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Vaginoplasty - what is vaginoplasty surgery?

This article focuses on the vaginoplasty operation – an intimate surgery dedicated to women. We realize that sexual and intimate life can still be a taboo for many people and any related problems are an embarrassing and awkward concern for women, yet it is important to realize that the vagina changes over time naturally, it changes also after pregnancy and childbirth, it may develop some problems as urine incontinence or infections, but the modern medicine offers minimally invasive vaginoplasty procedure, so women are not fated to bear all the negative changes.

A few words about the structure of the vagina – it is a muscular canal having some layers of tissues which provide the flexible and soft lining. Vagina is located in the pelvic area, just behind the bladder. The walls of the vaginal have ability to stretch to the great extent e.g. during childbirth, they are very strong and elastic. Yet, over time, the vagina muscles can get weaker and less elastic, the walls get loose, the vagina tissue become thinner, as a result women suffer from pain, dryness, itching, discomfort during sex, also the look of the vagina becomes less attractive.

woman and girl looking at womb picture

Vaginoplasty operation – an intimate surgery dedicated to women.

What is vaginoplasty?

We can define vaginoplasty very simply – vaginoplasty is a surgery on the vagina which improves the functionality of the vagina (by repairing its walls and muscles) and improves the sexual sensation. Vaginoplasty surgery can also treat urinary incontinence, which many women struggle with, especially after childbirth or when they get older. Depending on a specific problem, we may hear the name: tightening vagina surgery, plastic surgery vaginal rejuvenation or vaginal rejuvenation surgery (vaginal rejuvenation), genitoplasty, reconstruction of the vagina, but they all refer to the same vagina surgery. What is more, vaginoplasty procedure can be done as a sex reassignment surgery, that is vaginoplasty male to female surgery (construction of the vagina). Plastic surgery vaginoplasty should be done always by certified vaginoplasty surgeons. Usually, such vaginoplasty doctors are gynaecologists who specialize in female vagina surgery.

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Vagina tightening - the main reason for vaginoplasty

Cosmetic vaginoplasty is a surgery dedicated to women whose vagina is lax and loose, who have weak sensation of the vagina and need vagina tightening. Vagina tightening surgery also helps for urine incontinence, dryness, discomfort and other problems caused by the weak tissues and muscles. Other reason for the surgery is sex change vaginoplasty – done by MTF patients (they can also get combined vaginoplasty labiaplasty). Vagina surgery helps patients with cosmetic and health / function problems caused by pregnancy, childbirth, ageing, genetics, or some trauma. It is definitely worth considering, especially that vagina tightening surgery cost is not really high, or it can be covered by the NHS in some cases.

The candidates for vaginoplasty are patients who:

  • Have cosmetic problems with the vagina;
  • Suffer from discomfort and frequent infections;
  • Have other concerns that can be solved by the vaginoplasty surgery;
  • Experience changes in the vagina elasticity after childbirth;
  • Experience vaginal muscle separation and weakening;
  • Wish to get sex reassignment surgery (male to female);
  • Are in good health condition.

Hymen repair surgery, vaginal reconstruction, sex reassignment surgery and other vaginoplasty techniques

Cosmetic vaginoplasty may be done due to variety of reasons and depending on the specific condition, a doctor may use a chosen vaginoplasty technique. There are several main types of vaginoplasty and vaginal reconstruction surgery that are certified, safe and minimally-invasive. The classification of the techniques is as follows:

Vaginoplasty methods for vaginal agenesis or vaginal atresia:

  • The pull-through technique – the surgeon makes the incision within the tissue in the lower part of the vagina until the upper tissue is reached; then, the mucosa is pulled down and anchored round the hymeneal ring; the excessive tissue is removed;
  • Vecchietti procedure (more specifically, laparoscopic Vecchietti procedure) – here the surgeon puts the traction set through the abdomen into the vaginal dimple;
  • Balloon vaginoplasty – thanks to the balloon, it is possible to create a space for the neovagina in the rectovescial fascia;
  • William’s vaginoplasty – the labia minora are put together and sutured, as a result of which a new pocket is created; yet it may require further alteration to achieve a proper size of the vagina;
  • Mcindoe vaginoplasty – it uses full thickness skin graft / split thickness skin graft to line the vagina;
  • Buccal mucosa – this method guarantees short recovery and fast healing;
  • Intestinal vaginoplasty (called bowel vaginoplasty).

