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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality gastric balloon Poland.

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Allestetis / Allmedica

Nowy Targ, Poland

from 1876 eur

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KCM Clinic

Jelenia Gora, Poland

from 2390 eur

Gastric balloon Poland

Flag of PolandThe popularity of medical treatment abroad (medical tourism) has been on the rise since years. Nowadays, there are millions of bariatric patients deciding for gastric surgery abroad, including gastric surgery in Poland. 

Weight loss surgery is a stomach surgery that causes a fast and significant weight loss and eliminates many obesity-related chronic diseases. There are 3 main types of cheap weight loss surgery Poland: gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and gastric balloon.

Gastric balloon (called stomach balloon or orbera balloon) is a short-term non-surgical procedure, but the results are long-term of course. The main idea of the procedure is putting a balloon in the stomach, which significantly decreases its capacity and causes a rapid weight loss. Generally, gastric balloon Poland is placed for either 6 or 12 months (afterward it is removed) – but this time allows for the desired weight loss

More and more people choose cheap gastric balloon surgery in Poland not because of the low price, but because of the highest quality of the procedure and the surgeons’ qualifications. Clinic Hunter offers weight loss surgery Poland only in the best private clinics cooperating with top world-class bariatric surgeons. 

Clinic Hunter gastric balloon

Polish doctors are very well educated

Doctor Sitting in Front of His DeskPoland belongs to the top destinations for medical tourists especially in Europe mainly thanks to the top-rated bariatric surgeons who work here. Weight loss doctors in Poland are very well-educated and qualified to have had to undergo a 6-year training at a Medical Academy, a 13-month practice in a hospital, and pass the state exams. The top surgeons in Poland pride themselves in gaining qualifications abroad (including the USA, Switzerland, Germany) and actively participating in the development of bariatric medicine. If you are not sure about the surgeon’s qualifications and experience, you can just ask Clinic Hunter or the clinic for sharing this information. We cooperate only with the top bariatric surgeons and we can provide you with the surgeon’s details with the greatest pleasure. There are a few weight loss surgery options available in Poland and for each procedure, we offer only the best surgeons in Poland. 

Polish doctors speak English very well

English is a prevalent language in Poland. It is taught in every single school and university. Each year, the EF English Proficiency Index presents a ranking of countries showing their knowledge of the English language. In 2019, Poland was ranked the 11th country in 100 regions and was labeled as a country with very high proficiency in English. The surgeons and medical personnel that we cooperate with know English very well. In fact, the vast majority of our surgeons have completed studies, courses, and training abroad, so obviously speaking English is natural for them. The clinics that cooperate with Clinic Hunter need to meet the criterion of having English speaking doctors. We are focused on medical tourists, so we as well as our partner clinics use English more often than Polish. Additionally, many of our doctors also speak German, Russian, Swedish, or French. 

Bariatric clinics in Poland are modern and well equipped

Medical Equipment on an Operation RoomThe private sector of healthcare in Poland is developing extremely fast. The use of the latest technologies, modern medical equipment, and modern techniques and solutions allow for minimally invasive surgeries, excellent treatment results, and short recovery. Our clinics offer the highest standard of stay (e.g. single rooms, no waiting time, privacy, such facilities as WiFi or TV) to make patients feel comfortable, safe, satisfied, and well-cared-for. 

Poland is a safe and interesting country

Poland is a very popular destination for tourists mainly because of its rich history, numerous landmarks, beautiful nature, and plenty of Poland tourist attractions. One of the main ideas of medical tourism is combining medical treatment and sightseeing and Poland has a variety of options in both fields. Our clinics are located in modern cities or charming towns in beautiful sceneries, so we encourage each patient to benefit from local tourist attractions, cultural events, traditional cuisine, and landscapes while they are visiting Poland. 

The political situation in Poland is stable. Since 2004, when Poland joined the European Union, the country has become open to tourists, multiculturalism, and multinationalism. There are thousands of foreigners living, studying, and working in Poland as well as millions of tourists visiting Poland each year. Besides, the crime rates are very low compared to international statistics. There are direct flights to Poland from hundreds of destinations including almost all European and North American countries and all major cities, so access to Poland is very easy. Clinic Hunter works with clinics in all the main cities in Poland, each of them has an international airport, so patients have much freedom in choosing the city they want to come in. What is also important, Poland time zone is CEST, which means that time in Poland now is very close to the UK time. 

