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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality facelift Poland.

Check all the Facelift clinics in Poland

243 results

(8 reviews)

Allestetis / Allmedica

Nowy Targ, Poland

from 4866 eur

(2 reviews)

KCM Clinic

Jelenia Gora, Poland

(0 reviews)

Chriurgia Plastyczna Marta Raczkowska

Cracow, Poland

(0 reviews)

Raciborskie Medical Center

Raciborz, Poland

from 2891 eur

(0 reviews)

Laguna Estetica

Gdynia, Poland

from 1316 eur

(0 reviews)

Horizon Clinic

Warsaw, Poland

(1 reviews)


Wroclaw, Poland

(0 reviews)

Lecznica Melitus

Warsaw, Poland

from 2105 eur

(0 reviews)


Warsaw, Poland

from 2105 eur

(0 reviews)

Warsaw Agklinik

Warsaw, Poland

from 2105 eur

Facelift Poland

lady in yellow shirtPlastic surgeries in Poland are gaining worldwide popularity thanks to medical tourism. People who cannot afford a plastic surgery in their home countries, have a great alternative of getting plastic surgery at much lower cost. Face plastic surgery is an important sector of plastic surgeries and facelift is the most complex surgery guaranteeing dramatic results. At the same time, facelift surgery is also one of the most expensive plastic surgery face procedures. No wonder, so many people are looking to get it done abroad. What is a facelift surgery? Face lift, officially called rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgery which reduces the sagging skin and folds from the forehead, cheek and jawline areas, as a result the ageing process is slow-paced and the face gains a youthful and smooth look. Facelift Poland is really affordable especially for foreign patients. In fact, facelift surgery in Poland is chosen by hundreds of male and female patients from European and American countries. Further in this article, we present the most important aspects of plastic surgery face lift in Poland.

Facelift Poland prices

girl with money

Facelift is an elective cosmetic surgery and is not covered by the NHS or any insurance, so people need to bear the full cost for facelift surgery. Doubtlessly, the main reason why foreign patients choose surgery in Poland is an affordable facelift surgery cost. When compared to such countries as the USA, the UK, Ireland, Germany, and Scandinavian countries, Poland offers the facelift cost which is even 2-3 times lower. How much does a facelift cost? Full facelift surgery prices in Poland start from 2500 GBP. Foreign patients should also remember about additional expenses, such as the flight tickets, accommodation, transfers etc. So, we may assume that the overall facelift surgery costs and travel expenses give the price of about 3000 GBP. It is still amazingly cheap and cost-effective for travellers. Such an affordable price results greatly from the lower cost of living and favourable currency exchange rates.

Facelift surgery cost uk

The British constitute the main group of international patients choosing facelift in Poland. Facelift surgery UK often exceeds the budget of an average person, so instead of taking a loan or asking for financing the facelift UK, people choose to travel abroad and get a much cheaper surgery that can be done soon because they do not need to save money for it. How much is facelift in the UK? The average price is 8000 – 10 000 GBP for a full facelift, so it is a huge one-time spending. Some clinics may offer lower or higher costs because each clinic sets its own prices, however this is the cost that is met in most places in the UK. 

Why facelift in Poland?

Facelift in Poland is chosen for many reasons. Below, we present the factors making facelift abroad in Poland so In bedpopular among medical tourists:

  • the cheap cost of facelift surgery abroad: the average facelift abroad prices in Poland are 2500-3000 GBP, which compared to 8000-10000 GBP in the UK clearly show the price discrepancy and opportunity to make huge savings
  • accessibility: Poland is located in central Europe, it is a member of the European Union, so travelling is fast and easy, especially for Europeans and citizens of the EU countries
  • good flight connections: each major city in Poland has an international airport, so there are direct flight connections with hundreds of cities including American and Asian countries; the flight cost between the cities in the UK and Poland starts from merely 20 GBP;
  • quality: Poland is famous for its excellent healthcare standard, the Polish surgeons are world-class specialists and authorities in the medical community;
  • tourist attractions: Poland offers diversified natural assets, e.g. the Baltic Sea, Masurian Lakes, Tatra Mountains, numerous historical places (e.g. castles), the cities are rich in unique landmarks, monuments, museums, UNESCO spots, besides the climate, culture, traditions and cuisine are one of a kind.

Different types of facelift surgery

girl thinkingThere are 2 main types of facelift: surgical and non-surgical. Here, we focus on facelift surgery only. There are several options for people considering a facelift. However, only a plastic surgeon is able to choose the best facelift surgery for an individual. The selection of the procedure depends on the patient’s age, health condition, skin laxity, face look, and expectations. So, we always advise that patients consult a specialist before committing to any surgery.

