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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality tummy tuck Turkey.

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Medifema Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

from 3430 eur

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Soraca Med

Antalya, Turkey

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Antalya, Turkey

(2 reviews)

Gözde International Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Cayra Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Özel Sağlık Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Turkeyana Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Medicine Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Hermes Clinics

Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Termessos Hospital

Antalya, Turkey

Tummy tuck Turkey

Lady in white shirtMedical tourism is a worldwide trend which has gained great popularity in the 21st century. Turkey belongs to the group of countries which are the most frequently chosen by medical tourists looking for medical treatment abroad. The main reasons which make Turkey so valuable on the market are: the attractive location, the hospitable climate, deeply rooted traditions and rich history, the mixture of cultures, and, most importantly, competitive prices offered by the Turkish clinics. Yearly, these are millions of people choosing plastic surgery Turkey – it is 3-4 times cheaper than plastic surgery UK. 

One of the most popular plastic surgeries is abdominoplasty commonly known as tummy tuck. What is abdominoplasty or what is a tummy tuck? Tummy tuck surgery removes the sagging loose skin from the abdomen area and tightens the loose muscles. Abdominoplasty surgery is dedicated to people struggling with sagging skin in the abdomen area, it refers especially to those who have lost much weight or women after pregnancy. People choose tummy tuck in Turkey not only because of the low price of abdominoplasty Turkey. The quality of tummy tuck surgery Turkey is really satisfying as the private clinics and hospitals there meet all the highest standards of healthcare and safety. In this article, we present the important aspects of plastic surgery tummy tuck in Turkey. 

Tummy tuck Turkey cost

moneyThe high tummy tuck cost is often a main barrier against the surgery and a main reason why people look for cheaper options. The amazingly low cost of tummy tuck in Turkey attracts medical tourists coming mainly from the UK, Germany, Ireland, the USA, and Scandinavian countries. In these countries, the average price of a tummy tuck is 5500-6000 EUR, which is much higher than tummy tuck prices in Turkey. So, how much does tummy tuck cost abroad and how much is a tummy tuck in Turkey? The average cost of tummy tuck there is 2000-2500 EUR. The usual tummy tuck and lipo cost does not exceed 3000 EUR, which is unbelievably low for Europeans and Americans – they agree that the cost of tummy tuck in Turkey is even 4 times cheaper than abdominoplasty cost in their country. Such a price of a tummy tuck in Turkey often includes the accommodation in a luxury hotel, airport pick-up and taxi transfers, so there is no additional cost at all. 

Tummy tuck prices UK

How much is a tummy tuck UK? It is difficult to estimate the precise cost for the surgery as it depends on several factors, e.g. the location, competitiveness, a surgeon, scope of the surgery, a patient’s health condition. However, the average tummy tuck cost UK is 5500 GBP / 6500 EUR. Of course, tummy tuck UK prices may be lower or higher, yet patients should expect the price similar to the one mentioned. The alternative for the British is getting the surgery within the NHS, yet there are strict criteria which must be met to get qualified for the procedure. 

Is Turkey affordable?

Smiling woman holding tablet while sitting on sofaIs Turkey cheap? Well, the Turkish clinics offer very affordable prices for medical treatment – they are particularly attractive to foreign patients. People choose Turkey to get dental treatment, plastic surgery, bariatric surgeries, orthopedic procedures, infertility treatment or hair transplant. How cheap is Turkey and why is Turkey so cheap? Generally, the affordability of medical treatment there depends on the country which it is compared with. For example, for patients from Ireland or the UK, Turkey offers the prices 3-4 times cheaper, so it is very affordable. Poland, on the other hand, is also a popular medical tourism destination, yet Turkey beats this country too and the Turkish prices may be even twice as cheap as in Poland. The main reason for such cheap pricing in Turkey is the low cost of living. People using Euro, Pounds or Dollars on a daily basis see that the everyday expenses, fees, local currency rate, and generally the cost of products and services in Turkey are really low and favourable. At the same time, the healthcare quality and standard remains at the high level. So, summing up, if anyone wonders “is it cheap in Turkey?” should know that yes, it is extremely cheap there, so this option is definitely worth considering. 

