What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Embrace a Life-Changing Journey with Turkey Gastric Sleeve. What’s a gastric sleeve?

In today’s weight-conscious era, countless individuals strive to achieve their weight-loss goals. The undeniable truth is that obesity remains a pressing concern, affecting a significant portion of the global population. According to the World Health Organization, the number of overweight individuals exceeded 2 billion in 2016, with over 650 million of them facing the challenges of obesity. Rather than succumbing to despair, it’s time to empower ourselves with information and explore the promising possibilities offered by bariatric surgeries (stomach surgery, stomach operation, stomach reduction surgery). In this article, we will shed light on one of the most popular and effective bariatric surgery (gastric surgery, stomach surgery) options available today – gastric sleeve surgery (stomach sleeve, weight loss sleeve, sleeve stomach surgery or stomach reduction surgery, fat loss surgery, bariatric sleeve, weight loss surgery sleeve, sleeve surgery for weight loss, sleeve weight loss surgery).  Prepare to embark on a bariatric surgery journey of transformation, where knowledge meets hope. So, what is a gastric sleeve surgery? Read below to discover gastric sleeve meaning.


Understanding of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

What is bariatric surgery? What is gastric surgery? And what is gastric sleeve surgery? Or what are weight loss procedures? In this chapter, we will explain to you what is sleeve surgery. Gastric sleeve, also known as sleeve gastrectomy or stomach sleeve commonly referred to as a sleeve, is a remarkable bariatric procedure designed to aid individuals on their path to health and vitality. A gastric sleeve is considered as best surgery for weight loss. Its main objective revolves around reducing the stomach’s capacity by removing approximately 70% to 80% of its volume, creating a sleeve-like structure. This alteration profoundly impacts a patient’s relationship with food and sets the stage for a profound transformation. There is a gastic sleeve called VSG surgery – vertical gastric sleeve, the minimally invasive kind of gastric sleve or stomach sleeve surgery.



gastric sleeve Turkey

The undeniable truth is that obesity remains a pressing concern, affecting a significant portion of the global population.

The Path to Weight Loss Success

Now, after providing sleeve definition, let us explore how this gastric surgery works its magic, unlocking a world of incredible possibilities. What is a gastric sleeve surgery? How does the gastric sleeve work?

  • Help with Portion Control: By significantly reducing the stomach’s capacity, gastric sleeve surgery paves the way for portion control mastery. A tiny, nourishing meal is all it takes for patients to feel full and satisfied. No longer held hostage by insatiable cravings, you can reclaim control over your eating habits and bid farewell to the cycle of overindulgence.
  • The Swift Journey Through Digestion: With the gastric sleeve as your ally, food effortlessly makes its way through your digestive system. Enhanced stomach motility ensures a seamless transition, allowing vital nutrients to be efficiently absorbed. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a harmonious digestive experience.
  • Silencing the Hunger Beast: all types of sleeve usher in a transformative hormonal shift within your body. The notorious hunger hormone called ghrelin takes a backseat, resulting in reduced hunger pangs and cravings. Liberated from the grip of constant hunger, you can finally embrace a healthier relationship with food.
  • The Road Ahead: Gastric sleeve surgery marks a significant milestone on your weight loss journey, setting the stage for profound and lasting changes. However, it is vital to remember that gastric sleeve operation alone is not the sole ingredient for success. This safe surgery is the first step towards a brighter future, where dedication to a recommended meal plan and portion control are essential companions.
  • Providing a Life-Changing Decision: As you ponder the possibilities that lie before you, know that gastric sleeve surgery offers more than just weight loss; it promises a renewed lease on life. By partnering with experienced medical professionals specializing in bariatric procedures, you can embark on this transformative journey with confidence. Their expertise, support, and personalized care will accompany you every step of the way, ensuring your safety and maximizing your success. Weight loss 4 weeks after gastric sleeve will be around 20 pounds.

Now, armed with knowledge and inspiration, take a moment to reflect on the remarkable potential that gastric sleeve surgery holds. It is an opportunity to reclaim your health, rediscover your confidence, and unveil the best version of yourself. Embrace the power within you and take that first step towards a life of vitality and fulfillment. Your gastric sleeve in Turkey journey awaits.

Is Gastric Sleeve Turkey Safe?

Ensuring safety and finding the right candidate are vital considerations when it comes to Turkey gastric sleeve operation. It is natural to have concerns about any surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. However, rest assured that bariatric surgeries, particularly gastric sleeve, have a commendable safety record, with success rates exceeding 85%. Doubtlessly, sleeve surgery can be considered a safe surgery alongside with other weight loss operations.


Gastric sleeve surgery benefits from the utilization of laparoscopic techniques, making it a minimally invasive procedure causing stomach shrinking. Turkey stomach surgery with this technique significantly reduces the likelihood of complications while also promoting faster recovery and shorter hospital stays. The laparoscope, a small video camera employed during the surgery, enhances precision and minimizes risks, ensuring your well-being remains at the forefront of the medical team’s focus. Also, always remember about health insurance that covers weight loss surgery UK!

Get the insurance for treatment abroad:

Gastric Sleeve Turkey Candidate

While gastric sleeve surgery is primarily intended for obese individuals, the procedure’s eligibility is determined not solely by weight but by BMI (body mass index). To qualify for this transformative surgery, a patient generally needs to have a BMI 35 or higher (in select cases with health issues, a BMI 30 may be accepted). It is worth noting that individuals who are only overweight may not be considered suitable candidates. Calculating your BMI is a straightforward process, as numerous websites with body mass index calculation offer reliable tools to estimate it based on your weight and height. In terms of excess weight, candidates for gastric sleeve typically have over 45kg (100lb) of weight to shed.

gastric sleeve Turkey

The combination of advanced laparoscopic techniques, strict candidate qualifications, and psychological support make gastric sleeve surgery an encouraging option for those ready to embrace a brighter future.