In sex reassignment surgery, there are also a few newly-developed techniques available. One of them is Wilson procedure, in which the 3-stage penile inversion is used. Such a penile inversion vaginoplasty (penile skin inversion) allows for creating female appearing external genitalia.

Women experiencing vagina laxity are also great candidates for vaginoplasty. Here, a surgeon may use a traditional surgical technique, in which the perineal muscles, vaginal introitus and wall are addressed. Besides, there is a modern technique called laser vaginoplasty. Such a laser vaginal rejuvenation tightens the vagina non-surgically. In fact, laser vaginal rejuvenation UK has become extremely popular – this procedure gives excellent results, also laser vaginal rejuvenation cost is much lower than the surgery price. There are also various techniques available depending on the concern that a woman struggle with, e.g. hymenorrhaphy, g-spot amplification, FTG. Designer laser vaginoplasty or hymen repair surgery are becoming more and more popular procedures in the UK.

Designer vagina – what is it?


Barbie vaginoplasty is dedicated to women who have excessive labial tissue.

What is a designer vagina, and what does a designer vagina look like? Designer vagina is a general term describing all procedures addressed to the vagina and vulva. The surgeries that fall into this term include vaginoplasty, nymphoplasty, labiaplasty, vagina rejuvenation, and vagina tightening.

Sometimes, designer vagina is used as an alternative term for Barbie vagina surgery (called also bagina surgery). This surgery is dedicated to women who have excessive labial tissue which causes discomfort during wearing some clothes, practising sport, or having sex. Having too big labia minora and/or labia majora may be really problematic, painful and uncomfortable. Barbie vagina surgery makes labia majora smooth, much less puffy, and makes labia minora smaller in a way that they do not extend over the outer lips. To check what results can be achieved thanks to this procedure, we advise patients to check designer vagina pictures of women having this surgery.

Sex reassignment surgery male to female and neovagina

Sex reassignment surgery male to female is a complex procedure involving many stages. Sex change involves hormone therapy, non-surgical procedures, and finally surgical changes including vaginoplasty male to female (vaginoplasty mtf). MTF vaginoplasty includes creating neovagina, it may also require such procedures as labiaplasty or clitoroplasty. Transsexual vaginoplasty is a demanding surgery because a surgeon needs to create a completely new vaginoplasty for men – shape the labia, clitoris, vagina opening, preserve the orgasm sensation, sensitivity, elasticity and urinary functions.

man in roses

MTF vaginoplasty is a complex procedure involving many stages.

The most common technique for vaginoplasty transgender surgery is penile inversion vaginoplasty. Yet, surgeons may also decide to use such methods as flap vaginoplasty, sigmoid vaginoplasty (colon vaginoplasty, rectosigmoid vaginoplasty), or scrotal skin graft vaginoplasty. Male vaginoplasty should be always well considered and planned, also patients must find a surgeon specialising in transgender vaginoplasty and vaginoplasty SRS so that they are sure that the procedure is as safe as possible. Such a surgery should always be preceded by consultations with specialists and surgeons.

Vaginal rejuvenation – vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, vulvoplasty and g-spot amplification

Vaginal rejuvenation is a purely cosmetic procedure aiming at improving the aesthetics of the vagina. Here, vaginoplasty and labiaplasty are often combined. Getting both labiaplasty and vaginoplasty allows for achieving the best results as for the vagina look and its function. It may also include other procedure – g-spot amplification. Vaginal rejuvenation treatment can be done with surgical and non-surgical methods, women should consider their options and choose the best method of the procedure. In sex reassignment surgery, vaginal rejuvenation is preceded by vulvoplasty. Vulvoplasty surgery creates vulva, while further rejuvenation provides patients with a satisfying shape, size and sensation of vagina.

Before vaginoplasty

Patients are always given some instructions that need to be followed before vaginoplasty.

