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  • non refundable deposits
  • flight delays

Extended stay

  • hotels & rebooked flights
  • daily alowances

Post operative

  • post operative complications
  • return trip cost

How it works?


Book your medical treatment and insurance

Book your appointment if you need dental treatment, plastic surgery, hair transplant orthopaedics, or bariatrics done abroad. After booking your treatment you can buy insurance for your medical travel.


Calculate your insurance fee

Click “Get a free quote” and provide us with some information about you, your treatment and a potential companion. Our system will calculate the fee for you.


Make a payment

You can pay for your insurance by card, so it’s simple and easy. When we receive the payment, your insurance will be active.


Get covered

Your insurance covers:

  • the cost of paid deposit 
  • the cost of unexpected extension of stay
  • the cost of re-visit expenses 

*more details about the benefits you will find

in our Special Terms and Conditions


Insurance coverage

Benefit Refund up to
Deposit refund up to 5000 EUR
Prolonged Trip up to 2500 EUR
Return trip up to 2000 EUR
Flight delay up to 100 EUR
Flight cancelation up to 100 EUR



If you need to claim, please contact the AXA 24/7 helpline: 00 48 22 529 85 25



Frequently asked questions

What is included in my insurance?

Our insurance differs from other travel insurance. We cover not only typical travel issues like small injuries, stolen luggage, etc., but also:
– an extended stay in case of prolonged treatment,
– the return trip in case of re-treatment,
– deposit return in case of treatment cancellation due to personal affairs.

Does the insurance cover all medical costs?

Our insurance covers primarily issues related to your medical trip, but the medical costs are unfortunately out of the scope. However, you will receive the compensation for an extended stay in case of medical complication, return trip when the corrections are necessary or when you cancel the treatment due to personal affairs (for example: sudden illness, personal accident, death of relative). You can find the insurance benefits details in our Special Terms and Conditions.

Can I buy the insurance for my companion? Who can be my companion?

Yes, you can buy the insurance for one companion, and he/she will have the same scope of coverage as you. According to Special Terms and Conditions of Travel insurance for Clinic Hunter Clients, both the insured and the companion have to be European citizens. There is no limit of age.

How much is the insurance?

The insurance costs 13,89 EUR per each day of your medical trip, but currently the 10% discount is avaliable, so you will pay 12,50 EUR per each day.

How can I buy the insurance?

It’s easy. Just go to our insurance form and provide us with some information about you and your medical trip. We will calculate the fee immediately and you can pay for the insurance by card.

How do I claim?

For all claims, please contact AXA: 00 48 22 529 85 25. Our consultants are available 24/7.

My treatment is split for 2 stages and I have to travel abroad twice. Can I buy the insurance for both trips?

Our insurance covers one trip, but there is no problem with buying two products. If you know the dates of both trips, you can buy two insurances for each stage of your treatments.

Who can buy the insurance?

The insurance is available for all European citizens. Each European, regardless of age, can have the same scope of insurance. That means that you can buy the insurance for yourself, your child, your parents, or whoever you want.

In which countries the medical travel insurance is valid?

Buying the insurance you have to choose your travel destination. There is no location limitation. You can buy insurance if you travel to each country all over the world. The only limitation is your origin – the insurance is available only for the Europeans.

What kinds of treatments are covered by the insurance?

You can buy insurance if you are going abroad for each treatment type for example dentistry, plastic surgery, hair transplant, bariatrics, orthopaedics, IVF. There are no limitations. Please kindly note, that medical cost are not covered by the insurance. Our product covers only: deposit, travel, and accommodation costs. More information about the scope of the insurance you can find in Special Terms and Conditions.

What if something goes wrong during my procedure?

Clinic Hunter Cover is travel insurance, the medical costs are out of scope, but if you have to return abroad for re-treatment, our product will cover your flight and accommodation costs up to 2000 EUR.

What if I am not satisfied with the treatment results?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover complaints. If you are not satisfied you can return for the re-treatment and the insurance will cover your flight and accommodation up to 2000 EUR.

Can I insure my child?

Yes, we have no age limitations. The child can be insured and a companion as well.


About Us

Clinic Hunter is a global platform focused on international medical tourism. Our aim is to provide foreign patients (especially from the UK, Scandinavian countries, Germany, the USA) with affordable treatment in Europe (the most common destinations are Poland, Hungary and Turkey). We specialise in such medical branches as dentistry, weight loss surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, orthopaedics, hair transplant and eye surgeries. We have been adjusting our business, services, tools, and devices to the needs of potential patients and the clinics that we cooperate with since the beginning of our activity. Thus, we have created an informative professional content about the services that we offer to educate people about the treatments, implemented all inclusive packages (including accommodation and transfers) to make the stay in a destination country as safe and undemanding for patients as possible, we also work on implementing telemedicine and aftercare applications. The newest product that we are introducing now is medical travel insurance. In cooperation with AXA (one of the leading multinational insurance companies in the world), we created a cheap medical travel insurance that is available for all European citizens.

 Clinic Hunter and AXA have created just medical travel insurance dedicated to medical tourists. The insurance covers:

  • the cost of paid deposit (in case a patient cancels the procedure / treatment due to private affairs e.g. death of a relative, stay in a hospital);
  • the cost of unexpected extension of stay (resulting from e.g. a worrying health condition of a patient)
  • the cost of a re-visit expenses in case there is a need for a surgery or treatment revision in the future.

What medical conditions do you have to declare for travel insurance? The only condition is that you are a citizen of any European country (however, the insurance is valid in the whole world) and travel for the treatment or surgery. We do not limit the access to insurance only to our patients. On the contrary, we would like to secure every medical tourist because we realize how much stress, doubts and concerns they have before traveling to a foreign country. The medical insurance can be obtained by medical tourists directly or by the clinics which offer the insurance to their patients.
We are more than happy to offer such a solution to patients because the safety, comfort and financial security of the travellers are extremely important factors influencing the decision about the treatment abroad. With AXA, we have been working on this service for a long time and now it is a moment when we can pride ourselves on introducing the best medical insurance on the market.


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