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BBL - what is a brazilian butt lift surgery?

In recent years, having round big buttocks and an hourglass figure has become a symbol of femininity and attractiveness. Obviously, not every woman is endowed with these assets, no wonder the plastic surgeries aiming at increasing and shaping the buttocks have gained popularity. What is BBL surgery? It is a leading plastic surgery which improves the look of the buttocks. BBL cosmetic surgery is a short name for a Brazilian butt lift. It is also called butt lift (or bum lift), Brazilian bum lift or brazilian ass surgery. What’s a BBL surgery exactly? It is just a fat transfer – a fat is extracted from one body part (e.g. tummy or waist) and transferred to buttocks. 


Brazilian butt lift also known as BBL improves the look of the buttocks

What is BBL surgery meaning? There are two theories. The first one says that women of Brazillian and generally South American heritage have the ideal shape of buttocks and their body has naturally hourglass build. Hence, the surgery name “Brazilian buttock lift” alludes to this nationality. The second theory explaining what does BBL surgery mean says that it is a credit to dr Ivo Pitanguy – a world-class plastic surgeon from Brazil who invented this surgery in the 1960s. Despite the origin, the name BBL has entered into a medical and colloquial usage. What is BBL main advantage? Well, it is undoubtedly killing two birds with one stone, namely removing the fat from a problematic area and injecting the fat to buttocks to increase their size and improve their shape

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Buttock augmentation- benefits

Brazilian bum lift has many benefits. Before we present them, we need to say that even if it is called a lift, it has nothing in common with other lifting surgeries. It does not tighten the skin, so the more precise term here is butt enhancement or buttock augmentation UK.

Yet, the term BBL is the most common. So, the benefits of BBL include:

  • improving the body proportions – patients may have an hourglass figure or they can just get a bigger and more rounded buttocks
  • natural results – injecting patients’ own fat assures the natural sensation and look of the buttocks; there is no artificial device (e.g. implant or filler) put, so if patients want to change the buttocks shape by exercises in the future, they can freely do it
  • girl in jeans

    There are many benefits of BBL surgery, but mainly it improves the body proportions

    reducing fat from problematic body parts – the fat that is injected into buttocks is taken from the area or areas where the fat accumulates, usually they are waist, tummy and thighs

  • cellulite reduction – the fact that the buttocks become fuller and firmer means that cellulite is much less visible 
  • immediate effects – a surgery provides immediate results which can be noticed just after the procedure, so compared to long and exhaustive exercise routine, it brings much better results really fast
  • safety – BBL is much safer than buttocks implants – no objects are put in the body, there are also no incisions, so the post-op risk is highly reduced
  • better cloth fitting – a define butt area and body with much less fat deposits spread the clothes range; women may get clothes which accents their waist and assets.

How to qualify to brazilian butt lift - candidate

As with any other plastic surgeries, bum enlargement qualification is made by a surgeon. Yet, patients should know what are the general criteria for fat transfer to the bum.

An ideal candidate for bum enlargement surgery UK should meet the following criteria:

  • the shape, size and fullness of the buttocks is disappointing
  • patients are in good health condition which allows for applying anaesthesia
  • patients have realistic expectations and realize that the effect of unnaturally big buttocks that can be sometimes observed in social media cannot be achieved after only one surgery
  • there is enough fat storage in tummy, flanks, hips or thighs to use for BBL
  • patients are ready to cease smoking and alcohol for some time before and after the surgery
  • the skin condition is satisfying – if patients have much sagging skin in the buttocks area, they should have it tightened before BBL.
flat buttocks

To be qualified for the surgery patient must have enough fat in other areas of the body

Regarding the weight, ideal candidates should be of normal weight or even be slightly overweight. Then, a plastic surgeon is sure that there will be enough fat to take and transfer to buttocks. On the other hand, too slim people may not have enough fat and the BBL surgery cannot be performed in this case, and people with too high BMI may be disqualified from the BBL because there is too much risk connected with anaesthesia. If people are disqualified from BBL for any reasons, a plastic surgeon should explain how to lift butt by other surgical or non-surgical methods. Yet, if patients insist on having butt fat transfer, they should be explained what to do to get qualified for this surgery in the future (e.g. lose or gain weight, treat infection, solve health problems).

