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Penis enlargement surgery - what is it?

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The anxiety about the penis size among men has pushed the market towards producing many different products that make it bigger

Penis size plays a key role in men’s confidence, sexuality, and attractiveness. Millions of men in the world think their penis is too small. However, psychology says that in most cases, the penis size is ok and it is only men’s impression that it should be bigger. The anxiety about the penis size has pushed the market towards producing many products making it bigger. So, if men want to know how to make penis enlargement, they may find hundreds of methods on the Internet. What is also interesting, men saying their penis is too small usually have other body concerns (e.g. they are overweight or obese), so it is more psychological problem, not the physical one. Thus, before they decide on a penis enlargement procedure, they should think whether it is really penis size that worries them or they have some other problems which should be faced. Men may use the following tips to get more attractive:

  • lose weight (when men weigh too much, the penis look smaller than it really is, so losing weight will make it look larger)
  • get fit (when men are fit, their sexual life will improve greatly, as a result, they may no longer need penis enlargement treatment)
  • trim the pubic hair (it will make the penis look bigger).
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Penis enlargement surgery is a procedure that aims at increasing the length and girth of the penis

If men try these solutions, they may realize that they do not need penis enlargement surgery any longer. From the medical point of view, the surgery is recommended to men whose penis is shorter than 7,5 centimetres (when stretched). If penis fulfils the urination and sexual roles properly, it shouldn’t be enlarged. 

Yet, if men are still considering penis enlargement surgery, they should know all the aspects of the procedure. What is penis enlargement surgery? It is a procedure that aims at increasing the length and girth of the penis. It may involve transferring the fat cells to the penis, using skin grafts, or inserting silicone implants. Keep reading to find out more penis enlargement details.

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Penis enlargement candidate and contradictions

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The patient always needs to have realistic expectations toward the procedure and speak to the surgeon about results that may be achieved to avoid any disappointment

Penis enlargement surgery should be considered in the following situations:

  • when the penis is very small and disproportionate to the body
  • when a confidence, self-esteem and sexuality is disturbed by the penis size
  • when men want to have larger penis for purely aesthetic reasons
  • when a surgeon diagnoses a Peyronie’s disease (painful or bent erection) or micropenis (its length is maximum 7 cm when erect).

Of course, penis enlargement procedure is a plastic surgery done under anaesthesia, so patients must be in a good health condition to be qualified for the surgery. Also, you need to have realistic expectations because penis enlargement surgery gives noticeable, yet natural, effects. A surgeon always makes patients aware of the results that may be achieved so that they are not disappointed with the effects. 

How does penis enlargement work

Before explaining how penis enlargement works, please see the pros and cons of the procedure. 

Advantages of penis enlargement include:

  • increasing length and girth of penis
  • boosting self-esteem and confidence
  • increasing potency and masculinity
  • better sexual function.

Disadvantages of the procedure include:

  • the results are not dramatic, it is a more natural and subtle change
  • the procedure is not reversible
  • the sensation of the penis area may be reduced
  • there might be scarring
  • the erections may be less rigid.

How does penis enlargement surgery work? Generally, the surgery focuses on lengthening or widening of the penis. There are various techniques used to achieve the best results. So, depending on a patient’s expectations, a surgeon chooses the best penis enlargement procedure. Basically, it is 2-5 centimeters added to width or length after the surgery. We present the most popular surgical penis enlargement methods below.

Penis enlargement methods


There are many methods of penis enlargement surgery, but the most popular are fat graft, penile implant and fillers

There are a few penis enlargement methods which are really popular. However, men need to realize that currently there are no surgical procedures for penis enlargement approved by FDA. It is also hardly possible to choose the best penis enlargement surgery just because each method works differently and a patient is always individually recommended the most effective method in his case. Sometimes the surgeon may combine 2 techniques to achieve effects in both length and width of the penis.

Below, we present the best penis enlargement methods which are the most popular ones at the same time. 

Fat graft penis enlargement

Fat transfer to penis is a common procedure where the fat taken from one body art (e.g. tummy) is transferred to the penis. Firstly, the genital area is thoroughly cleaned and numbed with anaesthesia. The liposuction itself is performed either local or general anaesthesia depending on the procedure complexity and health condition of a patient. The surgeon uses cannula to separate and remove fat cells. Then, the cells are purified and transferred to the penis. Regarding the incision, it is made at the penis base. Thanks to anaesthesia, patients feel no pain, but there might be slight discomfort during the procedure. Penile fat transfer allows for increasing the girth by 20-30%, also the length extends by up to 5 centimetres. To some extent, the fat is naturally absorbed into the body, so very often surgeons inject more fat than is needed to avoid absorption of the injected fat.

