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Check all the Liposuction clinics in Poland

243 results

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Liposuction Center

Warsaw, Poland

from 1804 eur

(8 reviews)

Allestetis / Allmedica

Nowy Targ, Poland

from 1757 eur

(2 reviews)

KCM Clinic

Jelenia Gora, Poland

(0 reviews)

Chriurgia Plastyczna Marta Raczkowska

Cracow, Poland

(0 reviews)

Laguna Estetica

Gdynia, Poland

from 679 eur

(0 reviews)

Horizon Clinic

Warsaw, Poland

(1 reviews)


Wroclaw, Poland

(0 reviews)

Lecznica Melitus

Warsaw, Poland

from 1378 eur

(0 reviews)


Warsaw, Poland

from 1378 eur

(0 reviews)

Warsaw Agklinik

Warsaw, Poland

from 1378 eur

Liposuction Poland

excess skinPlastic surgery Poland is a sector which has become extremely popular among medical tourists. Together with dentistry and bariatrics, cosmetic procedures are the treatments chosen by most of foreign patients. The most common plastic surgery across the world is liposuction. What is liposuction exactly? Liposuction meaning is rather obvious – lipo suction means nothing but fat removal. It is also called fat removal surgery or simply lipo. Liposuction surgery (or lipo surgery) aims at removing the fat from a problematic body part, e.g. tummy, thighs, hips, arms, or chin. In fact, the modern techniques of this body surgery allow for removing the stubborn fat from each body part. It is just important to remember that liposuction Poland is not a weight loss surgery, so it cannot be a tool for losing excessive kilograms, it rather contours the body parts and removes fat stores accumulated in certain body parts that cannot be removed by a diet or exercises. Poland liposuction offers several modern and technologically advanced types which allow for non-invasive and very precise fat removal. They include e.g. body jet lipo, smart lipo, power-assisted lipo, and vaser liposuction Poland. Low plastic surgery poland prices (and low liposuction in Poland prices) are the main advantage of Poland over other countries and the main factor influencing the international patients decision about having the surgery abroad. Further in this article, we briefly describe the important aspects of having liposuction in Poland. 

Liposuction cost Poland

sunsetGenerally, liposuction is an elective plastic surgery, so it is not available within the NHS or insurance, which means that the liposuction price needs to be fully paid by a patient. Undoubtedly, the most common reason why medical tourists choose Poland is a low liposuction cost. Compared to such countries as the UK, the USA, Ireland, Sweden, Norway or Germany, liposuction Poland prices are about 2-3 times lower. So, how much is liposuction in the UK and how much is lipo in Poland? The average cost of liposuction on the tummy is 3000 GBP in the UK, while tummy liposuction Poland cost is 1400 GBP on average. Regarding cheap plastic surgery abroad, foreign patients should remember about the extra costs which include flight tickets, transfers, hotel, etc. However, even after adding these expenses, the fat removal surgery cost in Poland is amazingly cheap

Is Poland cheap?

girl with money

Having said that Poland offers really cheap plastic surgery, we would like to answer the question: Why is Poland so cheap? Some people may think that the low cost means the poor quality, yet it is just a common myth that needs to be buried. The quality of private medical care in Poland is really high and in fact, Poland sets an example to other countries in terms of healthcare standards. So here, the low price has nothing in common with the quality which is met in the Polish hospitals and clinics. What’s more, the low prices do not boil down to medical treatments and many British who have been to Poland asked “what is cheap in Poland” answer that “everything”. Well, the low prices in Poland stem from a simple fact, namely the low living cost and a good currency exchange rate. People using GBP, USD or EUR currencies find the PLN (Polish currency) very favourable which means that all the products and services which are paid for in PLN are quite cheap for foreigners. What’s more, the costs of daily expenses, surgeons’ salaries, maintenance of the hospitals and equipment are relatively low, which is also reflected in the final price given to patients. So, the affordability of plastic surgeries in Poland has nothing in common with the quality or standard of the treatment and medical tourists should not waste time on looking for a hidden agenda in this regard. 