Male brazilian butt lift

Undoubtedly, these are women who are the main target group for BBL. Yet, the number of men having this surgery has been growing year by year. Brazilian butt lift men is the same procedure as for women – the surgery, pre-op and post-op guidelines, candidacy, possible risks, etc. are exactly the same for men and women. The only difference is in the reasons for the surgery and expectations. What women usually expect from the surgery is having more rounded, noticeably bigger buttocks and an hourglass figure. Men, on the other hand, usually wish to have stronger and larger buttocks, especially gluteus medius and gluteus maximus. The desired shape of buttocks for men is square and muscular. To achieve it, the fat is taken from the back, flanks or tummy and is injected into the buttocks muscles. By augmenting the muscles, men achieve a much more masculine, strong, and firm look of the buttocks.

Fat transfer to buttocks- procedure

Surgeons adjusting oxygen mask on patient

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and it consists of two stages: liposuction and fat transfer

Brazilian butt-lift surgery consists of two stages, the first one is liposuction when the fat is taken from the agreed body part, and the second stage is lipofilling when the fat is injected into buttocks. On the surgery day, patients are admitted to the hospital, they fill in necessary documents and sign consent forms. Patients are also interviewed and reviewed in terms of pre-op guidelines, e.g. whether they have not drunk or eaten for the last 12 hours or haven’t used certain cosmetics. There is also the pre-op consultation with a plastic surgeon and anaesthesiologist, so it is the last chance to ask the questions and resolve all the doubts. If everything is ok and a patient’s medical tests results are satisfying, the patient is prepared for the surgery. Firstly, a patient is moved to an operating room and is asked to lay down either face-down or face-up depending on the area for fat harvesting. Then, the anaesthesia is applied – it is usually general anaesthesia. Throughout the surgery, a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, and temperature are monitored. Once anaesthesia starts working, a surgeon makes tiny incisions in areas with fat accumulation, through which the small tube is inserted. This tube sucks the fat out. The fat is immediately put into a special container to avoid its contamination. The number of body parts affected by liposuction is agreed before the surgery, so the length of this stage may vary for this reason. The extracted fat contains also fluids and blood, so before grafting it, a surgeon must separate the components so that the clear fat is injected. When patients lie face-up during liposuction, they are turned to the prone position so that a surgeon may start working on butt-lift. Firstly, a surgeon makes a few tiny incisions and loosens the buttocks tissues. Then, the fat is injected. What’s interesting, in butt job, a surgeon usually injects more fat than needed because some fat may be absorbed by the body and fail in the new positions. When the butt injection procedure is finished and the fat is perfectly located, the surgeon closes the incisions with the stitches. Finally, patients are moved to the post-op room where they rest.

Brazilian butt lift recovery

In bed

BBL recovery usually lasts 3-4 weeks during that time after surgery garment should be worn

The BBL plastic surgery aftercare and recovery is important, yet quite uncomfortable. Just after waking up, patients may feel tired and numbed. The pain is quite acute, but patients are given strong medications to control it, also such meds are prescribed and must be taken at home. They are also given a compression garment that needs to be worn in the recovery period. All the BBL plastic surgery recovery tips and instructions are given by a surgeon and nurse before patients are discharged from the hospital. Patients should understand them because recovery greatly influences the final effects and health condition. 

