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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality breast implants Poland.

Check all the Breast Augmentation clinics in Poland

242 results

(8 reviews)

Allestetis / Allmedica

Nowy Targ, Poland

from 3727 eur

(2 reviews)

KCM Clinic

Jelenia Gora, Poland

(0 reviews)

Chriurgia Plastyczna Marta Raczkowska

Cracow, Poland

(0 reviews)

Raciborskie Medical Center

Raciborz, Poland

from 3439 eur

(0 reviews)

Laguna Estetica

Gdynia, Poland

from 2097 eur

(0 reviews)

Horizon Clinic

Warsaw, Poland

(1 reviews)


Wroclaw, Poland

(0 reviews)

Lecznica Melitus

Warsaw, Poland

from 2253 eur

(0 reviews)


Warsaw, Poland

from 2253 eur

(0 reviews)

Warsaw Agklinik

Warsaw, Poland

from 2253 eur

Breast augmentation Poland

breastIn recent years, plastic surgery Poland has gained much popularity among patients from Poland as well as patients from other European and American countries. Along with bariatrics and dentistry, plastic surgeries are treatments the most frequently chosen by foreign patients. The main reason why people from all over the world choose Poland is the low plastic surgery Poland prices. Plastic surgery breast implants is the leading procedure among female patients. In Poland, there are thousands of breast enlargement surgeries performed on international female patients every year. 

What is breast enlargement surgery and what are breast implants made of? Breast enlargement Poland, also called boob job or breast implants plastic surgery, is a surgery aiming at increasing the breasts size. Thanks to breast implants, the breasts’ fullness and projection are increased, women can choose the size of breasts that they want to have. Also, breast augmentation in Poland improves the balance and proportions of the body and enhances self-confidence and self-image. Two main types of breast implants Poland are silicone and saline implants. The shapes that are available for Poland breast surgery include round and teardrop. Boob job in Poland is performed for women over 18 years old – plastic surgeons are eager to recommend the best type, shape, and size of implants to every domestic and international patient based on their preferences, age, skin condition, and expectations. In this article, we present the most important information regarding boob job Poland. 

Breast implants Poland price

breast implantBreast enlargement UK is a surgery that can be done for either cosmetic or reconstructive reasons. Regarding reconstructive breast enlargement cost, it is usually done within the NHS, so patients do not bear any cost. Such a surgery is performed for women whose breasts have been removed due to breast cancer and its aim is to reconstruct the breasts, not to change the look of healthy breasts. The second reason for breast enlargement near me is purely cosmetic change. Such a surgery is elective and not available on the NHS, which means that patients must bear the full breast enlargement cost UK or breast implants cost abroad (including breast implants cost Poland). Generally, the breast enlargement prices UK are very high – they are even 3 times higher than the breast enlargement prices in Poland. So, how much is breast enlargement UK and how much is a breast enlargement Poland? Well, the price of breast implants depends on the type of implants, chosen size, and complexity of the procedure. Yet, the average cost of breast implants in the UK is 6500 GBP, while in Poland, patients may expect the price of breast implants being 2500-3000 GBP. International patients should remember about adding the additional cost which include e.g. flight tickets, hotel or daily expenses, however, even when we add these expenses, the final cost of breast implants in Poland is still much cheaper than in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavian countries or the USA. 

Is Poland expensive?

girl sunset flowers“Is Poland expensive” or “how expensive is Poland” are not the right questions. People should rather ask “Is Poland cheap” and “why is Poland so cheap”. Having reported that cheap plastic surgery in Poland is the fact, we would like to stress that the low cost of the surgery does not influence the quality of medical treatment. In fact, the quality of medical care in Polish clinics is amazingly high and Poland may set an example to all other countries. So here, the affordable cost of plastic surgeries has nothing to do with the healthcare quality that is met in the clinics and hospitals in Poland. Well, foreigners using USD, EUR or GBP on a daily basis admit that Poland has generally low prices, so they do not boil down to medical treatment cost only. The reasons for that are the low living costs and the favourable currency exchange rate. Regarding breast enlargement, the cost of implants and materials, surgeons’ fees, clinic and equipment maintenance, or daily expenses are much lower than in many other countries, so naturally it influences the final price for breast enlargement surgery. So, we would like to emphasise again that the standard and quality of plastic surgeries in Poland is excellent and the very low cost is just a value added for foreign patients.

