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İsmet Kaptan, Şair Eşref Blv. No:27/1, 35210 Konak , Turkey, Izmir (check on map)

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    Dentapoint Overview

    DentaPoint Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics were established in 2017 at İzmir Karşıyaka on Girne Boulevard by our three founding dentists who graduated from the Egean University Faculty of Dentistry. As growth became a necessity as a result of the service we provided with our three units, we started with our second branch in Bostanlı Cemal Gürsel Street in 2018. Dentapoint provides the best dental treatment in Turkey, with the highest quality, affordable prices, comfort and beaurtiful surroundings of Izmir city.


    Our both Clinics our professional teams perform all treatments, such as:


    • dental implants
    • dental surgeries
    • orthodontic treatment, braces, Invisalign
    • smile design services,
    • zirconium and laminate tooth coating applications, crowns, and veneers
    • aesthetic dentistry applications
    • gum treatments
    • pediatric dentistry
    • teeth whitening


    About Our Process


    We perform very thorough examinations and check-ups with photographs and X-rays which allow us to detect any areas of concern and we will discuss these with you. If required, we will perform extractions, place fillings, inlays, crowns or bridges always ensuring that the patient is as comfortable and pain-free as possible during the procedure. We take just as much pride in this ‘bread and butter’ dental work as we do in our most cutting-edge treatments.


    The real advantage to working in a practice with specialists from all the different dental disciplines is that we can take a team approach where necessary. If your teeth are not in the right place, Orthodontics may well be the best solution, problems with your gums may mean seeing our Periodontist or if you have worn or chipped teeth then Cosmetic Dentistry can deliver a beautiful smile or you may require an implant. Whatever the issue, we have an expert at DentaPoint who can help you.


    All Your Needs Met Under One Roof


    Our general dentistry services range from standard dental examinations to fillings and crowns, to fitting dental night guards. Our extensive staff roster ensures we can take care of all dental and oral health issues under one roof, with experts in different disciplines all in one place.  Multidisciplinary planning is at the core of your treatment we will plan your care across all areas of our practice to make your visits seamless. Whether you need a routine examination, porcelain crowns or want to sign your child up as a patient, our team treats you efficiently and effectively.



    Dentapoint is the best place for your dental treatment abroad.


    You are in Safe Hands


    Going to the dentist does not have to be anxiety inducing! Our highly experienced professionals make it their priority to ensure that your dentist visit is as smooth and relaxing as it can be, and that you leave satisfied with your service. From the minute you arrive, our friendly personnel, walked through the practice by our professional support team, will greet you. Take a seat in our comfortable waiting areas and expert team members will take you where you need to go.


    Once you are in the dentist chair, rest assured that all of our treatment is performed with your overall health and wellbeing in mind. Our team work with a face-driven approach, prioritising both aesthetics and excellent oral health and hygiene to ensure patients are fully satisfied!

    Local atraction

    Enhancing Your Dental Treatment Experience with Dentapoint in Izmir


    When it comes to receiving dental treatment, the location of the clinic plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Dentapoint, established in 2017 in Izmir, Turkey, stands out not only for its exceptional dental care but also for its strategic and accessible location. Here’s why receiving dental treatment with Dentapoint is particularly beneficial due to its prime location.


    Proximity to City Center and Accessibility


    Dentapoint’s strategic positioning in Izmir offers patients the advantage of easy access from various parts of the city. Situated in the heart of Izmir, the clinic’s central location eliminates the hassle of navigating through unfamiliar areas, making it convenient for both locals and international patients. The proximity to the city center ensures that patients can easily reach the clinic using various modes of transportation, whether it’s public transit, private vehicles, or even walking.



    Dentapoint stands out not only for its exceptional dental care but also for its strategic and accessible location in Izmir.


    Time Efficiency and Convenience


    The central location of Dentapoint contributes to optimizing time efficiency for patients. This is especially important for those who have busy schedules and cannot afford extended travel times to dental appointments. With Dentapoint’s accessible location, patients can seamlessly incorporate dental visits into their daily routines, minimizing disruptions to their daily activities.


    Cultural Exploration and Leisure Opportunities

    Izmir is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, historical sites, and vibrant atmosphere. Dentapoint’s location provides an excellent opportunity for patients to combine their dental treatments with exploration and leisure. After a dental appointment, patients can easily explore the city’s iconic landmarks, visit local markets, or enjoy the stunning coastal views that Izmir has to offer. This unique combination of dental care and cultural exploration enhances the overall experience of visiting Dentapoint.



