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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality dental bridges abroad.

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Papatya Dental Hospital

Antalya, Turkey

(5 reviews)


Warsaw, Poland

from 513 eur

(2 reviews)


Cracow, Poland

from 419 eur

(0 reviews)


Izmir, Turkey

(3 reviews)

MDental (Medicover)

Budapest, Hungary

from 196 eur

(0 reviews)

Cayra Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

(0 reviews)

Albusdent Centrum Stomatologiczne

Cracow, Poland

(0 reviews)

Celikkaya Clinic

Famagusta, Cyprus

(2 reviews)

Gözde International Hospital

Izmir, Turkey

(0 reviews)


Antalya, Turkey

Dental bridge abroad

dentures on the black backgroundWhat are dental bridges? Dental bridges are a type of partial prosthesis, they are used to replace one or two missing teeth in which space is between two healthy teeth. Dental bridges consist of two dental crowns, one at each end, and one or two artificial teeth that function as a bridge between the two crowns.

Dental crowns and bridges are a permanent type of teeth replacement, the crowns are bonded over healthy natural teeth, but in some cases where there are no natural healthy teeth, the dental bridge can be placed over two dental implants instead. 

There are quite a few types of dental bridges, some more popular than others:

  1. Traditional fixed bridge: This type of dental bridge consists of two dental crowns on each side and one or two artificial teeth in the middle of them.
  2. Cantilever bridge: In this case, there is just one healthy tooth beside the gap of the missing tooth, so there will be just one dental crown supporting the artificial tooth, this type of dental bridge can replace just one tooth since it will not have a supporting tooth to each side. 
  3. Maryland Bridge or bonded bridge: This type of dental bridge is used to replace a single missing tooth, instead of fitting supporting crowns over the adjacent healthy teeth the Maryland bridge has metal or resin wings that extend to either side of the artificial tooth and adheres to the inner surface of natural teeth. 

Close up of a senior man standing in a parkWhy British people travel to get dental bridges abroad? In recent years the benefits of getting dental treatment abroad have become very popular among the British and consequently practising dental tourism has become very common nowadays.

The main reason why many British decide to get a dental bridge abroad is the affordable prices. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other reasons why getting dental bridges abroad is a good idea. We will talk about them later.

Dental bridges cost abroad

How much do dental bridges cost abroad? Dental bridges prices vary from country to country, and some dental tourism destinations might offer some really cheap prices. 

Dental bridges cost will also vary depending on the different types of dental bridges, but on average, a dental bridge abroad might be around 40% or even 60% cheaper than a dental bridge in the UK. 

Dental bridges UK

Dentist teaching man brushing teeth on dental moldIt is possible to get dental bridges NHS for an affordable price, this type of dental treatment fits into band 3 of treatment charge equivalent to £ 282,80 in England. This price will be the same no matter the type of dental bridge needed. 

Unfortunately, dental bridges NHS are very limited since the patients can’t choose from a variety of options, instead, the dentist will decide which option is functionally acceptable for the patient. So, if a patient wants a specific type of dental bridge UK, they must look for it in a private consultation. 

The dental bridges cost UK in a private consultation goes around £250 (very basic option) and £3.500 depending on the type of dental bridge, the materials and the possibility of needing a dental implant.

Reasons to get dental bridges abroad

Polish Airlines LotDental work abroad holds a well-deserved reputation among the British, not only because of the low prices but also because of its quality standards which in many cases exceed the UK quality standards. 

Getting a dental bridge abroad may be beneficial for patients as most countries dedicated to dental tourism have advanced dental clinics where the most innovative technology and the most modern techniques are implemented.

But in addition to this, there are other reasons to get dental bridges abroad, which we will talk about next.

Dentists abroad are well educated

dentist looking at the x-rayWhat kind of education is required to be a dentist? Dentist degree requirements are almost the same for all the countries that are part of the European Union.  

Although it may vary a bit from country to country, most countries require a minimum of 5 years of dentist education in a dental school plus a period of professional practice that can last between 6 months and 2 years depending on the country.

Qualifications to be a dentist abroad are basically the same as dentist qualifications UK, furthermore, countries dedicated to dental tourism rigorously supervise dentist education and training. 

Countries like Poland and Hungary are well known for their strict requirements on qualifications needed to be a dentist, so, it is not a surprise that some dentist qualifications abroad are more stringent than in the UK.

Dentist abroad speak English fluently

taking photosEnglish speaking doctors are very easy to find in dental tourism destinations since they are used to receiving foreign patients from English speaking countries. 

Furthermore, most dentistry symposia and conferences are held in English which means dentists are used to communicating in that language. So it is not difficult to book an appointment with an English speaking dentist. 