Reasons for breast augmentation Poland?

happy girlThe truth is that people often choose Poland when they’re looking for cheap plastic surgery Europe. However, the price is not the only factor making Poland surgery so attractive for medical tourists. Below, we present the strongest assets making Poland the best place for breast implants abroad:

  • very affordable prices of breast implants abroad – getting cheap breast implants in Poland allows for saving even 2000-3000 GBP when compared to the UK;
  • breast implants abroad packages – many clinic and medical tourism facilitators in Poland offer special affordable packages for medical tourists covering accommodation, transfers and local trips, so patients get all-inclusive offer including the breast enlargement abroad;
  • top quality – the outstanding quality of clinics and treatments in Poland is something that Poland is famous for on an international medical tourism market; also the plastic surgeons in Poland are great specialists many a time regarded as authorities for surgeons from other countries;
  • easy, fast and affordable access – thanks to the favourable location (central Europe), most Europans can get to Poland within 1-3 hours by plane; Poland belongs to the European Union and Schengen area, so the number of documents required to enter it is reduced to minimum for numerous countries; the prices for the flight tickets from the UK or Ireland start from as low as 20 GBP;
  • safety – is it safe to have plastic surgery in Poland? Of course it is, Poland is not engaged in any international conflict, the domestic situation there has been stable for years now;
  • many attractions for international tourists – Poland has a varied lay of the land including the access to the Baltic Sea, Mountain ranges (e.g. Breathtaking Tatra mountains), many forests and lakes – every tourist will find the right place for short holidays; besides, there are numerous diversified attractions including castles, historical spots, monuments, churches, landmarks and many places put into the UNESCO list and each major city in Poland has the unique, one-of-a-kind allure, atmosphere, and attractions. 

Types of breast implants Poland

Generally, plastic surgery options allow for choosing the best breast implants for each patient individually – there are not only different types of breast implants, but also different textures and different shapes of breast implants.

The main types of breast enlargement surgery include”

  •  saline implants – these implants have the silicone outer and their inside is filled with a sterile substance called saline; the implants may be filled in before or during the surgery; they are recommended to women over 18 years old;
  • silicone implants – they have a silicone outer and are filled with a silicone gel; the feeling of silicone implants is more natural than in saline implants; they are recommended for women aged 22 or more.

doctor in white kitRegarding the shape, breast enlargement surgery options offer round and teardrop shapes. The choice of the shape is very individual. Round implants make breasts round, well-proportioned and fuller while teardrop implants (also called anatomical implants) preserve the natural shape and give less fullness than the round ones. As for the texture, there are smooth, textured and nano-textured implants. The choice of implant size, shape, type and texture is a must-have stage of preparation for the surgery and often the consultation with a surgeon in this regard takes much time. It is important that women are explained all the options and recommended such implants that would bring the best results and be the most long-lasting for an individual patient. 

Best plastic surgeons

surgeonVerifying the information about considered top surgeons in Poland is an unmissable step of organising breast enlargement surgery and patients should always double-check whether a surgeon is a competent specialist. Undoubtedly, picking a well educated, qualified doctor is a key to the success of breast augmentation surgery. Nowadays it is quite easy to find the necessary information on the Internet, so patients should have no difficulties in finding and checking the best plastic surgeons in UK, best surgeons in Poland, best plastic surgeons in Europe, or even best plastic surgeons in the world – the clinics’ and surgeon’s websites provide information about the qualifications, experience, and expertise. Also, it’s become a rule that patients can see the before-after photos of the surgeon’s former operations, which is the most reliable and valuable source of information about the surgeon’s skills. 

