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Cayra Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

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Medifema Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

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Termessos Hospital

Antalya, Turkey

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Turkeyana Clinic

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Özel Sağlık Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

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Medicine Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey

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Hermes Clinics

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Zeymed Hair Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

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Park Interntional

Istanbul, Turkey

Hair transplant Turkey

Man using laptop while sitting on sofa at homeTurkey is a very popular destination for medical tourists. One of the flag treatments that is characteristic for Turkey is Turkey hair transplant. In fact, Turkey is the most popular country for patients looking for hair transplant abroad. Apart from the low prices, which are the main determinant for medical travellers, Turkish clinics have been greatly developed in hair transplantation methods. There is no other country which offers as many types, methods, clinics, and specialists as hair transplant in Turkey. The most popular procedures are:

  • DHI hair transplant Turkey
  • FUE hair transplant Turkey
  • stem cell hair transplant Turkey.

Of course, there are many more types of hair transplant surgery Turkey to choose from. Also, many clinics offer less common body hair transplant Turkey which include e.g. eyebrow or beard transplant. How much is hair transplant in Turkey? To be honest, the DHI or FUE hair transplant cost Turkey is 4 or even 5 times cheaper than in Western European or American countries. For many people, this cost is just unbelievably low, yet the quality of hair transplant stays at a very high level at the same time. Below, we present the important aspects of getting a hair transplant in Turkey. 

Hair transplant cost Turkey

moneyIt is quite difficult to estimate the average hair transplant Turkey cost because the procedure depends on the several factors, the most important of which are: the number of grafts (the more grafts needed, the higher price, usually the number of grafts transplanted in one session varies from 500 to 3000) and the type of hair transplant (there are different prices for DHI, FUE, FUT, stem cell or implant hair transplant). So, to know the exact hair transplant Turkey price, patients should consult a specialist who will advise them on the number of grafts needed and recommend the most effective hair transplant type. Medical tourists can easily get the cost of hair transplant in Turkey before making travel arrangements because many clinics offer online consultations and provide patients with the quote on the basis of the photos. Generally, the most popular cheap hair transplant is FUE, and the average number of hair grafts is 1500 for one session. So, how much is a hair transplant in Turkey in such a case? The usual hair transplant cost in Turkey is 1600 EUR. There is no other place in the world offering such a low hair transplant cost abroad and such a high quality at the same time. Of course, the individual prices may vary, also clinics set their own prices, so the final Turkey hair transplant cost may be different, but it rarely exceeds 2000 EUR for a given number of grafts. 

Why hair transplant is cheaper in Turkey?

man in white shirtFirst of all, we need to stress that the cheap hair transplant Turkey does not entail the lower quality or standard of the hair transplant abroad. The truth is, when we compare the quality of cheap hair transplant UK and the quality of cheap hair transplant in Turkey, the procedure in Turkey is performed in much better conditions, by a renowned and respected surgeon, and the general standard and prestige of the Turkish clinic is much better. The cheapest hair transplant in the UK would be still more expensive than in Turkey, so it is pointless to choose this option as there is a chance of getting an even more affordable hair transplant abroad performed by an experienced, certified hair transplant specialist. But why is Turkey so cheap? It is not a complicated point. The low price stems from the low cost of living in Turkey – the surgeons’ salaries, the maintenance of the clinics, daily expenses, etc are just very low when compared to people using Dollars, Pounds or Euro currencies. 

More reasons to get hair transplant in Turkey

Price is undoubtedly the most frequent reason why people perceive Turkey as the best country for a hair transplant. However, it is not the only one. Turkey has other assets which make it the best place for hair transplant. Below, we present the advantages of Turkey over other countries in this regard.

Best hair transplant Turkey

bald manThe best thing about coming to Turkey, which is often undermined, is the opportunity to choose the top hair transplant clinic and the most experienced specialists. The low cost of the procedure allows for opting for the best hair transplant in Turkey, which in such countries as the UK, the USA, Ireland, or Germany would exceed many people’s budgets. There are numerous opinions from the former patients saying that Turkey is “the best country for hair transplant”, or there, they got “the best hair transplant in the world”. Of course, we are not in a position to say whether you will get the best hair transplant in Turkey or not, yet such opinions are really positive and prove that patients can really expect getting the top hair transplant in Turkey at a very low cost. 

Hair transplant Turkey results

Generally, all clinics in Turkey share the Turkey hair transplant results of their patients. The before-after photos are the best advertisement and a showcase of a clinic and a surgeon, so patients can easily find such illustrations of the results on clinics websites. In general, the hair transplant success rate is over 99% in FUE and DHI methods. The body hair transplant success rate may be slightly lower, yet it is still very high. So, the success of hair transplant is a certainty, and the photos show the scale of the results that can be expected in specific procedures. We cannot guarantee the hair transplant success for experimental or relatively new methods, yet the success rate of hair transplant standard procedures is guaranteed by the Turkish clinics. 

Best hair transplant doctors in Turkey

man on white backgroundAre there any good hair transplant doctors in Turkey? There are hundreds of great specialists in hair transplant there. Generally, top hair transplant surgeons in Turkey had come a long way of education and training before they got all the necessary qualifications, skills and experience. Turkey is a country where hair transplant is advanced and developed to the greatest extent, there are many symposia and courses organised by the best hair transplant surgeon in Turkey – and these are Turkish doctors who often teach surgeons from other countries. Of course, patients who are looking for hair transplant doctors in Turkey should always make sure that the surgeon has necessary qualifications and is experienced in a chosen hair transplant method. Before-after photos may be helpful here as they illustrate the surgeon’s skills and show the results that can be expected. We also advise that patients check all the certificates and courses that a surgeon has completed – if they are not available on the clinic’s or surgeon’s website, patients should ask whether they can share them.