Generally, the BBL recovery lasts 3-4 weeks. Of course, an individual BBL recovery time may be different, and some patients need a longer time to get back to normal life and all the activities. A very important aspect of bum surgery recovery is wearing a compression garment – patients should wear it on the liposuction affected areas as long as recommended (a few weeks). This clothing reduces swelling and bruising and makes the area even. Also, the garment is put on the buttocks to shape them. The most problematic aspect of recovery after fat transfer buttocks is sitting. Patients cannot sit on their buttocks for at least 2 weeks after a butt surgery, nor can they sleep on the back. Sitting or laying on the back may put too much pressure on the bum and kill the injected fat cells. Instead, patients should rest on their sides or stomach. The daily activities should be limited and during the 1st week, patients should focus on resting. Just taking short walks is recommended. From the 2nd week, patients can add light activities. However, we recommend that patients take a 2-week break at work. Patients should wait with exhaustive exercises for 2 months. 

The table below presents the gist of BBL plastic surgery recovery time.

Average Recovery Time

4 weeks

Time off work

2 weeks


A surgeon may put the drains to collect fluids, they are usually removed after 3-4 days


Patients feel pain, swelling and stiffness - day by day it decreases

Bruising and swelling

The areas of fat harvesting and buttocks may be bruised up to 3 weeks, heavy bruising is a normal surgery effect; swelling can persist for a few months

Exercises and physical activity

Regular walks are recommended just after the surgery, non-tiring daily activities and exercises are allows after 2 weeks, strenuous exercises are allowed after 7-8 weeks


Strong during the 1st week, less intense day by day


All prescribed meds should be taken as recommended, any additional painkillers should be consulted with the surgeon

Nutrition and Hydration

Patients are advised to follow a low-fat diet and keep hydrated (at least 10 glasses of water drunk regularly throughout a day)


Patients should not lift any heavy things for the first 2 weeks, after that time, 2,5kg objects can be lifted


Sitting on buttocks is forbidden for 2 weeks after the surgery

Compression garment

Should be worn day and night for several weeks - a surgeon gives precise instructions


2-3 days after the surgery driving is forbidden, also patients should not drive when they take strong medications for pain


Showering is allowed - the incision sites should be covered from the running water and cleaned with a warm water and soap separately, the compression garment is taken off only for showering time; any hot baths, swimming pools or jacuzzi are forbidden for 2-4 weeks


Massages of liposuction areas are recommended


Sexual intercourse is allowed 3-4 weeks after the surgery or when a patient feels ready for it


Results are immediate, yet not visible at the beginning, the final results are observed 4-6 months after the surgery


Scars are really small, they fade over time; sometimes the scars heal for 2-3 years

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BBL results


The final results appear about 6 months after the surgery

Brazilian bum lift results are really dramatic – the surgery improves not only the buttocks look but also influences the whole body proportions, shape and attractiveness. The first months after the surgery should be dedicated to the recovery because the body needs to accept fat grafts and heal after the surgery firstly. The look of the buttocks may change at this time because the bruising and swelling eases off, also some amount of fat is naturally absorbed by the body. During BBL, a surgeon transfers more fat than it’s needed because the fat absorption is natural. It is estimated that in the first months, about 20-30% of the injected fat is lost, however, there are also patients with 50% fat absorption. The final results are said to appear in about 6 months after the surgery – the look of the buttocks at this time is what patients will enjoy for the following years. Both the liposuction and brazil butt lift results are long-term, and it is only a patient who is responsible for body look changes, e.g. if a person loses or gains weight or does not follow post-op instructions, the results may be affected. Patients who dream about very pronounced results may need additional BBL surgeries – sometimes these are 2-3 surgeries depending on the needs. Yet, for most women and men one BBL surgery is very satisfying. 

How long does a brazilian butt lift last?