English speaking staff

operation roomOfficially, Poland does not belong to the English speaking countries, yet Poles are using English very freely. English in Poland is the most prevalent foreign language spoken by the majority of the society. Each hospital and clinic serving international patients hires medical personnel who can speak other languages as well and cooperates only with English speaking doctors. The education of the English language in Poland (similarly to English education in Turkey) is well-rooted and well-organised at all school levels, it is even a must-have class at medical universities. So, medical tourists do not have to worry about the communication problems or language barriers in the clinic or outside it. Finally, if an international patient uses a language which a surgeon cannot speak, the clinic always organises the help of a professional translator to make communication effortless and totally understandable. 

Plastic surgery clinics in Poland

clinicAll the plastic surgery clinics set up in Poland are obliged to meet the highest healthcare standards. In this regard, many Polish clinics belong to the best plastic surgery clinics in Europe or even the best plastic surgery clinics in the world, so the top standard and quality of the clinics of plastic surgery in Poland are the certainty. The clinics offer modern techniques, modern medical equipment and use only certified devices. If for some reason, patients feel dubious about the equipment clinic and it’s quality, we advise them to do the Internet research – just like with checking the doctors. On their websites, clinics put all the certifications, accreditations, reviews, equipment description, there are also many groups and forums where patients share their experiences with the specific clinics. Lastly, Clinic Hunter cooperates only with the best plastic surgery clinics offering a friendly atmosphere, privacy, comfort, and highest-quality of the treatment, so if patients are not sure about the choice of the clinic, they are advised to contact Clinic Hunter and get professional advice and clinic recommendations. 

Are breast implants in Poland safe?

warszawa lazienkiAre breast implants safe and how safe are breast implants? Is it safe to have plastic surgery in Poland? Is it safe to breastfeed with breast implants? Well, women considering breast augmentation have many questions in their minds and getting the surgery abroad makes the whole process even more complicated and troublesome. Yet, Poland surgery is undoubtedly a great destination in terms of safety. How safe is breast implants there? Well, in Poland international patients get as safe breast implants as in their home country. The policy of guarantee and revision is very favourable and Polis surgeons always take the full responsibility for their operations regardless of the nationality of a patient. What’s more, Poland as a country is a safe place – there are no restrictions, limitations or dangers for tourists and medical tourists. Polish nation is very tolerant, welcoming and friendly, so there is really nothing to worry about. 

Popular cities for breast surgery in Poland

KrakowPlastic surgery clinics in Poland can be found in all major Polsih cities across the country. The examples of Poland cities where people can get breast implants include Kraków, Warsaw, Gdańsk and Wrocław. It is really difficult to choose the best plastic surgery clinic in Poland or a Poland city where patients can find the best places to visit in Poland because there are many individual factors making a place “the best”. The truth is that each major city in Poland has the nearby international airport, provides many unique tourist attractions and offers highest-quality plastic surgery clinics. Below, we show the cities which are the most frequently visited by medical tourists. 

Breast implants in Wroclaw/ Jelenia Góra

Wrocław is one of the oldest and the biggest cities in Poland, a capital of the Lower Silesia Region – an amazing, historical part of Poland rich in unique castles and small charming towns. Wrocław is known as Venice of the North because the city was established on over 10 small islands connected with each other by 130 bridges. In the city, tourists can find plenty of places and landmarks put on the UNESCO list (e.g. Main Market Square, Cathedral Island, Centennial Hall). Both Polish and international patients looking for plastic surgery in Wroclaw Poland should consider Coramed. It is a Wroclaw plastic surgery Clinic which is particularly renowned and respected among medical tourists. Coramed Poland is one of a few clinics in Poland which are so popular outside Poland. In fact, Coramed Wrocław clinic has contributed to the popularization of medical tourism, it is one of the first clinics in Poland operating on a medical tourism market, so it is particularly experienced in treating international patients.