Modern hair transplant clinics

Portrait of male surgeon wearing surgical mask

All the clinics in Turkey are supervised by the Turkish ministry of Health and Independent Medical Associations, as a result of which any hair transplant center Turkey must follow the set standards and safety regulations. In addition, there are accreditations which are given to a clinic for a specific period of time and are prolonged only when the clinic standard remains at the same, high level. The approved certifications include ISO, JCAHO and JCI accreditations. The best would be if a clinic has JCI accreditation because it guarantees excellent care and high standards. Each best hair transplant clinic in Turkey prides itself on having it. In general, a hair transplant clinic Turkey offering hair transplants to foreign patients follows all the international standards and maintains the best quality of the treatment and medical care. Clinic Hunter helps each patient find the best hair transplant clinic Turkey on the basis of a patient’s expectations, preferences and needs. 

Turkey hair transplant package

Turkey balloonsIt is a common trend that medical tourists combine hair transplants with holidays in Turkey. In fact, it is a great idea because many clinics offer hair transplant Turkey package including the treatment and stay in a preferred location. Such hair transplant deals often include accommodation in a luxury hotel with easy access to many tourist attractions e.g. the beach, city centre, museums or parks, airport pick up, transfers between the clinic and the hotel, and local trips. When people decide for the treatment in Turkey, they can be sure that hair transplant holiday Turkey would be perfectly organised by the clinics or agencies that they cooperate with. Thanks to its location and touristic value, having a hair transplant holiday in Turkey is a very attractive option for medical travellers. 

Best place for hair transplant in Turkey

Each person may have a different city in mind when speaking about the best place to do hair transplant in Turkey. Generally, the most popular destinations are Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya and Izmir. However, each patient should think about the important factors and determinants for choosing a hair transplant place. The following aspects should be considered:

  • the flight connection to the nearest airport (usually, people choose the city where they can get a direct flight)
  • the clinic and surgeon (when people want to get hair transplant in a chosen clinic, they will come to a city where this clinic is located)
  • the touristic value (people combining hair transplant with holidays should check whether they will find tourist attractions which will be interesting for them in a considered city).

So, the “best place for hair transplant” is a very subjective thing which depends on the point of view. Below, we present two cities which are the most popular destinations for hair transplant in Turkey. 

Hair transplant Istanbul

turkeyHair transplant Turkey Istanbul is the most frequent choice made by medical tourists. The quality of Istanbul hair transplant is more than excellent because there are the most progressive, luxury, and exclusive clinics – many people admit that it is really effortless to get the best hair transplant in Istanbul. There are dozens of clinics offering high-quality hair transplant in Turkey Istanbul. Besides, this city is a unique place with deeply-rooted traditions, rich history and great cultural heritage. It is located on the verge of Europe and Asia and is a great destination for tourists from all over the world. The price for hair transplant in Turkey Istanbul is also very competitive. Thanks to so many clinics that are situated there, the prices are really affordable for local and foreign patients. 

Hair transplant Antalya

Antalya hair transplant is the most popular choice for people looking for hair transplant done during summer holidays. Antalya is a prominent holiday resort located by the Mediterranean Sea, it is one of the best places in Turkey to spend holidays. The city is visited by millions of people every year and is well-prepared for welcoming international travellers. There are numerous hotels in all preferred locations – by the sea, in a city centre, in quiet areas, or in districts where a nightlife prevails – all tourists will find the suitable hotel, area and attractions that will meet their expectations. What is also worth knowing, people choosing hair transplant Antalya Turkey have the greatest chance to communicate in English not only with medical personnel and doctors but also with local community especially working in places visited by tourists – citizens in Antalya have made great effort to learn English so that tourists feel no language barriers while visiting the city. 

Hair transplant abroad – other locations

Doubtlessly, it is Turkey which gathers the greatest numbers of medical tourists for hair transplant. However, the medical tourism map offers many other locations which may be also very attractive. Regarding hair transplant Europe, the popular destinations include:

at the airport

Poland hair transplant is the second most popular destination just after Turkey. The hair transplant Poland review and opinions are all positive and the standard of hair transplant clinics is the highest that is possible. Despite the fact that the prices for hair transplant in Poland are slightly higher than in Turkey, the main asset of Poland is the quality and great world-class surgeons. In fact, Poland and Turkey are the top destinations for medical tourists from Europe and North America. Asians, on the other hand, also choose hair transplant Pakistan, hair transplant India, hair transplant Thailand or hair transplant in Dubai. Anyone opting for hair transplant in Pakistan or hair transplant in India should be very careful about choosing the clinic, as not every clinic is reliable and finding the top quality clinic might be more difficult than in Turkey or Poland. 

Hair transplant turkey reviews

Patients should always check the Turkey hair transplant reviews or hair transplant Turkey forum to get the valuable information and feedback about the hair transplant. Also, hair transplant Turkey before and after photos are very informative. Each reliable clinic builds the trust by putting their FUE hair transplant Turkey reviews and Turkey hair transplant before and after photos on its website. There are also more and more hair transplant abroad forum groups on social media where patients share their experiences. Doing such research about a considered clinic helps patients make sure that they’ve made a good decision about the hair transplant destination. 


Hair transplant in Turkey is a popular procedure done by male patients from all over the world. Turkey is a highly attractive country in terms of the price – there is no other place in the world which offers such a high standard and top quality of hair transplant which is so affordable at the same time. The minimum duration of a trip for hair transplant is 4 days, however many people come for a longer time, usually a week, just to benefit from the touristic offer of the country. Clinic Hunter offers help to patients from all over the world in finding the best clinic and organizing hair transplant in Turkey, so if you consider getting this procedure abroad, contact us for more details.

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