The main types of facelift UK include:

  • deep plane facelift (called SMAS facelift) 
  • mini facelift
  • MACS facelift
  • mid facelift
  • jawline rejuvenation
  • cheek lift
  • S-lift
  • brow lift.

Each of the types above has its pros and cons, each is devoted to specific face problems, and each is performed differently. An experienced plastic surgeon can examine and analyze the face skin condition, tightness, muscle tone and ageing advancement and recommend the most effective face lift types. Regarding Poland, foreign patients usually attend an online consultation or are asked to send clear, good quality photos – on their basis plastic surgeons are able to suggest the facelift which would bring the best results and meet patients expectations.

Best plastic surgeons

healthcare professional at clinicThe verification of a considered plastic surgeon is a normal stage of planning the plastic surgery regardless of the country and it is totally understandable. In fact, finding a well educated and qualified surgeon is a key to the success of plastic surgery. Regarding top surgeons in Poland, there are many websites where people may check the best plastic surgeons in Europe, including the best surgeons in Poland, their qualifications, experience and before-after photos of their patients. In addition, there are numerous medical travel facilitators and agencies which offer free advice and help in finding the reliable surgeons and clinics in Poland. Patients should always know in advance who will do the operation because checking the doctor’s profile and reading the reviews is of great value and builds trust in a patient. 

English speaking doctors

In Poland, there are private plastic surgery clinics which are focused on domestic patients and those which are focused on international patients as well. Each clinic in Poland offering their services on a medical tourism market is adjusted to treating people speaking in foreign languages. Such clinics hire the personnel and surgeons who speak English fluently and are able to use it for medical reasons. The truth is that the vast majority of Polish doctors speak English well and treating a foreign patient poses no problem at all. So, medical tourism is not restricted only to English speaking countries, English is such a prevalent global language that all the language barriers are blurred in the modern world. English education in Poland or English education in Turkey has opened the society to foreigners and patients can freely speak English also with a shop assistant, waiter or taxi driver in Poland. Lastly, if by any chance a chosen plastic surgeon does not speak English, the clinics always engage an English translator or personal English-speaking assistant to make sure that the communication between a patient and surgeon runs smoothly. 

Best plastic surgery clinics in Europe

Surgeons performing operation in operation theaterIn Poland, all the plastic surgery clinics which serve domestic and international patients are obliged to follow the highest healthcare standards including having modern medical equipment clinic and using only certified devices and modern techniques. People who want to find the best plastic surgery clinics in the world or the best plastic surgery clinics in Europe should check which certificates make a place an official medical institution which must meet the set standards. For example, in Turkey there is JCI accreditation which is given to only the best clinics in a country, the USA has the AAAHC accreditation which is possessed by top clinics. In addition, Poland is an EU member, so all the certified clinics of plastic surgery must follow the highest safety, healthcare and quality standards. Again, as with the surgeons, we advise that patients do the research before choosing the clinic. There are reviews, websites, forum, groups where patients can find reliable information about the clinic standard, attitude, atmosphere, or prices. 

Is it safe to have plastic surgery in Poland?

Poland is a really safe country and there are absolutely no restrictions to come here. The political situation is stable, there are no internal conflicts or riots, so globally, Poland surgery is a perfectly safe option. Sometimes, foreigners may be afraid of a lack of tolerance of acceptance by a local community if they represent e.g. different skin colour or religion. But Poland is a very tolerant country in this regard. There are millions of foreigners, especially young students, who live in Poland. Over the last decades, Polish people have made a quantum jump in their openness and tolerance and now, the country prides itself on having so many foreign citizens. It also attracts millions of international tourists every year – they perceive Poles as a very helpful, open, and kind nation. 

Most popular destinations for facelift Poland

People considering surgery in a Poland city also have a chance to see the best places to visit in Poland. The Polish cities such as Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław Gdańsk or Poznań are very attractive and unique, each one is located in different scenery, e.g. Kraków is surrounded by the mountains while Gdańsk is located by the Sea, so patients can make a choice based on their touristic preference. Also, in each of these Poland cities, there are high-standard plastic surgery clinics in Poland. 

