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What is a breast lift - mastopexy ?

It is normal that women pay great attention to the look of their breasts. Also, it is normal that many women are not happy with the breast look – their shape or size. Plastic surgeries give women an opportunity to improve the aesthetics of breasts, eliminate health problems caused by breasts size, improve self-esteem and attractiveness. Saggy breast lift is one of the breast surgeries often chosen by women wanting to restore the beautiful breasts look. Breast lift (or breast up lift) is formally known as mastopexy surgery.

What is mastopexy?

Breast mastopexy definition says it is a mammoplasty procedure which raises the sagging breasts upon the woman’s chest. It modifies the contour, size, shape and elevation of breasts. Breast lift operation is dedicated solely to women. What problems can be solved by breast lift surgery? In general, it lifts the breasts which have lost elasticity and firmness and have become sagging and loose. Breast lift mastopexy is especially recommended to women after pregnancy and breastfeeding (the breasts become heavier, fuller, stretched and saggy after pregnancy), or after massive weight loss (breasts usually lose elasticity and become stretched when women lose much weight). In this article, we will focus on the surgery breast lift and present the most important aspects connected with this cosmetic procedure.


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Breast lift is a mammoplasty procedure that modifies the contour, size, shape and elevation of breasts.

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Breast lift procedures techniques

There are several types of mastopexy, each of them requires a different technique. Generally, women can determine themselves whether they need breast lift, yet the choice of the technique is made by a plastic surgeon. Every woman has unique breasts and unique expectations, so it is impossible to generalize as for the breast lift method. Women may need bilateral mastopexy, unilateral mastopexy, full mastopexy, mastopexy augmentation, etc, so the only chance of finding out which technique is recommended is consulting a plastic surgeon. Of course, it is helpful when women are aware of the possibilities for breast lift and know what each one involves. Below, we present the breast lift options that are most commonly used by certified plastic surgeons.

Lollipop breast lift

The name of breast lift lollipop is in fact the indication of the breast lift incision. What is a lollipop breast lift? Called also vertical lift, breast lift lollipop technique requires an incision which goes around the areola and then moves downwards, so its overall shape resembles a lollipop. This technique provides really dramatic results, yet the incision is quite subtle because lollipop scar breast lift is not prominent. The Lollipop method is not recommended to women with massive breast sagging or having large heavy breasts – it is the most effective for moderate breast sagging.

What can be done with this technique includes:

  • repositioning, elevating the nipple;
  • reducing the size of areola;
  • removing the excessive skin (in the horizontal direction).

To get the idea of the results of this method, we advise that women take a look at lollipop breast lift before and after pictures. Such photos show the real changes that can be made to the breasts and make women have realistic expectations towards the effects. Generally, the greatest change caused by this technique is in the firmness and shape of breasts, while the position of breasts in the chest is minimally changed.

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Full anchor breast lift is the most comprehensive breast lift technique.

Anchor breast lift

Full anchor breast lift is the most comprehensive breast lift technique. Anchor lift breast surgery is also the most effective and dramatic breast surgeries, it allows for lifting extensively sagging, large breasts. The name of this technique indicates the incision shape. The incisions resemble the upside-down anchor or inverted T – the first incision is made around the areola edge, the second one is made vertically from the areola into the breast crease, and the third incision is made horizontally in the breast creases.

As with lollipop technique, women should see the anchor breast lift photos to check the anchor scar breast lift results. Breast lift anchor incision allows for removing a big amount of extra tissues and skin, then tightening and lifting the skin. When areolas also require repositioning, they are moved to the elevated position, their size may also be reduced if needed. This technique is recommended to women with considerable sagging or really pendulous breasts – a breast lift without anchor scar would not be effective in this case, so it is in fact the only highly effective option for women needing a dramatic change.

Lollipop vs anchor breast lift

These two incisions are the most frequently chosen ones among all breast lift options. Below, we show a brief comparison between lollipop and anchor breast lift.

Parameter description

Lollipop breast lift

Anchor breast lift

Incision shape

lollipop shape

inverted T shape or upside-down anchor shape

Incision details

an incision goes around the areola and then down to the breast crease

an incision goes around the areola and then down to the breast crease, the third incision is made horizontally along the breasts crease

Breast size

is not a limitation

is not a limitation

Skin amount

much skin cannot be removed; it is recommended only for moderate sagging

it allows for removal of large amounts of excess skin


breasts look high up at the beginning (after a month they drop slightly); finally, breasts are more lifted and fuller than after anchor technique

breasts look slightly square at the beginning, but over time they get rounded

As a final thought, we need to stress that the above techniques are never used on a patient’s suggestion, preference or whim. It is always a plastic surgeon who decides about the method used on the basis of a woman’s health condition, body anatomy, breast shape and size, and expectations.

Donut breast lift

Donut mastopexy (or doughnut mastopexy) is the minimally invasive breast lift. It is known as circumareolar breast lift or Benelli lift. Breast lift donut is recommended to women who need just a minor or moderate change of the areola and skin of the central breast part. The most frequent combination is performing donut breast lift with implants. Donut lift breast augmentation allows for increasing the breasts size and at the same time make the areola look natural. Since it is a minimally invasive method, breast lift donut incision leaves almost invisible scars. Women can check the donut mastopexy before and after pictures to see what results can be achieved after this breast lift. Also, we advise women to check implants combined with donut breast lift before and after photos to realize how significant the changes can be.

Crescent breast lift

What is a crescent breast lift? It is a breast lift called partial mastopexy. Again, the name of crescent mastopexy is related to the incision shape. This crescent-shaped incision is made above the areola and is the smallest out of all breast lift techniques. This technique allows for making slight changes to the breasts – they boil down to removing a small amount of breast tissue and lifting the central breast part. As a result, the breasts are slightly elevated, and areola as well as nipple are lifted. It is also possible to combine crescent breast lift with implants, yet crescent lift breast augmentation is not so popular as donut lift with augmentation. As for the crescent lift itself, the best candidates are women with naturally small breasts, low nipples and minimal sagging. As with other lift techniques, there is no better way of checking what effects can be achieved with the procedure than reviewing crescent breast lift before and after photos of former patients.