Penile implants

Penile implants are an effective treatment for ED (erectile dysfunction). What are penile implants? And how penile implants work? They are rods filled with a saline solution and a pump. When you press on the pump, the implant gets inflated giving the erection. Penile implants surgery may involve the following implants:

  • two-piece implant (the fluid is located in the scrotum, erections are moderate)
  • three-piece implant (the fluid is under abdomen wall, the pump and release valve are in the scrotum; there are 2 inflatable cylinders put inside penis, erection is rigid)
  • semirigid implants (this implant is not inflatable, it stays firm all the time).

Do penile implants really work? Yes, penile implants enlargement success rate is about 95%, so it is a high probability of surgery success. 

Penis fillers

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The results achieved by fillers may be impressive, but it should be remembered that the effect is not permanent

Penis fillers are a safe and effective method of penis enlargement. But what are penis fillers? They are cosmetic products that a surgeon injects directly to the penis. The fillers are natural, they mostly contain hyaluronic acid. As a result, the girth and length are increased. Are fillers safe? Yes, the natural substance that is injected is so elastic that men have a natural feeling in a flaccid state and erect state. What is also interesting, men who already have a penile implant also take use of this method to increase the penis girth. Are penis fillers permanent? Unfortunately no, the fillers are absorbed in the body after some time, however, the research done by the University of Texas shows that 90% of men having penis fillers haven’t noticed the filler loss after a year, which is good news. 

Non surgical methods of penis enlargement

Non surgical penis enlargement includes all the natural penis enlargement techniques as well as methods available on the market which do not include surgical interference. These techniques are said to increase the length and width of the penis. Some methods are really experimental and some are proven to be effective, so it is important that you don’t believe in advertisements promising outstanding results, but rather do research on a method you consider.

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Non-surgical methods of penis enlargement are also available and worth trying, but deep research on a method should be always done

The popular non surgical methods of penis enlargement include:

  • Medications – pills which increase the penis size are widely advertised, however, you need to be cautious about believing in their power. We will elaborate on such meds later on.
  • Manual penis enlargement techniques – the most popular one is jelqing. It is a stretching exercise where men massage the penis tissues and stretch the skin until the “micro-tears” appear. It is a method of Arab origins, known for ages, however, there is no evidence that it really brings the effects. Yet, there are people saying the jelqing helps increase the length and girth of the penis when flaccid and erect as well as extend the erection time.
  • Pumping (penis pump) – it provokes penis extension thanks to a vacuum erection device (VED) which causes blood draw into the penis. What is important, there are VEDs that are medically approved – they are used to treat erectile dysfunction and the pressure that they make is limited. Besides, there are VEDs not medically approved, which can make so big pressure that it may damage penis tissue. Such pumps are widely available but using them is very risky. Also, they are not effective in penis enlargement from a medical point of view. 
  • Traction – it is a method where the penis is lengthened thanks to a penis extender – a mechanical traction device – its role is to stretch the flaccid penis and make it longer. It’s been medically used for patients with Peyronie’s disease, however, its effectiveness in enlarging the penis is dubious.

You may find numerous penis enlargement remedy review posts and articles on the Internet, but you need to know that for the most part, the non surgical methods for penis enlarging are ineffective and may do harm to your penis when used incorrectly. So, the best idea is to consult a specialist before trying any method for penis enlargement. 

Penis enlargement pills

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There is no scientific evidence of penis enlargement pills that work effectively

Penis enlargement pills are widely available – they are said to make the penis bigger and longer, but do penis enlargement pills work? The truth is, they don’t. They are various mixtures of vitamins, supplements, minerals, and herbs sold under different brands. What penis enlargement pills may do is making the erection come faster and firmer, but it has nothing in common with penis length. There is no scientific evidence of penis enlargement pills that work effectively, so do not get tricked by slogans and ads of the best penis enlargement pills. On the other hand, if you suffer from poor erections or erectile dysfunction, the medications may be helpful.