The common guidelines for patients include:

  • Quit smoking as early as possible – patients must not smoke for 2 months prior to surgery, yet they are advised to stop smoking earlier;
  • Attend the physical exam and do essential medical tests – the list of tests is given by the surgeon;
  • Drink at least 2 litres water a day, a surgeon may prescribe or recommend a special bowel-cleansing water to drink before the surgery;
  • Follow a balanced diet rich in nutrients;
  • Follow a special liquid diet for the last days before the surgery, if recommended;
  • Do not put nail polish for the surgery time;
  • Wear comfortable clothes on the way to hospital, also pack only loose comfortable clothes; forget about jewellery or make up for the surgery and recovery time;
  • Speak with the surgeon about any taken medications (including supplements, prescribed drugs, over-the-couter meds, herbs, or recreational drugs – some of them may be forbidden before and after the surgery, e.g. Aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, estrogen);
  • Stop using any nicotine products, tobacco, or vaping for a month before the surgery.

In general, the pre operative care is not really complicated or demanding, yet if patients have any doubts or difficulties in following the instructions from a surgeon, they should contact their doctor to re-discuss the pre operative assessment guidelines and get advice on the problematic points. A proper preparation for the surgery is the important aspect which greatly influence the outcome and effectiveness of the surgery, so it cannot be neglected.

Vagina surgery

Vagina surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. So, during the whole surgery, an anaesthesiologist is present and watches over a patient. A patient is put asleep and feels no pain at all. Sometimes, local anaesthesia may be applied, yet it is for non-complicated cases and for minor changes. The entire procedure may take minimum 1 hour. Patients usually spend 1 night in the hospital after the surgery.

After applying anaesthesia, a surgeon waits until a patient falls asleep. Then, he moves on to making all the agreed changes to the vagina. Usually, it involves toning the vagina muscles, removing the excessive skin and tissues, and shortening the excess lining of the vagina. The scarring is inside the vagina and the used stitches are dissolvable, so they do not need removal. The surgery is more complicated in sex reassignment surgeries – it may take much longer, up to a few hours and involve more body affection and post-op risks.

Recovery time after vaginoplasty

Plastic surgery recovery is very important stage of the changes that have been initiated during the surgery. It greatly influences the final results, healing and outcome of the procedure, so patients should be prepared for this period well. The average vaginoplasty recovery time is 6 weeks. Of course, the time may vary depending on the specific technique and type of vaginoplasty as well as on a patient’s ability to heal and recover.

An important part of plastic surgery aftercare are follow-up visits. A surgeon may schedule one or more such visits during the first weeks after the surgery to check the healing progress and monitor the possible complications.

In surgeries done under general anaesthesia, patients stay in the hospital for at least 1 night. When the surgery is over, patients are moved to PACU (post-anaesthesia care unit), where their recovery actually begins. Patients have Foley catheter put – it drains urine, also the drains collecting excessive fluids may be put. On the second day, all the drains are usually removed. Patients are advised to sit up and take slow, short walks.


pill in the girl's mouth

The average vaginoplasty recovery time is 6 weeks.

The most important restrictions include:

  • Avoid any tiring activities – exercising, gym, training – for at least 6 weeks;
  • Do not smoke for at least 4 weeks;
  • Do not take baths for 2 months;
  • Avoid swimming and riding a bike for at least 12 weeks;
  • Sex after vaginoplasty is possible only after doctor’s consent, usually no earlier than after 12 weeks.

Patients should pay great attention to the hygiene during the recovery. The operated area should be kept dry and clean – it minimizes the risk of infection or contamination. Patients should wash their hands any time before and after touching the vagina. Taking showers every day is highly recommended, and afterwards, the vagina should be dried. Besides, patients ought to wear loose clothes so that there is no fraction or discomfort in the operated area.

In the early recovery stage, especially first days, patients may feel acute pain in the operated are. Yet, they are given prescribed medications which should greatly alleviate the pain or recommended some strong over-the-counter meds. After a few days, the pain should naturally subside, if patients still feel it strong, there might be a symptom of a post-op complication. Another common concerns of vaginoplasty patients is constipation and nausea. Here also medications are helpful – patients should also speak with their doctor about any problems they encounter during the recovery without hesitation. Finally, patients may feel itching swelling of the vagina and labia – it may last for a few weeks. The ice compresses may help.

