What to wear after breast augmentation?

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What to wear after breast augmentation?

The most important part of the wardrobe after breast implants is the bra. Women need to start wearing a special post op bra immediately after the surgery – it supports the breasts and prompt recovery. When buying post breast surgery bras, women must pay attention to wires (breast surgery bra should be wire-free), fabrics (high-cotton and soft fabrics gives more comfort), adjustability (bras for breast implants must have straps and closures at the front), fit (it should be tight), and size (a surgeon will advise on the best size). The useful tips for wearing clothes after breast implants include the following:


  • bras should be high-quality and ideally fitted;
  • patients should change the bras every day so that they avoid bra stretching and high breast support is maintained;
  • wear comfortable clothes which are easy to take on and off – loose shirts or hoodie (with a zip) would be great;
  • avoid clothes which require much arm movements (patients need to avoid burdening arm and chest muscles);
  • pay attention to lower body clothes too, avoid clothing which require extensive arm movement, e.g. tight pants.

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