Penis enlargement procedure

Penis enlargement surgery procedure varies depending on the surgery type. Check the penis enlargement procedure for fat graft, penile implant and dermal fillers below:

  1. Fat transfer to penis – it involves 2 procedures – liposuction and fat injecting. Firstly, the fat is taken from the abdomen or thighs area. The surgeon separates and filters fat cells from other material. Then, the fat is injected into the penis with a bespoke injection technique. The amount of fat that can be injected ranges from 30 to 65 ml (depending on a patient, this amount may be even smaller or bigger). Once injected, the fat is manipulated manually by the surgeon to make it evenly disperse. There are also no stitches in the penis area. There is no risk of any allergies or adverse reaction because it is a patient’s own fat, so the body finds it natural. This method allows for increasing the penis girth by up to 30-40%.
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    Penis enlargement surgery procedure and effects depend on the surgery type

    Penile implant – it is a procedure done under local or general anaesthesia. The treated area is shaved before the surgery, which prevents infection risk. A surgeon inserts a catheter to collect urine. Then, depending on an implant type, the incision is made below the penis head, in the lower abdomen, or at the penis base. A surgeon stretches the penis tissue and puts a chosen implant cylinders inside it. When a two-piece implant is used, the pump and valve are put inside the scrotum, and when a three-piece implant is used, the surgeon implants also a fluid reservoir below the abdomen wall. After placing the implant, the surgeon closes the incision with sutures. 

  3. Penis fillers – a treated area is anaesthetised with a numbing agent, then it is cleansed. Then, the surgeon injects the filler with hyaluronic acid or collagen into the penile shaft area. The safe amount of filler is 10-15 ml. It allows for increasing the girth by up to 15%. The whole procedure is quick, it takes about half an hour to complete. It is a medically proven, yet non-surgical technique, however, it should be performed by a certified plastic surgeon. Otherwise, it may be not only ineffective but also harmful.

Penis enlargement surgery recovery

Penis enlargement surgery recovery is rather short. Of course, it depends on the surgery type and a patient’s health condition.

Please check the recovery details below:


Penile Implants

Fat transfer to penis

Fillers injection


local or general

usually general (because of liposuction)local

Hospital stay

1 or 2 days depending on anaesthesia2 days1 day

Time off work

at least 2 weeks1-2 weeks2-3 days

Lifting heavy things

forbidden for at least 4 weeksforbidden for at least 2 weekforbidden for 1 week

Exercising and strenuous training

forbidden for 6 weeksforbidden for 4-5 weeksforbidden for 1 week


not recommended in the first week after the surgerynot recommended in the first week after the surgeryallowed

Sexual activity

allowed after 6 weeksallowed after 4 weeksallowed after 2 weeks

Average recovery time

3-4 weeks2-3 weeks5 days

In all of the penis enlargement procedures, there might be swelling and bruising for some time. It is normal, especially for surgical procedures. Here, ice packs may help. Also, patients may experience pain after returning home, but a surgeon should prescribe painkillers to alleviate the pain and discomfort. Regardless of the procedure, they will feel better day by day.

Does penis enlargement surgery work? Results

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The effects depend on the procedure and individual predisposition

Penis enlargement surgery results can last for a long time, but they are never permanent. Of course, the scale and duration of the effects depend on the procedure and individual predisposition. Regarding hyaluronic fillers, they are naturally biodegradable, so obviously the results are terminable, however, their longevity depends greatly on the skin and muscle condition and the thickness of tissues. The effects of fillers last about 2 years on average. The effects of fat transfer to the penis allow for increasing the penis girth by even 50% and length by about 10-20%. The results last for 1-2 years. Penile implants are the most effective procedure for penis enlargement – in 60-80% the results last over 10 years. 

The results of penis enlargement are not so dramatic as in other plastic surgeries, however, they are big enough to reduce complexes, improve sexual life and restore masculinity for patients. These are medically proven effects, so it is more reasonable to get a surgical (implant or fat graft) or non-surgical (fillers) procedure done by a surgeon instead of wasting money on some “magic” solutions on the Internet. 

Penis enlargement side effects

Side effects of penis enlargement surgery is an important aspect – anyone deciding for a plastic surgery must realize the risk that is involved. There are some important pros and cons of penile implants, fat graft, and dermal fillers, and the types of risks and their probability are quite different in each procedure. So it is best to ask the surgeon for explaining all the involved risks for a chosen surgery. Fortunately, penis enlargement is a safe procedure and the risk is really minimal.

