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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality eyelid surgery Poland.

Check all the Blepharoplasty - eyelid surgery clinics in Poland

14 results

(8 reviews)

Allestetis / Allmedica

Nowy Targ, Poland

from 70 eur

(2 reviews)

KCM Clinic

Jelenia Gora, Poland

from 2390 eur

(0 reviews)

Raciborskie Medical Center

Raciborz, Poland

from 606 eur

(0 reviews)

Laguna Estetica

Gdynia, Poland

from 681 eur

(0 reviews)

Horizon Clinic

Warsaw, Poland

(1 reviews)


Wroclaw, Poland

(0 reviews)

Dr. Waclawowicz

Wroclaw, Poland

from 892 eur

(1 reviews)


Warsaw, Poland

from 59 eur

(0 reviews)

Dom Lekarski Medical Center

Szczecin, Poland

from 939 eur

(0 reviews)


Cracow, Poland

from 939 eur

Blepharoplasty Poland

Man checking condition of his eyePlastic surgery Poland is a medical treatment sector chosen by thousands of medical tourists each year. Recently, Poland has been making gains in a medical tourist market and has become a premiere destination in Europe. Plastic surgery Poland prices are really affordable, but it is just the added value as Poland is known mainly for its excellent quality and top standard of healthcare. In this article, we will focus on blepharoplasty (commonly known as eyelid surgery) – it is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in Poland chosen by medical tourists. 

Eyelid surgery Poland, also called eye lift surgery or eyelid lift, is a plastic surgery which makes the eye area look much younger, more alert and alluring. There are two types of this surgery, namely upper and lower eyelid surgery. The problems that can be treated by eyelid surgery blepharoplasty include:

  • bags under the eyes
  • excess skin of the lower eyelids
  • excess skin of the upper eyelids
  • problems with vision caused by droopy eyelids
  • baggy/droopy upper eyelids.

When plastic surgery eyelid surgery addresses specific problems, it is given a work name, e.g. lazy eyelid surgery or uneven eyelid surgery. It is also frequent that eyelid procedures are combined with other facial surgery, e.g. facelift, which maximizes the effects. Below in the article, we briefly describe the most important factors of blepharoplasty in Poland. 

Blepharoplasty Poland cost

Young blonde woman holding poland flag and zloty banknotes relaxed with serious expression on face. simple and natural looking at the camera.Eyelid surgery may be performed for health reasons or for cosmetic reasons. Regarding health reasons, when the upper eyelid is so droopy that it causes problems with vision, patients have a chance to avoid bearing the eyelid surgery cost and get it done within the NHS. However, the NHS criteria are particularly strict in this regard and patients must meet all of them to apply for NHS surgery. In all other cases, patients need to pay the full cost of eyelid surgery. The average lower and upper eyelid surgery cost UK or Ireland is 5000 EUR on average (about 4600 GBP). It is also possible to get only upper or only lower eyelid procedure and then, the eyelid surgery price is half as big. Generally, blepharoplasty cost UK is quite high and many people cannot afford it or they need to apply for funding or loan. Getting this surgery abroad is a great alternative to getting fully-paid surgery. How much is eyelid surgery in Poland? Well, the average blepharoplasty cost in Poland is 2200 EUR (about 1800 GBP), only lower or only upper eyelid surgery cost is 1100 EUR on average. It means that eyelid surgery cost Poland is more than twice as cheap as in the UK, so even after adding the travel costs, it is much more economic to get it done abroad.  

young woman apply concealer under the eyeWhy is eyelid surgery cost in Poland so low? Well, firstly we would like to emphasise that the low cost has nothing to do with the quality of the surgery. In fact, the quality of procedures in Poland is so good that it sets an example to many other countries. First of all, the low price stems from the currency rate. In Poland, all the prices are provided in Polish Zloty (Polish currency), which is very favourable to people using Euro, Pounds or Dollars. Secondly, the prices in Poland are generally low for foreigners and it refers to all sectors, not only medical treatments. The low cost of clinics and hospitals maintenance, surgeons fees, medical staff salaries, equipment cost, and daily expenses is reflected in the affordable prices for plastic surgeries. So, the affordability of eyelid surgery is connected with economic situation and currency rate and does not influence the quality of the surgery. 

Why eyelid surgery in Poland?