In certain instances, individuals with a BMI lower than 40 may need to meet additional criteria, such as experiencing health issues linked to obesity. These may include type 2 diabetes, hypertension, asthma, sleep apnea, or joint pain. Bariatric surgery for type 2 diabetes is the most common one. Therefore, it is crucial to assess not only your BMI but also any associated health conditions that may enhance your candidacy for gastric sleeve surgery.

Embarking on the path of gastric sleeve surgery requires mental preparedness, not only for the procedure itself but also for the pre-surgery and post-surgery periods. Successfully managing the stresses associated with the surgery, preparing for the procedure, and adhering to the recommended diet and lifestyle changes can profoundly impact the outcomes. Developing a healthy mindset towards food, diet, and exercise is crucial. Recognize that support is available, as many clinics offer assistance from psychologists who can guide and support you before and after the surgery. Embrace the opportunity to work with professionals who can help foster a positive and empowered mindset, ensuring your long-term success.

As you contemplate the safety and suitability of gastric sleeve surgery, remember that countless individuals have embarked on this transformative journey, reclaiming their health and transforming their lives. The combination of advanced laparoscopic techniques, strict candidate qualifications, and psychological support make gastric sleeve surgery an encouraging option for those ready to embrace a brighter future.

The Gastric Sleeve Surgery Procedure

One of the most common questions among patients considering Turkey gastric sleeve obesity-surgery is the duration of the procedure. How to get a gastric sleeve? How long does gastric sleeve surgery take? Rest assured, this bariatric surgery typically takes approximately sixty minutes, making it a relatively short and efficient operation. Employing a laparoscopic approach, this minimally invasive technique offers numerous benefits, including faster recovery, reduced bleeding and pain, and a shorter hospital stay. Furthermore, leading clinics continually integrate modern devices such as staplers, tissue adhesives, and secure binding staples, ensuring even greater safety during the surgery.

At the commencement of the procedure, the surgeon creates several small incisions in the abdomen, usually totaling 3-5 incisions. These access points enable the insertion of a laparoscope and other essential instruments into the stomach. The laparoscope, a tiny tube equipped with a video camera connected to a monitor in the operating room, provides a clear view of the surgical site. The pivotal step in the surgery involves the removal of a substantial portion of the stomach, up to 80%, followed by the creation of a “new” stomach using surgical staples. Once the surgical objectives are accomplished, the tools are removed, and the incisions are meticulously sutured.

gastric sleeve Turkey

Employing a laparoscopic approach, this minimally invasive technique offers numerous benefits, including faster recovery, reduced bleeding and pain, and a shorter hospital stay.

Preparing for the Gastric Sleeve Surgery

What to take to hospital for gastric sleeve surgery? What not to eat after gastric sleeve surgery? Is a liver reducing diet necessary? Many questions come in mind before the surgery. While specific recommendations and requirements may vary among clinics and surgeons, there are general instructions applicable to all bariatric patients as they prepare for the surgery. These include:

  • Smoking Cessation: It is crucial to quit smoking prior to the surgery. Smoking significantly increases the risk of blood clots, pneumonia, infections, post-operative complications, and delayed healing. By refraining from smoking, you can promote a healthier and more successful recovery.
  • Gastric Sleeve Pre-op Diet: Most patients will be instructed to follow a specialized pre-operative diet, typically high in protein and low in calories. This liver-reducing diet, usually initiated 2-3 weeks before the surgery, aims to reduce the fat accumulation around the liver, facilitating a safer and more efficient surgical procedure.
  • Embracing Lifestyle Changes: A critical aspect of preparing for gastric sleeve surgery involves being mentally and emotionally ready to embrace a transformative lifestyle change. Consider seeking support from a psychologist or attending educational classes offered by reputable clinics. These resources can empower you to develop a healthy mindset and establish positive habits surrounding food, diet, and exercise. Weight checker app may also be essential.
  • Arranging Supportive Care: As the surgery approaches, it is important to organize your home environment and arrange for assistance with childcare, pet care, or any other responsibilities. Having a reliable and supportive individual to assist you during the initial days after the operation can significantly contribute to your overall well-being and recovery.
  • Medication Discussion: Prior to the surgery, it is essential to consult with your surgeon regarding any medications you currently take. Certain medications, such as aspirin-based ones, may need to be temporarily discontinued to minimize potential risks and complications during and after the procedure.

Preparing for the Hospital Stay

While each clinic may have specific recommendations, it is advisable to prepare the following items for your hospital stay:

  • Preoperative paperwork and instructions
  • Identification card or passport
  • Cell phone for communication
  • Personal toiletries and comfortable pajamas
  • Your own pillow and blanket for added comfort

As you embark on your journey towards gastric sleeve surgery, understanding the procedure and adequately preparing yourself are key factors for success. The advancements in laparoscopic techniques have made the surgery safer and more efficient, with shorter recovery times and reduced discomfort. By following the pre-surgery instructions, adopting a positive mindset, and organizing the necessary support, you can enhance the overall experience and optimize the potential benefits of gastric sleeve surgery. Also, good to know, the cost of gastric sleeve UK (sleeve gastrectomy cost), to be ready for weight loss financially. 


gastric sleeve Turkey

Understanding the gastric sleeve procedure and adequately preparing yourself are key factors for success.