Breast lift with implants

Combining breast lift with augmentation is a very common technique used by plastic surgeons when women are not satisfied with both size and shape of their breasts. What does breast lift and implants entail? Basically, it is a combination of two individual plastic surgeries – breast lift and breast enlargement with implants. So, obviously, the main result of breast lift and implants are bigger, firmer, and lifted breasts. Augmentation mastopexy is dedicated to women whose breasts have lost elasticity, firmness, got stretched due to pregnancy or weight loss, are saggy and too small at the same time.

In breast lift and augmentation, it is particularly important to discuss with the surgeon the type, shape and position of implants – it greatly depends on a woman’s anatomy and expectations. Implants can be round or teardrop, they have various sizes as well. Finally, when implants are chosen and adjusted, they can be placed under or over the breast muscles. Finally, women should remember that breast lift and enlargement are serious surgeries and sometimes, the health condition of a woman (or other factors) make it impossible for a surgeon to combine mastopexy with implants. Then, breast augmentation and mastopexy must be performed as separate surgeries. Usually, breast lift no implants is done as the first procedure and after a safe time, which usually is 3-5 months, breast implants are placed. Each woman considering mastopexy and implants is advised to ask a clinic for breast lift with implants before and after photos to see the scale of results that can be achieved by this combination.

Breast lift or implants?

Women’s breasts are prone to many changes over years, they may be caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, ageing, adolescence, gravity, etc. So, no wonder many women wish their breasts look much better, more youthful, full and firm. The question that appears in their mind when they are ready for some changes often is: Do I need a breast lift or just implants? Would breast lift with or without implants be better? Should I get a breast lift or implants or both?

Well, first of all, a woman should think about her expectations – whether she wants to have bigger breasts, fuller, lifted, smaller, or better contoured. These factors will influence the recommended surgery. Here, we would like to point out three aspects of breast change that should be considered before answering the question “do I need a breast lift or implants?”.

They include:

  • breast volume – it refers to the roundness and fullness of breasts; when the breasts are flat, small, shapeless, a plastic surgeon may recommend breast implants which can add a desired shape and fullness to the breasts, also their size can be adjusted to the woman’s needs;
  • nipple – if the nipples are pointed downwards or are positioned below the breast crease, it is an indication for breast lift; the sagging tissue causes the loss of breast volume and change of nipple position – breasts become stretched and heavy and the nipple gets larger; breast lift can effectively raise breasts and areolas;
  • breast size – women may regard their breasts as too small, too large or asymmetrical, also the desired effect does not have to involve dramatic change, sometimes only breast lift can bring the desired size of breasts, sometimes the smallest implants are put just to achieve natural slight change, and sometimes women expect a visible change in the breast size, so it is also an important aspect of qualification for breast lift vs breast augmentation.

Breast reduction and uplift

Breast reduction and lift are two procedures which aim at reshaping and lifting breasts, yet the final goal of breast lift and reduction are different. Breast lift is performed to improve the look of the breasts and their aesthetics while breast reduction reduces the size and weight of breasts and eliminates health problems caused by large breasts. Breast reduction removes the excessive breast tissue, fat and skin and slightly lifts the breasts. So, when women would like to reduce the size of their breasts and lift them moderately, breast reduction may be enough. Yet, when the breasts are really large, then only breast reduction with lift may result in perfectly shaped and lifted breasts. So, regarding breast reduction and uplift surgery, the final decision depends on the importance of health reasons and aesthetic reasons for the surgery. To see what results are achieved after reduction and lift, women can ask a clinic to share breast reduction and lift before and after photos, also the cost of breast reduction and uplift is set by each clinic individually.

Breast lift and areola reduction

Areola reduction is a procedure reducing the puffiness or size of the areolas. Sometimes, women have genetically large areolas, the other time areola get bigger due to pregnancy, ageing or weight loss. Despite the reason, when breasts are lifted, it is important that the areola position and size is adjusted in a way that breasts look proportional and aesthetic. When women have big areolas, they may expect breast lift and areola reduction before and after look much improved. Only breast lift can also significantly improve the breast look, yet the areola position always changes after the lift surgery, so it is very probable that it needs to be adjusted as well. Regarding areola reduction combined with lift, it is important that women find an experienced plastic surgeon who can skillfully make such an incision that after relocating and reducing the areola, the incisions are well-hidden. Also, often breast lift and areola reduction cost is not much higher than for breast lift only, so this surgery combination is definitely worth considering.

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The great advantage of breast lift and fat transfer is the fact that women also have liposuction on the problematic body part.

Breast lift with fat transfer

Breast lift fat transfer is an alternative to breast implants combined with breast lift. The great advantage of breast lift and fat transfer is the fact that women also have liposuction on the problematic body part. The fat is usually taken from the tummy or thighs and then it is transferred into the breasts. The fat is a natural filling as distinct from implants which are made of artificial materials, so it’s a much less invasive procedure. Of course, breast lift combined with fat transfer is a really effective combination (as can be deduced from breast lift with fat transfer photos), yet it is not dedicated to everyone. When a woman considers this surgery, she should always inform a plastic surgeon about that, yet it is only up to a surgeon whether he considers this combination as an effective and safe solution to saggy, small breasts.

Mini breast lift

What is a mini breast lift? Mini breast lift procedure restores the breasts and brings them back to the perky position. Mini ultimate breast lift is commonly known as donut lift, it is dedicated to women whose breasts still have some amount of volume, the nipples are slightly saggy and a ptosis needs a minimum correction. Mini breast lift photos show exactly that the results can be really effective and visible and women can greatly benefit from this procedure. The advantages of donut lift include: fast recovery, minimal scarring, natural results, relatively low cost, little pain involved.