Why liposuction in Poland?

Medical tourists looking for cheap plastic surgery Europe often choose Poland. Below, we present the most important factors making Poland offer the best liposuction abroad. 

  • ŁazienkiThe low cost of Poland surgery: there is a huge discrepancy between the lipo cost in Poland and other countries, e.g. prices in Poland are about 2000 GBP lower than in the UK and about 2500 USD lower than in the USA. It allows for making huge savings even after adding the additional costs related to the travel and stay.
  • Good flight connection: all the major cities in Poland (e.g. Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Gdańsk or Poznań) have the international airports, so medical tourists may easily get the plane to Poland from hundreds of European as well as some American and Asian cities. The prices for the flights between Poland and European countries start from only 20 GBP.
  • Accessibility: Poland is a Central European country, so most Europeans can get there by plane within 2-3 hours only. It is also a member of the European Union, thanks to which the documents required to enter the country are reduced to minimum.
  • Best quality of Poland surgery: Poland is known for its outstanding standard of medical care, the plastic surgeons are world-renowned specialists – many of them are regarded as authorities in the medical society.
  • Diversified attractions for tourists: the lay of the land in Poland is varied, e.g. it has the Baltic Sea, numerous Mountains ranges (the most breathtaking are Tatra Mountains), many lakes and forests – each tourist may find the right place for him/her. Besides, there are numerous historical spots, e.g. castles or museums, unique landmarks, monuments, churches and numerous UNESCO-listed places. In general, each Polish city has its one-of-a-kid atmosphere, tradition, culture and allure.

Different types of liposuction Poland

gils smilingAs for liposuction plastic surgery options, there are different types of liposuction procedures that are offered in the clinics in Poland. Generally, there are many new types of liposuction, experimental ones, as well as these old-fashioned. The clinics usually offer different types of liposuction techniques so that they can individually adjust the lipo method so that a patient gets the best results.

The most popular lipo techniques include:

  • PAL (power-assisted liposuction) – it is a vibration liposuction, which requires a device causing the back-front motions of a cannula – it facilitates the fat cells separation and release;
  • SAL (suction-assisted liposuction) – it is a classic, traditional liposuction where the cannula, which is put into the fat tissue, is connected to the specially made apparatus which triggers sub-zero pressure allowing for the suction of damaged tissues of fat;
  • WAL (water-assisted liposuction, called also Body-jet lipo) – this technique is supported by the stream of water; the special cannula is put under much pressure and release the fat cells (not the whole tissues);
  • LAL (laser liposuction) – firstly, the fat tissues are dissolved by the laser emitting high energy and then, the fat cells are removed; this method has many benefits for skin elasticity, it also allows for fat cells transplantation to e.g. breasts or buttocks;
  • NIL (vibro lipo) – it is an advanced version of PAL where the cannula is moving in 3 planes and is emitting infrasounds causing the fat cells release;
  • Vaser liposuction – many specialists regard it as the best liposuction technique that is available nowadays; it is a liposuction using ultrasound energy which allows for a precise separation of fat cells.

Surgeons performing operation in operation theaterIt is also possible to have the combination of liposuction techniques, the best ones are LAL+WAL and LAL+NIL. They are used when patients have considerable fat storages that need to be removed. FInally, we need to stress that it is a plastic surgeon who should make the decision about the used lipo technique. Patients may note their preferences in this regard, yet only a plastic surgeon knows which method of liposuction will be the most effective and safe. 

Best plastic surgeons in the World

Checking and verifying a plastic surgeon is a must-do point of organising the liposuction abroad and people should always make sure that the chosen plastic surgeon is a good specialist. The truth is that choosing a qualified and well educated specialist is a key to liposuction effectiveness. Finding the best plastic surgeons in the world, the best plastic surgeons in Europe or best surgeons in Poland is an easy thing thanks to the Internet – there are numerous websites where we can check the surgeons’ experience, qualifications, or before-after photos of the performed surgeries. Such details are usually put on the website of surgeons or clinics where they work. Moreover, there are many medical tourism facilitators in Poland who help in finding the best plastic surgeons and the top surgeons in Poland – using their help, patients can be sure that the plastic surgeon who will perform their surgery will do a great job and the results will be satisfying.

