures in other cities in Hungary

With regard to other cities in Hungary, Debrecen is also a good choice for UK travelers as there are direct flights between UK airports and Debrecen. Other locations like Heviz, Gyor, Szombathely, Szekesfehervar, and Pecs are a great choice if you wish to combine your dental treatment with a holiday and the journey time is less significant

Alternatives to dentures in Hungary

Polish Airlines LotWhat are the alternatives to getting your dentures in Hungary? The next most popular countries for British dental tourists is Poland and Turkey. Both of these countries have well-equipped and technologically advanced dental clinics as well as well-trained dental staff who, in the main, speak very good English.

Poland is also a member of the EU, and as such its dentists must adhere to the EU regulations. Dentists are well-trained and clinics well-appointed. Prices for dentures in Poland are very similar to Hungary. Budget airlines provide non-stop flights from European countries to the major cities in Poland, so travel is relatively easy.

Turkey has also grown in popularity as a destination for dental tourism. Although not a member of the EU, many of its dentists are well-trained and dental clinics are bright and well-equipped. There are less flights to Turkey, however places like Istanbul, Dalaman, Antalya, Izmir and Ankara all have connections with other European airports. Dentures in Turkey cost between £133 for standard dentures to £311 for acrylic dentures. Flight prices may be slightly higher than in Hungary and Poland.

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