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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality plastic surgery in Turkey.

Check all the Plastic Surgery clinics in Turkey

22 results

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Medifema Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

from 1266 eur

(0 reviews)

Soraca Med

Antalya, Turkey

(0 reviews)


Antalya, Turkey

(2 reviews)

Gözde International Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Cayra Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Turkeyana Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Özel Sağlık Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Hermes Clinics

Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Medicine Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Termessos Hospital

Antalya, Turkey

Plastics surgery Turkey

plastic surgery girlRecently, medical tourism has become a worldwide trend and there are millions of people traveling across the world to get medical treatment abroad. Turkey is a country that offers a full range of non-surgical and surgical procedures for international patients, the most popular sectors are dental treatment, hair transplant, bariatrics, orthopedics and plastic surgery. In this article, we will focus on cosmetic surgery (plastic body surgery) in Turkey.

Why is plastic surgery Turkey so popular? Well, the main reasons why millions of medical tourists choose Turkey each year include:

  • the attractive location
  • competitive prices
  • high quality of cosmetic procedures and all other treatments
  • very hospitable climate
  • great touristic value.

Plastic surgery in Turkey is even 3 times cheaper than plastic surgery UK or USA. No wonder, it is so attractive especially for Europeans and Americans. What’s also characteristic of cosmetic surgery in Turkey, private hospitals are really luxury, modern, and top-standard. Below in this article, we elaborate on the most important aspects of Turkey cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgery in turkey prices

doctor performing surgeryThe exaggerated prices for plastic surgeries are usually the greatest barrier against having it done in a home country and the main reason why people are looking for more affordable options. Turkey plastic surgery prices are unbelievably low for people coming from the UK, USA, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, yet there are also many patients from African and Asian countries tempted by plastic surgery prices in Turkey. So, what are the cosmetic surgery Turkey prices? Below, we list the most popular plastic surgeries done by medical tourists and their average cost in Turkey and the UK.

Plastic surgery

Average cost in the UK / Ireland

Average cost in Turkey

Tummy liposuction

6000 EUR1500 EUR

Full facelift

10 000 EUR4200 EUR

Breast enlargement

9000 EUR5500 EUR


7500 EUR2200 EUR

Tummy tuck

7000 EUR2000 EUR


5000 EUR1500 EUR

It is also worth mentioning that most of the prices offered by the Turkish clinics include not only the surgery but the whole package covering medical tests, accommodation in a high-standard hotel, transfers between the hotel and clinic, pick up from the airport and local trips. So, the extra costs are reduced to the minimum and usually patients pay only for the flight tickets. Besides, the clinics and medical tourism facilitators organise the whole trip from the medical and touristic point of view.

Is Turkey cheap?

turkey flagIs it cheap in Turkey? Undoubtedly, Turkey belongs to one of the most affordable countries in the world in terms of medical treatment, so we should rather ask how cheap is Turkey and why is Turkey so cheap? Generally, whether a procedure is really affordable depends on the point of view and a country to which Turkey is compared. To give an example, Turkey beats almost every European and North American country in terms of affordability, there are also such Asian countries as China or Japan which are more expensive than Turkey. The main factor making Turkey prices so low is the relatively low cost of living. International patients using Dollars, Pounds or Euro on a daily basis are always surprised by the low costs that can be met in shops, restaurants, etc. Also, the surgeons’ fees, maintenance of the clinics, equipment cost and everyday expenses are really low-cost, no wonder it is reflected in the affordable prices for plastic surgeries as well. So summing up, Turkey prices are very affordable and the currency used there is favourable for Americans and Europeans, at the same time the quality of medical care is at a high level. Hence, Turkey is the best place to choose both for medical treatment and holidays. 