Difference between mini breast lift vs full breast lift

Mini mastopexy is a modification of traditional breast lift. It aims at providing similar results with less scarring and less extensive procedure. The main differences between mini and full breast lift include:

Parameter description

Mini breast lift

Full breast lift

Incisions and scars

the procedure is scarlesess when done by an experienced surgeon; the scars are small, well hidden and almost invisible to the naked eye

the incisions are made on the breast crease, round the areola and vertically from the areola to crease, so there is scarring left after the surgery


results are natural, yet not comprehensive

dramatic results and total change of breast look can be achieved


women having small or medium sized breasts, needing a slight breast lift

women having medium sized or large breasts with big amount of excessive breast tissue, skin and fat


recovery and aftercare is undemanding, short and almost painless

recovery and aftercare is longer and include more pain than mini breast lift

Breast lift candidate

Before women start to think about how to lift breast, how to lift sagging breast, how to lift up breast which are very large or small, they should answer another important question, namely: do I need a breast lift at all? Generally, it is possible to do breast lift on small breasts as well as breast lift for large breasts, so women should not be worried about this aspect.

Generally, breast lift may be considered due to following reasons:

  • breasts lack firmness and “filling substance”;
  • breasts which are pendulous, yet their size is already satisfying;
  • areolas and nipples are pointed downward, and/or they are positioned below the crease of the breasts;
  • breasts are asymmetrical in terms of firmness, position and size;
  • breasts are relatively small or “normal” (for very large breasts, breast reduction with lift is recommended).

In addition, a candidate for breast lift must be in a good health condition. The last qualification for the surgery is done just before the procedure after a woman has performed all necessary medical tests. If a surgeon finds the results worrying or increasing the risk of complications, he may decide to postpone the surgery. It is also important that women take care of their health in general – they follow a balanced diet, do not smoke, have no addictions, and keep an active lifestyle. Finally, what matters a lot is breastfeeding and pregnancy. Breast lift is recommended to women who do not plan to have babies in the future. In general, breasts tend to become flat and loose after pregnancy and breastfeeding, so getting the surgery first may not give long lasting results. Secondly, breast lift can sometimes negatively influence the ability of breastfeeding, so if a woman wants to be 100% sure that she can breastfeed, she should wait with breast lift until the process of having babies is finished.

Tummy tuck and breast lift

Combining tummy tuck and breast lift is popular within so called mommy makeovers. A mommy makeover is a common phrase for specialized combination of plastic surgeries giving an overall physical change to women whose bodies have changed after pregnancy and breastfeeding. The components of mommy makeover may include breast implants or breast reduction, liposuction, tummy tuck, labiaplasty, breast lift and liposuction. So, generally, the body parts that are affected by pregnancy are breasts and tummy, so mommy makeover breast lift, implants and tummy tuck are the most frequently combined procedures here.

Mommy makeover has become a very popular surgery among women across the world, so more and more clinics have introduced “mommy makeover” as an individual procedure. Depending on a patient’s needs, a plastic surgeon individually suggests the procedures which can provide women with the satisfying results to the problematic body parts. Undoubtedly, the tummy tuck and breast lift cost UK is quite high, yet the price for such a combination is still lower than the cost for these surgeries done independently. So, when a woman needs complex surgeries and has concerns about breasts and tummy, the option of mommy makeover is really cost-effective.

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When a woman needs complex surgeries and has concerns about breasts and tummy, the option of mommy makeover is really cost-effective.


How is a breast lift done? - The procedure

Mastopexy procedure is a relatively complex plastic surgery. It must be performed by a certified plastic surgeon and requires much precision and skills. How long does a breast lift last and how is a breast lift procedure performed? Breast lift is a quite long surgery – it usually lasts about 3-4 hours. Of course, the mini breast lift is a shorter operation or when a woman has really large breasts or lift is combined with some other procedures, the time may extend to even 5 hours or more.

The steps of breast lift procedures involve:

Step 1 – applying anaesthesia

Breast lift is always performed under general anaesthesia. An anaesthesiologist administers medications so that a patient is unconscious during the surgery. Then, throughout the surgery, a patient’s health condition and all the health parameters are monitored by an anesthesiologist.

Step 2 – making incisions

Breast lift may involve different incisions. Before the surgery takes place, a plastic surgeon discusses with a patient the technique which will be the most effective in an individual case. The technique is chosen on the basis of breast shape and size, the position and size of areolas, the quality and elasticity of skin and the degree of sagging.

Usually, there are 3 the most common incision techniques:

  • incision around the areola;
  • incision around the areola and vertical incision from the areola to the breast crease;
  • incision around the areola, vertical incision from the areola to the breast crease and horizontal incision along the breast crease.

Step 3 – lifting the breasts

After a surgeon makes the incisions, he moves on to making the changes in breasts. What exactly is done during the surgery?

The changes involve:

  • the breast tissue is lifted and reshaped so that the contour and firmness of breasts is improved, they become visibly lifted;
  • areolas and nipples are repositioned or/and reduced in size;
  • the excessive skin or fat on the breasts are removed, so that breasts regain elasticity.

Step 4 – closing the incisions

After a plastic surgeon reshapes the breasts, lifts them, removes the excessive fat, skin or tissue and adjusts the size and position of areola, he tightens the remaining skin and closes the incisions with stitches. The number, size, and length of incisions depend on the used techniques. Most incisions can be naturally hidden within the breast contours and creases, yet some scars may be left after the surgery.

Step 5 – recovery and results

After the incisions are closed, a patient is moved to the post-op room when she rests. Women are woken up after a few hours and stay in a hospital for a night so that their health condition is still under medical control. The surgery results are immediate, yet because of swelling and bruising, they might be blurred. Before patients leave the hospital, they are given strict instructions of the aftercare for the recovery time.

breast lift surgery in progress

Mastopexy procedure is a relatively complex plastic surgery and must be performed by a certified plastic surgeon and requires much precision and skills.


Mastopexy recovery

How long to recover from breast lift surgery? Of course the time may vary depending on whether it is a unilateral or bilateral mastopexy recovery. Also, the breast lift recovery stories may be totally different, however it only shows that each woman feels and experiences it differently. So, of course we encourage women to read mastopexy recovery stories, yet they should be treated as an example and possibility, not something that will be also experienced for 100%.

The healing after breast lift is quite short despite the fact that it is an outpatient procedure performed under general anaesthesia. Patients spend only one night in the hospital, usually a day after the surgery they are discharged to home. The main advice for recovery at home is to relax, yet laying in bed all the time is not recommended. Women are encouraged to take short walks and follow a healthy diet – so active healthy lifestyle is suggested – the only exception is practising sport, which is forbidden for the first weeks.

woman patient and nurse in hospital

The healing after breast lift is quite short despite the fact that it is an outpatient procedure performed under general anaesthesia.