Below, we list the possible penis enlargement surgery risks that are included:

  • infection – it is a risk common to all surgeries, and when a procedure is done by an experienced surgeon, in a high-standard clinic and with the use of sterile devices, this risk is highly reduced;
  • implant adhesion or erosion 
  • the implant problems – despite high quality of implant material, there is a risk of it’s malfunction; when it happens, the implant must be surgically removed;
  • fat graft may cause weaker erection;
  • lumps and uneven fat texture (it mainly concerns fat graft and filers);
  • nerve damage;
  • fat reabsorption and necrosis (it may happen in fat graft) which makes the surgery ineffective;
  • bruising and swelling.
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If the surgery is performed by a qualified doctor the risk of complications is minimal as it is a quite a simple procedure

Penis enlargement surgery side effects rarely occur and patients usually avoid them when they follow all the post-op instructions given by the surgeon. Remember that if you notice any worrying symptoms during or after the recovery, it is best to consult the plastic surgeon to be sure that nothing bad happens.

Is penis enlargement surgery safe?

Is penile enlargement surgery safe? Well, actually it is safe. The risk of complications and side effects is really low, however, it may happen and men should realize that the complications of penis enlargement surgery may greatly worsen their physical and mental health. How safe is penile enlargement surgery? If penis enlargement is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon in a high standard clinic, the risk of side effects decreases. However, what we advise is to consider whether penis enlargement is really needed. Having too small penis is not always a physical concern, in fact, it is often a psychological problem of men. Thus, they can start with asking a psychologist for advice and working on self-acceptance, talking to the partner, and getting fit to gain confidence – then men may realize that they do not need a surgery at all – which is the safest and the most effective solution to the concern about penis size.

Penis enlargement cost

Penis enlargement cost depends on a few factors. The main factor is the procedure type.

  1. Penile implants cost – the price depends on the type of implant that is used.
  2. Fat graft – the price depends on the liposuction area that is involved, the amount of fat, and the liposuction type.
  3. Fillers – the price depends on the amount of filler and substances that are used.

So, determining how much is penis enlargement surgery, in general, is rather difficult. Penis enlargement surgery price can also depend on:

  • clinic and surgeon quality (the more prestigious clinic and experienced plastic surgeon, the higher the price is)
  • clinic location (e.g. penis enlargement surgery the UK is higher than penis enlargement surgery Turkey)
  • price components (the lower price may include only surgery, and anaesthesia, hospitalisation and meds may be an extra cost).
Euro money

The price of penis enlargement consists of few factors, like method, doctor’s qualifications, and location of the clinic

How much is a penis enlargement surgery? The average penis enlargement surgery cost UK is 4000 GBP – 12 000 GBP for implants, 4000 GBP for fat transfer, and 600 GBP for dermal fillers. If anyone wants to know precisely how much does a penis enlargement cost, they need to check it with the clinic that is considered because the prices vary greatly from clinic to clinic. It should be also known what the given prices include so that they can be reliably compared.

Penis enlargement NHS

Penis enlargement NHS is hardly possible. The idea of NHS surgery funding is that it helps people in a prompt medical need. Penis enlargement, as other plastic surgeries, is usually a purely cosmetic and aesthetic procedure and is not required from a medical point of view, thus, the NHS does not fund it. However, there might be situations where men are qualified for NHS penis enlargement, e.g. if they have struggled with penile cancer, penis damage in an accident, or congenital birth defect. It all boils down to medical reasons, so if penis enlargement can treat any medical condition that you’ve experienced, that men have experienced, they may speak with a GP about penile enlargement NHS funding. 

Penis enlargement surgery abroad


If the patient can’t afford the surgery in the home country, the great option is traveling abroad for treatment – this became very popular in recent years

Penis enlargement abroad is a great solution when men looking for affordable surgery. Traveling abroad for medical treatment has become really easy and safe – there are many clinics offering plastic surgery abroad, many agencies organising the whole medical travel and stay, so patients feel as if they are on holidays. The main reason for getting procedures in a foreign country is the cost. Plastic surgery abroad prices (e.g. in Poland, Turkey, Thailand, Mexico) can be even 2-3 times cheaper than in the UK, the USA, or Scandinavian countries. Regarding penis enlargement, the trip lasts 4-5 days – at that time, patients are examined, they consult the surgeon, get the surgery and have a control visit. So, it may be a great chance to have short holidays combined with the procedure, get some rest and visit new places. What’s also important, patients can get secured for their medical trip abroad, which makes their stay and travel much safer. Clinic Hunter & AXA Partners have created travel insurance for cosmetic surgery abroad dedicated solely to medical tourists. The leading destinations for Europeans are Turkey and Poland – these countries offer a great quality of medical care and have an enormous touristic value.

