Bariatric Pouch Reset: what is it? Does it really work? [EXPLANATION]

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Pouch reset after bariatric surgery

A bariatric surgery drastically reduces stomach capacity so that patients feel full after eating a tiny meal. Gastric bypass and sleeve also reduce the stomach size and make it more resistant to stretching again. However, the stomach tends to stretch over time because it is a natural process which can be only slowed, not totally eliminated. The bariatric surgery diet includes a gradual extension of the food types and meal sizes. No wonder, the stomach capacity tends to increase when we eat more. It may lead to weight gain. The stomach pouch reset, also called the gastric pouch reset or just the pouch reset, may stop weight gain after a weight loss surgery. Below, we will explain what exactly pouch reset after bariatric surgery is and how bariatric surgery gaining weight reset pouch works. 

What is a pouch reset?

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Stomach stretches, and it is a normal situation, it doesn’t have to mean that patient overeat again, it means that the food portions are just bigger than right after the bariatric surgery

It is normal that the stomach stretches, and it doesn’t have to mean that you overeat again, it means that the food portions are just bigger than right after the surgery. Bariatric pouch reset is just reducing the stomach size by a short, yet intense diet. Whether it is gastric bypass pouch reset or gastric sleeve pouch reset, it causes the stomach to shrink and makes we eat less again. Such a diet is a great option for anyone who feels that they need more food to fill full than they should. 

The researches prove that bariatric surgery patients tend to gain weight about 12-18 months after the surgery. If you know that you follow all diet and exercise guidelines and still gain weight, it may mean that your stomach has stretched, and you must eat much more to get satisfied than before. The pouch reset is a great solution which reduces the stomach capacity very fast and prevents further weight gain. 

Pouch reset diet

The bariatric pouch reset diet resembles a post-op diet which you had to follow. The main difference is in time – the post-op diet lasts for a few months and the pouch reset diet lasts for a couple of days only. There are a few options for a pouch reset plan – some include a 5-day diet and some 8-10-day diet.

However, regardless of the number of days, each diet consists of the same stages:

  • Day 1: only clear liquids are allowed (e.g. water, coffee, tea, broth, sugar free drinks), the daily calories intake should be about 400-500 kcal.
  • Day 2-3: full liquid diet (e.g. protein shakes, soups, sugar free pudding, yogurt, sorbets, oatmeal), the daily calories intake should be about 600-700 kcal.
  • Day 4-6: pureed food (e.g. hummus, milk, cottage cheese, soups, scrambled eggs), the daily calories intake should be about 900-1000 kcal.
  • Day 7-9: soft food (e.g. vegetables, soft cheeses, chicken, fish, mashed fruit), the daily calories intake should be about 1100 kcal.
  • From day 10: healthy food, the daily calories intake should be about 1200 kcal.
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The main role of this diet is to make a stomach pouch smaller, so it is important to follow it strictly

It is important to realize that the main role of this diet is to make a stomach pouch smaller, so on days where liquids are allowed, you must not eat any solid food because it won’t be effective. You should also keep to the standard diet guidelines, e.g. avoid drinking 30 minutes before and after a meal, take supplements, chew every bite carefully, and drink water regularly. It might be difficult for you to practice any sport at that time because you will have little energy supply, but try to move and walk frequently while doing your everyday duties. 

5 day pouch reset diet

Five day pouch reset is a type of pouch reset meal plan which lasts only 5 days. When followed, it may also result in decreasing the stomach capacity and it’s size.

5 day pouch reset diet looks as follows:

  • day 1 – clear liquids
  • day 2 – full liquids
  • day 3 – pureed food
  • day 4 – soft food
  • day 5 onwards – healthy diet.

Such a diet is recommended to anyone who hits a weight loss plateau, has gained weight, realizes that the single food portion exceeds 200 grams, eats more calories than suggested, and wants to regain control over the diet and weight. 

The sample 5-day pouch reset diet should look as follows:

Day 1: water, tea, chicken broth.

Day 2: 3 protein shakes, soup, sugar-free beverage.

Day 3: 3 protein shakes, 2 servings of soft food (e.g. cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, scrambled eggs, tofu beans).

Day 4: 3 protein shakes, 2 servings of proteins (chicken, fish, eggs or tofu), 2 servings of fat (avocado, almonds, butter).

Day 5: 3 protein shakes, 2 servings of proteins, 2 servings of fat, 2 servings of carbs (e.g. berries, quinoa, sweet potato, vegetables).

After such a pouch reset diet, you should remember not to make your stomach stretch again and be careful to chew every bite thoroughly, keep to the recommended calories intake, avoid sugary and fatty food, and avoid carbonated products.

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The pouch reset results may be really satisfying if the diet is followed correctly

Does the pouch reset work?

The pouch reset results may be really satisfying. But before we mention them, we need to differentiate between two things. You should ask yourself a question whether your weight gain is really caused by the stretched stomach or there are some other reasons (e.g. you eat cheat meals from time to time, you drink sugary drinks, you drink alcohol, you have no motivation to stay active, you have some emotional problems or stress, you don’t follow your diet plan). So, when you are genuinely devoted to your new lifestyle and still gain weight, you may have the problem of stomach stretching and pouch reset will surely help you get back on track. The pouch reset reviews from the gastric sleeve and bypass patients are really positive – such a diet helps them reduce the meals size, triggers a weight loss which is very motivating and reminds them about following a diet and calorie restriction.


Weight loss surgery is just a tool for losing weight in a fast and safe way. It always requires a long-term motivation, discipline, and significant lifestyle changes. The weight loss process is never a bed of roses, there are ups and downs. The weight gain after some time is also a normal thing and should not worry you. However, if you are still in the process of losing weight, follow the diet, and stay active, it may mean that your organism needs a rapid step to get back in the game. Gastric pouch reset is the effective way to do it and to make your body lose weight again. Of course, we advise you to contact your bariatric surgeon before starting this diet to make sure it will bring the desired effect. 

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