After the operation, a doctor puts strips of paper tape on the incisions. The lower half of breasts is covered with a plastic dressing. All these coverings are removed about 10 days after the surgery. In the meantime, a patient can take showers of course. Regarding the incisions, a surgeon usually puts mixed stitches – regular and dissolvable ones. Dissolvable stitches are naturally absorbed into the body over time, while traditional sutures must be removed after 7-10 days. Sometimes, a surgeon may decide to put drains which collect fluids and prevent infections, yet in breast lift they are usually not necessary.

After taking off the first post-op clothing, women should wear a special sruppotive bra for a few weeks (3-6 weeks depending on a surgeon’s recommendations) all the time – so during days and nights. Regarding time off work, patients usually take a week off. Most women are ready to return to work after that time. The final shape of breasts is achieved within 6-12 weeks. Pain is usually moderate, so it can be easily tackled with over-the-counter medications.

Regarding the breasts look after the surgery, shortly after the procedure the skin of breasts is tight. The upper part of breasts is full and rounded while the lower part is flat. Of course, it is only a temporary shape and over time, the proportions get the other way round and the breast look becomes really desirable. The breast tissues become much firmer and dense. When the swelling and bruising is gone, patients may admire the final look of their breasts.

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The final shape of breasts is achieved within 6-12 weeks after surgery.

Breast lift recovery time

What is the recovery time for a breast lift? Well, the recovery lasts a few weeks. It is hard to generalize as the time varies from woman to woman. In addition, recovery time for breast augmentation and lift or recovery time for breast reduction and lift differs from recovery time after breast lift only. Yet, below, we present the general time frames of recovery time breast lift accepted by the plastic surgeons. Also, we need to note here that the time frame below should be treated only as an indication and general idea, not as strict criteria for each patient. A table below presents only the average recovery time from breast lift.


What to expect?

Week 1

Slight discomfort may be felt;
women are prescribed antibiotics and pain medications;
women should walk as much as they can - it prevents some complications;
supportive bra must be well-fitted and women start to wear it.

Week 2

Breasts may hurt and pull a little when women move; stitches are removed by a doctor; women may add new activities and light trainings, the length and intensity of activity should be increased; most women return to work.

Week 3

Lifting or pushing heavy things is still forbidden; bra is no longer worn during the night, but it is still worn during the day; if women lost the nipple sensation after surgery, it should be brought back from now.

Week 4

The scars fade and get softer over time, yet they should not be assessed in terms of their look yet; the final look of the breasts is achieved.

Breast lift bra

A post mastopexy bra is a must have after breast lift. The surgical mastopexy bra is designed in such a way that it provides support and fosters healing. It is made of breathable soft material and has adjustable straps. Some bras also have cutouts for drains that may be put after the surgery. The best bra after mastopexy offers great coverage for breasts (much better than regular bras), provides necessary compression and gently lifts breasts. It is also very practical when such a bra has a front closure.

What is the role of a breast lift silicone bra? In general, such a bra:

  • gives necessary support to the breasts;
  • makes it much easier for women to keep active, e.g. bras make it much easier and painless to walk and move around;
  • maintain the new breasts shape;
  • supports breast tissue in healing in the new breast position;
  • prevents skin irritation in stitched sites;
  • prevents breast drooping;
  • speeds skin healing by taking pressure off;
  • prevents lymphedema or swelling by triggering proper blood circulation.

A surgical bra needs to be worn all the time for the first few weeks after the surgery (usually about 4-6 weeks). It is a plastic surgeon who determines the exact time of wearing the bra. Also, it is a plastic surgeon who sets the time of wearing it during the day and night. Usually, after a few days, women can take the bra off for an hour or so, and after a few weeks, the bra can be worn only during the day or only during the night. Finally, women are advised to obtain 2 or 3 bras so that they can be changed and washed regularly.

woman in bra with lolipop

A post mastopexy bra is a must have after breast lift.

Breast lift swelling

Swelling is a natural body reaction to the surgery. The greatest swelling of breasts occurs after a combination of procedures. To give an example, swelling after breast reduction and lift or swelling after breast lift and augmentation may be really uncomfortable and annoying. Also, patients experience swelling in the breast area after breast lift procedure. The average time of breast swelling here is 3-5 weeks, while the peak of swelling is reached within 1-2 weeks, then day by day it should subside. Sometimes, swelling may extend to the tummy or back area, but it is also normal. Of course, patients may reduce swelling by some home remedies, e.g. by putting cold packs for 20 minutes at a time or elevating the head while laying down. Finally, it is good to know that swelling and pain go side by side, so when women reduce swelling, the pain also gets less intense.

Pain after breast lift surgery

Breast lift pain after surgery is inevitable. The incisions that are made and changes always result in post-op discomfort. Yet, the scale and intensity of pain after breast lift or pain after breast augmentation and lift is very individual and varies from patient to patient. Before leaving the hospital, patients are prescribed medications alleviating pain and recommended over-the-counter painkillers which will bring much relief. Usually, the pain is the worst within the first few days. Then, it gets less and less intense. Patients should also realize that there are some methods that can reduce the pain to a great extent. They include: putting cold compresses (minimizing swelling means minimizing pain), staying elevated (e.g. sleeping at an incline), taking all prescribed meds and antibiotics as recommended even when the pain has gone. The good news is that the pain is really acute for 1-3 days, then it eases off gradually.

Breast lift recovery tips

Remembering that each woman experiences the recovery in a different way, they should know that there are some general mastopexy recovery tips which may help them feel more comfortable during the recovery and speed the healing time. The recovery tips include the following:

Breast lift recovery - Don'ts

wear a supportive bra as recommended by a surgeon;

don’t sleep on the sides or tummy;

buy a well-fitted, good-quality bra;

don’t lift or push anything heavy, including the baby:

keep the incisions clean and dry;

don’t drink alcohol for a few weeks ;

take at least a week off work to allow the body to recover;

don’t smoke (it disturbs healing);

take regular walks - it prevents swelling and blood clots;

don’t panic - most of the post-op symptoms are normal, to calm down, contact a doctor when needed;

limit the salt intake and stay hydrated;

don’t remove bandages or touch them when not recommended;

follow the doctor instruction regarding scar care;

don’t bathe or swim until a plastic surgeon agree to it;

organize the family, social, daily life (the first days might be difficult).

don’t exercise without consulting a doctor.

