Travel Insurance
for Surgery Abroad

Cosmetic, Bariatric, Elective, Dental, IVF

For UK residents

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Your insurance includes

Authorised and regulated by the FCA

Applicable to UK residents

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Life Threatening Complications (related to planned surgery) in the country of surgery 2 000 000 GBP

Medical Transport to home country

Repatriation (including as a result of planned surgery)

3rd Party Liability 1 000 000 GBP

Refunds and deposits up to 5000 GBP

Global medical coverage including Turkey (some countries excluded)*

Extended Trip coverage up to 1500 GBP

Return trips up to 2 000 GBP

Optional inclusion of companions under coverage


Key Exclusions

*Some countries excluded  – for a full list of excluded countries please refer to the policy wording relevant to your procedure type

Medically essential medical procedures

Any claim arising from a pre-existing condition, unless directly related to the treatment being sought on the trip
Any trip contrary to medical advice.
Treatment that is not carried out in a properly regulated hospital/clinic or surgery.

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For a full list of all benefits please refer to Policy Details
IVF cover inlcudes USA and Canada


How it works?


Book your medical treatment and insurance

Book your appointment if you need dental treatment, plastic surgery, hair transplant, orthopedics, or bariatrics done abroad. After booking your treatment you can buy insurance for your medical travel.


Calculate your insurance premium

Click “Get a free quote” and provide some information about you, your treatment, and a potential companion. The system will calculate the premium for you.


Make a payment

You can pay for your insurance by card, so it’s simple and easy. When your payment is received, your insurance will be active


Get covered

Your insurance covers unexpected expenses occurring during your trip, including:

cost of non-refundable deposit
cost of an extended stay due to a delayed recovery
travel and accommodation costs related to a medically essential return trip



Buy the insurance for your trip
abroad to get medical treatment

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic procedures can include:

Breast augmentation
Mummy makeover
Liposuction (including for lipodema)
Brazilian butt lift
Laser eye surgery
Hair transplant
Facial Feminisation

Procedures that would be considered elective:

Genital reassignment
Bariatric procedures
Total body lift

Dental Surgery

Procedures covered can include:

Removal of teeth/implants/veneers
Cosmetic teeth straightening
General dentistry

Procedures that are not dental treatment:

Jaw implants (cosmetic)
Jaw realignment (elective)
TMD/TMJ treatments (elective)

Elective surgery
including weight loss surgery

Elective procedures can include:

Bariatric/Gastric procedures
Orthopedic procedures
Total joint replacements
Cataract procedures
Bladder fulguration

Elective procedures not covered include:

Oncology/Cancer treatments
Cardiac procedures
Organ transplants/donations
Stem cell treatments

Fertility Treatment

IVF procedures can include:

IVF treatment



If you are still at your destination and need immediate medical assistance please contact
NGS helpline on +44 (0) 207 183 8910.
The NGS cannot assist with travel disruption.

If you have returned home and need to make an out-of-pocket claim please contact The Medical Travel Shield Claim department


Who can get this insurance?

UK residents and companions (must not be undertaking a procedure) traveling with the insured patient under the same
policy. For non-UK residents check for other Clinic Hunter products.




Clinic Hunter & Medical Travel Shield Partnership

Provided by Sure Insurance Services

platform dedicated to connecting individuals with reputable and
cost-effective healthcare solutions internationally.

with over 20 years experience foremost broker for
specialist medical insurance programmes

specialized medical travel insurance tailored for individuals
journeying abroad for Dental Treatment, Cosmetic Surgery,
Elective Surgery, or IVF/Fertility Medical Treatment.



What is included in my insurance?

Medical Travel Shield insurance for surgery abroad differs from other travel insurance. On top of the standard scope of typical travel insurance, you are covered for:

  • – Life Threatening Complications (related to planned surgery) 
  • – Medical Transport to Home Country
  • – Repatriation (as a result of planned surgery) or otherwise
  • – an extended stay in case of delayed recovery,
  • – the return trip in case of complications,
  • – deposit return in case of treatment cancellation due to personal affairs.
Does the insurance cover all medical costs?

Medical and Additional Expenses are covered up to £2 million. This extends to if you suffer a life-threatening complication as a result of the planned treatment. Repatriation to the UK is also included. 

Costs of your planned surgery are not covered and complications are only covered for life-threatening situations as a result of the planned surgery. 

For detailed information check the DOCUMENTS section for the policy summary and policy wording.