Aftercare and Recovery Following Gastric Sleeve Surgery

A crucial factor in achieving weight loss success with gastric sleeve surgery lies in the diligent aftercare and gastric sleeve recovery process. How long do you stay in recovery room after surgery? Patients often wonder about the duration of their stay in the recovery room after the procedure. Generally, patients spend only 1-3 days in the hospital, provided that proper healing occurs. Before discharge, the surgeon will prescribe gastric tablets and pain medications while offering specific instructions regarding a specialized post-operative diet and recommended exercises for the gastric sleeve recovery time. It is important to engage in movement, even if it’s a gentle walk, immediately upon awakening in the hospital. Any form of activity positively impacts the recovery process and accelerates healing.

Regarding the short-term recovery period at home, patients are advised to take 3-4 weeks off from work. Naturally, if the nature of their job involves physical exertion, a longer recovery period may be necessary. During this time, patients adjust to their new lifestyle, adhere to a special diet, engage in light physical activity, follow prescribed medications, and adapt to the changes in their lives.

Gastric Sleeve Diet: What to Eat and Avoid After Surgery

Undoubtedly, a gastric sleeve diet plays a pivotal role in the recovery and aftercare process. Here, we answer the most common questions regarding diet:
What to eat after bariatric sleeve surgery? What foods to avoid after gastric sleeve? What not to eat after gastric sleeve surgery? How much can you eat 6 months after gastric sleeve?

Initially, patients consume liquids and gradually progress to solid foods, following these guidelines:

  • 1-2 days after surgery: Patients are limited to fluid intake, with a maximum serving size of half a cup and a maximum daily amount of 8 cups.
  • 3-7 days after surgery: Patients can introduce liquid foods to their diet, including milk, unsweetened yogurt, and soy drinks.
  • 1-2 weeks after surgery: The diet may include mashed and pureed foods, such as soups, pureed vegetables, cottage cheese, mashed fish, and certain cereals like oats.
  • 2 weeks after surgery: Soft foods and crackers are permitted. Patients can incorporate scrambled or boiled eggs, meatballs, cooked vegetables, select fruits, and crackers into their meals.
  • 1 month after surgery: Solid foods can be gradually added. At this stage, patients can consume fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, grains, and legumes.
  • 2 months after surgery: Patients should focus on maintaining a regular and balanced diet, emphasizing high-protein foods and vegetables.

It is essential for the diet to be rich in proteins and vitamins from the early stages, often necessitating the use of nutritional supplements. Surgeons or dieticians can provide guidance on selecting the appropriate supplements based on individual health conditions and nutritional deficiencies. Patients considering gastric sleeve surgery should be aware that they are not embarking on a temporary or short-term diet but rather a lifelong commitment to changing their eating habits. Only through this commitment can they achieve the desired results and experience true healing. To ensure long-term success, it is important to follow these general instructions regarding eating habits:

  • Chew slowly and thoroughly.
  • Opt for smaller portions by consuming 4-5 small meals instead of 3 large ones.
  • Prioritize high-protein foods in meal preparation.
  • Stop eating once you feel full.
  • Avoid snacking between meals.
  • Refrain from using food as a reward, stress relief, or punishment. If you notice such habits, seek guidance from an eating disorder specialist.
  • Stay hydrated by consuming at least 1.5 liters of fluids, particularly water, daily.
  • Take recommended supplements to support nutritional needs.
  • Monitor gastric sleeve results and diet results in weight watchers.
gastric sleeve diet

Gastric sleeve patients should be aware that they are not embarking on a temporary or short-term diet but rather a lifelong commitment to changing their eating habits.

Foods to Avoid After Gastric Sleeve Surgery:

It is important to know which foods to avoid after gastric sleeve surgery:

  • Meals rich in empty calories: Given the reduced stomach size resembling an apple, it becomes challenging to obtain all necessary macro and micronutrients from minimal food intake. Consequently, consuming empty calories such as sweets, chips, pastries, and popcorn serves little purpose. Moreover, sugary foods can trigger dumping syndrome, leading to nausea, vomiting, weakness, or diarrhea.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol also provides empty calories and cannot be considered a hydrating fluid. After bariatric surgery, alcohol absorption is increased, significantly raising the risk of intoxication.
  • Dry foods: It is not advisable to drink while eating, making it problematic to consume dry meals.
  • Sugary and caffeinated beverages: These beverages occupy valuable stomach space with empty calories. Avoid drinks sweetened with sugar, fructose, corn syrup, as well as soda and juices. Caffeine can cause dehydration, so if possible, opt for decaffeinated coffee.
  • High-fat meals: Foods like butter, bacon, hard cheese, sausages, and fast food should be eliminated.
  • Bread, pasta, and rice: Exercise caution when consuming starchy foods as they can be difficult to swallow. In some cases, they may even cause stomach blockages.

Remember, while your life may initially revolve around food post-surgery, over time you will develop new, healthy eating habits and reconnect with your body’s needs. You will naturally make valuable food choices and prioritize energy and vitality, leading to a high-quality life.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Results

What to expect after bariatric surgery? Regarding gastric sleeve results, weight loss achieved after gastric sleeve surgery varies from person to person and relies heavily on the patient’s commitment to following dietary and activity guidelines. Generally, individuals can expect to lose up to 70% of their excess weight through this procedure. Remarkably, patients typically experience a significant weight reduction of around 0.5 kg per day during the initial two weeks. Within three months, an estimated 35% to 45% of the excess weight should be shed, increasing to 60% to 70% within six months. Most patients achieve their desired results within 1-2 years.