Breast lift results

What to expect after a breast lift? The mastopexy results are immediate, yet patients cannot see the full change at the beginning due to swelling and bruising. Only when the recovery is finished, can the breast lift results be visible. Post mastopexy effects include visibly lifted breasts, perfect shape, proportional size and position of areolas and nipples, breasts are also firm, full and nicely rounded.

Breast lift results photos show exactly what changes may be achieved and how spectacular the results are. Usually, breast lift surgery results last for 10-15 years – naturally, some women are happy with the effects even 20 or more years after the surgery, while in some cases, the breasts look gets worse sooner than after 10 years.

Here, post mastopexy lifestyle is very important – some behaviours may extend the lasting of the surgery effects, they include:

  • keeping a stable weight (weight gain or weight loss may result in the loss of volume, fullness of breasts and cause their sagging);
  • wearing supportive bras regularly as often as possible even after the recovery;
  • following an active lifestyle;
  • refraining from smoking or other addictions;
  • not getting pregnant after the surgery (it is best to plan breast lift when women do not plan to have more babies).

Breastfeeding after breast lift

In general, it is recommended that women have a breast lift after breastfeeding. Breast lift results can be blurred and lost when women get pregnant and breastfeed, so obviously, women are suggested to wait with surgery until they finish having babies.

Of course, there are women who get pregnant after their breast lift surgery, yet here their main concern is not the breast look, but the ability to breastfeed. In general, breast functions should remain unchanged after the surgery. Women should still have normal sensation in the nipples, also the nipple reaction to hot or cold is the same. Women should be also informed that they might lose nipple sensation after the surgery, yet it is temporary for the most part and after a few months, it gets back to normal.

Regarding breastfeeding after breast lift, usually women have the ability to breastfeed just like before the surgery. The surgery does not disturb the mammary glands, so women can produce milk as before. The risk of breastfeeding inability increases when the lift involves nipple relocation and reduction. Affecting the nipples may cause injury and harm to nerves and sensation, which might result in inability to breastfeed.

So, summing up, usually breast lift does not prevent breastfeeding, but there are cases when women find it impossible to produce milk after the operation. In addition, women do not know whether this ability has been disturbed before they actually breastfeed – it cannot be tested or examined in any way. So, breast lift always leaves this concern and uncertainty and since the possibility of breastfeeding inability is rather low, it still exists. Finally, what patients should realize is that many women have problems with milk production especially after the first pregnancy. So, breastfeeding problems after breast lift do not need to be connected with the surgery – these may be natural body difficulties with adjustment to the new situation and hormone imbalance.


The surgery does not disturb the mammary glands, so women can produce milk as before.

Breast lift scars

Breast lift is a surgical procedure, so mastopexy scars are inevitable. Performing breast lift without scars is not possible at all and women should realize this fact from the very beginning. Any woman expecting breast lift scarless incisions may be disqualified from the surgery due to having unrealistic expectations. Yet, each mastopexy scar is different, sometimes they may be visible or prominent, and sometimes they are small, invisible and well-hidden. In general, the final look, size and number of scars from breast lift surgery depends on three factors:

  • the surgeon’s experience and skills;
  • the type of breast lift;
  • the patient’s aftercare.

The surgeon’s experience and skills

Starting with the surgeon’s role, it is particularly important. Of course, the number of incisions depends on the type of surgery, yet their aesthetics, size, position, and closure depends solely on a surgeon. A qualified, experienced specialist is able to make such incisions that are naturally hidden within the skin folds or breast creases, so even if they are long or wide, they are hardly visible. So, when women pay great attention to the scars visibility, they should find such a surgeon who has performed many successful breast lifts. Some renowned plastic surgeons agree to share breast lift scars 1 year later pictures or mastopexy scars after 2 years of their patients so that women may see what to expect from scarring.

The type of breast lift

The breast lift type is chosen by the surgeon and individually adjusted to each woman depending on her anatomy, expectations, concerns and breast size and shape. Also, each technique involves different incisions. Obviously, the smaller change is expected, the less incisions are made.

The breast lift techniques include:

  • crescent lift – in involves the smallest scar breast lift out of all types; it requires only a tiny incision above the areola which is hardly visible after a proper mastopexy scar treatment;
  • donut lift – this type requires incisions around the areolas, however despite the fact the there’s only one incision, it is made in such a place that it can be visible afterwards;
  • inverted T / anchor lift – it is the most extensive type of breast lift including the incision around the nipples, vertical incision from the nipple downwards and horizontal incision below the breast; so here the scars are quite prominent and what may help is a surgeon’s skills and patient’s aftercare; if women are concerned about the scarring after anchor lift, they may check scars after breast lift photos, also when a patient follows a surgeon’s instructions and take proper care about the scars and incisions, the mastopexy scars after 1 year should look much better and really faded;
  • lollipop lift – it is the most common breast lift type, it involves two incisions – around the areola and from areola down to breast crease; the incision leaves a so-called lollipop scar breast lift – where the scar resembles a lollipop shape.

Patients aftercare

Finally, the post-surgery care is extremely important and may totally change the scar look. Patients are instructed as for the post-op care and incisions hygiene. Generally, women should avoid sun exposure and always apply sunscreen (the sun can make the scars more prominent), also a heavy scrubbing or exfoliation is not recommended until the scar is healed. For the first few weeks, patients should avoid lifting heavy objects as the strain or stress may disturb scar healing. Women can also apply medical cosmetics recommended by a surgeon or consider some cosmetic procedures to reduce the scars.