Can I buy the insurance for my companion? Who can be my companion?

Yes, you can buy the insurance for your traveling companions as long as they are also UK residents and not undertaking any procedure themselves.

How much is the travel insurance for cosmetic surgery?

Medical Travel Shield insurance costs depend on the type of treatment and length of the trip. Please proceed to free quotation to get a quote for your trip.

How can I buy the insurance?

It is very easy. Just click get a quote and you will be redirected to the quotation page.  Next, you provide us with some information about you and your medical trip. The system will calculate the cost immediately and you can pay for the insurance by card. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and all of your documentation is saved within your dashboard.

How do I claim?

To claim Medical and Associated Expenses, please contact the Assistance Company using these details as soon as reasonably practicable: Email: or Phone: +44 (0) 207 183 8910.

For all other claims, please contact our dedicated Claims team via

My treatment is split for 2 stages and I have to travel abroad twice. Can I buy travel insurance for cosmetic surgery abroad for both trips?

Our insurance covers one trip, but there is no problem with buying two products. If you know the dates of both trips, you can buy two insurances for each stage of your treatments.

Who can buy the insurance?

UK residents and companions between 18 and 76 years old. For non-UK residents check for other Clinic Hunter products.

In which countries the medical travel insurance is valid?

The policy covers travel  Worldwide except USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Hazardous Territories for cosmetic, elective, and dental procedures. 

If you are traveling for IVF, you can also choose to travel to the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

What kinds of treatments are covered by the insurance?

You can buy insurance if you are going abroad for cosmetic, elective, dental, or IVF/fertility procedures.

What if I am not satisfied with the treatment results?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover complaints or dissatisfaction. However, we do cover a return trip within 12 months following the diagnosis of a complication when in the UK. Please see the Policy Wording for more details.

I bought the insurance but no longer need it - can I cancel the policy?

If you notify Medical Travel Shield prior to the start date on your policy and you have not submitted a claim, you can receive a full refund.

Can I change my data in the policy?

Yes, please contact for any changes you may need to make. Please note, if you are amending the duration of a trip, there may be an additional charge.

How to make changes in the policy?

You should email with your policy number and the requested changes. Someone will be able to assist you.

What happens if I have to quarantine whilst I am abroad? Are any of these costs covered?

If you contract COVID-19 whilst abroad, you can claim towards costs of compulsory quarantine.

My surgery abroad has been cancelled. What happens now?

If your surgery has been cancelled or postponed, we can issue you with a full refund or arrange for the dates on your policy to be changed.

What is a companion?

A Companion is a UK Resident traveling with you, the patient, whom you wish to cover under the same policy. Companion has to meet several conditions: 

  • Is a UK Resident; 
  • Is aged between 12 months and before their 77th birthday; 
  • Is not undertaking a Treatment (cosmetic, elective, dental, or IVF/fertility procedure); 
  • Has read and agreed to the terms and conditions related to this policy before purchase
Why can I not get cover to the USA for my procedure?

We do not provide coverage in the USA, Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean for patients traveling for cosmetic, elective, or dental procedures, due to the nature of the high costs within the medical industry.

I am having a gastric band/gastric sleeve/ gastric bypass, is that classified as cosmetic?

Bariatric procedures like gastric sleeve, band, or bypass are classed as elective for this insurance.

I have a pre-existing condition, will this policy cover it?

Medical Travel Shield policy we do not cover pre-existing medical conditions, so we do not require that you declare them upfront.
The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) has launched a travel insurance directory of specialist providers on its Money Advice Service website for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

The purpose of the directory is to help consumers with pre-existing medical conditions (PEMCs) better navigate the travel insurance market. The MaPS travel insurance directory has been created for people who have potentially been refused cover, had cover excluded, or received a high additional premium in connection to their medical conditions, to allow them to shop around for alternative providers. In the event that you have had cover excluded by Medical Travel Shield, you may wish to consult the Directory.

However you should be aware that most travel insurance providers will void your insurance if it is known that you are travelling for a medical procedure. Therefore whilst cover for a pre-existing medical condition may be available through other travel policies, another product may not cover you if you are travelling for a medical procedure. You should check before proceeding.

To access the directory please see below:
By phone – call 0800 138 7777, they are open Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm
By Email –

What if something goes wrong during my procedure abroad?

The insurance covers various benefits related to the medical procedure, but it’s important to note that the actual procedure itself is not included in the coverage. We anticipate that any minor complications arising from the procedure will be handled by your clinic, hospital, surgeon, doctor, or dentist.

