How to check for breast cancer with implants?

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Clinic Hunter

How to check for breast cancer with implants?

Breast cancer screening is possible for women having breast implants and should be done regularly. Sometimes, mammograms with breast implants can be more demanding for a doctor because cancerous masses might not be seen correctly. It is because silicone or saline (implants materials) may block X ray. However, successful mammogram is still possible thanks to the following tips:


  • women should choose a place where the staff has experience in examining women with breast implants;
  • women should inform the staff about having breast implants (their size, position and material) before the examination starts;
  • women should ask for additional scans – thanks to them, even with breast implants cancer can be detected;
    getting 3D Mammogram is recommended;
  • women need to do self-checking; it is frequent that they feel some lumps (it is because of implants) – yet, they may be associated with breast implants and cancer, so should be always checked.

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