Why tummy tuck in Turkey?

It is indisputable that cost is a main determinant for people travelling abroad for medical treatment. Medical tourism Turkey has gained popularity mainly thanks to the low cost, but nowadays, there are some more factors making Turkey the best place to have a tummy tuck abroad. The most common reasons why medical tourists see Portrait confident young woman with curly hairTurkey as the best country for tummy tuck include:

  • the quality of the medical treatment is really high, which is proven by thousands of plastic surgery in Turkey reviews
  • Turkey holidays is a very popular choice among people from the whole world, so combining the plastic surgery performed by the best abdominoplasty surgeon at the low cost and holidays in an attractive holiday resort is a great option
  • there are hundreds of flights to Turkey, so it is a very accessible country, also Turkey visa is not required for most of the countries
  • Turkish clinics have full packages of holidays to Turkey, they offer the best place for tummy tuck abroad and organize stay in a luxury hotel, airport pick-up and even local trips so that plastic surgery patients can have the great time in Turkey
  • the low surgery cost allows for choosing the best tummy tuck surgeon in Turkey, which in other countries would exceed many people’s budget.

Best plastic surgeons in Turkey

doctorsThe plastic surgeons in Turkey are well educated and qualified – the Turkish law strictly regulates the medical training and education, so only the most determined, devoted and skilled people get a chance to become the best plastic surgeons. Many specialists have completed numerous training and gained qualifications and experience abroad, which makes them as qualified and cultured as the best tummy tuck surgeon UK. Patients looking for the best tummy tuck surgeon in Turkey may contact Clinic Hunter and get advice on the best plastic surgeon tummy tuck. Clinic Hunter selects only the renowned and experienced plastic surgeons to guarantee a professional, effective and safe plastic surgery. Each patient may get information about the chosen best plastic surgeon in Turkey to check the experience, certificates, before-after photos and reviews from the former patients. 

English speaking specialists

Turkey does not belong to English speaking countries, yet people speak English rather freely and without any difficulties. The English education in Turkey is similar to other European countries where English is the main foreign language taught at school. All the clinics which offer their service to international patients cooperate with English speaking doctors and personnel. If, by any chance, there is no English-speaking doctor in the clinic, they always invite an English translator to make sure that the communication between a patient and surgeon is smooth and effective. 

Top tummy tuck clinics in Turkey

Portrait confident female nurse in modern hospital corridorThe Turkish Ministry of Health as well as Independent Medical Associations in Turkey monitor and control the Turkey plastic surgery clinics. The certifications that guarantee the high-standard include ISO accreditation, JCAHO accreditation and JCI accreditation. The most important one is JCI – all the clinics of plastic surgery which possess it meet the highest international standards of healthcare and belong to the world-class plastic surgery clinics. In general, any clinic in Turkey offering its services worldwide offers modern techniques, has modern medical equipment and uses the latest technological solutions. So, contrary to common beliefs, finding a good-quality, reliable, and using modern equipment clinic in Turkey is rather easy. However, if anyone finds it too difficult, Clinic Hunter is ready to help patients find the best plastic surgery clinics there. 

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Portrait of woman standing at beachIs Turkey safe? It is an important question that all medical tourists have in mind. No wonder, in the past safety in Turkey as a country as well as safety of its healthcare standard were quite dubious, yet now it is the other way round. Travel to Turkey is totally safe and there is no need to worry about the healthcare quality or moving around the country. In terms of safety regulations in all fields and protection of citizens and travellers, Turkey follows the European countries policy. Patients wanting to feel even more protected and well-cared-for may contact one of numerous medical tourism companies in Turkey. Such companies help in finding the best clinic, make all the travel arrangements (e.g. find the flight tickets, organise accommodation) and take care of patients once they are in Turkey, so in case of any incident or problem, patients may count on them and get help. So, above all, patients coming to Turkey for medical treatment and holidays have nothing to worry about in terms of safety. 