Can I pay over the phone?

All payments for the insurance are required to be conducted online through our secure platform.

Are there any deductibles or excess amounts that need to be paid?

Details regarding payout limits and excess amounts can be found in Policy Summary document.

How is Medical Travel Shield different from normal travel insurance?

Many travel insurance providers may nullify your coverage if they become aware that you are traveling for a medical procedure. Medical Travel Shield not only offers essential travel insurance for patients but also provides additional benefits tailored to your specific medical procedure. This travel insurance is dedicated to surgery abroad.

Do I need to insure my “companion”?

It is not necessary, however for individuals to avail themselves of the benefits outlined in our policy, including the possibility of a return trip within 12 months for corrective measures or extended stay due to delayed recovery, they must be listed as insured companions on your policy.

If I have a policy and I am not happy with the results of my procedure abroad how do I claim?

The policy explicitly excludes coverage for patient dissatisfaction. Should you decide to seek additional surgery abroad due to dissatisfaction with your results, any associated costs for the new trip and treatment would not be eligible for a claim under the policy, and you would be responsible for covering these expenses.

Who do I call if there is an emergency?

If you are at your destination and there has been an emergency that you require immediate assistance with please call our global assistance team at +44 (0) 207 183 8910. Please note this is not for our out-of-pocket expense claims, such as lost or stolen items.

How do I claim?

To claim Medical and Associated Expenses, please contact the Assistance Company using these details as soon as reasonably practicable: Email: or Phone: +44 (0) 207 183 8910.

For all other claims, please contact our dedicated Claims team please email

Can I travel for longer than 31 days?

If you are travelling for longer than 31 days, please call Medical Travel Shield on 0203 409 1236.

Can I cover my child with Medical Travel Shield?

Unfortunately, if you are travelling as a patient, the minimum age is 18. We can cover children as companions as long as they are aged over 12 months.

I am planning on travelling more than once. Can I get a multi trip cover?

Medical Travel Shield is a single trip insurance. You would need to take out a new policy each time you travel.

I am unsure which type of cover I need for my procedure. What should I choose?

If you are ever in doubt whether to choose elective, cosmetic, dental or IVF/fertility, please contact us and we would be happy to help.


About Us

Clinic Hunter is a global platform focused on international medical tourism. Our aim is to provide foreign patients (especially from the UK, Scandinavian countries, Germany, the USA) with affordable treatment in Europe (the most common destinations are Poland, Hungary and Turkey). We specialise in such medical branches as dentistry, weight loss surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, orthopaedics, hair transplant and eye surgeries. We have been adjusting our business, services, tools, and devices to the needs of potential patients and the clinics that we cooperate with since the beginning of our activity. Thus, we have created an informative professional content about the services that we offer to educate people about the treatments, implemented all inclusive packages (including accommodation and transfers) to make the stay in a destination country as safe and undemanding for patients as possible, we also work on implementing telemedicine and aftercare applications.

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Travel Insurance for surgery abroad

Whether you’re considering medical procedures abroad, such as cosmetic surgery, bariatric procedures, or any other medical treatment overseas, it’s imperative to secure appropriate. And more specificially – medical travel insurance which is tailored to meet your specific needs.
Medical travel insurance coverage should extend across all aspects of your medical journey, providing you with the security you need to focus on your health and recovery. You should search for the best insurance tailored to your needs to embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that you’re safe. Because the surgeries done abroad are very different, from hair transplant to bariatric procedures like gastric sleeve, so the travel insurance for surgery abroad should be tailored to patients risk and needs.
Many people need to be made aware that basic travel insurance may not fully cover them in their medical travel for surgery in other country.
Traveling for medical purposes may be stressful. That’s why travel insurance for surgery abroad which is offered by Clinic Hunter providing extensive coverage tailored to your requirements. This insurance ensures you’re protected every step of the way.
With this medical travel insurance, you can travel with confidence, knowing that you have access to comprehensive coverage for all your medical needs.
Whether you’re seeking surgery in Turkey or exploring options in other countries, our travel insurance for medical procedures abroad offers flexibility and reliability.
With specialized travel insurance, you can rest assured that your health is protected every step of the way.