The Timing of Results

The duration required to witness the effects of weight loss is highly individualized, influenced by factors such as physical activity levels, adherence to the prescribed diet, age, pre-surgery obesity level, overall health condition, and any existing medical conditions. Before the surgery, your physician will assess and estimate the timeframe for achieving your specific weight loss goals. Undoubtedly, the first year following the procedure is crucial, during which patients aim to stabilize their weight. Subsequent dietary plans are tailored to each patient’s needs. If there are still excess kilograms to be shed, a strict diet will be recommended. However, if the body mass index (BMI) is within a healthy range and the patient feels well, a balanced diet and regular physical activity may be sufficient. It is important to note that the majority of weight loss occurs within the initial six months post-surgery. A collaborative decision between a dietitian and surgeon determines the subsequent steps.

Therefore, if you are contemplating bariatric surgery and are curious about the expected outcomes and how quickly your stomach will shrink, the answer is straightforward: You will experience rapid weight loss from the first day after gastric sleeve surgery due to the limited capacity of your stomach to accommodate large quantities of food. Please remember that every individual’s weight loss journey is unique, and maintaining a positive mindset and dedication to the recommended lifestyle changes are crucial for long-term success.

gastric sleeve results

You will experience rapid weight loss from the first day after gastric sleeve surgery due to the limited capacity of your stomach to accommodate large quantities of food.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Pros and Cons

Before committing to gastric sleeve surgery, it is essential to familiarize yourself with pros and cons of gastric sleeve. Patients should fully understand the various aspects and potential gastric sleeve complications, and don’t hesitate to ask their surgeon any questions they may have, such as inquiries about bariatric surgery side effects, problems or how to prevent hair loss after bariatric surgery, or ask for the comparing gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass pros and cons. Another important is awareness about gastric sleeve before and after skin.

When considering gastric sleeve pros and cons, the benefits undeniably outweigh the bariatric surgery risk. The advantages of gastric sleeve surgery are as follows:

  • Satiety after small meals: With the stomach reduced by up to 80% during gastric sleeve surgery, patients feel satisfied after consuming small portions of food, eliminating hunger pangs and negative emotions associated with deprivation.
  • Minimal invasiveness: Gastric sleeve surgery is the least invasive among bariatric procedures. The use of laparoscopy minimizes the likelihood of complications, resulting in smaller incisions, minimal disruption to the digestive system, and minimal changes to nutrient and vitamin absorption.
  • Rare occurrence of dumping syndrome: Dumping syndrome, characterized by the rapid movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine, is extremely uncommon after gastric sleeve surgery.
  • Absence of foreign bodies: Unlike some other bariatric procedures, gastric sleeve surgery does not involve the insertion of foreign objects into the body.
  • Reduced risk of ulcers: Gastric sleeve surgery reduces the risk of developing ulcers compared to procedures like gastric bypass.
  • Suitable for morbidly obese individuals: Gastric sleeve surgery can be performed on individuals who are morbidly obese and may not qualify for other bariatric surgeries due to their weight.
  • Significant weight loss: On average, patients can expect to lose up to 70% of their excess weight within 1-2 years after gastric sleeve surgery.
    Conversion possibility: If necessary, gastric sleeve surgery can be converted into other bariatric procedures, such as gastric bypass.

Despite the advancements and refinements in gastric sleeve surgery, there are still potential gastric sleeve side effects and the risk to consider:

  • Staple line leak (although this complication is now rare).
  • Bleeding.
  • Deficiency in vitamins and nutrients, which can be managed with dietary supplements.
  • Weight regain (which can be avoided by following the recommended diet).
  • Excess skin in the abdominal area.
  • Blood clots.
  • Gastric sleeve scars.
  • Irreversibility: Gastric sleeve surgery permanently removes a significant portion of the stomach, making it impossible to undo. However, it can be converted into other types of bariatric procedures if necessary, such as gastric bypass.
  • Potential iron deficiencies and anemia due to a shortage of iron and vitamin B12.
  • Stretching of the stomach.

Surgeons always provide patients with comprehensive information about potential complications and side effects associated with gastric sleeve surgery, as well as general bariatric surgery considerations. Ultimately, the decision to undergo the surgery rests with the patient. Remember, if you are a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery, the final choice to proceed is yours.

Gastric Sleeve Alternatives

What is the best weight loss surgery? While gastric sleeve surgery is the most popular option, it’s important to be aware of other types of surgery that offer viable alternatives. These alternative types of bariatric surgery include gastric bypass, gastric band and gastric balloon procedures.

Gastric Bypass: Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass is a surgical procedure that involves creating a smaller stomach pouch and connecting it directly to the small intestine. This rerouting of the digestive system significantly reduces the amount of food that can be consumed and limits calorie, nutrient, and vitamin absorption. Additionally, gastric bypass affects gut hormones, contributing to weight loss. If you consider this surgery as well, ask your surgeon which is better gastric bypass or gastric sleeve in your case.

Gastric Balloon: One non-surgical alternative is the gastric balloon, specifically the Orbera balloon. This procedure involves placing a soft silicone balloon in the stomach for a period of 6 to 12 months. The balloon acts as a temporary filler, creating a sensation of fullness even with smaller meal portions. The procedure is relatively quick and simple, typically taking around 30 minutes. It’s important to note that a second procedure is required for balloon removal.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that non-surgical alternatives exist, focusing on diet and physical activity. This approach is considered the safest and healthiest way to achieve weight loss. However, it’s common for individuals to overlook their weight-related limitations until they require surgery to initiate progress.  You may check gastric band Turkey cost, how much is a gastric band in Turkey, gastric sleeve on finance, gastric sleeve finance UK, VSG surgery cost, gastric bypass turkey all-inclusive, gastric sleeve surgery near me,  gastric sleeve UK private to be sure what option suits you better. While we always encourage a healthy and balanced diet, along with exercise, as a means to avoid surgery, it’s essential to consider the most suitable option based on individual circumstances and consult with a healthcare professional. How much does weight loss surgery cost? – check this before making a decision as well. Thinking about whether to pick gastric bypass or sleeve – always consult with a bariatric doctor.  