Benefits of having plastic surgery in Turkey

girl in blue jacketThe main reason why Turkey plastic surgery is so popular in the medical tourism market is the low cost. Yet, medical tourism Turkey has many other advantages making it a perfect option for patients from all over the world. The benefits of having plastic surgery in Turkey include:

  • the high quality proven by thousands of plastic surgery in Turkey reviews – it refers to both the hospitals and the surgeons
  • an opportunity to get holidays in Turkey – Turkey holidays are chosen by millions of people each year, it is a popular destination for everyone wanting to spend summer time by the Sea, in a historical, culturally-rich and affordable place; people of all interests can spend unforgettable time in Turkey
  • easy access – getting direct flights to Turkey is possible from numerous cities across the world; what is also important, Turkey visa is not required for most nations, so travelling is very accessible and affordable
  • all inclusive stay – medical tourists can combine treatment with holidays effortlessly and for free because often the prices for medical treatments include the accommodation in a luxury hotel, all necessary transfers and local trips
  • an opportunity to choose the best surgeon and the best clinic – medical tourists are not limited by the budget there because even the most expensive surgery in Turkey is much cheaper than abroad and still allows for making huge savings. 

Best plastic surgeons in Turkey

doctors doing surgeryIt is really hard to determine who is the best plastic surgeon in Turkey because there are many well educated and qualified Turkish doctors. The regulations and laws in Turkey strictly govern the medical education and training in all universities, thanks to which only skilled, devoted, ambitious, and determined students complete the medical studies.What’s more plastic surgeons who are already certified constantly gain experience and qualifications by completing numerous courses, trainings and gaining certificates and accreditations. All patients looking for the top plastic surgeon in Turkey may contact Clinic Hunter – we cooperate only with the reliable, experienced and amazingly skilled surgeons and each patient can get free advice on the choice of the best specialist. We also pay great attention that patients choose a surgeon whom  they trust, that is why we share before-after photos of a surgeon’s former operations, all the certificates and other evidence of a surgeon’s qualifications and expertise. 

English speaking doctors

istanbul turkeyDespite the fact that Turkey is not one of the English speaking countries, people can speak English very well and with no difficulties. Recently, the English education in Turkey has been reformed and got much closer to the tried and tested European school model. English is the first foreign language taught at school, it is also more and more often taught in nursery schools so that children can get used to it. All the plastic surgery clinics in Turkey which serve international patients pay the greatest attention to the communication and of course are adjusted to treating people speaking foreign languages. Many clinics hire only English speaking personnel and plastic surgeons. However, if it happens that a surgeon does not speak English, a clinic always provides a professional English translator or an English-sepaking personal assistant so that foreign patients feel no language barrier at all. 

State of art plastic surgery clinics

plastic surgery implantThe Turkey plastic surgery clinics are subordinate to the Ministry of Health and are monitored by Independent Medical Associations, so all the clinics of plastic surgery need to maintain the set standards and regulations. To be sure about the quality of the clinic, patients should check whether a place has acquired some reliable accreditations which require following the given healthcare standards – in Turkey there are ISO, JCAHO and JCI accreditations which oblige clinics to meet the highest international standards of treatment, medical care and service. Generally, Turkish clinics serving international patients are very strict about the quality, they offer modern medical equipment and use modern techniques. Besides the medical side, the buildings themselves are very luxurious and high-standard, which makes patients feel very well taken care of, singled out and comfortable. So, in contrast to some opinions, finding a reliable, high-standard, top-ranked clinic in Turkey is quite easy.

Is it safe to get plastic surgery in Turkey?

turkey by nightIs Turkey safe? Is it safe to travel to Turkey? These are important questions arising when people start organising treatment abroad. Generally speaking, travel to Turkey is as safe as travel to other European countries. Of course, we cannot deny that in the past Turkey was quite a risky place to travel due to unstable situations, international conflicts or danger of terrorist attacks, yet now the situation there is much different. The country is really safe to live in and travel to, there are no domestic conflicts, all the safety regulations are followed and controlled, so there is nothing to worry about. However, if patients are still uncertain about getting medical treatment there, they can ask medical tourism companies in Turkey for help – these are agencies offering free help in organising plastic surgery which provide assistance for patients who are in Turkey, so medical tourists can feel very protected and secured.

