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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality dental crowns Turkey.

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Papatya Dental Hospital

Antalya, Turkey

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Izmir, Turkey

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Istanbul, Turkey

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Soraca Med

Antalya, Turkey

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Suave Dental Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

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Umut Dental Clinic Antalya

Antalya, Turkey

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WestDent Clinic

Izmir, Turkey

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Cayra Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

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Antalya, Turkey

(2 reviews)

Gözde International Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

Dental veneers in Turkey

Dentist examining patient at medical clinicWhen it comes to getting veneers abroad, veneers in Turkey are one of the best options for the British, mainly because the veneers cost abroad is easily 50% cheaper than in the UK. However, this is not the only reason to get veneers abroad, yes, dental veneers cost abroad is, in some cases, incredibly affordable, but it is also well known that some of the best places to get veneers abroad offer high-quality aesthetic treatment, sometimes even better than UK treatments. That is why more and more British every year decide to engage in dental tourism and get teeth veneers abroad, especially when they look for expensive materials like porcelain veneers abroad since these are really expensive in the UK and out of the budget for most people.  There are, in fact, many destinations to get a tooth veneer abroad, but one of the most visited countries for aesthetic dental work is Turkey and veneers Turkey are the most required treatment by foreign patientsBesides Turkey, getting porcelain veneers in Poland or Hungary is also a great option for the British. In addition to price and quality, these countries are quite close to the UK.

Dentists in Turkey are high-qualified

surgeonDentist qualifications in Turkey are very similar to the UK standards, dentists must complete 5 years of dental education in a national University plus 6 months to 1 year of internship before they can exercise the profession on their own. Besides the dentist degree requirements, once they get their degree, dentists in Turkey are closely supervised by the Ministry of Health and the Dental Turkish Association since dental tourism represents an important economic sector of the country. These bodies are in charge of promoting continued dentist education in order to guarantee the most vanguardist and modern procedures for foreign patients. As an extra fact, some of the best dentists in Turkey are also part of the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. This is not mandatory to be able to perform aesthetic treatments, but patients should keep in mind that an extra certification can provide greater security when choosing a dentist abroad. 

Clinics in Turkey have modern equipment

dentist officeJust like with dental education, the best dental clinics in Turkey constantly make a huge effort on staying at the forefront of the dental tourism industry. Private dental clinics in Turkey stand out for their state-of-the-art facilities, modern medical equipment and highly qualified staff. Actually, some of the top dental clinics in Turkey might offer better dental care services than those in the UK. A clear proof of that is the GCR scores of dental clinics in Turkey, GCR or Global Clinic Rating provides an objective score of medical clinics all around the world to simplify decision making for foreign patients. 

Do dentists in Turkey speak English?

Yes, dentists in Turkey communicate in English very well, especially in clinics dedicated exclusively to providing dental care for foreign patients. Besides, most of the dental education resources are in English, e.g. Conferences, symposia, academic updates, etc. It won’t be hard to find an English speaking dentist in Turkey.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Seacliff Bridge, New South Wales CoastlineIs it safe to travel to Turkey? The short answer is yes! Turkey’s economy is based mainly on tourism. Millions of people visit the country every year, but due to the 2016 terrorist attacks, it is very common that people wonder if it is safe to go to Turkey. Even though the flow of tourists decreased after the attacks, the tourist industry has been recovering and since 2019 it was declared that the visits of foreigners had recovered their usual numbers. So, is turkey safe for holidays? Yes, due to the importance of tourism for the economic stability of the country, the government has increased security in tourist areas intending to guarantee the safety of those who visit them. Turkey is safe to travel now and there are a lot of recent reviews and personal experiences where patients can read about people who visited Turkey in the latest years so they can make sure everything is safe.

How much are dental veneers in Turkey?


