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Below you can find the list of top dental clinics providing dental implants abroad. Even allowing for the cost of flights and hotel accommodation prices are considerably less and allow to save a lot of money for the treatment.

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Cracow, Poland

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Izmir, Turkey

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Papatya Dental Hospital

Antalya, Turkey

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Istanbul, Turkey

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Cracow, Poland

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Albusdent Centrum Stomatologiczne

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MDental (Medicover)

Budapest, Hungary

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Cayra Clinic

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Celikkaya Clinic

Famagusta, Cyprus

Dental implants abroad

dental implantsAre you considering getting a dental implant abroad? You will be surprised to know that dental tourism is a fairly common practice since dental treatment abroad is much cheaper.

If you live in the UK or Ireland and need a teeth replacement, you may have already realised that these treatments are expensive. Finding cheap dental implants UK is almost impossible. However, you can get cheap dental implants abroad.

That’s the reason why many people search for the cheapest country for dental implants and travel to receive their dental treatment abroad.

Advantages of dental implants abroad

Some of the advantages of getting dental implants abroad are:

  • Lower prices than dental implants UK.
  • High standards dental treatment.
  • Advanced dental clinic.
  • Modern techniques and clinic equipment.
  • Highly specialised dentists (Implant dentists).
  • The possibility of enjoying holidays while getting your dental implant abroad.

dentist officeAmong the advantages of receiving dental work abroad are affordable prices and the highest quality dental treatment.

Most countries that engage in dental tourism have different institutions regulating clinical procedures and dentist qualifications; they also have international accreditations that ratify dental care quality.

In this way, the dental tourism sector can guarantee advanced dental clinics, with the best technology and the latest dental treatments innovations.

Dentists abroad are well educated

Dentist showing an x-ray of teeth to female patientIt is usual for countries with extensive development in the dental tourism sector to demand dentists a series of dentist degree requirements to ensure tourists’ well-being; who come to the country looking for treatments.

To be a dentist usually requires a minimum of 5 years in university. Also, most countries require participation in a professional internship program. These are the qualifications needed to be a dentist.

As additional information, most dental clinics require constant dentist education; this includes specialisations in oral implantology, only dentists with that degree have the necessary knowledge to perform the procedure.

On many occasions, dentists carry out their specialisations in countries such as the UK and the USA, providing them with international recognition.

Dentists abroad speak and communicate in English very well

Clinics dedicated to dental tourism hire English speaking dentist to ensure proper communication with patients from English speaking countries.

It is usual for doctors to speak English without problem since international conferences, symposia, and updates are usually held in English. 

Many dentists attend dental school in English speaking countries to find the best dentist education and training.

Dental clinics abroad are well-equipped

Dentist taking x-ray of patients teethOne of the essential advantages of undergoing a dental implant abroad is modern medical equipment and techniques that increase its success rate.

When it comes to dental implants, the dentist’s experience and the instruments utilised play a decisive role in the treatment’s success; therefore, clinics strive to stay at the forefront of modern medical equipment.

Besides, dental clinics abroad offer a wide variety of high-quality implant brands, allowing you to choose from the best dental implants on the market at affordable prices.

Dental implants abroad cost

One of the main reasons to consider dental tourism is that the dental implants cost UK and Ireland makes them unaffordable for most people.

card paymentMany people travel each year to countries where they can find cheap, high-quality dental implants with prices up to 5 times cheaper.

How much do dental implants cost? The cost of dental implants UK ranges from £ 2,000 to 2,500 per tooth; while dental implants cost abroad starts at £ 300 for a tooth.

When it comes to full dentures, prices in the UK range from £ 7,000 to £ 28,000, while in other countries they range from £ 4,000 to £ 9,000.

Best place to get dental implants abroad

Getting cheap dental implants London can be somewhat complicated; in most European countries, but not all of them, dental implants’ prices are high. 

That is why it is advisable to opt for dental tourism Europe and get dental implants abroad to obtain treatments with an excellent price-quality ratio.

The best places to get dental implants abroad are Poland, Turkey, and Hungary. Next, we will tell you about each of them.

Dental implants in Poland

Warsaw panoramaThe destination par excellence for many tourists is Poland, not only because dental implants Poland are cheap compared to the UK, but because dental treatment in Poland holds high quality standards.

The academic requirements to be a Poland dentist are quite rigorous. After five years of university, dentists must complete a 1-year work experience program before practising the profession independently.

As a bonus, most Poland dentists carry out their specialised studies abroad, mainly in countries such as the UK and the USA, therefore, if you want to have a dental implant in Poland, the chances are that you will find an English speaking dentist.

Cheap dental implants in Poland are due to the country’s low cost of living; this guarantees you affordable dental treatment and reasonable accommodation costs and flights.

The price of dental implants in Poland is between 500 and 2,000 GBP.

Dental implants Turkey

Right after Poland, the best place to get dental implants is Turkey. The question that undoubtedly comes to your mind is whether Turkey is a safe place for dental tourism. 

The answer is yes. It is a politically and socially stable country where you can find cheap dental implants.

