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Check all the Liposuction clinics in Turkey

458 results

(0 reviews)

Medifema Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

from 1850 eur

(0 reviews)

Cayra Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

(2 reviews)

Gözde International Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

(0 reviews)


Antalya, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Soraca Med

Antalya, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Özel Sağlık Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Turkeyana Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Hermes Clinics

Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Termessos Hospital

Antalya, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Medicine Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey

Liposuction Turkey

Girl in black underwear with skinMedical tourism in Turkey has been growing in recent years – the main reason for that is a great touristic value, especially the country’s location, climate, rich culture, history, many luxury holiday resorts, as well as low prices for medical treatments, procedures, and plastic surgeries. No wonder so many people choose Turkey as their medical treatment abroad destination. One of the most popular branches chosen by international patients is plastic surgery Turkey

Liposuction in Turkey is a very common plastic surgery there chosen by men and women. Anyone who cannot afford having their plastic surgery UK has a chance to get very affordable Turkey liposuction medical treatment abroad. Cheap liposuction Turkey is chosen by millions of people each year and what’s interesting, the reason for choosing lipo Turkey is not only the lower price but also the quality of plastic surgery and doctors’ excellent opinions.

Liposuction cost Turkey

moneyGenerally, plastic surgery in Turkey prices are amazingly low – they are one of the most competitive in the whole world. The main nationalities attracted by liposuction in Turkey prices are British, Americans, Irish, German and Norwegian. So, how much is liposuction in Turkey? Liposuction Turkey cost starts from as low as 500 EUR. Of course the prices vary depending on the area treated, number of body parts involved and type of liposuction. Vaser liposuction on tummy and waist is a very popular procedure – such a liposuction cost in Turkey is 2000 EUR on average. Many patients agree that Turkey liposuction cost is 3-4 times lower than the price in their home countries. What is also significant, the liposuction Turkey prices often include all-inclusive packages with accommodation in a high-standard hotel and taxi transfers, so the additional expenses are reduced to minimum. 

Why is turkey so cheap?

Is Turkey cheap? Yes, indeed. The private healthcare in high-standard hospitals in Turkey is very affordable for medical tourists. It concerns all the sectors of medicine, e.g. dental treatment, orthopedics, plastic surgeries, hair transplant, infertility treatment, bariatrics, etc. How cheap is Turkey? Generally, the prices are twice as cheap as e.g. in France, Spain, or Hungary, and even 3-4 times cheaper than in the North American countries, Scandinavian Countries, the UK, or Ireland. The main reason for such a discrepancy between the prices is the low cost of living in Turkey. The costs of hospital maintenance, surgeons’ fees, low everyday expenses, and favourable currency exchange rates make Turkey very affordable. Of course, at the same time, the quality of healthcare is very reasonable. So, anyone wondering “Is it cheap in turkey” should remember that it definitely is. 

Why liposuction in Turkey?

Price is not the only factor making medical tourism Turkey so popular. Turkey, as a country has a lot to offer in terms of both medical and touristic point of view.

girl in beachCheck why Turkey is a place to get the best liposuction abroad:

  • Turkey holidays in Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir or Alanya  is a great option for people looking for high-standard, yet affordable summer holidays providing charming climate of the cities, sandy beaches, breathtaking landscapes, wild nature, deeply rooted traditions, cuisine and unique culture;
  • there are hundreds of direct international flights to Turkey, so it is easily accessible;
  • plastic surgery in Turkey reviews prove that the quality of medical treatment is really high and surgeons are top-rated professionals;
  • many clinics in Turkey offer help with organising both holidays to Turkey and medical treatment, so patients have everything organised for them and may think only about getting the most of their time in Turkey;
  • many nationalities do not need to have Turkey visa to come to this country. 

Different types of liposuction

buttThere are several certified types of liposuction that are offered – they include body jet lipo, tumescent liposuction, ultrasound-assisted lipo, laser-assisted lipo, smart lipo and vaser liposuction Turkey. In fact, vaser lipo Turkey is the most popular women and mens liposuction Turkey technique – it is minimally invasive and gives excellent results for both large and small body parts. The specialists in plastic surgery in Turkey are very helpful in advising on the best liposuction which would meet the patient’s expectations and their budget.

Best plastic surgeons in Turkey

In Turkey, there are hundreds of well educated and qualified plastic surgeons. The large group of them have studied abroad (e.g. in the US, Germany, Poland, or Austria) or gained qualifications and experience abroad working for top-rated international hospitals. Clinic Hunter pays the greatest attention to cooperating only with the best plastic surgeons in Turkey, which gives patients the guarantee of having a successful, effective, safe and professional procedure. We are happy to share our surgeons profiles and CVs with potential patients as it builds trust and makes them feel safe. Anyone looking for the best plastic surgeon in Turkey may contact Clinic Hunter and ask for advice.

English speaking doctors

Portrait of male surgeon wearing surgical mask

Even though Turkey does not belong to the group of English speaking countries, English is a very common language there. All the clinics treating international patients hire English speaking staff and doctors. If, for some reason, a doctor cannot speak English, Turkish clinics always provide an English translator so that there are absolutely no language barriers between a patient and a surgeon. English education in Turkey has been greatly developed, so people there speak English much better than even a few years ago. 

