Top 5 countries to get liposuction abroad

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Liposuction (also called lipoplasty or lipo) is a procedure that removes fat from the body and helps to change its shape. Often sport and diets are not sufficient to achieve aesthetically pleasing body contours, that is why people turn to liposuction. As lipo abroad is a safe, fast and almost painless procedure it became the second most popular plastic surgery procedure on medical tourism market. People from the USA and the UK are looking for liposuction abroad as it is much cheaper for them to have it done abroad than in their country. Having liposuction abroadĀ allows to save up to 70% on it. For you, we prepared 5 most popular destinations to get lipoplasty abroad. Our rating is built on a number of factors such as price, number of tourists, healthcare quality etc.


5. Liposuction Spain

Average price of liposuction in Spain: 1599 ā‚¬


Why go to Spain for liposuction:

Spain is one of the world’s most popular tourist destination. In 2015 Spain was the third most visited country in the world. According to The World Health Organization (WHO) Spain has the 7th best healthcare system in the world. All of the hospitals in Spain are supervised by the Spanish Ministry of Health. People chose Spain for plastic surgery procedure as there they can get lipoplasty procedure without any waiting list and for anĀ affordable price.

Where to go for lipo in Spain:

Most people choose big cities like Barcelona and Madrid to have a plastic surgery. There are a lot of advantages of going to big cities such as cheap flights, numerous hotels and convenient public transport. But sometimes prices in big cities are higher. You should consider smaller cities as Alicante or Valencia as they have unique atmosphere, and professional plastic surgery clinics as well.

More benefits of lipo in Spain:

Spain has everything for a perfect vacation. The country has a coast on the Atlantic Ocean and theĀ Mediterranean Sea. Tourists come to enjoy the sea, hospitality, and architecture. By choosing Spain for you liposuction procedure you will not have a high-quality plastic surgery but also spendĀ amazing vacations.

4. Liposuction in Mexico

Average price of liposuction in Mexico: 1999ā‚¬


Why go to Mexico for liposuction:

Mexico is the most popular medical tourism destination among Americans. There are many reasons why medical tourism in Mexico is getting more and more popular. First of all, it is cheaper. What is more the professionalism and experience of doctors in Mexico are of the same level as in the USA. The other advantage of liposuction in Mexico is that it is quite convenient for Americans and Canadians to travel to, as they can get there by car or by numerous flights to major cities.

Where to go for lipo in Mexico:

Each city it Mexico is worth visiting. Most people chose cities that are easy for them to get to. The cities that are situated close to the American border are popular among people who travel by car. Big cities such as Cancun or Mexico City will impress you with fantastic architecture and exotic cuisine.

More benefits of lipoplasty in Mexico:

Mexico is getting more and more popular among people who want to have an amazing vacation as there you can find breathtaking nature, ancient ruins, and exotic traditions. Mexico is famous for its Pacific and Gulf beaches, diverse landscape of mountains, deserts, and jungles. Vacation in Mexico is something you will remember for the rest of your life.

3. Liposuction in Turkey

Average price of liposuction in Turkey: 2499ā‚¬


Why go to Turkey for liposuction:

Turkey is known as sixths most visited tourism destination in the world, and it is getting more and more popular medical tourism destination. Turkey is known for its high quality and affordable prices. According to Daily News, in the terms of quality Turkey is the third medical tourism destination after the U.S. and Germany. Most of plastic surgery clinics in Turkey have an international accreditation and are working according to all European standards.Where to go for lipo in Turkey: The most popular medical tourism destinations in Turkey are Istanbul,

Where to go for lipo in Turkey:Ā 

The most popular medical tourism destinations in Turkey are Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. There are a lot of plastic surgery clinics there, and you can always find a cheap flight from the UK or the USA. For those who do not love big cities we advise to go to smaller ones like Marmaris to enjoy calm and stress-free vacations.

More benefits of lipoplasty in Turkey:

After the liposuction in Turkey, you will have a great opportunity to discover this exotic country. Turkey is famous for its sandy beaches and amazing architecture. During your vacation in Turkey you will enjoy warm sea and famous Turkish hospitality.

2. Liposuction Thailand

Average price of liposuction in Thailand: 1499ā‚¬


Why go to Thailand for liposuction:

Thailand is the most popular medical tourism destination in Asia. The healthcare system is Thailand is getting better, the number of hospitals with JCI accreditation increase every year. By choosing liposuction in Thailand you can save up to 60%. At the same time the hospitality and the professionalism of the clinics are of the highest standards.

Where to go for lipo in Thailand:

People usually choose big cities like Bangkok or Phuket to get the liposuction as it is easy to find cheap flights there. Thailand is the most popular destination for Australians. Even with all the spending in Thailand, they pay less than in Australia.

More benefits of lipoplasty in Thailand:

Thailand is a famous exotic country. Architecture, people, ocean, and cuisine makeĀ Thailand one of Asiaā€™s top tourist destinations. The country is also famous for its affordable prices, there for 100ā‚¬ you can live like a king for a week. After the liposuction in Thailand, you can enjoy sightseeing and beach vacations.

1. Liposuction in Poland

Average price of liposuction in Poland: 1499ā‚¬


Why go to Poland for liposuction:

Poland is the most popular medical tourism destination in the European Union. If you chose liposuction in Poland you will pay up to 50% less than in the UK or Germany. No waiting list, English speaking surgeons and accessibility due to central location are the reasons why more and more people chose Poland to get a liposuction. Plastic surgery clinics in Poland are equipped with the latest equipment, surgeons use only high-quality materials and constantly improve their knowledge.

Where to go for lipo in Poland:

Most popular cities in Poland are Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw, as they are the oldest with ancient architecture and unique atmosphere. What is more, it is easy to find cheap flights there. People from Germany often chose Szczecin or Kolobrzeg, as they are situated close to the border and are easy to get by car.

More benefits of lipoplasty in Poland:

Poland is a young European country. All of the clinics, hotels, and restaurants are working to European standards. In Poland, everyone will find something for himself. Mountains, sea, ancient castles will make you come back to Poland over and over again.

We hope our ranking will help you to find a perfect destination to have your liposuction done. Having liposuction done in one of these countries will inspire you to the new beginnings in your life.

Liposuction abroad

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