Best Insurance for Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

You want to be safe on every step of your medical journey, it is obvious. It is also Clinic Hunter priority.
Patients going for medical procedures abroad are searching for the best insurance for cosmetic surgery abroad. Usually, the main factor for them is price. Many people are searching for discount code. They often choose typical travel insurance, expecting that it will cover them from most of the risks. When going for such an option, it is crucial to check all the exclusions. In most cases with typical travel insurace under the section “What is not insured?” it states that “Travelling against medical advice or with the intention of obtaining medical treatment abroad”, which clearly means that if you are going for medical procedure abroad with typical travel insurance you are not covered at all.
With best insurance for cosmetic surgery abroad you can go for this target together. Comprehensive travel insurance for surgery abroad is particularly focusing on cosmetic procedures. Offers are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of individuals seeking cosmetic enhancements, ensuring that every aspect of their medical journey is covered with utmost precision and care.
With a steadfast commitment to excellence in medical travel insurance, transparency, reliability, and accessibility are priorities. Whether you’re embarking on cosmetic surgery in Turkey or exploring options in other destinations, Clinic Hunter policies offer unparalleled protection every step of the way. Coverage extends to all facets of your cosmetic surgery experience, allowing you to pursue your aesthetic goals with confidence and assurance.
With understanding of the importance of feeling secure and supported during your cosmetic surgery journey abroad, it is obvious to go above and beyond to provide you with the best possible coverage and peace of mind.

Travel Insurance for Bariatric Surgery Abroad

Bariatric procedures abroad are becoming more and more popular, especially among British citizens. The main reason for that is the price difference. The cost of bariatric surgery can be significantly lower in countries like Turkey, Mexico, and Eastern European nations compared to the UK. Even when accounting for travel expenses, patients often find that they save a substantial amount of money.
Another reason are Long Waiting Lists in the NHS: The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK often has long waiting lists for elective surgeries, including bariatric procedures. These delays can be frustrating for patients who are seeking timely intervention for their obesity-related health issues. Going abroad can significantly reduce waiting times.

When it comes to undergoing bariatric surgery abroad, always check for specialized travel insurance for bariatric surgery abroad, which offers comprehensive coverage. Bariatric procedure itself brings high risks for the patients, so when undergoing bariatric procedure abroad and choosing a policy, check if it:

  • covers repatriation (including as a result of planned surgery),
  • covers life-threatening complications (related to planned surgery) in the country of surgery,
  • covers medical transport to home country,
  • covers you in the country of surgery, especially in Turkey.

With a focus on travel insurance for surgery bariatric abroad specialized policies encompass all aspects of your experience, ensuring that you’re covered for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. Whether you’re considering surgery in Turkey or exploring other options.

Medical Travel Insurance

Policy tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals seeking treatment abroad, you can find policies that offer comprehensive coverage and peace of mind throughout your entire healthcare experience.
With a focus on travel insurance for medical procedures abroad, including cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, and other treatments, Clinic Hunter ensures you’re covered no matter where your journey takes you.
At the heart of medical travel insurance for surgery abroad lies a commitment to transparency, reliability, and accessibility. Clinic Hunter gives you support and protection every step of the way, allowing you to focus on what matters most — your health and well-being.

Medical insurance for surgery abroad

Securing your peace of mind and well-being with comprehensive medical insurance for surgery abroad is essential for Clinic Hunter.
Medical insurance for surgery abroad is designed to cater to a diverse range of needs, including cosmetic surgery (including breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, mummy makeover, liposuction (including for lipodema), facelift, brazilian butt lift, laser eye surgery, hair transplant, facial feminization), elective surgery (including bariatric/gastric procedures, orthopedic procedures, total joint replacements, cataract procedures, bladder fulguration), dental surgery (including dental implants, veneers, removal of teeth/implants/veneers, dentures, cosmetic teeth straightening, general dentistry) and Fertility Treatment.
Whether you’re considering surgery in Turkey or exploring other destinations, specialized policies offer extensive coverage to safeguard your health and finances throughout your entire medical journey.

Travel insurance for surgery in Turkey: the most popular destination

Turkey has become the most popular destination for medical tourism. Turkey has emerged as a leading destination, offering world-class facilities, renowned expertise, and cost-effective treatments. It provides medical services to around 1.2 million tourists that come from Europe. You still need to be aware that Turkey is not a member of the EU and not all the EU standards will follow as in EU member countries. From that perspective, getting appropriate travel insurance for surgery in Turkey is crucial. It is recommended to check if your travel policy covers outside the EU, specifically in Turkey. What is more, always ensure that the policy is designed for patients travelling with the intention of obtaining medical treatment abroad.


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