English speaking doctors and medical staff

healthcare professional at clinicIn Poland, there are many private hospitals and clinics focused on the foreign patients. Each clinic providing plastic surgeries to foreign patients is adjusted to serving patients speaking in other languages than Polish. Such clinics hire plastic surgeons and medical personnel who can speak English fluently and are able to use this language for medical reasons. Despite the fact that Poland does not belong to English speaking countries, doctors can speak English, and communication with foreign patients is not a problem at all. English education in Poland (as well as English education in Turkey) is well-grounded, also in Polish medical universities, students learn English or other foreign languages. So, medical tourists should not worry about any language barrier while they stay in Poland. Using English in Poland is prevalent and medical tourists may freely speak with not only medical staff or doctors but also with shop assistants, taxi drivers or waiters. If, by any chance, it turns out that a plastic surgeon does not speak English well, clinics usually offer the assistance of a professional English translator so that the communication with a patient goes smoothly.

Modern plastic surgery clinics

clinicEach plastic surgery clinic in Poland which treats domestic as well as foreign patients must meet the highest standards of healthcare – it includes possessing modern medical equipment clinic and using modern techniques and certified sterile devices. It is quite easy to check the best plastic surgery clinics in Europe or even the best plastic surgery clinics in the world, patients should just do the research on the Internet and check the opinions, reviews, certifications and accreditations of the considered clinics of plastic surgery. Clinics in Poland are the modern, comfy places which guarantee a friendly, calm, and private atmosphere for each patient. Clinic Hunter cooperates with top clinics in Poland and is eager to share the details about each clinic with patients so that they may check themselves whether a considered clinic is satisfying, so anyone who is not sure about the choice of the clinic may get a free help from Clinic Hunter in this regard. 

Is it safe to have plastic surgery in Poland?

Man looking at graph while using laptop

Poland is a very safe place and presently, there are absolutely no limitations to getting Poland surgery by patients from the whole world. There are no domestic conflicts and the political situation is very stable, so Poland is definitely a great destination in terms of safety. Some medical tourists may be afraid of intolerance or the lack of acceptance by the Polish society against people of different skin colour or religion, yet it is an old-fashioned stereotype and for many years Polish nation has been very open, tolerant, and welcoming to foreigners. There are more and more people moving into Poland from European, American, Asiand and even African countries. Polish society can also communicate in English well, so all the cultural, racial, or language barriers get blurred nowadays. 

Most popular destinations for liposuction surgery in Poland

There are many plastic surgery clinics in Poland across the country. The examples of Polish cities with the world-class liposuction in Poland are Warsaw, Kraków and Gdańsk. Each big Poland city has its own international airport, so coming to Poland is quite easy and international patients, especially those travelling from the European countries, have many options to consider. What are the best places to visit in Poland and where can patients find the best plastic surgery clinic in Poland? Below, we present the Poland cities which are worth visiting in terms of medical treatment and tourism. 

Liposuction in Wroclaw/ Jelenia Góra

WrocławWrocław, the 4th biggest city in Poland, is a capital of the Lower Silesia – a wonderful, historical region in Poland where tourists may find numerous unique castles, charming towns, and magnificent intact nature. It is commonly known as the Polish Venice because the city is built on 12 islands connected with each other by 130 bridges. Wrocław is a place where tourists may find many landmarks and places which are put to the UNESCO World Heritage list (e.g. Cathedral Island, Main Market Square or Centennial Hall). Medical tourists seeking plastic surgery in Wroclaw Poland should consider the Coramed Wroclaw clinic. Coramed is one of the most popular clinics in Poland among medical tourists, it is also a leader of Wroclaw plastic surgery clinic and one of the most known clinics in Poland. Coramed Poland has popularized and developed medical tourism as it’s been one of the first clinics in Poland which advertised itself on an international medical tourism market. 