Undoubtedly, most medical tourists choose plastic surgery Poland because of its cheap prices. However, it is worth knowing that Poland has much more advantages and getting plastic surgery in Poland is a great option not only in terms of finances. The aspects making eyelid Poland surgery so tempting include:

  • low cost – Poland is often the first choice for people looking for cheap plastic surgery Europe; there are only a few countries in Europe offering so attractive cost for medical services;
  • safety – anyone wondering “is it safe to have plastic surgery in Poland?” should know that Poland is a very safe country, its internal situation and international position are unthreatened;
  • tolerance – the Polish society has used to living among immigrants, people are really tolerant, helpful and open to both tourists and foreign citizens;
  • Beauty portrait of a topless attractive womanall inclusive packages – people choosing plastic surgery – Poland are often offered full packages including such additional services as airport pick up, taxi transfers, accommodation or even local trips, so patients can effortlessly combine eyelid surgery with short holidays
  • accessibility – Poland is located in central Europe, so most Europeans can get here within 1-3 hours only; the flight connection in Poland is greatly developed, each major city has its own international airport, it is fast and easy to get to Poland from hundreds of European cities; the flight tickets cost from the UK or Ireland starts from as low as 20 EUR;
  • high quality – it is the strongest advantage of Poland making it so prominent in the European medical tourism market, the quality of healthcare, clinics standard and surgeons skills are world-class; in fact, Poland can set an example to other countries in terms of the organization, quality, attitude and standard of treatments;
  • touristic value – Poland is a region offering the Baltic Sea, mountains (e.g. wonderful Tarta Mountains and Owl Mountains), numerous lakes and forests – everyone can find a dream place there; in addition, there are plenty of attractions waiting for tourists – they include unique castles, churches, historical spots, museums, landmarks, monuments and many places recognised worldwide and put to the UNESCO list; each city in Poland is a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, allure and attractions. 

Different types of eyelid surgery

Eyelift may correct different problems with the eye area and may be done for various reasons. Before we present different types of eyelid surgery, we show the main division of eye lift, which is:

  • cosmetic eye lift surgery – it is a procedure which is not medically need, it is done for purely cosmetic reasons and improves the aesthetics of the eyes; it brings back the youthful, attractive and energetic appearance;
  • functional eyelift – it is a medically recommended procedure which improves the vision and eyesight; it solves the problem of a droopy upper eyelid which impairs vision; also, it makes it easier and more comfortable for a patient to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Depending on a problematic area which is treated, eyelid surgery is divided into two types. The types of eyelid surgery include:

  • upper eyelid surgery – it addresses the upper eyelids; a surgeon removes the excessive skin, fat and muscle from upper eyelids, thanks to which the eyelid is no longer droopy, hooded or heavy, but rather rested, younger and alert;
  • lower eyelid surgery – it addresses the lower eyelids; the procedure involves removing the excessive skin, fat and muscle from the lower eyelids, thanks to which the dark circles, eyebags and puffiness disappear; this surgery improves also the face proportions thanks to creating a well-shaped transition from the lower eyelid to mid face;
  • double eyelid surgery – it is a procedure which treats monolid – a condition where the eyebrow and eyelashes are not separated by the natural fold, and the upper eyelid is not discerned from the area above the eye; it is a common condition among Asians; there are different types of double eyelid surgery – each of them involves different technique and place of stitches.

Knowing the types of blepharoplasty, patients can determine what procedure they need to solve specific eyelid area problems, yet they should always remember that it is a plastic surgeon who makes the final qualification for the procedure and recommends the most effective solution to each patient individually. 

Great specialists

top view of three smiling multiethnic women in white shirts lying with closed eyesPoland is a country which gathers the best plastic surgeons in the world. The clinics hire only certified specialists who are eligible to treat patients with the highest quality. The best plastic surgeons in Poland have outstanding qualifications and experience, they are very well educated and qualified to use the newest and safest techniques in plastic surgery. The good news for medical tourists is that they can choose the best surgeons in Poland and still get the surgery at the low cost while getting the surgery with the best plastic surgeons in UK or other best plastic surgeons in Europe would be out of their price range. It is relatively easy to find the top surgeons in Poland just because the medical education there is so exhaustive, long and demanding that even young doctors just after graduation are well-prepared and skilled to perform plastic surgeries. What we suggest is that patients looking for a plastic surgery in Poland check and verify the information about surgeons, their certificates, before-after photos, experience, training and specializations – such information is usually available on a clinics’ or surgeons’ websites. Finally, we advise patients to read the opinions and reviews of the former patients – they are a great source of information about the doctor skills, attitude and professionalism. Following these instructions, each medical tourist will find the best plastic surgeons in Poland. 