Mastopexy risks, side effects and complications

Each patient looking for breast lift, implants, mastopexy reduction must be aware of the side effects of the surgery. In fact, patients are always informed about the possible complications by a surgeon during the consultation, after which they sign a consent form saying that they are aware of risks of breast lift surgery. So, the breast lift risks and side effects may include:

  • bleeding – excessive bleeding is really rare, yet once it happens, patients may need blood transfusion or another operation; a moderate bleeding may happen just after the surgery, but with the surgeon’s advice, patients usually cope with it effortlessly;
  • scars – they are indispensable part of breast lift surgery risks; at the beginning, the scars are red or purple, yet they fade away over time; the average time of scar healing is 12-18 months;
  • bruising and swelling – chest, back, and tummy area will be swollen and bruised, yet it should subside over a few weeks;
  • pain – it reaches its peak in the first week, but women are always prescribed medications which alleviate the pain and make it less intense; patients should contact a doctor when the pain increases despite taking prescribed or recommended medications – it may be a sign of some other post-op complications;
  • infection – once infection develops, patients must take antibiotics or sometimes, another surgery is necessary; it may be quite dangerous not only for the surgery results but also for the health; so it’s important that patients keep daily hygiene and follow all aftercare instructions;
  • extrusion – it is a condition where deep stitches poke out through the skin, usually a surgeon is able to remove it fast and painlessly;
  • seroma – it is a collection of fluids in the breasts, it may require putting drains, in severe cases, the fluids can be removed through an operation;
  • necrosis – sometimes the skin, tissue or fat in the breasts are not supplied with blood after the surgery, which makes them die – this condition is called necrosis;
  • healing problems – these are one of breast lift risks which can be avoided when patients take recovery time seriously and follow the doctor’s recommendations for this period; healing problems may be caused by smoking, taking forbidden meds (e.g. Aspirin), or improper hygiene;
  • asymmetry – it may refer to the uneven scars – they may have irregularities, also breasts may be slightly asymmetrical after the surgery; both for scars and breasts asymmetry, patients may need a second procedure;
  • different sensation – sometimes the sensation in the breasts may be increased or reduced; there may be also numbness in the scar areas; sometimes the reduced or lost sensation may cause breastfeeding problems;
  • deep structures damage – it is rare, yet once it happens, it may affect blood vessels, nerves, lungs or muscles; such a damage may be temporary or permanent;
    allergic reaction – it may be caused by stitches, tapes, solutions or other substances used during or after the surgery;
  • future changes – breast lift effects are not permanent for the most part, over time, breasts may become sagging, loose, flat again, it may be caused by ageing, gravity, pregnancy, or unhealthy lifestyle;
  • bad results – sometimes, women may not be happy with the final look, shape, size, position of breasts; to avoid it, women should tell a surgeon about their expectations and be realistic as for the changes that can be made to their breasts;
  • anaesthesia risks – these are risks of breast lift not connected with the breast surgery, but with general anaesthesia that is applied before the operation; these risks may involve chest infection, heart attack, stroke, blood clots, in very rare case, it may result in death – but it is a risk of each surgery done under general anaesthesia.
painfull woman's belly

Each patient looking for breast lift, implants, mastopexy reduction must be aware of the side effects of the surgery.

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Breast lift alternatives

Women having sagging loose breasts which lack volume, firmness or shape are often advised to get breast lift. It is the most effective surgery restoring the breasts volume, lifting them and making a desired shape and contour. Yet, it is not the only solution that is available. There are some alternatives to breast lift surgery which are effective as well. There are surgical alternatives as well as breast lift non-surgical alternatives.

Regarding the surgical alternatives to breast lift, patients may get:

  • breast augmentation with silicone or saline implants;
  • breast reduction;
  • fat transfer to breasts.

Of course, each surgery is quite different and is recommended for different problems and adjusted to individual expectations. Yet, often women may get similar results with some of the surgeries above. The other option is breast lift without surgery. We describe the available options of non surgical breast lift UK below.

Non surgical breast lift

Women who are not satisfied with their breast look often wonder how to lift breast without surgery and how to lift breast naturally. The good news is that natural breast lift or scarless breast lift is possible and is really effective.

Non surgical breast lift does not involve making incisions, so it is a totally no scar breast lift. It also does not require general anaesthesia, so the potential risks are very reduced. The results are not as dramatic and long lasting as in the surgical procedures, yet they can be really satisfying and compared to a low price, it is really effective and worth-considering.

The non-surgical alternatives to breast lift include:

  • aptos threading (it lifts the skin around the breasts with the threads);
  • Caci bust treatment (it targets the chest muscles and tones them with the electric pulses);
  • laser treatment (it uses high-power energy to remove dead skin cells and increase collagen production);
  • thermage (it stimulates collagen production with radio waves);
  • J-Plasma® device (it triggers collagen production and promotes skin contraction);
  • vampire breast lift (it lifts breast with the use of platelet-rich-plasma from a patient’s blood);
  • botox injections;
  • dermal fillers;
  • breast lift exercises (exercises involving chest muscles);
  • applying breast lift lotion, breast lift cream;
  • breast lift tape;
  • bra fitted by a specialist.

Each of the methods above is advertised as very effective, yet we encourage women to ask a dermatologist, beautician, cosmetic specialist or plastic surgeon for help and recommendations. The methods above are non-surgical solutions, yet when used improperly, they may do more harm than good, so their application must always be consulted with a specialist.

Laser breast lift

Non surgical breast lift laser is the most popular alternative to surgical breast lift. It effectively reduces the ageing signs and symptoms, improves the shape and size of breasts. The main advantages of breast lift laser treatment include: reduced risks and complications, non-invasive procedure, no downtime, no scarring. Also, the laser breast lift cost is really affordable when compared to breast lift surgery. As for the recovery, there are only two aspects which may be uncomfortable for patients, namely a discomfort and tightness in the breast area, and a skin dryness. Of course, these symptoms subside within a few days.

A laser breast lift uses high-powered beams of laser which tighten the breast tissue. The lasers are emitted directly into the breasts. Firstly, breast skin is tightened by the thermal heating, and then, the internal breast tissues are tightened. What’s particularly important, laser breast lift is a safe method approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Non surgical breast lift vacuum

Vacuum therapy breast lift is a safe and effective non-surgical treatment. It addresses the pectoral muscles, lifts loose skin and triggers blood circulation. As a result, the breasts are lifted and shaped. How does vacuum breast lift work? It is a combination of three techniques including: vacuum suction, photodynamic light therapy, and micro-current charge. During the procedure, a specialist puts special cups on two breasts, and the only discomfort may result from vacuum suction, apart from this, the procedure is totally painless. One session lasts about 30 minutes only. Depending on the expectations and breast condition, patients may require from 1 to 8 sessions. The results are not permanent, yet they are long-lasting. To make the more durable changes, women should attend a few sessions.