Jelenia Góra is a charming town located near Wrocław in the Karkonosze Mountains. In the heart of the town, the KCM clinic Poland is located. KCM clinic was established in 2006 and now it is a world-class luxury hospital specialising in bariatrics and plastic surgeries. English is a leading language there because the majority of patients come from abroad. It is one of few clinics in Poland which are so recognised, renowned and acknowledged worldwide. Some people admit that it is even the best clinic in Poland in terms of the organisation, quality, attitude, technology and standard. Jelenia Góra is situated near Wrocław, so international patients are advised to arrive at the Wrocław airport where the clinic’s driver picks them up. 

Liposuction in Krakow / Nowy Targ

KrakowMedical tourists who would like to undergo cosmetic surgery Krakow Poland should definitely consider Allestetis. It is a plastic surgery Krakow clinic which is a part of Allmedica – a complex of clinics offering e.g. plastic surgeries, orthopedics, bariatrics and dental treatment. The clinic is located in Nowy Targ – a nearby charming town in a beautiful mountain scenery. Nowy Targ Poland is situated near Krakow and close to the border with Slovakia. Patients travelling to Allestetis should get the flights to Krakow Poland, thanks to which they have a chance to visit a showcase of Poland. Kraków is the most representative city of Poland, a popular place for tourists from all over the world. It is a city with a remarkable and exceptional traditional, historical and cultural heritage. In addition, the weather in Krakow Poland is believed to be very welcoming and pleasant. 

Liposuction Warsaw

warszawaWarsaw is the capital city of Poland and its largest city. It is a historical, cultural, economic and architectural centre with many tourist attractions e.g. the unique Old Town with a castle, the Palace of Culture and Science, Royal Łazienki, Warsaw Rising Museum and Copernicus Science Centre. We are happy to say that medical tourists looking for a liposuction plastic surgery Warsaw have an opportunity to come to Centrum Liposukcji – it is a Warsaw plastic surgery clinic which specialises mainly in liposuction procedures – it is the only clinic in Poland focused mainly on liposuction, it offers over 10 types of liposuction methods and serves thousands of patients each year. So, people who wish to get the best plastic surgery Warsaw Poland or find the best plastic surgeon in Warsaw Poland should definitely choose this clinic. Finally, Warsaw has two international airports, Modlin and Chopin Airports, so it is really easy to get the flight there from numerous European cities.

Liposuction in Poland reviews

Plastic surgery Poland reviews are a perfect confirmation of the offered quality and standard. Despite Poland plastic surgery prices being so low, all the clinics pay great attention to maintain a very high level of surgeries and medical care. In fact, the opinions and plastic surgery in Poland reviews provide true and proven information about the liposuction medical trip. We recommend that each patient considering a surgery abroad checks Europe surgery Poland reviews or liposuction abroad reviews just to make sure about a place and a surgeon that they will finally choose.

Alternative countries for cheap liposuction abroad

Beautiful shot of the sun rising over the beach on a breezy autumn day in SamosPoland is undoubtedly a top place for getting cheap liposuction abroad. However, there are plenty of liposuction clinics offering affordable prices. The popular destinations with cheap liposuction prices include liposuction Thailand, liposuction Mexico, and liposuction Turkey. Thailand and Mexico liposuction are very specific directions because they are chosen by a specific group of medical tourists, namely Mexico is chosen by Americans and Thailand by Asians. Turkey, on the other hand, is popular worldwide. The liposuction cost Turkey is one of the lowest in the world, also the touristic value in this country is excellent. The choice of the location is very important and all medical tourists should think carefully about a country which they would consider as a liposuction destination. 


Liposuction in Poland is a procedure which shapes and contours the body and removes the excessive fat accumulation in specific body parts. It is a great alternative to getting liposuction in a home country where the waiting list is long or the prices are too high. Prices for liposuction in Poland are cheap to such an extent that even after adding the additional travel expenses, patients spend 2-4 times less money than they would spend in a home country. If you would like to know more about liposuction abroad, Clinic Hunter will guide you through the process of finding,booking, organising and getting an affordable liposuction abroad.

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