Vaginoplasty risks

Vaginoplasty risks are an indispensable part of the surgery and patients must be aware that some surgery risks and side effects may occur. Vaginoplasty complications can be minimized when patients find an experienced surgeon who has performed many procedures on vagina and when the post-op instructions are carefully followed.

The complications after vaginoplasty may include:

  • Vaginoplasty infection – it may develop both during and after the procedure, so patients need to be careful about the operated area;
  • Urinary tract infections;
  • Urinary incontinence – vaginoplasty helps in treating urinary incontinence, yet sometimes, the problem may deepen;
  • Reduced pleasure during sex;
  • Changed vagina sensation due to nerve damage; numbness;
  • Chronic genital pain, which get intensified during intercourse;
  • Damage to nearby organs, e.g. rectovaginal fistula, bladder, bowel;
  • Posterior vaginal wall problems, e.g. posterior vaginal wall prolapse;
  • Vaginal shrinkage or stricture of vagina;
  • Too little or too excessive narrowing of the vagina.

Patients should also know that there are some general risks that may happen after any surgery performed under general anaesthesia. They may include: poor outcome of the surgery and bad effects, prominent scarring, necrosis, hematoma, seroma, excessive bleeding, blood cloths, and adverse reaction to anaesthesia.

In case of vaginoplasty done in another country, patients are encouraged to benefit from medical travel insurance for surgery abroad, which is very useful in case of any problems connected to procedure abroad.

girl in pain

Vaginoplasty complications are minimized when patients find an experienced surgeonand when the post-op instructions are carefully followed.

Vaginal dilator as alternative to vaginoplasty

Vaginal dilator is not an alternative to vaginoplasty, as it is a vaginal expander, while vaginoplasty tightens the vagina. Yet, the dilator can be a great complement to the vaginoplasty or laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery when used properly.

A vaginal dilator is a silicone or plastic tool, which may have many sizes. It may differ in width and length. Usually, people may purchase the whole vaginal dilator set which includes several dilators, each of which should be used at the specific stage. The main function of a dilator is keeping the vagina open. The vagina tends to get more and more narrowed due to ageing, low estrogen level, various therapies (e.g. pelvic radiation) or diseases (e.g. lichen planus). Women need to take care of keeping it open to ensure having painless intercourse, inserting medicines or having vaginal exams. After vaginoplasty, the vagina is even more tight, so it may need to be stimulated sooner than naturally. Hence, such dilators may be necessary.

Vaginoplasty reviews

We advise patients to check vaginoplasty reviews / vaginal rejuvenation reviews and vaginoplasty testimonials before making the final decision as for the clinic and surgeon. The opinions of former patients can give a real image of the clinic standard, its attitude, approach, and quality. It may totally change our decision regarding the place to do the surgery or may confirm our choice as for the hospital – such a verification based on reliable vaginoplasty review posts is a great way of confirming the clinic standard.

The other aspect of verification that patient should do is checking before and after vaginoplasty photos. Nowadays, most clinics share their vaginoplasty results, including neovagina results and mtf vaginoplasty results. Of course, here the patient’s consent is necessary, as the surgery is very intimate, it not always can be easily shared to other patients. However, when patients agree to show their vaginoplasty surgery before and after pics, the photos can be shared with patients who plan to get the surgery in a given clinic and wish to see the vaginoplasty surgery pictures. What is more, vaginoplasty before after photos are significant because they show the skills of a surgeon. Patients should ask for vaginoplasty pictures, before and after vaginoplasty photos of a considered surgeon to see whether the quality presented by this specialist is satisfying and the results that are achieved are acceptable.

Vagina surgery cost

How much is vaginoplasty? Vaginoplasty cost range is quite wide as the scope of the surgery can be really broad. To give an example, vaginal rejuvenation cost can be lower than vagina tightening surgery cost, but comparable to hymen repair surgery cost UK, but the sex reassignment vagina surgery cost is much higher than other vaginoplasty procedures.