Vampire breast lift

Vampire breast lift is a procedure using PRP – platelet rich plasma – which lifts breasts and enhances the cleavage fullness. It is considered as an alternative to surgical breast lift, yet it is not its substitute. This procedure is effective in improving the nipple sensation, restoring the breasts fullness and volume, and lifting the nipples. In addition, it reduces wrinkles, veins appearance and stretch marks, makes breasts more “in shape”, and decreases loose skin. The vampire breast lift before and after photos show the scale of results that can be achieved thanks to this non-invasive procedure, which is really amazing. The procedure results last about 10-18 months, so it is advisable that firstly patients get two sessions within 2-3 months, and then repeat the procedure once a year. Then, the results can be permanent. Vampire breast lift is non-invasive, it does not require general anaesthesia, yet patients may experience some bruising, swelling or skin irritation shortly afterwards. Of course, it is only temporary. Finally, the vampire breast lift cost is its great advantage, as it is really low compared to the effects that can be achieved.

Breast lift price

A breast lift surgery cost UK is an important aspect for all women considering having the surgery. It is rather known that the average cost of mastopexy done in a private hospital is really high and not every woman can afford it. Yet, we need to stress that the final cost of breast lift is always individual. Every woman is informed about her mastopexy cost in advance after a surgeon decides about the technique, assesses the woman’s health condition and consults a patient. Before we answer the bothering questions: how much is a breast lift ? How much does it cost for a breast lift? – we must mention the factors which influence the mastopexy price. So, the cost of a breast lift is determined by:

  • the type of breast lift (e.g. surgical breast lift is always much more expensive than non surgical breast lift);
  • the technique (e.g. full breast lift, or breast lift of large, saggy breasts is always more costly than mini breast lift where the changes are minimal, crescent breast lift cost is the lowest out of all techniques);
  • a class of a surgeon (a more certified experienced plastic surgeon usually offers higher cost of surgery and consultation);
  • anaesthesiologist (here, the situation is similar to plastic surgeons, the more experienced anaesthesiologist, the higher his fee is);
  • recovery expenses (they may include medications, compressions clothing, supportive bra, follow up visits);
  • location (the prices are individually set by each clinic, the average costs also differ among the cities and finally, the costs differ depending on a country, e.g. breast lift Ireland is twice as expensive as breast lift Poland).

So, as can be seen, there are many determinants influencing the breast lift cost, so answering the general question “how much does a breast lift cost” is really hard to answer.

Finally, when researching the prices, women should also be informed about the price components. Sometimes, the price includes all aspects of the surgery – anaesthesia, consultation, medical tests, hospitalization, and post-op clothing. The other time, however, the price may include only surgery and all other components are paid additionally. So, it’s important that women are aware of the price elements because sometimes the clinic offering a lower price may count much extra cost for other aspects, which gives much higher cost in the end.

Breast lift price UK

How much is a breast lift UK? Generally, the breast lift UK is quite expensive plastic surgery. Of course, the breast lift UK price varies from clinic to clinic and from city to city. Yet, we will try to provide you with a rough idea of what to expect from breast lift UK cost in chosen cities. Below, we present the average mastopexy cost UK:

Based on the above mastopexy prices UK, it can be said that the average cost of breast lift UK is £5900 – £6200. Yet, when women think seriously about getting the surgery, we always advise them to ask specific clinics about how much does a breast lift cost UK – then they may compare the costs only in the clinics that are taken into consideration. When, a woman feels the cost of breast lift exceeds their budget, they have also other options of getting the procedure, e.g. breast lift financing, NHS covering or travelling abroad for the surgery.

Breast lift NHS

NHS is a UK system publicly funded which allows people to receive free healthcare and treatment. The general rule is that the NHS funds only such treatments that are medically needed and can save people’s health and life. So, can you get a breast lift on the NHS? In general, breast lift UK NHS is not possible. Breast lift is in the majority of cases a purely cosmetic surgery which improves the aesthetics of breasts, not the patient’s health. So, naturally, it is extremely difficult to get qualified for mastopexy NHS. There are strict criteria which must be met and the application for funding has several stages which patients must go through.


NHS criteria for breast lift are very strict.

Breast lift NHS criteria

Generally, plastic surgeries are not a priority for the NHS. There are many other treatments and surgeries which are much more beneficial for health, the greatest priority always goes to life-saving treatments and procedures, so patients looking for a free breast lift cost UK NHS should not be surprised by the fact that their surgery is not a prime concern for the NHS.

Generally, NHS criteria for breast lift are really strict. When breast lift is needed to lift saggy, flat breasts, it will not be covered by the NHS, as the changes are purely cosmetic. So, to meet breast lift on NHS criteria, patients should prove that the surgery can treat the physical and/or mental problems caused by breasts, it is also possible to get breast lift on the NHS when women have much breast asymmetry. Finally, each woman who feels that she can be qualified for NHS breast lift should visit a GP who will provide women with further instructions and will help her with the application process.

Breast lift abroad

Finding a cheap breast lift UK is really hard, getting it done within the NHS is even harder, no wonder many people are looking for other alternatives to get a cheap breast lift. Medical tourism is a trend which has given patients a chance to receive a much more affordable treatment which is the highest quality at the same time. In the modern world, organising the treatment abroad is as easy as organising it in a nearby clinic. There are some countries offering really low prices for breast lift, which are not connected to the standard and quality of treatment. In fact, it is the other way round, when the cost of surgery is really low, patients are given an opportunity to choose the best breast lift surgeon and the best clinic. Getting surgery with the best mastopexy surgeon in the UK or Ireland is simply impossible for the majority of patients, so the opportunity of getting the highest-standard breast lift and a great world-class surgeon and still saving money is really tempting.