Best places to get cheap plastic surgery

happy girls poutsideTurkey offers many places that are really attractive for tourists including medical tourists. Antalya, Izmir and Istanbul are the cities in Turkey which are the most popular among international patients and are regarded as the best cities to visit in Turkey. Of course, an opinion of which are the best cities in Turkey or which Turkey major cities offer the best surgeries is very individual – it greatly depends on the expectations, preferences,or even the flight accessibility. In addition, some people prefer Turkey cities situated by the sea, others look for mountain scenery. There are so many factors important for different people that they should make an independent individual choice about the best place to visit. The good news is that Turkey is a diversified region matching all the tastes and needs. Below, we shortly describe the most popular cities in Turkey where medical tourists get plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery in Turkey Istanbul

Istanbul is an extremely popular destination for foreign patients. There are many clinics offering top-quality plastic surgery where people can find the best Istanbul Turkey rhinoplasty, breast implants, gynecomastia, facelift and all other surgeries. In addition, in each clinic centre Istanbul people can find world-class, respectable surgeons performing very affordable surgeries. Having plastic surgery Istanbul Turkey is also a great chance to visit a multicultural, historically-rich city where Asian and European influences meet and mix with each other. Istanbul is a city open to tourists and offering many attractions, so everyone can have a great time there.

Plastic surgery Izmir Turkey

turkish nightIzmir is the 3rd largest city in Turkey and it’s historical centre located on the Aegean Coast. Founded around 3000 BC, Izmir provides great historical heritage including numerous archeological sites. Thanks to its location, Izmir is a very popular destination for summer holidays – it offers many water sports and water attractions including scuba diving, Aquaparks, and boat tours. Regarding plastic surgery, Izmir is a perfect place for everyone looking for the most affordable surgeries combined with holidays. There are dozens of clinics which apart from surgeries, offer help in organising the whole stay and filling the time spent in Izmir before and after the surgery. 

Plastic surgery Antalya

Antalya is the most popular summer holiday resort. It is a place where the sun, sea, nature and history commune in perfect harmony. Many people even admit that Antalya Turkey is the most beautiful place in the world, and such opinions are really well-grounded. The city itself is really interesting and attractive, yet it is the amazing Sea and Mountain scenery which attracts tourists. Getting top-quality Antalya cosmetic surgery is quite easy and pleasurable thanks to the popularity of the city, nearby airport with hundreds of flights to Antalya each day and a big number of clinics serving international patients.

Plastics surgery in Turkey reviews

Cosmetic surgery Turkey reviews should always be read by potential patients. Generally, firstly people should list the clinics and surgeons which they consider, and then, check the opinions about each single place and surgeon. Such cosmetic surgery in Turkey reviews provide patients with really valuable information and feedback about the clinic and the quality which is presented there

Alternative countries for plastic surgery abroad

warszawaUndoubtedly, Turkey belongs to the most popular countries to get cosmetic surgery abroad. However, there are also other countries which should be mentioned here. The common destinations include plastic surgery Poland or plastic surgery Mexico. In Poland, there are the highest-quality cosmetic surgery clinics offering prices twice as cheap as plastic surgery UK. Cosmetic surgery Poland is the most frequently chosen by people from Scandinavian countries, Ireland, the UK and Germany. Mexico, on the other hand, is a number 1 destination for Americans. They just find it faster and easier to get affordable plastic surgery in Mexico instead of traveling to Turkey or Poland. People can get all inclusive cosmetic surgery packages abroad in each destination, so travelling for treatment in the cosmetic surgery clinics abroad is really easy, low-cost and comfortable. If you are not sure about the country where to travel or wonder whether to choose cosmetic surgery Poland or Turkey, contact Clinic Hunter and we will help you make the right decision.


Plastic surgery belongs to the most popular medical treatments performed abroad. Turkey is a country which attracts medical tourists from Europe, America and Asia. It is a country offering one of the most affordable prices in the world and a great summer and winter holiday destination. Whichever city is chosen, patients can be sure that they will be provided a high-standard and effective surgery at the low cost. To get more information about organising plastic surgery in Turkey, contact Clinic Hunter and we will provide you with all necessary information and will help you book and organise the plastic surgery abroad. 

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