It is impossible to say exactly how long the BBL results last. In fact, the longevity of the effects greatly depends on the recovery period. If patients follow the post-op guidelines, e.g. they do not sit or sleep on the buttocks at the beginning, lead a healthy active lifestyle or refrain from smoking, they can enjoy the surgery results for a very long time. The results may last from several years to even several decades.

photo of girl in black clothes

It is important to follow after surgery instruction then the patient can enjoy the results for a long time

To maximize the results and make them last really long patients should follow the following instructions:

  • no smoking – it refers to both active and secondhand smoking
  • no driving during recovery – generally sitting on the buttocks is forbidden, it also includes sitting in a car – the optimum time for avoiding it is 2 months
  • no sitting for 1-2 months (generally, sitting should be avoided throughout the recovery, yet 4 weeks is minimum) – if patients must sit, they should use a special pillow
  • keeping a healthy diet and staying hydrated
  • getting enough sleep – during recovery, patients should sleep on the side or tummy
  • keep the weight stable – usually the fluctuation by 2,5 kilograms should not make any difference, yet bigger weight loss or gain can affect the buttocks look
  • wearing a well-fitted compression garment – it should keep buttocks tight, yet does not make too much pressure
  • staying active and following all the exercises instructions during and after the recovery.

BBL gone wrong - possible side effects and complications

Each patient is informed about the risks of bbl surgery gone wrong. BBL is quite demanding plastic surgery and its complications may be very serious.

The BBL surgery after side effects include:

  • infections
  • risk connected with anaesthesia
  • bruising
  • swelling
  • stretch marks
  • blood clots
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • fat reabsorption
  • significant blood loss
  • fat embolism
  • buttocks asymmetry
  • pulmonary or cardiac complications
  • surrounding tissue necrosis and the loss of sensation.
sad girl

BBL may be a risky surgery- it is crucial to choose an experienced surgeon

Some of the BBL surgery side effects are not harmful – e.g. when patients know how to treat infections, swelling, or bruising, these complications should not affect the health or surgery results. The most serious out of bbl treatment side effects is fat embolism. It is a situation where fat cells get into the bloodstream and are transferred to the lungs or/and heart – it may result even in a patient’s death. Regarding the worst Brazilian butt-lift surgery side effects, the fatality rate of BBL is 1 in 3000 cases – it may be a surgical malpractice or complications effect. Thus, it is very important that patients choose an experienced surgeon to do the surgery and follow his instructions for the recovery time. Regarding BBL surgery scars, it is usually not an issue as the scars in both the liposuction area and buttocks are very small and naturally hidden. When the incision and scar heal, it is hardly visible. To avoid serious complications, patients should inform a surgeon about any worrying symptoms – in most cases, a quick reaction and proper treatment solves the complication problem.

Brazilian butt lift scars

BBL surgery scars usually do not pose any problems. Patients should realize that BBL has 2 stages, which are liposuction and fat graft. As for liposuction, a surgeon makes one or more tiny incisions which leave scars. Yet, these scars resemble dots, they are really small and fade over time. When they heal properly, after a year or two they should be hardly visible or even become invisible. In addition, the incisions are made in such places that they are naturally hidden in the folds or creases. When the fat is harvested, a surgeon makes a few incisions in the buttocks – yet, they are even smaller than for the liposuction and are almost invisible to the naked eye. In spite of the fact that the scarring in BBL is minimal, patients are encouraged to take proper care of the incision sites to support the proper healing.

To minimize scarring, patients should:

  • sweim siut

    Scars after the surgery should be really small and barely visible

    keep the incision sites moist – it is recommended that patients use petroleum jelly to the incisions and cover them with a bandage (a non-stick bandage is suggested)

  • avoid advertised, magic scar creams – such cosmetics are not proven to be effective and their excessive usage may even impede healing
  • avoid sun exposure – sun usually makes scar more prominent
  • do massages – massaging the scar areas with the use of Vitamin E is believed to be very effective
  • realize that scar healing is a natural process – wounds heal naturally, so patients should not speed it too much because it may give opposite results, also picking the scabs is a bad idea, as it is a natural healing coverage
  • be patient – the scar healing takes a long time; generally, the wound heals up to a year, and only then is the scar formed; once formed, the scar needs another year or more to heal and fade. 