How much do veneers cost? The price of veneers will vary from country to country but they will also vary depending on the type of material from which they are made. Turkey offers one of the cheapest prices for dental tourism. Dental veneers cost Turkey oscillates between 200 GBP and 250 GBP per tooth, while a full set of veneers cost Turkey is 5.000 GBP. How much do veneers cost UK? Prices in the UK are considerably higher, especially if patients want to get high-quality materials like porcelain or if they need a whole set of veneers since veneers are charged per tooth. How much do veneers cost per tooth in the UK? Composite veneers (the cheapest material) cost in the UK goes from 200 GBP to 500 GBP.  But how much do porcelain veneers cost? Porcelain is one of the most resistant, aesthetic and functional materials and just one porcelain veneer in the UK might cost from 400 GBP to even 1.000 GBP for ultra-fine porcelain like the one used in Lumeneers veneers. How much do veneers cost on the NHS? Unfortunately, the NHS does not cover teeth veneers since this is merely an aesthetic treatment, so if a patient wants veneers, they will have to pay for them on private consultation.  Teeth veneer cost in Turkey offers the patient the possibility to choose from different materials and techniques without worrying about the final price

Most popular city in Turkey for dental veneers

Istanbul cityWhere is Turkey located? Turkey is a transcontinental country, although part of it is in Europe, most of it is in Asia. For this reason, it has a great historical and sociocultural variety that is very attractive to tourists. There are a lot of places to visit in Turkey but the best cities to visit are Ankara (Turkey capital city) and the Turkish cities of Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya and Izmir. There are a lot more places in Turkey to visit, but these are by far the most popular and also the ones with the highest concentration of dental clinics. When deciding where to go in Turkey, patients must consider their personal needs so they can choose the Turkey destination that better fits their needs.

Veneers in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most popular cities in Turkey. Getting veneers Istanbul offers the patients the chance to enjoy one of the most visited places worldwide while also upgrading their smile. Besides, some of the best dental clinics in Turkey are located in Istanbul. 

Veneers in Antalya

Another option for the British is getting veneers in Turkey, Antalya. Antalya is a city full of beach resorts, waterparks and of course, dental centres along the coast, as near as possible to tourists. Veneers in Antalya will allow patients to enjoy a full dental holiday

Veneers in Alanya

Turkey balloonsVeneers Alanya is the perfect option for those who enjoy sunny days at the beach since the city is located on the Turkish Riviera, but in addition to that, it has a great cultural and historical patrimony, such as Alanya Castle (today a Museum) and Cleopatra’s Beach, where the Egyptian queen swam, according to legends.

Veneers in Izmir

Getting veneers Izmir is ideal for those who prefer quieter destinations free from the bustle of tourists and crowds. While Izmir is full of historical areas and also has beautiful beaches, it is considerably less visited than the cities mentioned above but it is still very easy to find dental clinics for tourists.

Veneers in Turkey reviews

Man using laptop while sitting on sofa at homeMost veneers in Turkey reviews agree that the prices are incredibly affordable, but they also highlight the excellent quality of Turkish dental care. Dental veneers Turkey reviews provide an independent opinion of real patients who have travelled in search of dental treatments and in most cases, they claim to be satisfied with the results. In fact, some veneers Turkey reviews express the surprise of patients at receiving better treatment than in their home countries. There are a lot of Turkey veneers reviews available for free on the internet, we encourage patients to look for those through independent sources instead of settling on the ones provided by the clinics on their web pages.

Alternatives to veneers in Turkey

Airplane heading to an islandBesides Turkey, getting dental veneers in Poland and veneers in Hungary are also good options, in fact, Hungary and Poland are the British favourite choice when it comes to dental tourism. Although these countries do not offer prices as low as Turkey, they are still considerably cheaper than prices in the UK. In addition, these destinations offer other advantages, for example, the short distance between them and the UK, with flights that take around 2 and a half hours and allow patients to come and go on the same day. Besides, in the case of Poland, the country has a very good international reputation in everything related to dental treatments. Hungary, on the other hand, is considered the European capital of dentistry due to the number of foreign patients it has received for decades and the high quality of Hungarian dental education.


Because cosmetic dental treatments are not subsidized by the NHS, getting them through a private practice can be too expensive and in most cases impossible for many people. That is why dental tourism has become a very common practice for the British. The most visited destinations annually are Poland and Hungary, but countries like Turkey offer more affordable budgets and although it is a relatively new dental tourism destination, it is rapidly gaining popularity, especially for cosmetic treatments.

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