    Dentapoint’s location provides an excellent opportunity for patients to combine their dental treatments with exploration and leisure.


    A Blend of Comfort and Modernity


    Dentapoint’s location reflects the clinic’s commitment to providing patients with a blend of comfort and modernity. Situated in a central area, the clinic offers a welcoming ambiance that aligns with the city’s dynamic vibe. Patients can experience the tranquility of a serene dental environment while being surrounded by the energy of urban life.


    Convenient for International Patients


    For those traveling internationally to receive dental treatment, Dentapoint’s location is exceptionally beneficial. The clinic’s proximity to key transportation hubs, such as airports and major highways, simplifies the journey for international patients. Additionally, the central location ensures that these patients can easily access accommodations, restaurants, and other amenities during their stay in Izmir.


    In conclusion, the strategic location of Dentapoint in Izmir serves as a cornerstone of the clinic’s commitment to providing patients with a convenient, time-efficient, and culturally enriching dental treatment experience. Whether you’re a local resident or an international visitor, Dentapoint’s accessible location ensures that your journey to optimal dental health is both seamless and enjoyable.

    Languages spoken

    Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, Turkish

    opening hours

    Open 24/7

    Payment options

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    Dentapoint Doctors

    Dr. Hasan Çınarcık
    Work experience: 11 years Languages: Turkish, English


    Job Experience

    • CTG DentalCare Clinic, Izmir — 2013 – 2017 — Dentist, Orthodontics
    • Yesilyurt Dental Clinics, Izmir — 2015 – 2017 — Dentist, Orthodontics
    • Dr. Hasan Cinarcik Dental Clinic, Manisa — from 2014  — Dentist, Orthodontics, Owner
    • DentaPoint Dental Clinics, Izmir — from 2017 — Dentist, Orthodontics,Owner


    Professional Interests

    • Invisalign
    • Lingual Orthodontics
    • Orthognathic Surgery
    • Temporary Anchorage Devices
    • Class I, II, III Malocclusions


    Ege University, Faculty of DentistryIzmir, Turkey — 2008 - 2013
    Ege University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of OrthodonticsIzmir, Turkey — 2013 - 2019 (PhD Program)
    Facial Esthetics From Childhood to Adulthood, Dr. Domingo Martin14-15 March 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

    Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Treatment Mechanics, Dr. Richard P. Mclaughlin12-13 May 2014, Istanbul, Turkey
    Damon System and Advanced Straight Wire, Dr. Dimitris Mavreas16 September 2014, Izmir, Turkey
    14 Turkish Orthodontic Society Congress25-29 October 2014, Ankara, Turkey
    Inter-arch Treatment Mechanics: Part I - Class II Treatment, Dr. Richard Mclaughlin25-26 May 2015, Istanbul, Turkey
    7th World Implant Orthodontic Conference10-13 November 2015, Dubai, UAE
    Understanding Damon System, Dr. Andrey Tikhonov28-29 November 2015, Izmir, Turkey
    American Association of Orthodontics, Annual SessionApril 29 - May 3 2016, Orlando, Florida
    Simplifying Your Mechanichs for Challenging Cases, Dr. Chris Chang8-9 October 2016, Istanbul, Turkey
    Class II Malocclusion Treatment Options, Prof. Dr. Nazan Kucukkeles17 March 2017, Istanbul, Turkey
    93rd European Orthodontic Society Congress5-10 June 2017, Montreux, Switzerland
    Fluorescence Study9 June 2017, Montreux, Switzerland
    4th Turkish Cleft Lip and Palate Society Congress, Basic Methods and Current Approaches in Alveoler Distraction21-24 September 2017, Izmir, Turkey
    Class III Malocclusion Treatment Options in Adult and Growing Individuals, Prof. Dr. Nazan Kucukkeles29 September 2017, Istanbul, Turkey
    Inter-Arch Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics Class III, Dr. John Bennet15 November 2017, Izmir, Turkey
    Concepts and Controversies in Contemporary Clinical Orthodontics, Dr. Jaw Bowman30 November 2017, Prague, Czech Republic
    Biomechanics and Esthetic Based Orthodontic Treatment Strategies, Dr. Ravindra Nanda9-10 February 2018, Istanbul, Turkey


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