Alternatives to BBL surgery

BBL is not the only solution to improve the look of the buttocks. When the buttocks are sagging, flat, unproportionally big or small, loose because of weight loss or fatty, and shapeless because of weight gain, people have several surgical and non-surgical options for changing their appearance.

The most common methods include:

Surgical methods of buttocks improvement

Cosmetic methods of buttocks improvement

Natural methods of buttocks improvement

- Buttocks implants
- Liposuction

- Fillers
- Hydrogel and
Silicone Injections
-Workout and training regime
-Shaping underwear

The surgical methods are the most effective and durable, yet they also involve the risks and complications connected with the surgery. Patients deciding on these solutions should be well-informed and committed to changes to maintain the surgery effects. BBL and buttock implants are operations that make the buttocks bigger, more rounded, and fuller, while liposuction shapes the buttocks and makes them smaller and more proportional. On the other hand, cosmetic procedures are much less invasive. However, patients should be extremely cautious about these methods because some of them may not be certified or effective. It is important to choose such a beautician or doctor who is experienced in improving the buttocks look and uses only approved methods. To give an example, fillers are widely used and however their results are rather short-term, they are really effective while hydrogel injections are quite doubtful and experimental procedures, so when women have a choice, they should opt for a safe and certified solution. Finally, the best way of improving the buttocks is a regular workout. It demands motivation, regularity and commitment, yet the health improvement, fit figure, round muscular buttocks and positive mental changes are worth it. 

Brazilian butt-lift workout


Workout can help to achieve great results, but it needs to be regular

Brazilian butt lift exercise routine is a highly effective and very safe method of improving the look of the bum. Yet, it’s main drawback is that it takes a long time to achieve a desired bum look. The best brazilian butt-lift workout exercises include deadlifts, squats and lunges – they improve the tone of the buttock muscles, shape them and make them firm and tight. When these exercises are combined with strength training and intensive cardio, the whole body condition and look improve and buttocks are greatly accentuated and rounded. Patients considering BBL, should take a look at brazilian butt lift workout before and after photos and see what results can be brought by an exercise routine. They are natural, yet the effects of training are perfectly visible. For many people such effects would be satisfying and then, there is no need to have an operation. It is enough to go to a gym, train with a specialist or look for some at-home training videos. Such exercises do not only lead to buttocks shaping, they are also important after BBL surgery to maintain the surgery results.

Butt implants

Bum implants UK is the second most popular plastic surgery for buttocks. Bum implants are artificial silicone devices which are surgically put into the buttocks to increase their volume. Generally, BBL is the first choice for butt enhancement surgery because it involves putting a patient’s own fat into the buttocks, so no artificial objects are involved. However, there are patients who are not qualified for BBL. e.g. they do not have enough fat to harvest. For them, surgeons offer butt implants. 

breast implants

Buttock implants are alternative to the BBL surgery

The butt implants procedure starts with applying general anaesthesia. Once a patient falls asleep, a surgeon makes incisions between the buttocks cheeks. The length of the incisions depends on the affected area. They are made in such places that after the surgery, they are naturally hidden in the creases. A surgeon puts the implants through the incisions – the implants location depends on the desired results and implant type. They can be put above the gluteal muscle or in the muscle. Afterwards, a surgeon closes the incisions. The butt implants results are immediate. 

As any surgery, butt implants have pros and cons and patients should realize all the benefits as well as potential risks of this surgery to make a reliable and mature decision. Also, when they consider BBL and butt implants, the best would be visiting a surgeon, describing the expectations and getting advice about the recommended procedure. 

How much is a brazilian butt lift?