Liposuction clinics in Turkey

The Turkey plastic surgery clinics are supervised by the Ministry of Health and controlled by Independent Turkish Medical Associations. Many plastic surgery clinics have obtained JCI accreditation, ISO accreditation, or JACHO accreditation. Clinics of plastic surgery which meet the JCI accreditation standards belong to the group of the top world class medical institutions. In general, clinics that are open to medical tourists use only the most modern techniques and modern medical equipment, meet all the health care  and safety standards set by the international authorities and strictly follow the universal medical care and plastic surgery  guidelines.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Man looking at graph while using laptop

To avoid any hair transplant failure the patient should do a good research before deciding on the procedure

Patients who want to come for liposuction to Turkey usually have an important question in their mind, namely: Is travel to Turkey safe or Is Turkey safe? The answer is: yes, of course it is. Turkey is a very safe country with no international or domestic conflicts in recent years. It is known that a few years ago, there were some attacks and riots in Turkey, but the country has drawn important conclusions and nowadays, there is a prevalent security on the airports, streets, hotels, touristic spots, galleries, and shopping centres. Turkey has never been such a safe and secured country as it is now. Of course, patients should always watch for themselves and their baggage and belongings, avoid dangerous and dubious places and check the official statements about the current situation in a given place. As additional safety measures, patients may ask medical tourism companies in Turkey for help with choosing a safe and reliable clinic, hotel or means of transport

Most popular destinations for lipo in Turkey

Istanbul cityAll the Turkey major cities offer an affordable and effective lipo in Turkey. So, patients may choose the cities to visit in Turkey themselves. For some people, the best cities in Turkey are located by the sea, while for others, the most attractive Turkey cities are those surrounded by the mountains. Some patients like big modern cities, others appreciate the quiet, charming towns.

The best cities to visit in Turkey are listed below.

Liposuction Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey located on the bridge of Europe and Asia, so it is a highly interesting multicultural, historically-rich city and economic centre. Although it might seem that liposuction Istanbul costs more than in other cities, the truth is that plastic surgery in Turkey Istanbul is really competitive. One of the main advantages of Istanbul liposuction is the fact that the most renowned and experienced plastic surgeons from Turkey work there, so patients can be sure that they will get excellent medical care in any clinic centre Istanbul.

Liposuction Antalya Turkey

Antalya is a city situated by the Mediterreinian sea and is the most popular tourist destination in Turkey. So, for anyone wanting to combine holidays and plastic surgery, liposuction Antalya Turkey is a great option. Due to the fact that Antalya Turkey is a very touristic city, English is a prevalent language not only in the clinics, but also on the streets, restaurants and shops. It is also a perfect place in terms of accessibility. There are hundreds of direct flights to Antalya from all over the world, so people usually have no difficulties in finding a convenient flight connection there.

Liposuction Izmir Turkey

Turkey tourismIzmir is a fantastic place for patients who want to chill and relax during their medical trip. Izmir Turkey is one of the most charming, unspoiled and historically-rich places in Turkey, and there are much fewer tourists than in other cities. So, plastic surgery Izmir Turkey guarantees the desired calm, quietness, privacy and relaxation. Of course, if people would like to go sightseeing or benefit from numerous attractions in or near the city, there are many options for them, yet the city itself is not overcrowded and overwhelming as the other ones. 

Liposuction in Turkey reviews

Any liposuction abroad reviews are a reliable source of information and knowledge necessary before the medical trip. The other valuable knowledge may be gained after checking liposuction Turkey before and after photos. Patients should always verify the clinic and surgeon and take a look at the reviews, opinions and before-after photos just to make sure they have made a good decision about the clinic.

Alternative countries for liposuction abroad

Warsaw- pałac kulturyMedical tourism is flourishing in the whole world, and Turkey is not the only destination which is worth mentioning. Undoubtedly, Turkey is one of the most often visited countries, but there are other places worth considering. Liposuction Poland deserves a great attention. Why to have liposuction in Poland? Generally, Poland offers very cheap liposuction abroad and the high quality of the treatment. Polish doctors and clinics are famous for their excellent healthcare and they guarantee a high-standard treatment. The other popular destinations for liposuction abroad are liposuction Thailand, liposuction Spain, or liposuction Mexico. Generally, liposuction in Thailand is chosen mostly by Asians while liposuction prices Mexico attracts mainly Americans. Regarding the location, prices of liposuction abroad comparison is very helpful and may show which countries to take into consideration while looking for the best liposuction prices. 


Liposuction in Turkey is a popular plastic surgery among Europeans, Asians and Americans. It’’s location, touristic attractiveness, healthcare standards and low prices make Turkey a popular destination among medical tourists. Clinic Hunter cooperates with the great clinics in Turkey, so if you are interested in the affordable liposuction abroad, contact us to get more details about the procedure and booking process.

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