How to relax chest muscles after breast augmentation?

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Clinic Hunter

How to relax chest muscles after breast augmentation?

After placing breast implants, women experience tightness in the chest. It is because the implants put a lot of pressure on the skin and ribs and it takes time to the body to adjust to newly put implants. There are some useful methods of reducing the tightness. They include:


  • wearing post-op compression garment and supportive sports bra – it improves blood circulation and help with pain management;
  • doing breast massage – it relaxes the the chest muscles, and relieves tightness and stiffness; a surgeon should recommend the best technique for breast massaging;
  • sleeping in the upright position (it prevents putting the pressure on chest tissues);
  • staying hydrated – proper hydration prompts healing and recovery;
  • maintaining a recommended posture during the day.

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