The price for BBL depends on many factors

Brazilian butt lift price is an important factor for people looking for this surgery. Unlike other procedures, BBL surgery UK prices greatly depend on a surgeon. What characterises BBL UK, it may give amazing results, but also when done improperly, it’s failure is also very prominent. So, it is one of these surgeries where a surgeon’s experience plays a key role and patients should not budget for it because it may turn out to bring more serious problems than money. So, how much is a brazilian butt lift UK? The usual cost of BBL surgery London is 6000 GBP. The prices in other cities in the UK may be lower, so it is estimated that the average cost of brazilian butt lift UK is 5000 GBP. As for the brazilian butt lift cost in the USA, it is 7000 USD on average. The factors that influence the BBL surgery cost include:

  • Location

Firstly, it refers to the location in a certain country, e.g. brazilian butt lift London is more expensive than BBL in Boston. In London, the cost of living is the highest in the UK, also the demand for surgery is big, so naturally, it influences the surgery cost. Secondly, it refers to the location of a country itself, e.g. brazilian bum lift price UK is more expensive than BBL in Poland. The countries with relatively low costs of living offer prices which are quite high for the citizens of these countries, but at the same time they are amazingly competitive for people living abroad. This price discrepancy is good news for people living in the UK, USA, Germany, Scandinavian countries or other so-called “rich” countries because they can go abroad for the surgery, get the world-class plastic surgeon and still pay much lower price than is offered in their country. 

  • A surgeon’s fee
doctor doing the surgery

Cheap price over the surgeons’ experience shouldn’t be practiced as it may end fatally for the patient

The price for BBL surgery in UK greatly depends on the surgeon. It is widely observed that the clinics which hire experienced, highly-trained, esteemed surgeons offer relatively high surgery prices. Analogically, when it is a young plastic surgeon that has just graduated from university and completed the training who performs the surgery, the price is lower. As already mentioned, a surgeon’s renown and expertise play a key role in BBL, so what we advise is to check the reviews, testimonials, before-after photos and any other information regarding the surgeon that is considered before making the final decision about the specialist who will perform the fat transfer to buttocks UK.

  • Anaesthesia

How does anaesthesia influence BBL surgery cost UK? Well, it boils down to the anaesthesia type. The surgery may be performed under general anaesthesia or IV sedation. Most BBL procedures are performed under general anaesthesia, so the costs of an anaesthesiologist fee, medical equipment and supplies, medications and staff are added to the final price.

  • Complexity of the surgery

The BBL final price is always individual. Even if clinics share their price lists, it serves a more informative function. The general rule is: the more complex procedure, the more it lasts and the more it costs. Also, if BBL involves taking the fat from 2 or 3 body parts, it is more expensive than in BBL including taking fat from 1 area only. Finally, a patient’s health condition is also important. When patients suffer from some chronic diseases, have uncontrolled diabetes or high blood pressure, it also increases the surgery complexity. 

  • Price components

Choosing the right clinic and doctor is a key factor while looking for BBL surgery

Patients should not choose the clinic which offers the cheapest BBL cost in their price list. Firstly, they should ask what this price includes. The usual price components are: a surgery, anaesthesia and anaesthesiologist care, equipment, hospitalization, medications, compression garment, aftercare, and control/follow up visit. Some prices may also include medical tests that need to be done before the surgery. Besides, there are clinics which offer full all-inclusive packages, so a price includes also staying in a hotel near the hospital and transfers. So, it may happen that a low price does not include many aspects and patients end up paying much more, e.g. anaesthesia, medications, lab tests or compression garment is an extra cost. 

BBL plastic surgery abroad

Plastic surgery abroad prices can be very low, which makes them available for a much wider group of people. Plastic surgeries are no longer exclusive services just for millionaires. They are widely accessible and affordable. People who cannot afford best fat transfer surgeons UK, can look for the best plastic surgeons Poland or Turkey, which will provide them with the same results, yet at a much lower cost. The phenomenon that is responsible for this trend is medical tourism. Traveling for the treatment has broken down the barriers and opened people for traveling abroad and clinics for offering their services to international patients. Nowadays, organising a cheap plastic surgery abroad is as easy as organising brazilian butt lift near me. There are many plastic surgery abroad packages which include both the medical and tourism aspects so that patients have everything organised for them. What is the best place for plastic surgery abroad? Well, it is a hard question because the location here plays a key role, and e.g. Americans travel mostly to Mexico or Brazil, Europeans come to Turkey, Poland or Czech Republic, and Asians choose Thailand or India. The thing is that the BBL destination country follows the highest healthcare standards and offers competitive prices. To verify the considered clinic, we suggest that patients read the plastic surgery abroad reviews to have an idea of what to expect. What’s also important, patients can get secured for their medical travel, which makes their trip abroad much safer. Clinic Hunter & AXA Partners have created a travel insurance for elective surgery abroad dedicated solely to medical tourists.

