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Hair transplant Poland

baldish manPoland is a popular destination for medical tourists from all over the world.The flag treatments that are characteristic for Poland are plastic surgeries, dental treatment and bariatric surgeries, yet hair transplant Poland is popular as well. Hair loss has become a serious problem for modern men. The chronic stress, fast lifestyle, importance of physical look and the awareness of the balding problem and hair loss treatment have made hair transplantation a popular procedure. Hair implants and hair transplant are a popular hair loss cure. 

In this article, we will focus on Poland hair transplant, which is a very popular treatment chosen by medical tourists coming from the UK, Ireland, Germany, the USA, Sweden and Norway. What is hair transplant or what is hair transplant surgery? It is a procedure which uses a patient’s own hair to fill in the balding area. The hair is taken from the back of the head, chest or other body part and implanted into the problematic part of the head (usually the forehead and crown areas). The most popular types of hair transplant abroad are FUT, FUE and DHI hair transplant surgery. Poland offers an extremely low cost of hair transplant cost abroad, which is good news for medical tourists looking for an affordable procedure. At the same time, the standard and quality of the procedure remains at the highest level. Below, we present the important aspects of getting a hair transplant in Poland. 

Hair transplant poland cost

It is really difficult to provide the average hair transplant cost simply because the hair transplant prices depend on a few factors such as the number of grafts (the price gets higher when the number of grafts increases), the number of sessions (for significant hair loss, 2-3 sessions are needed, which increases the cost of hospital and surgeons covering) and type of hair transplant (e.g. the modern FUE hair transplant Poland cost is higher that the cost of an old-fashioned FUT method). So, to know how much is a hair transplant in Poland, patients ought to consult a professional who can advise them on the most effective method of hair transplant and recommend the number of grafts. In fact, medical tourists can easily get to know the individual cost of hair transplant Poland before they make any binding decision about the trip because many clinics offer online consultations on the basis of the photos. The most common hair transplant UK is FUE hair transplant involving 1500 grafts, so we will try to give people an idea of how much for hair transplant they would pay in this case. In the UK, the cost varies from 4500 EUR to 6500 EUR. How much does a hair transplant cost in Poland? In Poland, such a hair transplant costs about 2500-3000 EUR. Of course, the prices in individual clinics vary and may be lower or bigger, but the most important thing to note is that getting a hair transplant in Poland allows for making incredibly huge savings.

Why hair transplant Poland?

warszawaThe main reason why people choose hair transplant abroad is the low price. Regarding hair transplant Europe, Poland offers one of the cheapest hair transplant. At the same time, the quality of the procedure is really high. For example, the British patients having the very cheap hair transplant UK or very cheap beard transplant UK may expect the worse quality of the treatment than in the top clinics there, while in Poland they can choose the best place for hair transplant, the best hair transplant clinic, and world-class surgeons and still, the price would be very affordable. However, the price is not the only factor making Poland one of the best country for hair transplant. Medical tourism hospitals in Poland meet the highest healthcare standards and Polish surgeons perform the best hair transplant in the world, which is appreciated all over the world. 

Hair transplant results

In Poland, the hair transplant doctors pay great attention to such procedure details that ensure the best hair transplant results.

The factors influencing the hair transplant success include:

  • the proper qualification for hair transplant based on medical tests and medical history of a patient
  • the choice of the hair transplant method
  • the choice of the optimal number of grafts
  • determining the donor area
  • providing patients with detailed instructions for recovery time.

man in jacketThanks to the deep engagement and individual approach that can be met in Polish clinics, the success rate of hair transplant (including body hair transplant success rate) exceeds 99%, which means that when patients are honest with the doctors and follow the post-op instructions, the success of hair transplant is guaranteed. Patients should always check before-after photos of hair transplant showing the hair transplant results month by month to see what effects they can expect, because when patients have unrealistic expectations, they might be dissatisfied with the results despite the hair transplant success. 

Best hair transplant doctors

doctorMany people wonder whether it is possible to find good hair transplant doctors abroad who perform hair transplant at such a low cost. Well, we need to counter a popular myth that a low cost always entails poor quality. In fact, in Poland there are one of the best hair transplant doctors in the world and still the cost of the procedure is very affordable. The low costs result mainly from the cost of living, which in Poland is generally low when compared to Western European countries. The maintenance of the clinics, surgeons’ fees, equipment price, and other daily expenses in Poland cost less than in the UK, USA or Ireland. No wonder, the citizens of these countries travel to Poland to get the treatment. So, stressing it again, the low hair transplant cost does not influence the experience and qualifications of hair transplant doctors. 

Generally, the hair transplant training for doctors in Poland is really demanding and strict, which allows for a perfect preparation of young ambitious specialists to perform the newest methods of hair transplant. Many Polish doctors have learned the procedure from the best hair transplant doctors across the world. What we always suggest to potential patients is checking the training, qualifications, certifications, experience and before-after photos of top hair transplant doctors in Poland so that patients are 100% sure that they will be in good hands. If, for some reasons, patients find it difficult to choose the best hair transplant doctors, Clinic Hunter offers its help in finding the best specialist in Poland who will meet all the patient’s expectations. 