Clinics abroad will provide high-quality treatment

Something that many practitioners of dental tourism claim is having received very high quality dental treatments. This is mainly due to the strict education and training that foreign dentists must complete in order to practice the profession plus their commitment to continued education to ensure the use of the most modern techniques in their practices.

But it also has a lot to do with state-of-the-art facilities and modern medical equipment that allow procedures to be performed more effectively and safely for the patient. The use of modern technology is especially convenient in complex treatments such as dental prostheses.

Even in the case of implant-supported prostheses like dental bridges on implants, the appropriate clinical equipment can ensure that some of the best dental implants are available abroad.

Cheapest country for dental bridges

CAD CAM dentistThere are plenty of dental tourism destinations in and out of Europe, but for the British, the most convenient choice is to do dental tourism Europe. 

Some of the best dental tourism destinations in Europe are Poland, Hungary and Turkey, not just for the affordable prices but also for their high quality standards

Dental bridge Poland

Dental treatment in Poland is well known for its high quality standards and it is very prestigious in the international community. Most Poland dentists have international qualifications and clinics in Poland stand out for their constant effort to stay at the forefront and provide the best possible dental care. 

Even though the dental bridge cost Poland is more affordable than in the UK, the main reason why people choose Poland is because of its reputation as a quality dental care provider

It is also one of the safest places to visit in addition to the number of tourist attractions and historical and cultural richness that Polish cities have to offer.

One of the best places to visit in Poland for both dental care and tourism is without a doubt the capital city of Poland, Warsaw.

Warsaw is the largest polish city and represents one of the most popular places for tourists, that’s why a huge number of the best dental clinics in Poland are located there. 

A dental bridge cost in Poland goes around £192 and £691.

Dental bridge Turkey

TurkeyA dental bridge cost in Turkey goes from £167 to £585, Turkey is one of the cheaper countries to get a dental bridge, mainly because of the low cost of living there. 

Prices of dentistry in Turkey might be lower but it doesn’t mean the quality is lower, it is quite the opposite since Turkey is rapidly gaining prestige as an affordable option for getting any kind of aesthetic dental treatment. 

Dentists in Turkey are closely supervised by the ministry of health and the Turkish Dental Association, besides, many of them are part of the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry

Once again, the reason why dentist in Turkey prices are so low is because of the low cost of living in Turkey, this allows them to provide dental care at lower prices without diminishing the treatment’s quality. 

Another important fact that foreign patients need to know is that some of the best dentists in Turkey are located in tourist spots since dental tourism represents a highly profitable sector.  As proof of this, many of Turkey’s hotels and spas are surrounded by dental clinics.

It is also safe to travel to Turkey, the country receives millions of tourists annually, it is estimated that approximately one million of them come to the country in search of medical and dental treatments.

Dental bridge Hungary

BudapestDental tourism Hungary has been practised for decades, since the 70s and 80s thousands of foreigners have crossed the Hungarian border to receive affordable and high quality dental treatment.

In fact, Hungary is known as the European capital of dentistry. This is due to two things, the first is the quality and quantity of dentists who graduate from their universities annually and the second is the number of foreign patients who visit the country in search of dental treatment in Hungary.

Dentist Hungary stands out for their high quality standards and excellent service to foreign patients, most of them carry out their specializations in English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom and the USA, which is why it is usually very easy to find a dentist Hungary who communicates in English perfectly.

In fact, most of the people in Hungary are fluent in English, this is another positive aspect for those planning to travel to Hungary for a dental holiday.

Hungary is a dental tourism destination par excellence, especially for the British as it is less than 2 hours and 30 minutes from the UK, as proof of this, Hungary dental tourism reviews are usually very good.

The price of getting dental bridges in Hungary goes around £145 to £516.

Dental Bridge reviews

Man looking at graph while using laptop

Reading dental bridge reviews is essential for those considering getting a dental bridge abroad. It is very useful especially for patients trying to choose the right clinic. 

Knowing the experiences of different patients might help a person decide whether getting a dental bridge abroad is a good option or not since dental tourism is not for everyone.


Dental tourism is such a popular choice nowadays among the British who are looking for affordable dental care that also maintains quality.

Countries like Poland, Hungary and Turkey are by far some of the best places for dental bridges abroad, not just because of the prices that can be even 60% less than in the UK, but also because of the high quality dental care provided for these countries. 

Getting dental bridges abroad could be the most affordable option for the British since there are many destinations near the UK, and even if they decide to spend a few days out of home and enjoy tourist activities the final price will still be cheaper than getting a dental bridge in the UK.

However, considering that dental tourism is not for everyone, we recommend doing the proper research before making a decision.

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