BBL surgery in Poland


Medical tourism is very popular nowadays, many people travel abroad for their treatment. Poland is one of the destinations

BBL plastic surgery Poland is a very popular procedure. Generally, the healthcare standard in Poland is very high, the Polish surgeons are world-class professionals and the medical tourism in general is greatly developed. The plastic surgery Poland prices are highly competitive – the average cost of BBL is about 2000 GBP, which is more than 2 times cheaper than in the UK. Why do so many medical tourists choose Poland as their BBL destination? It is one of these countries where a low price goes side by side with a high quality of medical service. Poland is opened to medical tourists, doctors speak English fluently, there are special packages created for foreign patients, and the marketing is directed to international patients as well. As a country, Poland has a lot to offer – combining BBL surgery with a short city-break or family holidays is a perfect idea and everyone finds there something interesting – a tangled history, Poles’ heroism, beautiful landmarks, monuments, national heritage, intact nature, Sea or Mountains, unique cuisine – there are so many options for tourists that we cannot imagine that BBL patients do not benefit from them during their stay in Poland. 

BBL Turkey


High-quality BBL in Turkey is known as the cheapest in Europe

Brazilian butt lift Turkey is a second solution worth mentioning. Turkey is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Europe – it is characterised by low-cost all-inclusive vacation packages and luxurious hotels. The most popular cities there are Istanbul and Antalya – they are a mixture of Eastern and Western cultures and civilizations, have a great history and tradition, and have a lot of attractions dedicated to tourists of any interests. BBL surgery Turkey is said to be the most affordable in Europe and one of the most affordable in the world – the bbl surgery cost Turkey is usually lower than 2000 GBP. On average, it is 1500-1700 GBP. There are many world-class plastic surgery clinics as well as many doubtful-quality ones, so it is just important to do the research before coming there. Usually, all the important information including international patients’ reviews, before-after photos, testimonials and certificates are available on the Internet, so it is quite easy to verify each place. We need to stress that the quality of medical care in Turkey has improved greatly and sometimes it is hard to believe that plastic surgery Turkey can be so affordable and high-quality at the same time. 

Brazil butt lift reviews

BBL reviews are important not only when patients look for plastic surgery abroad but also when they look for surgery locally. It is the easiest, the most accessible, and the most reliable way of verifying the quality of the clinic and plastic surgeon. We strongly advise that each patient takes this opportunity and makes sure they are in good hands.

BBL surgery before and after

BBL surgery pictures show the effects of patients after the surgery. Usually, such photos are taken just before the BBL and about 6 months after the surgery – they can give patients the idea of what to expect after the surgery and whether their expectations can be met. In addition, bbl before and after photos are a great testimonial and a showcase of a plastic surgeon, so when patients consider several doctors, reviewing such photos can be very helpful. 


Summing up, buttocks enhancement is a very popular surgery among women and becomes popular among men as well. BBL is the most effective and the safest out of all buttock augmentation surgeries. It entails taking the fat from one body part and grafting it to the buttocks. BBL is quite costly in some countries, yet medical travels allow patients to get affordable plastic surgery and save much money. Anyone who is looking for BBL surgery abroad may ask medical travel facilitators for free help in finding the best clinic, surgeon and price. Clinic Hunter cooperates with selected clinics across the world and offers such help to potential patients. So if you would like to know more information about BBL abroad, contact us, and we will help you make your dreams about a perfect bum come true.

two girls sitting


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