Best cities for tummy tuck in Turkey

Turkey balloonsGenerally, Turkey major cities such as Istanbul and Antalya are the most popular destinations for tourists, including medical tourists looking for a low-cost tummy tuck Turkey. The choice of the city is very individual – it depends on preferences, expectations and flight connection (patients usually choose the cities in Turkey where they get the direct flight). For some people, the best cities to visit in Turkey are those surrounded by the mountains, while others prefer Turkey cities located by the sea. People getting tummy tuck in Turkey have a privilege of choosing the desired scenery and landscape as Turkey is a very diversified region in this regard. Below, we briefly describe the best cities in Turkey offering affordable tummy tuck Turkey cost. 

Istanbul tummy tuck

Istanbul is the most popular destination for medical tourists. The quality of tummy tuck Istanbul is excellent, it is also quite easy to find a reliable clinic centre Istanbul as there are the top plastic surgery clinics in Turkey. Istanbul is situated on the border or Asia and Europe – it is a really unique and multicultural city with deep traditions and rich history, it is also an international economic centre. People may think that plastic surgery in Turkey Istanbul is more expensive than in other cities, but the truth is that the prices there are highly competitive.

Antalya tummy tuck

Beautiful shot of the sun rising over the beach on a breezy autumn day in SamosAntalya Turkey is the most popular summer holiday resort. Antalya is located by the Mediterreinian Sea, so it is a perfect destination for people who want to spend great summer holidays combined with medical treatment. This city welcomes millions of tourists each year, so it is prepared for international travellers – many people speak English fluently, so foreigners can communicate freely not only in the clinic but also on the street when they meet local people. Antalya is a perfect destination also in terms of access. There are hundreds of flights arriving to Antalya every day, so people usually find it easy to get the direct flight to this city. In addition, there are medical tourism facilitators who organise the plastic surgery and stay in Turkey, so if people are looking for tummy tuck within summer holidays, they may contact such companies and check their all inclusive packages. 

Tummy tuck in Turkey reviews

Tummy tuck reviews must be always checked. Patients should tummy tuck Turkey reviews referring to a specific surgeon or clinic. They give patients a valuable feedback, information, and confirmation of the quality. When the tummy tuck abroad reviews are negative for a chosen clinic, patients are advised to double check the reliability and standard of this place. The other valuable source of information are tummy tuck pictures – before and after photos show the skillfulness of a surgeon and give an idea of the results that can be expected. 

Alternative countries for tummy tuck abroad

Airplane heading to an islandTurkey is one of the most frequently visited countries on a medical tourism map, however there are many other regions which offer affordable and good-quality tummy tuck abroad. In Europe, tummy tuck Poland and Czech Republic (mainly tummy tuck Prague) are really popular. Tummy tuck in Poland is the main competitor of Turkey. Poland offers very competitive prices and prides itself on the best quality of healthcare. In fact, prices for tummy tuck in Poland are slightly higher than in Turkey, yet it is the world-class standard and renowned surgeons which make Poland so popular. Tummy tuck in Prague or Poland are still 2-3 times cheaper than in other countries. The other locations that are frequently chosen include tummy tuck India, tummy tuck Thailand, and tummy tuck in Belgium. It is always a good idea to check the prices and clinics in a few countries or cities to get the idea of what costs can be expected and compare the offers. 


Tummy tuck is a very popular surgery done by men and women. Turkey attracts medical tourists from Europe, Asia and America. It is a very attractive region which offers competitive prices for plastic surgeries and is a great destination for holidays as well. Regardless of the city, medical tourists can be sure that they will be treated by a certified surgeon in a high-standard clinic. The whole stay for tummy tuck is a minimum of 5 days, so patients will have a lot of free time which they can spend on enjoying the great landscapes, scenery and benefitting from the tourist attractions in Turkey. Clinic Hunter offers free help in finding and organizing tummy tuck in Turkey, so if you consider plastic surgery abroad, contact us for more details.

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