The low cost of breast lift that some countries offer is a result of low living costs. Low living costs and a country situation indicate lower fees, salaries, maintenance of clinics and devices, daily expenses and finally it all make the breast lift cost much lower. Patients should not be afraid of the treatment standard because in every country there are excellent clinics, average hospitals and dubious places – so it is all about the good research and the right choice. So, what are the countries which are worth considering when patients look for an affordable breast lift? There are many of them, yet the most popular medical tourism destinations include:

  • India and Thailand – these locations are chosen mainly by Asians;
  • Brazil and Mexico – these locations are chosen mainly by Americans;
  • Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary – these locations are chosen by Europeans and Americans.

Each country above is extremely attractive for patients coming from Ireland, the UK, the USA, Australia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France and Canada. On average, the prices in medical tourism destination countries are about 2-3 times cheaper, which makes a huge difference and great savings even after adding travel expenses. What’s also important, patients can get secured for their medical trip, which makes their travel and stay abroad much safer. Clinic Hunter & AXA Partners have created a clinic hunter insurance for medical procedures abroad dedicated solely to medical tourists.

Breast lift Poland

Poland breast lift is a procedure highly popular among medical tourists coming from European and American countries. Breast lift prices Poland are particularly attractive for Irish, British, Norwegian, American, German and Swedish nations. Breast lift surgery Poland is known for its high professionalism and highest-quality, also the Polish plastic surgeons are world-class specialists. The private plastic surgery clinics offer new technology, advanced and modern equipment and solutions, and at the same time breast lift cost Poland remains highly competitive.

The greatest advantages of breast lift Poland include the following:

  • clinics are really experienced in serving foreign patients, the consultation and aftercare policy is adjusted to this group of patients and their needs;
  • the prices are highly competitive, they are one of the most attractive worldwide;
  • plastic surgeons in Poland are famous for their great expertise and skills, the mentality, determination and ambition of Polish surgeons sets an example for doctors from all over the world;
  • English is a language freely used in Poland, so regarding communication, patients should not have any problems both in the clinic and outside it (on the street, in shops, hotel or restaurant);
  • the international flight connections are greatly developed, there are hundreds of flights from many European, and even American and Asian cities;
  • Poland is a very attractive touristic region, it offers many options for summer or winter holidays, city break, there are multiple options of spending great time there, so combining breast lift with short holidays is a perfect idea;
  • Poland is a safe country, it is not involved in any conflicts, the situation is stable, the tolerance and friendliness is really remarkable; also medical tourists have a chance of obtaining medical travel insurance, which makes their stay even safer;
  • there are many facilitators offering free help in finding the clinic and organising the stay.

As a final thought, we must note that breast lift surgery in Poland is receiving highly positive feedback from foreign patients. The top quality of surgery and healthcare is what distinguishes Poland among other countries, and the low price is just an additional pleasing aspect.


The top quality of surgery and healthcare is what distinguishes Poland among other medical tourism countries.

Breast lift Turkey

Breast lift surgery in Turkey is a particularly popular procedure among Americans, Asians and Europeans. The greatest asset of Turkey is that it’s a very popular touristic destination and a world-class summer holiday resort. Each year, millions of international tourists visit Turkey for holidays – the most popular option are all-inclusive holidays – the prices there are so affordable that getting premium all inclusive holiday packages is still very affordable. No wonder, breast surgery Turkey is often combined with holidays. Turkey is very famous for making really affordable complex all inclusive offers for medical trips – they include Turkey breast surgery clinics and high-class hotels located in very attractive areas.

Breast lift cost Turkey is one of the lowest in the world, also the prices in general are affordable especially from tourists using Euro, Dollars or Pounds on a daily basis. As for the communication, there’s no language barrier and most private clinics hire only English-speaking staff. Also, in case of any communication problems, clinics provide the help of a professional translator. Similarly to Poland, in Turkey there are also many facilitators and clinics helping patients go through the booking and organisation process. It is really convenient for people who go abroad for the surgery for the first time – they are guided all the time and explained all the steps of organising the trip and surgery, which increases the sense of safety.

Istanbul night

Breast lift cost Turkey is one of the lowest in the world.

Other locations for breast lift surgery abroad

Turkey and Poland are undoubtedly the top medical tourism destinations and great options for getting breast lift abroad. Yet, there are some other locations which could be considered as well. They include: breast lift surgery in India, breast lift Mexico, or breast lift surgery Thailand. For example, breast lift Thailand cost is as low as in Poland, and some people find it easier and faster to travel to Thailand, so the choice of the location is really individual. If patients are not sure which countries to consider, the Clinic Hunter team may help them make the decision about the best place for breast lift.

Breast lift surgery reviews

Breast lift reviews are a particularly important factor influencing the choice of a clinic and surgeon. We always advise that patients take a look at the opinions, information, reviews and feedback from former patients. This is the most real, factual and informative source of information about a considered clinic which often helps resolve concerns, doubts and answer bothering questions. Such reviews can be found on a clinic or surgeon’s website, on some dedicated pages and fora (e.g. Realself), or social media groups.

Breast lift before and after

Breast lift before and after pictures are always a showcase of a surgeon. So, while we advise women to read the reviews to verify a clinic, we advise them to see breast lift UK before and after pictures to verify a surgeon’s skills. Analysing the breast lift photos can give women much information and knowledge about a plastic surgeon. Most mastopexy before and after photos can be found on the Internet, yet when patients find it difficult to get the access to such photos, it’s a great idea to ask a surgeon to share the breast mastopexy before and after photos of the former patients


Breast lift surgery is a plastic surgery dedicated to female patients. Women consider breast lift really important mainly in terms of their physical look and psychological comfort. This surgery addresses saggy, asymmetrical, loose, flat breasts and leaves them full, rounded, lifted and well-contoured. There are a few options of getting breast lift – it includes getting the procedure in a private clinic in a home country, applying for NHS coverage, choosing financing options or getting the surgery in a private clinic abroad. Each option has many advantages as well as disadvantages, so every woman should consider the available solutions individually. Yet, every woman wanting to undergo an affordable breast lift abroad may contact Clinic Hunter. Our team is ready to help each patient find the best place and the most affordable prices. We are also happy to organise all the travel-related aspects such as transfers or hotels, so that a patient feels really safe, secured, comfortable and well-cared for.

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