Gastric Sleeve UK – NHS

Gastric sleeve UK is available for reimbursement on the NHS (National Health Service): The growing prevalence of obesity in the UK and the United States has prompted authorities to address this issue by offering coverage for weight loss surgery UK. As a result, individuals seeking weight loss surgery, including gastric sleeve surgery, can benefit from NHS funding.

The specific criteria for gastric sleeve NHS reimbursement may vary across different regions of the UK. It is advisable to consult with your GP to obtain the accurate guidelines and requirements for your area. The NHS follows the guidelines set by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) when determining eligibility for gastric sleeve surgery UK. Generally, individuals with a BMI of 40 or higher (sometimes 35-40 with additional obesity-related health conditions) may be considered for surgery. Non-surgical weight loss attempts, such as diet and exercise, are typically required, except for cases where the BMI exceeds 50. Commitment to long-term lifestyle changes, attending follow-up visits, and meeting general health criteria are also important factors in the assessment process. Additionally, it is essential for the surgery to be performed by a specialist in obesity treatment.

To initiate the process, individuals who meet the criteria for gastric sleeve surgery in the UK should consult their GP for a referral. It is recommended to consult local PCT (Primary Care Trust) or PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) websites for specific criteria and guidelines applicable to your area. Waiting times for NHS weight loss surgery UK can vary, as different PCTs operate independently and have varying processes and requirements. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully review the guidelines and ensure all necessary documents are provided.

Once placed on the NHS weight loss surgery UK waiting list, patients can rest assured that funding has been approved and the required assessments have been completed. During this waiting period, it is important to adhere to the instructions provided by the surgeon, hospital, and NHS. The duration between the initial GP visit and the surgery date can range from 2 months to several years, depending on various factors beyond the patient’s control. So, the gastric sleeve NHS waiting list is generally quite long. Free weight loss surgery is possible, but long-waited. Also, you may seek for finance for gastric sleeve. For further assistance in navigating the process of seeking NHS reimbursement for gastric sleeve surgery, Clinic Hunter offers consultation services. Feel free to reach out to our consultants for more details in regard of bariatric surgery UK.  If you are curious how much does a gastric sleeve cost and what is the best place for gastric sleeve surgery UK – read the next chapter.


gastric sleeve nhs

Seeking for NHS reimbursement for gastric sleeve surgery, contact Clinic Hunter which offers consultation services in this field.


Gastric sleeve cost UK

How much is gastric sleeve surgery? How much does a gastric sleeve cost? Or what is sleeve gastrectomy cost UK? Also, where to get the best weight loss surgery UK? The gastric sleeve cost UK can vary depending on where bariatric surgery UK is performed. Private gastric sleeve surgery UK could be an option. While private clinics generally have higher gastric sleeve surgery UK price, it is recommended to explore the possibility of undergoing the procedure on the NHS. However, it’s important to note that not everyone meets the NHS requirements or may face long waiting times. As a result, bariatric centers and clinics have become increasingly popular alternatives, and offering variable gastric sleeve surgery costs UK. Cost of gastric sleeve surgery is often a decisive factor for a lot of patients. How much does gastric sleeve.cost? We will answer this question in the next chapter – read it to know gastric sleeve surgery price.

How much is a gastric sleeve UK? How much is a gastric sleeve surgery? Gastric sleeve surgery UK price can differ based on the location and demand. On average, gastric sleeve surgery may range from 8000 GBP to 12,000 GBP. The cheapest gastric sleeve UK is about 7800 GBP. When looking for a gastric sleeve UK price, it is crucial to verify what services are included in the gastric sleeve.cost UK, such as the surgery itself, clinic stay, pre-surgery examinations, anesthesia, medications, and support from dieticians and psychologists. Most clinics offer comprehensive packages, making gastric sleeve UK cost more attractive to patients, but it is advisable to confirm the specific details, as some places may require additional payments for certain services.  Please be aware that the gastric sleeve surgery UK price displayed on clinic websites are often the lowest advertised rates, and the final price is determined on an individual basis for each patient. So, to know how much is gastric sleeve surgery you should check several bariatric clinics, because gastric sleeve UK price varies depending on the location and clinic. Remember that gastric sleeve London, gastric sleeve Belfast, gastric sleeve Glasgow, gastric sleeve Scotland probably will have different gastric sleeve UK prices.


Gastric Sleeve Turkey – the Best Place to Get the Bariatric Surgery

Gastric sleeve abroad has become a popular option for individuals who are not eligible for the procedure under their country’s healthcare system or cannot afford it locally. As a result, going abroad for bariatric surgery has seen significant growth, particularly in countries like Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Turkey. These nations offer attractive benefits that make considering bariatric surgery abroad,  e.g. bariatric surgery Turkey, gastric sleeve Turkey,  a viable and cost-effective choice:

  • Cost Advantage: Gastric sleave surgery costs abroad, weight loss Turkey, and bariatric surgery Turkey, is remarkably lower, often half or even one-third of what it costs in the UK or the United States. Prices start from approximately 4000 GBP, making it a more affordable option. So, do not look for the cheapest gastric sleeve UK, just go to Turkey. But please check how much is a gastric sleeve in the UK to compare gastric sleeve prices in Turkey.
  • Specialized Bariatric Centers: Many international hospitals and medical centers in these countries are well-equipped and experienced in treating foreign patients seeking weight loss surgery.
  • Qualified Bariatric Surgeons: Only licensed bariatric surgeons perform weight loss surgeries, ensuring that patients receive treatment from qualified professionals. Gastric sleeve death rate Turkey is low.
  • Health Insurance Abroad: Patients have the possibility of acquiring health insurance abroad or, in some cases, getting gastroc sleeve surgery abroad through arrangements with their own country’s National Health Service (NHS). Further details can be obtained from their GP or NHS. Moreover, Clinic Hunter together with AXA offers medical travel insurance, dedicated to medical tourists.
  • Convenient Travel: Improved flight connections make it fast and comfortable for patients to reach their destination country for the surgery.
    Supportive Medical Agencies: Accredited medical agencies offer comprehensive assistance in organizing the entire journey, including surgery arrangements, flights, accommodations, and other trip aspects. This minimizes the effort patients need to put into making arrangements.
  • English-Speaking Staff: In clinics catering to foreign patients, medical professionals, psychologists, and staff are fluent in English (and sometimes other languages like German, Norwegian, Russian, and Dutch), ensuring effective communication.
  • All-Inclusive Packages: Many clinics and agencies provide all-inclusive packages, where patients make a single payment covering the gastric sleeve surgery cost, clinic stay, hotel accommodation, transfers, medications, specialist care (dieticians and psychologists), and control visits at the clinic.
  • Access to Luxury Private Clinics: The affordability of top-notch private clinics abroad allows patients to consider premium medical services at a lower cost than what they would pay in their home countries.
  • Transparent Information: The availability of English websites for these clinics enables prospective patients to easily check the facilities, surgeons, and conditions offered.
  • Exploring New Places: Medical tourism not only provides an opportunity for surgery but also allows patients to visit beautiful places and engage in sightseeing during their stay, combining healthcare with travel experiences.


gastric slleve abroad

Gastric sleeve abroad has become a popular option for individuals who are not eligible for the procedure under their country’s healthcare system or cannot afford it locally.


In conclusion, opting for gastric sleeve surgery abroad in countries like Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, or Turkey offers numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, specialized medical centers, language support, and the possibility to explore new destinations. Patients can enjoy quality treatment without compromising on their financial and healthcare needs.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey

Turkey, a renowned hub for medical tourism and medical treatment abroad, Turkey weight loss surgery has witnessed a significant rise in popularity in recent years. The allure lies in its remarkable blend of touristic value, encompassing captivating locations, favorable climates, rich cultural heritage, and affordable prices for medical treatments and surgeries. It comes as no surprise that countless individuals choose Turkey as their preferred destination for medical treatments abroad, particularly for cheap weight loss surgery abroad including gastric sleeve abroad. Among the most sought-after procedures is gastric sleeve Turkey, attracting individuals who seek cost-effective alternatives to undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in their home countries or enduring lengthy NHS waiting lists. Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey has become the go-to choice for thousands each year, not only due to cheap gastric sleeve nature but also for the quality of treatments and the esteemed reputation of its doctors. So, looking for weight loss surgery (gastric band in Turkey, gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, gastric sleeve in Turkey) options check Turkey.


gastric sleeve turkey

Turkey as their preferred destination for medical treatments abroad, particularly for cheap weight loss surgery abroad including gastric sleeve abroad.

Understanding Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey

Gastric sleeve in Turkey entails reducing the size of the stomach by up to 75%, while preserving all digestive functions. The affordability of Turkey weight loss surgery or gastric surgery Turkey enables individuals to experience rapid and safe weight loss. Typically, patients achieve their desired weight within approximately one year, with many shedding over 50kg during that time. To shed light on this transformative weight loss journey, we present crucial aspects of gastric sleeve surgery Turkey.

Elevated Service Standards in Turkey

 Clinics and hospitals in Turkey adhere to rigorous standards set by the Ministry of Health and the Independent Turkish Medical Associations. Many clinics boast prestigious accreditations such as JCI accreditation, ISO, and JACHO, signifying their alignment with the world’s top-tier medical institutions. For all who do not know what is JCI accreditation – jci accreditation standards are the highest in the world and are presented only by the best clinics. These clinics, which provide gastric surgery Turkey, prioritize modern techniques, modern medical equipment clinic – equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, and meticulously comply with international guidelines and medical protocols. Also, there are numerous gastric sleeve Turkey all inclusive packages to choose for international patients.

Turkey as Popular Holiday Destination

Turkey ranks among the top ten global tourist destinations, captivating millions with its great Turkey weather and Mediterranean climate, pristine beaches, and abundant sunshine. Its allure extends beyond natural beauty, encompassing historical sites tracing back to influential civilizations such as the Greeks, Byzantines, Ottomans, and Hittites. Turkey holidays also entice visitors with its diverse cuisine, vibrant entertainment hubs, luxurious yet affordable accommodations, exceptional shopping opportunities, and a flourishing business environment. Medical tourists are often treated to different types of treatment packages, especially all-inclusive packages, covering airport transfers, high-standard hotel accommodations, and convenient clinic transportation. These all-inclusive Turkey deals are a hallmark of the medical tourism experience. Additionally, Turkey benefits from numerous affordable cheap flights to Turkey options, ensuring easy accessibility from Asia and Europe, further propelling the growth of medical tourism.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Medical tourists are often treated to different types of treatment packages, especially all-inclusive packages, covering airport transfers, high-standard hotel accommodations, and convenient clinic transportation.