State of art hair transplant clinics

modern clinicThanks to the popularity of hair transplant in Poland, many hair transplant clinics have been set up there. Over the last 10 years, the healthcare system in Poland received great investment from both the government and international healthcare providers. As a result, Poland has one of the best hair transplant clinics in Europe with modern techniques and modern medical equipment. Hair transplant in Poland is always performed in private hair transplant clinics in Poland which represent the highest level of healthcare, follow all the safety regulations and provide excellent medical care. There are dozens of FUT and FUE hair transplant clinics which serve international patients. Most of them have their websites with an English version, so patients can always check the information about a hair transplant clinic on the Internet. There are also many ranks where patients can find best hair transplant clinics in UK, Poland or generally the best hair transplant clinics in the world – such ranks are usually based on patients’ reviews and opinions, so they are really reliable. 

In addition, many clinics have special offers for international patients. Namely, they offer a price including not only hair transplant but also accommodation in a hotel, airport pickup, and taxi transfers. Such a package is very convenient because patients do not have to organise anything and they come as if they were on the organised holidays. Clinic Hunter cooperates only with carefully selected, top-class hair transplant clinics in Poland, so people who cannot find a reliable clinic may contact us to check our tried and tested hair transplant clinics in Poland. 

Best cities for hair transplant Poland

Having said that Poland belongs to the best countries for medical tourism, we need to list the cities in Poland that are the most frequently visited by foreign patients. Regarding medical tourism Europe, the most popular are: hair transplant Warsaw, hair transplant Krakow and hair transplant Wroclaw. Of course, patients have various cities in mind when they talk about the best place for hair transplant because there are many determinants and factors influencing their decision. The aspects that are worth considering include:

  • a clinic and surgeon – when people are decisive about getting hair transplant in a specific clinic, they will choose a city where it is located;
  • flight connection – firstly, people usually consider cities where they can get a direct flight and secondly, they pay attention to the flight duration as it is always more convenient to fly to a chosen city for 3 hours instead of 10 hours;
  • the touristic value of a city – when patients combine hair transplant with some local trips and rest leave, they should check what attractions they will be offered in each considered city.

KrakowSo, people fascinated by breath-taking castles, history and unique cultural heritage would choose Kraków as their hair transplant destination while those enjoying the nightlife and looking for entertainment would opt for hair transplant Poland Wroclaw. Nature lovers may also benefit from the trip to Poland as it offers very diversified landscapes – the Sea, Mountains, many intact National Parks, Lakes and unspoiled regions. So, in terms of vacation tourism and medical tourism, Poland can satisfy everyone. 

Hair transplant abroad – other locations

Regarding the popular destinations for hair transplant abroad, Poland is just one of many countries chosen by medical tourists. Hair transplant Turkey (including beard transplant Turkey) deserves great attention. In fact, it is Turkey beard transplant and Turkey hair transplant which is the most popular destination for medical tourists from the whole world. Turkey offers the best specialists in body hair transplants and the most affordable prices. TurkeyHair and beard transplant Turkey cost is even lower than in Poland, and at the same time the quality of the procedures and standard that can be met in the clinics are really high. The other frequently chosen places include hair transplant India, hair transplant Pakistan, and hair transplant Mexico. Regarding Mexico hair transplant, it is chosen mainly by Americans because of the short distance between the countries. Europeans rather prefer closer destinations. As for hair transplant in India and hair transplant in Pakistan, there are still places offering poor quality treatments, so patients should always make sure that the chosen clinic meets the satisfying healthcare standards. People who would like to compare the clinics abroad and need help in choosing the best place are advised to contact Clinic Hunter and get assistance in finding the top hair transplant at the low price. 

Hair transplant Poland review

The reviews of hair transplant are a perfect source of information for potential patients. So, anyone who is curious about what the procedure looks like, how patients feel afterwards, what are the recovery steps, how intense the pain is, etc should spend some times on reading the opinions and experiences of former patients. There are also more and more celebrity hair transplant photos and opinions, which is generally good because the hair loss problem gets more often addressed and obviously the popularity of hair transplant is making men happier and more confident. Apart from the reviews, we suggest that patients also check before and after photos of people having had hair transplant. Such photos and reviews are very informative and illustrative for potential patients and top-class professional clinics and surgeons should agree to share this information on request.


Hair transplant Poland is the most effective solution to hair loss and baldness problems for male and female patients across the world. Poland offers the highest level of medical care and very competitive prices which attract tourists from such countries as the UK, Ireland, Germany, the USA, Sweden and Norway. What is also characteristic of Poland, there are all inclusive packages and special offers for medical tourists where the clinics or medical tourism facilitators organise not only the treatment but also the stay and make all the travel arrangements. So, getting a hair transplant in Poland has never been so easy as it is today. To get more information regarding affordable medical treatment in Poland, contact Clinic Hunter. 

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