Poland MapKCM clinic is a second place worth mentioning. It is a clinic established in 2006 which specialises in plastic surgeries and bariatrics. It is located in the heart of Jelenia Góra – a charming town located in the Karkonosze Mountains near Wrocław. KCM clinic Poland is a luxury, highest-quality clinic specialising in treating international patients. It attracts patients not only from Europe, but also from America or even Africa. English is a leading language there, the clinic hires native English coordinators to serve international patients. It is said that KCM is one the most acknowledged and recognised Polish plastic surgery clinics in terms of quality, organisation, attitude and standard. Medical tourists are advised to get the flight to Wrocław, from where a clinic’s driver picks them up and takes them to Jelenia Góra to KCM clinic. 

Breast implants in Krakow / Nowy Targ

All medical tourists wanting to get breast enlargement in Kraków should check Allestetis. Allestetis is a clinic offering top quality and very affordable cosmetic surgery Krakow Poland. It is a branch of the complex of clinics called Allmedica offering not only plastic surgery Kraków but also dental treatment, bariatric surgeries and orthopedics. The clinic itself is situated in Nowy Targ – a small atmospheric town surrounded by mountains located near Krakow. Patients opting for Allestetis in Nowy Targ Poland should look for the flights to Kraków Poland. It gives them an opportunity to visit Kraków – a showcase of Poland and its most representative and touristic city. It maintains a remarkable historical, traditional and cultural heritage and is the most beautiful city in Poland, also the weather in Krakow Poland is very pleasant. Visiting Kraków and Nowy Targ would be an unforgettable experience for medical tourists in terms of both touristic value and quality of plastic surgery. 

Breast implants Warsaw

Polish Airlines LotWarsaw – a capital city of Poland and the largest city there – it is the most popular place in Poland for medical tourists. There are hundreds of plastic surgery Warsaw options, also there are many specialists among whom people can find the best plastic surgeon in Warsaw Poland. There are 2 airports near the city, so there are hundreds of flights from many cities in Europe as well as other continents. Warsaw is a cultural, architectural, economic and historical center of Poland where tourists can find plenty of places to visit and see including the Palace of Culture and Science, the Old Town with a beautiful castle, Royal Łazienki or the Warsaw Rising Museum. Regarding plastic surgery Warsaw Poland, Promedion is a clinic worth mentioning. It is a high-class private clinic offering really affordable prices. It’s been regarded as one of the top Warsaw plastic surgery clinics advertised by many celebrities and personalities and it is definitely worth considering by medical tourists as well. 

Breast implants in Poland reviews

To make sure that the standard and quality of the surgery is satisfying, patients are advised to read plastic surgery Poland reviews and check the breast enlargement before and after photos. The fact that Poland plastic surgery prices are so affordable often makes people more watchful about the quality, yet there is nothing to worry about. For the most part, pictures of breast implants before after as well as breast implants reviews (including plastic surgery in Poland reviews as well as Europe surgery poland reviews) prove the high quality of the surgery and show that it does not depend on the price. To check whether a considered plastic surgeon is a good specialist, patients should ask the clinic to share breast implants before after photos. 

Other destinations for cheap breast implants abroad

Girl in TurkeyPoland is a very popular country to get breast enlargement abroad, yet there are some more other locations worth considering. Breast implants Turkey deserves the greatest attention. Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists – it offers very comprehensive treatments of all branches, and breast implants Turkey prices are one of the lowest in the world. Getting top quality and at the same time cheap breast implants Turkey is a very tempting option for medical tourists and breast implants Turkey reviews just prove that despite low cost, surgery standard is really high. Medical tourists from Asia often choose breast augmentation Thailand packages and Americans often opt for Mexico breast augmentation – it is very dependent on the location and proximity to their home country. 


Breast enlargement in Poland is a plastic surgery which aims at increasing the breasts size and improving their shape, fullness and contours. When done for purely cosmetic reasons, the surgery is not available within the NHS, which means that patients must bear the full cost. It is very frequent that the cost of breast implants exceeds people’s budget and they just cannot afford it, so they decide to get it done abroad at a much lower cost. The cost of breast implants in Poland is 2-3 times lower than in the UK or the USA, yet the quality is still at a very high level. If you would like to get the breast augmentation abroad, Clinic Hunter will be eager to help you find, book and organise your surgery in Poland. 

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