Cost of the gastric balloon in Poland

Many people find gastric balloon abroad much cheaper than in their home country. Europe is one of the most affordable regions for having gastric surgery being much more competitive than Thailand, the USA, or India. But is Poland cheap? In fact, Poland offers one of the best weight loss surgery prices abroad. The gastric balloon cost in Poland starts from only 1990 GBP, which is often even 2-3 times cheaper than the gastric balloon cost in UK or Ireland. The additional expenses that patients bear are hotels and flights – however, the good news is that the flight tickets prices are amazingly low (starting from even 20 GBP) and the hotel costs are very low for people from Western Europe or the USA. Also, many clinics offer the hotel and transfers as a component of the cost of weight loss surgery abroad, so there are no additional costs regarding the stay in Poland at all.

Gastric balloon in Poland- best locations

The clinics that work with Clinic Hunter are located in major Polish cities, which makes the opportunity for patients to see the best places to visit in Poland and get the surgery at the same time. The Poland cities that are worth seeing and where patients may get a gastric balloon to include Wrocław, Jelenia Góra and Kraków.

Gastric balloon in Jelenia Góra / Wrocław

KCM Clinic receptionJelenia Gora Poland is a charming town located in the wonderful Karkonosze Mountains. In the heart of the city, there is the KCM clinic. The building of KCM perfectly fits the historical and atmospheric scenery of the town. The old building of the clinic is amazingly renovated and expanded. KCM Clinic was set up in 2006. Nowadays it is the internationally known clinic specialising in bariatric treatments where the vast majority of patients come from foreign countries. English is a primary language in the clinic, there are also native English speaking specialists working as personal coordinators for foreign patients. Apart from bariatrics, which is the flag service, the clinic offers dentistry, plastic surgery, and spine surgery treatments. It is a world-class clinic with the newest technologies, advanced equipment, and modern amenities for patients. Jelenia Gora is situated near Wrocław, so patients coming to the KCM clinic arrive at Wrocław airport, where the clinic driver takes them to the clinic.

Wrocław, the 4th largest city in Poland, is the historical capital of Lower Silesia. It is called The Polish Venice because the city is built on 12 islands and surrounded by numerous canals and rivers. There are 130 bridges, each of them is unique and worth seeing. There are multiple landmarks listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (e.g. Centennial Hall, Cathedral Island and Main Market Square). It is a very popular destination for Polish and international tourists, especially that there are many domestic and international flights to Wrocław airport. In the city, there is also a clinic that is worth mentioning, namely EMC clinic. EMC is a complex of hospitals with dozens of medical specialties among which there is complex bariatric treatment.

Gastric balloon in Nowy Targ /Krakow

The clinic that deserves attention is also Allestetis. It is a branch of Allmedica complex specialising in plastic surgeries, orthopedics and bariatric surgeries. Allestetis is situated in Nowy Targ Poland, a town surrounded by Gorce mountains and with close proximity to Tatra National Park (Tatra Mountains), the border with Slovakia, and Krakow – the showcase of Poland. There are direct flights to Kraków from most European cities and some cities in other continents also. Kraków, Poland is one of the most frequently visited cities in Europe – a majestic, historically-rich, with an exceptional cultural and traditional heritage place that is unique and different from any other city. Allestetis clinic has a driver who takes patients from Kraków airport to Nowy Targ. The main advantages of the Allestetis clinic are highly competitive prices, advanced solutions, best Polish surgeons, and undisturbed privacy and comfort for patients.

Gastric balloon in Poland reviews

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Alternatives countries for gastric balloon

Gastric balloon in Poland is a frequent procedure performed for foreign patients. However, Poland is not the only destination for obesity treatment. Other popular countries are weight loss surgery Turkey, Hungary, or Lituania. Gastric balloon cost in Turkey is extremely competitive and at the same time, the clinics there meet the highest European standards. Whether you consider gastric balloon surgery Turkey, Poland, or any other country, we encourage you to think about coming abroad for affordable and professional obesity treatment and if you have any concerns about medical tourism, contact Clinic Hunter to get more details and advice. We will provide you with information about any weight loss surgery Turkey or Poland – and the decision about the location is always yours.

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