Highly Educated Turkish Doctors

Turkey boasts a wealth of highly educated and qualified weight loss doctors. The majority of top bariatric surgeons have studied abroad or gained invaluable experience working at international hospitals. Clinic Hunter prioritizes stringent selection criteria for Turkish bariatric surgery surgeons, ensuring patients are treated by specialists with vast expertise, qualifications and experience. Profiles and CVs of qualified and well-educated surgeons are readily shared with patients, fostering trust and instilling a sense of safety. It is hard to say who is the best doctor for gastric sleeve in Turkey because there are too many top-rated bariatric surgeons there. Anyway, everyone can find the best gastric sleeve surgeon in Turkey after setting his/her own criteria. Also, you may the best doctor for gastric sleeve in Turkey.


gastric sleeve Turkey

Turkey boasts a wealth of highly educated and qualified weight loss doctors.

Is Turkey safe? Is weight loss surgery in Turkey safe?

Is it safe to travel to Turkey? Is Turkey safe? Individuals contemplating gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey often ponder the safety of travel. Rest assured, Turkey is a secure country with no domestic or international conflicts. While past incidents may have raised concerns, the nation has responded by significantly bolstering security measures across its streets, airports, tourist attractions, galleries, shopping centers, and hotels. Turkey stands as a safe and secure destination, with both the police and army diligently maintaining order. Of course, patients should exercise caution, avoid risky or dubious areas, and stay updated with official statements regarding the current situation in the country they are visiting.

Cheap Gastric Sleeve Turkey

The sleeve gastrectomy cost in Turkey proves highly affordable for individuals from the UK, Ireland, Scandinavian countries, Germany, Asia, and even the USA. In the UK, gastric sleeve surgery can range from 8,000 GBP to an average of 11,000 GBP, rendering it inaccessible for many. In contrast, gastric sleeve price in Turkey starts as low as 3,800 GBP. So, gastric sleeve surgery cost in Turkey beats every UK gastric sleeve surgery offer. Some patients claim that gastric sleeve cost Turkey is up to four times cheaper than in their home countries. Furthermore, the gastric sleeve Turkey prices often encompasses all-inclusive packages, minimizing additional expenses. The truth is, it is very hard to compete with any weight loss surgery cost Turkey in terms of quality offered for this price, especially if you know how much is a gastric sleeve UK. Gastric sleeve surgery turkey price is the best all over the world. 



Ideal City for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

Get slim Turkey – easy! But where to find the best bariatric surgery in Turkey or the best gastric sleeve surgery T urkey? What is gastric sleeve Turkey best clinic? Where is the best hospital in Turkey for gastric sleeve? How much is a gastric sleeve in Turkey in a specific city? Patients seeking gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey enjoy a wide array of cities with bariatric clinics to choose from. Istanbul, the most populous Turkish city, stands as the prime destination for gastric sleeve surgery, housing premier bariatric centers with world-renowned surgeons. Antalya, the top holiday resort in Turkey, also serves as a popular choice, situated on the southwest coast by the Mediterranean Sea. The city hosts numerous clinics and hospitals offering bariatric surgeries, ensuring patients can find a suitable clinic to meet their needs. So, you have options and that is good, no matter what you pick:  gastric sleeve Istanbul or gastric sleeve Antalya.

Both gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul and gastric sleeve Antalya boast international airports, providing convenient, fast, and affordable travel options. The combination of easy accessibility, esteemed clinics, complimentary all-inclusive packages, and exceptional touristic value makes Istanbul and Antalya the perfect choices for medical tourists. The third most popular option is gastric sleeve Izmir Turkey.

gastric sleeve turkey

Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir are three the main popular destinations for gastric sleeve in Turkey.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey Reviews 

Before embarking on gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, we highly recommend reading gastric sleeve Turkey reviews. Gastric sleeve in Turkey reviews firsthand accounts provide valuable insights and aid in making informed decisions. We also advise to check weight loss surgery options – gastric sleeve before and after photos, gastric sleeve before and after UK, gastric sleeve before and after Turkey and before and after surgery comparison showing the surgery results. It is good to check pictures of gastric sleeve before and after skin,  weight loss surgery in Turkey reviews, whats gastric sleeve surgery or even my VSG UK, VSG surgery cost.  It is always good to compare the price of gastric sleeve surgery in different cities or clinics.

Such before and after fat loss surgery pictures are also a good recommendation of a clinic and surgeon. These, together with the gastric sleeve reviews, are a very trust-worthy source of information and research.


Considering weight loss abroad, embrace the ideal solution of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. This country stands out as the ultimate destination, seamlessly blending economical rates, cutting-edge medical facilities, seasoned surgeons, extensive support, and the chance to indulge in captivating locales. Turkey offers very good gastric sleeve surgery costs (check how much is a gastric sleeve UK) and the best surgery for weight loss experience. Gastric sleeve Turkey price is beyond competition, especially in regard to gastric sleeve price UK. When contemplating your weight loss voyage, Turkey emerges as a paramount choice for undergoing gastric sleeve surgery abroad.


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Akdeniz Sifa

Antalya, Turkey

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Medifema Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

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Soraca Med

Antalya, Turkey

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Antalya, Turkey

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Gözde International Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

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Get Slim in Turkey

Kusadası, Turkey

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Cayra Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

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Turkeyana Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

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Hermes Clinics

Istanbul, Turkey

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Termessos Hospital

Antalya, Turkey

Gastric Sleeve Turkey

Medical tourism in Turkey has been booming in recent years – the main reason for that is a great touristic value (e.g. location, climate, culture, history, many luxury holiday resorts) as well as low prices for medical treatments and surgeries. No wonder many people choose Turkey as their medical treatment abroad destination. The popular sector chosen by patients is weight loss surgery Turkey, the most frequent of which is gastric sleeve Turkey. People who cannot afford a gastric sleeve in their country and the NHS waiting lists are too long, have the opportunity to come for a cheap gastric sleeve abroad. Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey is chosen by thousands of people every year and the interesting fact is that the reason for choosing a foreign country is not only the lower price but also the quality of treatments and doctors’ reputation.