Factors determining vaginoplasty prices:




City, region, country, cost of living and fees in a given region


Type of anaesthesia (local or general); anaesthesiologist fee (depends on the experience and training)


Clinic’s reputation and standard as well as surgeon’s experience, skills and speciality

Scope of the surgery

It determines the length of the procedure, usage of special tools and devices; complexity of the surgery; and degree of risk

Additional costs

Consultation before vaginoplasty price, recovery expenses (e.g. cost of vaginoplasty follow up visit if not included, or price of vaginoplasty special equipment needed for recovery)

Finally, vaginoplasty costs depend on a variety of factors, e.g. people can find vaginal rejuvenation price which is really high and really low – the reason may be in a clinic quality or clinic location. Below in this section, we will provide more details about the vaginoplasty cost UK as well as cheap vaginoplasty prices in other countries so that everyone can see the difference in cost vaginoplasty between the chosen regions.



Vaginoplasty UK

Vaginoplasty UK is a procedure available in most private hospitals and plastic surgery clinics. In general, we cannot provide one vaginoplasty cost UK, as the cost may vary from 5500 GBP to over 20 000 GBP. The tightening of vagina surgery UK costs roughly 6000-6500 GBP, while rejuvenation vaginoplasty London price is about 5000 GBP. The most costly are sex reassignment surgeries – they are always quoted individually, yet their price is much higher than a cosmetic vaginoplasty.

To reduce the cost of vaginoplasty, we advise patients to look for clinics in smaller cities. Obviously, London offers the best clinics in the UK, yet the prices are also one of the highest in the country. Instead, patients may search for good-quality hospitals in other cities, e.g vaginoplasty Manchester, Bristol or Leeds – the costs offered there are probably lower than in London, and the standard in the clinics may be also really high. The price difference, to great extent, stem from the fact that the cost of living in London is higher than in other British cities. If the cost of the surgery is still too high, patients may try to get NHS funding or look for the surgery abroad.

girl with coin

If the cost of the surgery is still too high, patients may try to get NHS funding or look for the surgery abroad.

Get the insurance for treatment abroad:

Vaginoplasty NHS

Getting vaginoplasty NHS is possible for some patients. It is just necessary to prove that patients meet one of the following criteria qualifying patients for vagina surgery NHS:

  • Suffering from serious developmental abnormalities of the vaginal canal;
  • Suffering from congenital serious abnormalities of the vaginal canal;
  • Experiencing trauma, which requires a repair of the vagina.

Patients should start applying for vaginoplasty on NHS from visiting their GP. Once they get preliminary qualification, they are father referred to other specialists. A GP also gives all the instructions and helps patients make all the steps in the application process.

What is more, it is possible to get NHS vaginoplasty by transsexuals. The whole non-surgical and surgical treatment of sex change, called gender dysphoria, is possible within the NHS. It includes vaginoplasty UK NHS. Here, the process is slightly more complicated and involves more efforts from patients, it is also more complex life-changing treatment, no-wonder NHS sets strict criteria which pick up only those candidates which are 100% sure about their decision.

Vaginoplasty Abroad

Travelling for plastic surgery abroad is very popular among Europeans, Asians and Americans. Such trips abroad, e.g. to get cheap vaginoplasty, are officially knows as medical tourism. In the 21st century, travelling abroad has become cheap, fast, comfortable and generally effortless to such an extent that the differences in organising the plastic surgery in a home country and cheap plastic surgery abroad are blurred. Regarding the destination beauty plastic surgery abroad, it depends on a patient’s home country, e.g. Americans prefer travelling to Mexico or Brazil, Europeans choose vaginoplasty in Poland, Turkey and Czech Republic, while Asians prefer Thailand, India and Turkey. So, there is no one best place for plastic surgery abroad, there are many countries which offer very cheap plastic surgery abroad prices and high quality of treatment at the same time and can be treated as perfect destination for medical tourists.

