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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality dentures abroad.

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Papatya Dental Hospital

Antalya, Turkey

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Cracow, Poland

from 440 eur

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Warsaw, Poland

from 229 eur

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Izmir, Turkey

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Cracow, Poland

from 405 eur

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Albusdent Centrum Stomatologiczne

Cracow, Poland

(0 reviews)

Soraca Med

Antalya, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Cayra Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Celikkaya Clinic

Famagusta, Cyprus

(2 reviews)

Gözde International Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

Dentures Abroad

Chattering teeth toyIf the patient has missing teeth and is looking for solutions, dentures could be a good option since these allow to replace as many teeth as needed. 

Dentures are removable dental prosthesis that replaces teeth and help rehabilitate not just the aesthetics but also the proper functioning of chewing. 

There are different types of dentures and the dentist must select the correct one depending on each patient’s needs.

The types of dentures are:

Each one of them can also be a full denture (all the teeth) or partial dentures depending on how many teeth are missing.

However, a dental prosthesis can be expensive, especially when the patient needs a complete denture. That’s the reason why most British rather travel to other countries and get dentures abroad.  

Dentures cost abroad

man with denturesJust like many other treatments, getting dentures abroad offers the opportunity to save a considerable amount of money in comparison to how much dentures cost privately in the UK, you could save around 50% and 60% of the money. 

Besides, more affordable prices allow patients to choose from different types of dentures, like flexible dentures, that contribute to a more comfortable result and consequently, a better life quality for the patient.  

How much are dentures UK ?

Dentures cost UK will depend on whether you get NHS dentures or you get them through private dental practice. Dentures on NHS are not completely free, since those treatments belong to the band 3 treatment charge and patients must pay around 280 GBP for their treatment.

Besides, the chances of the NHS covering a permanent fixed denture (implant-supported) are very low. So, most of the time, patients must look for private dental care to get the type of denture they want. 

But, how much do dentures cost privately? Dentures on private dental care start around a similar price to the NHS dentures if you are looking for a very basic denture, but these aren’t actually so popular due to the existence of new materials and techniques that improve the dentures functionality and comfort.

dentures on the black backgroundCommonly, when a patient goes to a private dental practice they will want to choose the type of denture that better contributes to their wellbeing, e.g. Flexible dentures, which are made of more expensive materials but are much more comfortable. 

Removable partial dentures cost UK strat from 200 GBP to 3.000GBP depending on the number of teeth, the materials, and many other aspects. When it comes to permanent fixed dentures, the prices grow exponentially since these use dental implants. A full mouth fixed denture price goes around 4.000 GBP and 14.000 GBP.  

Why dentures abroad are cheaper?

Old people with a tabletAffordable dentures abroad are possible thanks to the low cost of living in other countries. Low expenses on services, salaries, etc, allow dentists abroad to offer their dental care services at more affordable prices. 

However affordable prices have nothing to do with low-quality treatments, in fact, it is quite the opposite since most countries that dedicate themselves to dental tourism actually stands out for the high standards of their state-of-the-art clinics and well-trained dentists.

Some countries like Poland and Hungary even holds international certifications and a well-earned reputation as some of the best places to get high quality dental services

Advantages of dentures abroad

Besides the affordable prices, getting dental treatment abroad has plenty of advantages that most people aren’t aware of, some of those are: 

  • Dentist abroad are well educated, dentist education is strongly regulated by different institutions. 
  • High-quality dental care.  
  • Dental tourism centers usually have advanced dental clinics. 
  • Modern equipment and techniques. 
  • Rigorous regulations of dental practices. 
  • The possibility of enjoying a dental holiday.
  • Prices are more than 50% cheaper than dental work UK.

One of the best ways to learn about all the advantages of doing dental tourism is to read dental treatment abroad reviews, that way you can get some impartial opinions from those who already got dentures abroad. 

Dentists abroad are well educated 

Dentist teaching man brushing teeth on dental moldDentist degree requirements vary from country to country but the qualifications needed to be a dentist are usually very similar, especially in the European Union countries.

Dentist qualifications are:

  • Five or six years at a dental school.
  • From six months to one year program of professional practices.

Besides the basic dentist education and training, dentures dentists must complete and extra training in prosthodontics. Even though a general dentist with proper training can perform the dentures treatment, looking for a specialist is always a better choice.   