Gastric sleeve is a surgery allowing for reducing the stomach size by even 75% where all the functions of the digestive system are preserved. Cheap gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey allows people to lose weight fast and safely. People are able to achieve the desired weight in about 1 year (many people lose over 50kg at that time). Below, we present the important aspects of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey.

Clinic Hunter- Gastric Sleeve

Turkey has a high standard of the services

The clinics and hospitals in Turkey are controlled by the Ministry of Health and the Independent Turkish Medical Associations. There are many clinics having JCI accreditation, ISO accreditation, and JACHO accreditation. Clinics meeting especially JCI accreditation standards belong to the top world-class of medical institutions. Generally, clinics which are open to medical tourists use the most modern techniques and modern medical equipment, meet all the standards set by the international authorities and strictly follow the medical and healthcare guidelines.

Turkey is a popular holiday destination

Turkey belongs to the 10 top destinations for tourists from the whole world. Turkey holidays are chosen by millions of people mainly thanks to its unique Mediterranean climateTurkey weather is the best for those who like the sea, sandy beaches, and a lot of sun. The great advantages of Turkey are historical places (after Hellens, Byzantines, Ottomans, Hittis and many other civilizations),

  • cuisine,
  • entertainment (especially in Istanbul, Antalya or Bodrum),
  • accommodation (there are the most luxury hotels at the affordable price),
  • shopping (many boutiques, traditional rugs and carpets and very low prices),
  • many business opportunities for everyone.

Man Standing Next to People Seated on BenchesMedical tourists coming to Turkey almost always get the all-inclusive packages for free – it usually includes transfers from/to the airport, accommodation in a high-standard hotel, and taxi transfers to the clinic. All inclusive Turkey deals are the trademark of medical tourism there. What is also important, there are multiple cheap flights to Turkey from most countries in Asia and Europe. Easy access to major Turkish cities also contributes to the development of medical tourism.

Turkish doctors are well-educated

There are many well-educated and qualified weight loss doctors in Turkey. The majority of top bariatric surgeons studied abroad (e.g. in the US, Poland, or Austria) or gained experience and qualifications abroad working for international hospitals. Clinic Hunter is very careful about choosing the Turkish bariatric surgery surgeons for the cooperation, which gives patients the guarantee that they will be treated by a specialist with huge expertise and experience. We always share the surgeons’ profiles and CVs with patients to build trust and make them feel safe.

Turkey is a safe country

Doctor Sitting in Front of His DeskPatients considering gastric sleeve in Turkey usually have one troubling question: Is it safe to travel to Turkey or Is Turkey safe? The answer is: yes. Turkey is a very safe country with no domestic or international conflicts. It is widely known that there were some riots and attacks in Turkey a few years ago, and that is why nowadays there is a strong prevalent security presence on the streets, airports, touristic spots, galleries, shopping centers, and hotels. Turkey has never been so safe and secure as it is now. Both the police and army are involved in keeping the order in the country. Of course, patients should be always careful about themselves and their staff, avoid dangerous or dubious places and check the official statements about the current situation in a given country while they stay in a foreign country.

Gastric Sleeve cost Turkey

Gastric sleeve surgery cost Turkey is very affordable for people coming from the UK, Ireland, Scandinavian countries, Germany, even Asian countries or the USA. The cost of gastric.sleeve in the UK starts from 8000 GBP (on average, it is 11 000 GBP), which makes it out of the price range for many people in need. Gastric sleeve cost turkey is much more affordable – the gastric sleeve price Turkey starts from 3800 GBP. Some patients admit that this price is even 4 times cheaper than the price in their home countries. What is also important, this price often includes an all-inclusive package with accommodation and transfers, so the additional expenses are reduced to a minimum.

What city is the best for gastric sleeve surgery? – The most popular cities in Turkey

IstanbulPatients coming for the gastric.sleeve to Turkey have a wide choice of the cities with bariatric clinics. The most popular destination is gastric sleeve surgery is Istanbul. It is the most populous Turkish city and the economic, historic, and cultural heart of the country. In Istanbul, there are the best bariatric centers with world-renowned surgeons. The second most popular destination is the gastric sleeve Antalya. Antalya is the most popular holiday resort in Turkey. The city is located on the southwest coast by the Mediterranean Sea, which makes it extremely popular among tourists. There are many clinics and hospitals offering bariatric surgeries, so patients should easily find the clinic that would meet their needs there. Both Istanbul and Antalya have international airports, which makes the travel there convenient, fast, and affordable. The easy access combined with the top clinics, free all-inclusive packages, and great touristic value make Istanbul and Antalya perfect destinations for medical tourists.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey review

Please read gastric sleeve Turkey reviews

Alternatives countries to get cheap gastric sleeve

Medical tourism is flourishing especially in Europe. Turkey is one of the most often visited countries, but there are other places worth considering. Gastric sleeve in Poland deserves great attention. Poland offers highly competitive prices and the highest quality of treatment. Generally, weight loss surgery Poland and Turkey are the best options for medical tourists looking for surgery abroad. If you need more information about bariatric surgery in any of these countries, contact Clinic Hunter, and we will provide you with all the details.

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