The advantages of travelling abroad for vaginoplasty include:

  • Vaginoplasty cost abroad may be twice or three times cheaper than in a home country of a patient;
  • Patients can afford to pay for the best surgeons and the best clinics;
  • Patients can find tope specialists abroad – very experienced, world-class, skilled surgeons;
  • Private clinics serving international patients are usually modern, prestigious, high-standard places which used advance-technology and newest solutions;
  • There are various plastic surgery abroad packages available for medical tourists;
  • Thanks to the developed flight connection, the access to foreign countries is fast and easy;
  • Patients get a great chance of visiting new place and combine a surgery with short holidays;
  • Patients can save much money.
  • Patients can get secured for their medical trip, which makes their travel and stay abroad much safer. Clinic Hunter & AXA Partners have created a special health shield dedicated solely to medical tourists.

Vaginoplasty Poland

Poland is considered as one of the cheapest and safest destinations for medical tourists. The country is a member of the European Union, so it follows all the highest standards of healthcare and treatment and complies with the working, technology and sanitation conditions. The main Polish clinics offering plastic surgery Poland to foreign patients have English versions of their websites, so reading the plastic surgery Poland reviews or checking the information about the clinic and surgeons is easy for all patients regardless of their nationality.

Plastic surgery in Poland prices are very affordable. The average vaginoplasty cost is 2200 GBP, which is roughly three times as cheap as in the UK – it makes a huge cost difference, and huge savings for British patients. What is more, many clinics in Poland and medical travel agencies offer special surgery packages including hotel accommodation, airport pick up and local transfers. Sometimes, even the flights are included. Thanks to such help, patients do not need to worry about organising the trip as they have everything organised for them by specialists.

Finally, Poland is a very interesting country from a touristic point of view. It is a great location with access to the Sea, mountains, lakes, forests and breathtaking landscapes. Each major city is unique, has its own atmosphere, local culture, and one-of-a-kind attractions. Kraków, Gdańsk, Warsaw or Wrocław are cities visited by millions of tourists each year – they are historically-rich, wonderful cities with beautiful Old Towns, numerous monuments and touristic spots. Anyone coming to Poland should reserve some time to do some sightseeing there.



Poland is considered as one of the cheapest and safest destinations for medical tourists.

Vaginoplasty Turkey

Turkey plastic surgery is far more popular destination for international patients than Poland. Turkey, thanks to its location, marketing and highly affordable prices, gathers patients from European, American and Asian countries. Plastic surgery in Turkey prices are regarded as one of the lowest in the world. The average cost of vaginoplasty is 1800 GBP. The good news is that the plastic surgery in Turkey reviews are really positive, so despite the low cost, patients get high quality surgeries and excellent care in hospitals.

Furthermore, getting plastic surgery Turkey has one more advantage – patients get a chance of spending great summer holidays at the Sea resort. Such cities as Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, or Sides are very popular holiday destinations famous for luxury hotels and many tourist attractions, there are also top-quality clinics offering best plastic surgery Turkey, so why not to use such a chance? Turkey is also a mixture of Western and Eastern, European and Asian cultures and religions, it is a colourful country, full of traditions and customs, so getting to know this country and people gives people unforgettable memories and experience.


Plastic surgery in Turkey prices are regarded as one of the lowest in the world.

Vaginoplasty abroad – other locations

Poland and Turkey are not the only countries worth mentioning. Europeans often opt for Hungary, Lithuania or Czech Republic as for getting cheap plastic surgery abroad. Asians choose mainly vaginoplasty Thailand as an alternative to Turkey, while Americans travel to Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil mainly due to the close distance and well-developed flight connections. Generally, in getting the surgery abroad, it is important to remember about verifying the clinic and surgeon and making sure there are no extra costs added on top. So, the good research is always necessary before making the decision about travelling for vaginoplasty.


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Clinic Hunter is ready to help every woman looking to get vagina surgery abroad. Just contact us to get more details!

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure dedicated to women who are not happy with the look or functionality of their vagina. This procedure can be also done to people during sex reassignment process as one of men-to-female surgeries. Problems with the vagina can reflect on various aspects of women lives, e.g. sex life, practising sport, physiological concerns, fitting the clothes, mental distress. So, we truly recommend having vaginoplasty to solve this problem and improve the life quality. There are several options of getting vaginoplasty – it can be funded by the NHS, done in a private hospital in a home country or done abroad at a lower cost. Clinic Hunter is ready to help every woman looking to get vagina surgery abroad. Just contact us to get more details


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