Hair loss after bariatric surgery

by admin, on 26.11.20

Hair loss, as well as hair growth, is a regular stage in the hair follicles cycle, so everyone experiences it. Usually, 90% of hair is growing (it is called anagen phas...

How to get weight loss surgery on NHS? Criteria and waiting time

by admin, on 16.10.20

Bariatric surgery is a metabolic surgery performed as a treatment for heavily overweight or obese people. For many of them, it is a last resort as a diet or exercises a...

Weight loss surgery diet: What to eat before and after the surgery, pre-op and post-op diet

by admin, on 12.10.20

Weight loss surgery diet

The weight loss surgery diet is the most important part of the bariatric surgery plan. Bariatric surgery itself does not make people slim and ...

Dumping syndrome: definition, symptoms, how to prevent, causes, diet, treatment

by admin, on 08.10.20

What is dumping syndrome?

Dumping syndrome (also called rapid gastric emptying) is a health condition that happens when the eaten food is moving from the stomach to th...

BMI: calculator, chart, healthy range,healthy BMI for men, BMI for women

by admin, on 08.10.20

What is body mass index?

BMI (a body mass index) is a value stemming from the weight and height of a person, which categorizes a person’s mass. Specifically, BMI is ...

Weight loss surgery and pregnancy, bariatric surgery before and after pregnancy

by admin, on 07.10.20

Weight loss surgery and pregnancy

It is widely claimed that obesity, a civilization disease in the 21st century, has a very negative impact on women's fertility, pregn...

Most Proactive Clinics on the Polish Medical Tourism Market

by admin, on 18.11.19

Poland - A Medical Tourism Destination?

Till recently unreported, Poland’s ‘golden age’ becomes more and more observable and appreciated by the international s...

Report from 2019 International Health Tourism Forum in Lublin

by admin, on 15.10.19

On 7 October  2019 the city of Lublin was a stage for the International Health Tourism Forum. The meeting was dedicated to discussion panels, presentations and b2b tal...

Recovery after the facelift surgery - How to take care of your skin after the facelift

by admin, on 25.03.19

A facelift also referred to as rhytidectomy, is a plastic surgery addressing face and neck areas. It combats the wrinkles, jowls, sagging skin and other signs of aging....

Why Poland is Appropriate Destination for Breast Implants?

by admin, on 15.03.19

The general idea of breast implants is to improve the look of a woman’s breasts by making them fuller and bigger. However, not only are cosmetic reasons important. Fo...

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