Bariatric Pouch Reset- what is it, diet plan, does it really work?

by admin, on 08.01.21

Pouch reset after bariatric surgery A bariatric surgery drastically reduces stomach capacity so that patients feel full after eating a tiny meal. Gastric bypass and sleeve also reduce the stomach siz...

Alcohol and weight loss surgery- Effect of drinking alcohol before and after bariatric surgery

by admin, on 08.01.21

Anyone who thinks seriously about losing weight with a surgery or regular diet knows that alcohol is a thing to avoid. Of course, the best solution is to cease drinking...

Lab Band Erosion-what it is, sympmtons, causes and treatment

by admin, on 07.01.21

Lab Band Erosion

Gastric band, also called lap band surgery (lapband or lap band) is a weight loss surgery dedicated to people with BMI over 35 who have tried to lose ...

Diabetes and weight loss surgery. Is bariatric surgery cure for diabetes?

by admin, on 22.12.20

Diabetes and weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery is very effective in provoking rapid weight loss and improving health. Usually, it is the bad health that makes pe...

Medical tourists are finally secured - AXA Partners and Clinic Hunter ensure their safety

by admin, on 17.12.20

An insurance dedicated strictly to medical tourists is the new product that is entering the medical tourism market in 2020. Till now, people travelling abroad for medic...

Protein after bariatric surgery- why protein intake is so important after weight loss surgery?

by admin, on 15.12.20

Protein after bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery is a great tool for weight loss, but the actual process of losing weight starts after the surgery. Each surgery requi...

Tummy tuck and other plastic surgery options after weight loss surgery

by admin, on 15.12.20

Plastic surgery after weight loss

A massive weight loss is a lifetime achievement which requires a great commitment, motivation and discipline. It brings back health, ...

Vitamins after weight loss surgery- what are the best vitamins to take after bariatric surgery

by admin, on 11.12.20

Vitamins after weight loss surgery

Bariatric surgery is a life-changing moment in our lives. Once you decide to have it, you commit yourself to all the changes it enta...

How to get rid of loose skin after weight loss surgery-how to prevent and how to get rid of loose skin after weigth loss

by admin, on 10.12.20

Loose skin after weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgeries are performed when patients BMI exceeds 35. In practice, bariatric patients have dozens of kilograms to lose...

Hair loss after bariatric surgery- how to prevent and how to stop it?

by admin, on 26.11.20

Hair loss, as well as hair growth, is a regular stage in the hair follicles cycle, so everyone experiences it. Usually, 90% of hair is growing (it is called anagen phas...

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