English speaking doctors

Female medical assistant in clinicHowever Poland does not belong to the group of English speaking countries officially, English is a very prevalent language there. It must be stressed that Poland belongs to the top 20 countries with the biggest English speaking population (this list also includes native-English speaking countries), and is one of the world top 10 countries where people speak best English as a second language. English in Poland (similarly to e.g. English education in Turkey) is taught at every stage of education from nursery school to universities. Regarding plastic surgery clinics, each hospital treating international patients hires English speaking staff and English speaking surgeons, so foreign patients having the surgery in Poland have absolutely no difficulties in communicating in the clinic in English. If it happens that there are any communication problems between a surgeon and a patient, clinics provide the service of a professional English translator. 

State of art clinics

Calm peaceful young woman lying on couch and look straight forward. Her face is marked. Three hands touching face skin. Fourth hold syringe for injection.Each of plastic surgery clinics located in Poland must follow the given healthcare and safety standards. In terms of the quality, plastic surgery clinics in Poland are among the best plastic surgery clinics in Europe, what’s more many people consider them as one of the best plastic surgery clinics in the world. So, the highest standard and top quality of Polish clinics of plastic surgery can be taken as a given. All clinics use the most modern techniques and have modern medical equipment, all of the solutions and devices are certified, and acclaimed worldwide. If patients feel unsure about the equipment clinic, standard or quality, we suggest to take a look at the reviews and opinions that are available on various forums, social media, websites with ranks, and groups. There’s no better way of getting to know the clinic than the former patients’ thoughts, experiences and advice. 

Popular cities for eyelid surgery in Poland

Lady Doctor Smiling At Camera Sitting In Modern Clinic OfficePatients may find top plastic surgery clinics in Poland in all major cities there. Polish cities which particularly deserve attention include Warsaw, Kraków, Wroclaw and Gdańsk – these are the biggest, the most developed and the most touristic places in Poland. Generally, it is rather impossible to say where the best plastic surgery clinic in Poland is located or which Poland city is the best one to have eyelid surgery Poland. There are just too many factors playing a role in choosing the right place among all Polish cities and it is always an individual decision in the end. Below, we present cities which most medical tourists regard as the best places to visit in Poland.

Eyelid surgery in Wroclaw/ Jelenia Góra

Hotel Bristol, Krakowskie Przedmieście, WarszawaWrocław – one of the biggest, oldest and the most touristic cities in Poland – is a capital of a historical region called Lower Silesia. Near the city, there are numerous castles, historical spots and charming towns. Wrocław is commonly known as the Venice of the North. It is a city built on 12 islands connected with each other by over 100 bridges. There are numerous architectural monuments and places put on the list of UNESCO World Heritage – it includes e.g. Main Market Square and Old Town, Centennial Hall and Cathedral Island. Regarding plastic surgery in Wroclaw Poland, international patients should definitely consider a clinic called Coramed. It is the most popular Wroclaw plastic surgery clinic which serves mostly international patients. Coramed Poland is also one of the first clinics there working in medical tourism and treating foreign patients. Thus, it has a huge experience in providing plastic surgeries to medical tourists. Choosing Coramed Wrocław is a very affordable, effective and safe option for medical tourists from all over the world. 

The second clinic that is definitely worth mentioning is KCM clinic. KCM clinic Poland was set up in 2006 in Jelenia Góra – a charming unique town situated in the Karkonosze Mountains close to Wrocław. KCM is a private hospital specialising in plastic surgeries, bariatrics and dentistry – it is a luxury, high-standard, international clinic treating patients not only from Europe but also from Africa and North America. English is a first language used there as one of the main assumptions and ambitions of the clinic is to provide excellent service to international patients. In the medical tourism market, KCM is known, recognised and acknowledged for its perfect organisation, individual approach, and superior quality. So, people looking for the private, comfortable, top-standard clinic and best plastic surgeons should treat KCM clinic as number one in Poland. 