You should know that the Ministry of Health pays a lot of attention to medical and dental tourism activities as these represent an essential sector in the country’s economy. 

For this reason, the government exercises rigorous controls on dental clinics to guarantee exceptional practices and the well-being of tourists who visit the country in search of cheap dental treatments.

Dentists in Turkey comply with a preparation period equal to that which any dentist in the UK or USA would receive. Once they graduate, they must register with the Turkish Dental Association to practice the profession.

Another important fact is that most dentists handle English correctly. A lot of academic content is usually in English, so communication with your Turkish dentist will not be a problem.

Dental implants in Turkey cost around 400 GBP per tooth, which is approximately five times cheaper than dental implants UK.

The advantage of countries like Turkey, which usually receive millions of tourists a year, is that the additional expenses for dental treatment abroad, such as accommodation and flights, are incredibly cheap for residents of the UK and Ireland, and even for people from the USA.

Maybe you are still not so convinced about getting a dental implant abroad, that is great, you should always inform yourself enough before making a decision. 

One way to learn more about it is to read dental implants Turkey reviews and do as much research as possible about the dentist you plan to choose.

Dental implants Hungary

Easy access to Hungary from any UK province makes it a favourite destination for many British. 

A flight to Budapest takes around 2 hours 30 minutes, so getting dental implants in Hungary is very easy since you can even make the round trip on the same day.

In Hungary, you can find cheap dental implants without sacrificing the quality of dental treatment. 

Dentists in Hungary attend university for periods of 5 to 6 years. After completing their studies, they must register with the Hungarian Ministry of Health.

HungaryThe registry is updated annually. To keep it; dentists must accumulate a series of “points” that they obtain only by attending conferences and refresher courses that keep them at the forefront in the dental field.

Another advantage is that English is a widely spoken language in Hungary, not only by dentists but also by the general population. Communicating with people from Hungary is not an inconvenience for those traveling from English-speaking countries.

Hungary is now known as “The Capital of Dentistry”. Most clinics in the country have modern medical equipment, state-of-the-art clinical facilities, and innovative techniques to ensure that Hungary’s dental treatments are of high quality.

Dental implants Budapest cost between 4 and 5 times less than in the UK. The cost of a dental implant UK ranges from £ 2,000 to £ 2,500 per tooth, while in Hungary prices start at £ 475.

Cheap dental treatments in Hungary are due to the country’s low cost of living. Therefore, traveling is an effective method to save money on your dental treatment without compromising quality.

Other locations for dental implants abroad

Other slightly less popular options to get a cheap dental implant are:

  • India: The dental implants cost in India varies between 330 and 550 GBP per tooth; it is considerably cheaper than in the UK. Like other countries dedicated to dental tourism, there are different government regulations to ensure good practices. In India’s case, dentists’ training is supervised and regulated through the Dental Council of India.
  • Thailand: Dental implants Thailand costs around 520 to 1,150 GBP. There are cheaper countries, but a dental implant in Thailand is still considerably more affordable than in the UK or Ireland. Thailand is the right choice for dental holidays because of its touristic attraction.
  • Mexico: Getting dental implants in Mexico may not be the first option for most Europeans as it involves traveling to Latin America, but it is the ideal option for those who enjoy getting out of their comfort zone. The price of a dental implant in Mexico ranges between 400 and 600 GBP.

airportYou may have already noticed that some of these destinations are not exactly close to the UK and Ireland, yet they are still the best places to get a dental implant abroad. Annual tourist rates confirm this; an example is Mexico that receives more than a million dental tourists per year. 

If you are interested in knowing some distant place while receiving dental treatment, you just have to coordinate dental holidays.

If you are interested in spending a dental holiday abroad, you can coordinate it yourself or simply contact a dental tourism company. Usually, these are dental clinics that are in charge of coordinating extra services such as accommodation, flights, and transportation to and from the airport for potential patients.

Dental implants abroad Reviews

man reading and looking onlineWhen you consider the idea of traveling away from home to receive any type of medical treatment, it is understandable that many doubts arise and we are happy that you are careful when making such an important decision.

That is why we suggest you look for dental implants abroad reviews. The real experience that other people share on the internet is the best way to determine if a clinic suits your needs.

The best dentists often have reviews from former patients. Reading the experience that other people have already lived will give you peace of mind and security when deciding.


The impossibility of finding cheap dental implants in the UK and Ireland makes many people look for cheaper alternatives for their treatments. This situation has generated a boom in the dental tourism sector in different countries in Europe and Asia.

Due to the constant increase in the number of tourists who travel to obtain dental treatment abroad, countries strictly regulate dental practices and university dental education, both public and private, to guarantee high-quality standards in treatments.

Obtaining a cheap dental implant abroad is possible due to the low cost of living in these countries compared to the UK. Therefore, low prices do not affect the quality of treatments. 

Some countries such as Poland stand out for their high-quality standards and have international recognition; it is even possible to receive a better quality treatment than the one you would receive in your country of residence.

We suggest you always look for information about the clinic and the dentist you plan to choose before traveling for greater security.

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