Facelift in Wroclaw/ Jelenia Góra

Poland MapJelenia Gora is a charming small town situated in the unique Karkonosze Mountains. KCM clinic, set up in 2006, is located in the heart of the city. The building of KCM clinic Poland perfectly fits the charming and historical atmosphere of the town. The clinic building is old, yet it’s been renovated, expanded and adjusted. Nowadays, it is the world-class private clinic specialising in bariatrics and plastic surgeries where the main group of patients constitute medical tourists. English is a leading language used in the clinic, among the personnel there are native English speaking specialists. The clinic uses advanced equipment, the newest technologies and the most modern amenities for patients. Jelenia Góra is close to Wrocław, so patients coming to KCM are asked to arrive at Wrocław airport.

Wrocław is the historical capital of the Lower Silesia Region. This 4th largest city in Poland is called Polish Venice as it was built on twelve islands separated from each other by rivers and canals. Nowadays, there are as many as 130 bridges, each of whom is unique and worth visiting. There are numerous places and landmarks listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (e.g. Main Market Square, Cathedral Island and Centennial Hall). Patients looking for plastic surgery in Wroclaw Poland should definitely consider the Coramed clinic. Coramed Wrocław has been one of the best beauty clinics in Poland and definitely a leader of Wroclaw plastic surgery clinic places. Coramed Poland has been serving international patients for years and has helped in the development of medical tourism in Poland. 

Facelift in Krakow / Nowy Targ

AllestetisPeople wanting to get a plastic surgery Krakow or near this city, should know that the clinic that deserves the greatest attention is Allestetis. Allestetis is a branch of a complex called Allmedica specialising in plastic surgeries, bariatrics and orthopedics. Allestetis is located in Nowy Targ Poland, an adorable town surrounded by the Gorce Mountains with close proximity to Tatra Mountains and Tatra National Park. It is located closely to the border with Slovakia and closely to Kraków – the showcase of Poland and its greatest pride. Kraków Poland is a city with exceptional traditional and cultural heritage. It is so beautiful, unique, friendly and charming that there is no other place in Poland that can beat Kraków in this regard. Also, the weather in Krakow Poland is believed to be the most welcoming and favourable. Allestetis patients are asked to get the flights to Kraków, and the clinic driver picks them up there and takes them to Nowy Targ.

Facelift in Warsaw

Warsaw by nightWarsaw is the largest city in Poland and its capital city. It is the economic, cultural, architectural and historical heart of Poland. There are numerous must-see places on a touristic track, they include the Old Town with the castle, the Palace of Culture and Science, the Copernicus Science Centre, the Warsaw Rising Museum and the Royal Łazienki. Finding the best plastic surgeon in Warsaw Poland is relatively easy – there are the most modern and luxurious clinics which offer the best standard of any treatment including plastic surgery Warsaw Poland. The example of such a clinic is Promedion – it is top-rated clinic very famous among Polish celebrities – it is treated as an authority and leader among the high-quality healthcare centres. What’s interesting, Warsaw plastic surgery clinics do not offer exaggerated prices, but are really competitive on the market. There are two airports near Warsaw – Chopin airport and Modlin airport, so patients coming for plastic surgery Warsaw should search for the flights arriving at one of them. 

Facelift in Poland reviews

Facelift reviews may be addressed to the particular clinic or plastic surgeon. What we always recommend is that people check all the available reviews of the chosen clinic and surgeon before arriving in a foreign country. Such reviews are a valuable source of opinions, advice, guidelines or warnings. Most clinics in Poland have English versions of their website, Facebook profiles, etc, and these are reliable sources where patients should look for some reviews or catch up with former patients. 

Alternative countries for facelift abroad

Facelift surgery in Poland is one of the most popular surgeries performed for domestic and foreign patients. Yet, Poland is not the only popular destination for the surgical look improvement. The countries that are also popular destinations for plastic surgery abroad include e.g. facelift Turkey, facelift Thailand, Czech Republic (especially facelift Prague) and facelift in Mexico. Of course, the list of countries offering affordable prices is longer, yet these countries are leaders in the medical tourism market. Clinic Hunter offers free help in finding the most affordable facelift in Poland or facelift in Turkey and we will guide you through the process of choosing the clinic and organising the surgery. 


Facelift in Poland is a surgery that aims at making the face look more youthful, firm and smooth. It is a surgery popular among men and women who want to slow down the ageing process and look much younger. Plastic surgeries in Poland are a great chance for everyone who finds the plastic surgery in their country too expensive. Prices in Poland tend to be so cheap that even after adding travel costs, patients are able to pay 2-3 times less than in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Norway or the USA. If you would like to get more details about an affordable facelift plastic surgery abroad, contact Clinic Hunter – will guide you through the whole process of choosing, booking and organising your facelift abroad. 

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