Eyelid surgery in Krakow / Nowy Targ

Beautiful panoramic aerial drone view to cable-stayed Siekierkowski Bridge over the Vistula river and Warsaw City skyscrapers, Poland in gold red autumn colors in November evening at sunsetThere are many clinics of cosmetic surgery Krakow Poland, yet the place which should be considered by medical tourists is located in a nearby town. Allestetis clinic is a place which prides itself on providing plastic surgeries to thousands of medical tourists every year. It is a branch of Allmedica group – a complex hospital offering a full range of medical treatments. The clinic Allestetis is situated in Nowy Targ Poland. It is an exceptional and atmospheric charming town located in the shadow of breathtaking Mountain ranges. Allestetis specialises in plastic surgeries, orthopedics and bariatrics – it is one of the most affordable private clinics offering such a high standard of medical care in Poland. To get to the clinic, medical tourists should take their flights to Krakow, Poland. Krakow is a showcase of Poland, one of the most recognizable, popular and unique cities in Europe. Getting plastic surgery Krakow gives patients an opportunity to see this splendid, marvellous city, feel the unique tradition, culture and atmosphere and visit remarkable touristic spots. In addition, the weather in Krakow Poland is very hospitable. 

Eyelid surgery in Warsaw

Gorgeous girl with a beautiful smile and sunrays reflected on her happy facePlastic surgery Warsaw Poland is the most popular out of all cities in Poland. Warsaw is a capital city, the biggest and most modern Polish city. There are hundreds of options to get plastic surgery Warsaw for both domestic and international patients, there are also thousands of doctors among whom patients can find their best plastic surgeon in Warsaw Poland. Near the city, there are two international airports with flights to hundreds of destinations across the world, so it is very easy and cheap to travel to Warsaw, especially from European countries. Warsaw is also an economic, historical, cultural and architectural centre of Poland with dozens of tourist attractions. The must-see places include the Royal Łazienki, Old Town with a beautiful castle, the Palace of Science and Culture, and the Warsaw Rising Museum. The clinic which deserves attention is Promedion. This Warsaw plastic surgery clinic offers the best plastic surgeons and the highest healthcare standard, it is also recommended by many personalities and celebrities and the surgeons working there are the authorities often invited to TV programmes. Promedion is undoubtedly one of the top-rated plastic surgery clinics in Poland, and the good news is that still medical tourists find it really affordable and competitive. 

Eyelid surgery Poland reviews

Man sitting on the couch looking at the computerWe always advise patients to read plastic surgery in Poland reviews to get assured about the standard and quality of a considered place. The former patients eyelid surgery reviews and opinions are the most valuable source of information and knowledge about a clinic, plastic surgeons and medical personnel. In addition, it is a good idea to check eyelid surgery before and after pictures to see what results may be expected and how skilled the surgeon is. The truth is, plastic surgery Poland reviews and eyelid surgery before and after pictures from Poland are for the most part excellent and Poland is one of the most frequently recommended places to get plastic surgery. Besides the great quality, patients pay much attention to cheap Poland plastic surgery prices, which is a perfect combination for medical tourists. However, some of the Europe surgery Poland reviews may be really valuable in terms of warning patients against any poor-quality clinics which do not provide good services as they can be met in all countries. 

Other destinations for eyelid surgery abroad

The Blue Mosque, (Sultanahmet Camii), IstanbulBlepharoplasty in Poland is one of the leading medical tourism destinations, however, there are some more countries worth mentioning as well. Blepharoplasty Turkey deserves the greatest attention. In general, plastic surgery Turkey is one of the most affordable options available across the world. What’s important, plastic surgery Turkey prices go side by side with the really high quality. The recent statistics has shown that European medical tourists choose plastic surgery Turkey Istanbul as the most attractive destination. Regarding Asians, they most frequently choose double eyelid surgery in Thailand. The surgeons there are the most experienced specialists when it comes to double eyelid surgery, and at the same time, eyelid surgery Thailand is really affordable for Asians. The other locations often considered by medical tourists include Hungary, India, Mexico and Czech Republic. 


Eyelid surgery is a procedure which addresses the eye area and improves the lower, upper or both eyelids. When done for purely cosmetic reasons, eyelid surgery is not available within the NHS, which means that patients have to fully pay for it. Thus, many people cannot afford it in their home countries. Medical tourism gives an opportunity to get a much cheaper eyelid procedure abroad. Poland is a country famous for its low prices for plastic surgeries and highest standard of healthcare, so it’s a very tempting option. Prices in Poland are even 3 times lower than in the UK, USA or Germany – foreign patients may choose the best clinic and best surgeon and still save much money. If you are considering blepharoplasty abroad, Clinic Hunter team will be happy to help you find a satisfying clinic, book the surgery and organise the trip to Poland. 

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