Penis enlargement Poland

Penis enlargement Poland is a plastic surgery done by thousands of men each year.

Why is Poland a great destination for medical tourists?

  • Polish plastic surgeons are top rated specialists recognised across the world.
  • The medical care standards and clinics’ equipment and technologies used guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the plastic surgeries.
  • The average price for penis enlargement with fat cells is 850 GBP.
  • The flight connection between Polish and European cities is very developed, the flight cost between London and Warsaw can be as low as 20 GBP.
  • Polish cities, e.g. Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław are great destinations for city break – with many attractions and landmarks.
  • The clinics in Poland are friendly to international patients, the medical tourism here is flourishing.
  • English is a language widely used, so there should be no problems with communication.
  • Polish landscapes are diverse, there are beautiful nature areas.
  • The history of Poland is a great pride of Poles, they love to share it with tourists, there are also many museums, castles, monuments and historical spots.
  • Polish people are friendly and hospitable.
  • There are many medical travel agencies which offer free help with organising the medical treatment and stay in Poland.

Penis enlargement surgery Turkey

Getting penis enlargement surgery Turkey is popular among European, Asian, and American tourists. The main reason for travelling there is the unbelievably low cost of private medical treatments – Turkey offers one of the lowest plastic surgery prices in the world. See why medical tourists choose Turkey for their medical treatment:

  • The average prices for penile implants in Turkey is 2900 GBP, the fat graft may cost as low as 750 GBP.
  • Turkish clinics provide an overall service and organise the whole stay (including airport pickup and accommodation).
  • The best Turkish clinics are located in the most popular cities – Istanbul and Antalya – these cities are great holidays resorts as well.
  • The low cost of living and Turkish currency rate make it really affordable for international tourists – it includes not only the surgery but also luxurious hotels which are simply cheap for e.g. Western Europeans.
  • The standard of healthcare in private clinics has been greatly improved, also the surgeons must be certified to perform the surgery.
  • Turkey is very attractive from a touristic point of view – it is a country where Western and Eastern cultures meet.
  • Clinics which treat foreign patients hire English-speaking doctors or offer the help of a translator, so there is no language barrier.
  • Similarly to Poland, Turkey has a wide offer of international clinics and agencies which offer help with booking and organising the surgery abroad.

Penis enlargement surgery reviews

Penis enlargement surgery reviews have a great value for men considering this procedure. They show a true image of the surgery outcome and may help in choosing the right clinic and surgeon. Of course, we advise men to take a look at the reviews available on the internet or talk with men having already had the surgery before making the final decision regarding the surgery, plastic surgeon, or the clinic.

Penis enlargement surgery before and after

If patients are not sure about the results that they may get, they should take a look at penis enlargement surgery before and after photos. The most important is having realistic expectations towards the effects – when men are aware of the results, they will avoid disappointment or frustration after the surgery. If they are considering specific clinics, they should not hesitate to ask them to share some before and after penis enlargement surgery photos.

Have you already booked penis enlargement abroad? Get protected for your trip.


Men tend to pay a great attention to their penis size, so naturally, various penis enlargement methods are really popular. What we recommend is finding the real problem – if the penis size doesn’t allow a man to enjoy the sexual life, and its size fits the range of micropenis sizes, then he may consider the surgery, but if his sexual life is ok, and he just wants to have it bigger to feel more attractive and masculine, we advise to work on self-acceptance and confidence. Very often, the problem of a small penis exists only in men’s minds, and it should be addressed not by a plastic surgeon, but by a psychologist or sexologist. However, when men still wish to have penis enlargement procedures, we suggest that they look for some medically-proven solutions instead of buying magic pills or some doubtful devices. They should visit a plastic surgeon to get advice which method would bring the best results. If you would like to get penis enlargement surgery abroad, contact Clinic Hunter to get more details about the procedure and medical travel. 

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