As an extra fact: Most dental tourism dentists usually get their degrees and specializations in countries like the UK and the USA, so it is not a surprise that they meet the dentist qualifications UK.

Best quality dental care

man looking at the denturesMany countries dedicated to dental tourism, particularly those in the European Union, are internationally known by their standards of quality. Countries like Poland and Hungary are internationally renowned and hold diverse certifications.

These countries stand out for their state-of-the-art facilities, from quality dental clinics to hotels and spas where they host their patients, making the patients experience much more enjoyable.

Poland has some of the best quality dental centers and offers one of the best dentures on the market, that’s one of the reasons it is the favourite destination for many British looking for the bests dental treatment abroad.

Dental Holidays possibilities

Even though Poland and Hungary are by far the most popular countries to do dental tourism in Europe, there are many other places like Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, and Costa Rica. These are more exotic destinations for patients who want to spend a dental holiday away from home.

Close up of a senior man standing in a parkDental Holidays are a good idea for patients that are getting plenty of dental treatments or if their treatment will require multiple visits to the dental clinic. That way they can coordinate tourist activities in between their dental appointments.

What country is the best for dentures abroad?

There are many places to get dental treatment abroad, but by far, the best countries for dental work abroad are Poland and Hungary. Even when there are other countries with cheaper prices, Poland and Hungary stand out for their quality standards and affordable prices

These are also a good option due to their proximity to the UK, allowing patients to come and go on the same day and avoid extra expenses like lodging. 

Other popular choices for getting teeth done abroad are Turkey and Thailand, these countries also have a good reputation, especially when it comes to aesthetic dentistry, but take into consideration that visiting them involves a longer trip.

Dentures Poland

Dental treatment in Poland holds one of the best reputations on high quality standards, in fact, there is plenty of dentistry in Poland reviews where British patients allege that dentistry in Poland is even better than dentistry in the UK. 

airportDentists in Poland are well educated and also communicate very well in English. Besides, due to the magnitude of the dental tourism industry in Polonia, the government closely monitors all dental practices to guarantee the patients’ wellbeing. 

One of the most requested treatments in Poland is complete fixed denture or implant-supported denture like All on four implants, which in the UK cost around 13.000 GBP while in Poland the price goes around 6.000 GBP. 

It is essential to highlight that when it comes to complex treatments like dental implants, you must prioritize the best quality treatment instead of the cheapest one. 

Dentures in Turkey

On the latest years, dental tourism in Turkey has earned a good reputation when it comes to aesthetic dental work. Traveling to get dentures in Turkey is an excellent option for those who don’t mind going out of home for some days and enjoy a dental holiday in Turkey

To make things easier for tourists, many dental center Turkey offers extra services as lodging and transportation from the airport to the hotel. 

Turkey also has some of the most affordable dental work prices, but going there means you will have to stay out of home for a longer time, on the other hand, the experience will feel more like real vacations. 

Dentures Hungary

Hungary is known as the European capital of dentistry due to its compromise with dental education, but also for the dental tourism industry and the quality of dental treatments in Hungary. 

HungaryJust like Poland, Hungary doesn’t have the cheapest prices, but still considerably cheaper than the UK while also stands out for its high-quality standards. 

Dentists in Hungary must be registered in the Hungarian Ministry of Health which closely supervises all kinds of dental practices. 

Getting dentures in Hungary will allow you to choose from many different treatment options and get the type of denture that provides the greatest comfort for you.

Other locations for dentures

As mentioned before, there are multiple options to get dentures abroad, other less popular countries are:

  • Thailand
  • India
  • Spain
  • Mexico

Keep in mind that the reason why those countries are not that popular is that they are not so close to the UK, but just like Poland, Hungary and Turkey, they comply with many regulations and quality standards which mean they still good places to have dental holidays.

Dentures abroad reviews

A good way to figure out if getting dentures abroad is the right option for you is by reading dentures abroad reviews, there are plenty of them online where former patients share their personal experiences.

You could even look for pictures of dentures before and after so you can make an idea of how much would you improve your smile after getting a denture. 


If there is a need for dentures to rehabilitate the mouth, especially if the patient needs implant-supported dentures, dental tourism can be the perfect solution, considering those kinds of treatments are not usually covered by the NHS.

Some of the cheapest countries, like Turkey, will allow you to save around 60% of the money you would pay for a denture in the UK, and the most relevant fact, is that dentures abroad are safe and the treatment’s quality equals and even exceeds the UK standards.  

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