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Chin implant or chin augmentation with implant - what is it?

What is a chin implant surgery? It is a plastic surgery aiming at augmenting the chin. Generally, chin surgery can be officially called genioplasty or mentoplasty, but what is genioplasty and what is chin mentoplasty? Mentoplasty is a cosmetic surgery which reduces the size of the chin (called a protruding chin surgery) while genioplasty is the chin augmentation but without the chin implant.

Chin implant surgery is an alternative cosmetic plastic surgery which resizes and reshapes the chin. This chin plastic surgery using implant is not very popular, yet some patients with a characteristically small chin and jawline may need such a face reshape surgery. In fact, a chin reshaping surgery with the use of silicone implants has become the most popular and fastest way of improving the look and symmetry of the face and neck. Below in this article, we will present the most important details about the cosmetic surgery chin implant.

man in glasses touching his chin

Chin implant surgery is an alternative cosmetic plastic surgery which resizes and reshapes the chin.

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Reasons to have chin implant

There are various types of standard of beauty around the world and when we think of a pretty or handsome face, we usually think of an overall look. When we think of some complexes that doesn’t fit the beauty standard, these are typically the nose that doesn’t fit, eyebags, bad face shape, small eyes, big forehead. We often do not pay much attention to the chin as a face part. However, only when people have short chin / weak chin / undeveloped chin, do they start to wonder how to look better with such a chin or how to change its look.

Apparently, the chin greatly influences the harmony of face look, it is just a rare problem, so people usually do not see it as a problem. Will chin implant improve jawline? Definitely, it will. Chin implant is the best way of improving the face proportions and contours, and it is the main reason for doing this surgery. The specific reasons for performing chin implant include:

  • chin strengthening for underdeveloped or recessed chin;
  • improvement of the face profile, bringing back the face balance and harmony;
  • eliminating double chin;
  • reshaping the jawline and neck.

What procedures chin implant surgery combines with?

girl touching his neck and chinChin augmentation may be an individual procedure – and it is the most popular option, yet it can be also combined with some other surgeries. Regarding serious surgeries, we should mention jaw surgery. An orthognathic surgeon may sometimes recommend putting an implant to chin together with other procedures treating the jaw and bite. In some cases, chin reduction may be necessary too, yet for others there is a need for chin implant to restore the proportional look of the face.

As for plastic surgeries, chin implant may be combined with other facial surgeries, for example patients often decide to get jaw and chin implant. A chin and jaw implant allows for defining not only chin but also the whole jawline and shape of the jaw bones. Other popular procedures for a combination include implant with chin lift surgery, chin implant and rhinoplasty or neck lift and chin implant.

Generally, patients who want to combine chin implant with any other procedure should speak with a plastic surgeon first – the possibility of getting combined surgeries is always checked individually for each patient. The rule here is not to take much risk, and it is always better to split the surgeries into to procedures than put a patient into unnecessary risk. Chin implant itself is not a very demanding procedure, so it is likely to be done along with some other surgery, yet when this second procedure is a serious one (e.g. full rhinoplasty or full facelift), then, it is an individual decision of plastic surgeon.

Types of chin implant surgery

There are various types of chin implants, but before we specify which implants patients may come across, we need to note that the chin implant male and female or chin implant men and chin implant women are exactly the same. There’s no such a sex division. In general, the chin implants fall into 3 categories:

  • chin implant material;
  • chin implant sizes;
  • chin implant shape.

Regarding the material, the most common are silicone implants. A silicone chin implant is smooth, soft, very flexible. It can be also adjusted as for the shape and size. Such an implant needs to be put very precisely as it is not glued to the surrounding tissues. The second type of material is Medpor – it is a porous, hard, little flexible material. It is incorporated to the surrounding tissues, so it is hard to remove once in place. The third type is Gore-Tex material – it is very strong, but very flexible at the same time. It is anchored to the bone with titanium screws. All the materials are biocompatible and are certified for using in medicine.

The sizes and shapes of chin implant types are individually adjusted. Patients can choose implants from extra small to extra large. Shapes depend on patients expectations and face anatomy. Many clinics either offer some implants samples so that patients can see real implants and fit them in the surgeon’s office or have computed design of surgery results when the implant is chosen digitally and patients can see the results in advance.

Non surgical chin augmentation

Chin implant is a surgical procedure, so some patients may have doubts whether to do it. When their chin does not require dramatic change, or they fear getting the surgery, or simply cannot afford it, there are some non surgical chin implant alternatives.

The options to consider include:

  • dermal fillers;
  • hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid fillers);
  • chin filler;
  • fat transfer chins;
  • fat injections chin.

What we recommend is finding a renowned beautician or aesthetic surgeon who can explain the difference between e.g. chin implant vs filler, chin fillers vs implant or fat injections chin and implant. Only realizing all the pros and cons of 2 procedures allows for making the reliable and right decision regarding the proper procedure.

low part of woman's face

Dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid fillers, fat transfer are non-surgical chin augmentation options.

Chin implant candidate

Ideal candidates for chin implants should struggle with the following chin conditions: undeveloped chin, weak chin, short chin, fleshy neck, squared chin, recessed chin. Besides, to be qualified for a plastic surgery, candidates should:

  • stay in good physical condition;
  • remain in good health for longer time;
  • have realistic expectations towards the procedure (setting realistic expectations is particularly important for a plastic surgeon);
  • be a non-smoker (or do not smoke for at least 4 weeks before and after the surgery);
  • keep a stable weight;
  • not suffer from any serious chronic diseases, or have it controlled by a doctor.

Each person who thinks he/she needs chin implant should visit a plastic surgeon and check whether a surgery is a good solution. A final qualification for the surgery is always individual and is based on a medical history, problem with chin, expectation, health condition and body anatomy. There are many factors influencing the final decision about the qualifying a patient for the surgery, so the above criteria are only guidelines, which may be helpful in preparing for the personal consultation with the doctor, not the restrictions which may disqualify anyone from getting the surgery.

Chin implant contradictions

thinking girl

The main contraindications to the chin implant surgery are smoking and poor health.

There are some conditions which may disqualify patients from getting the chin implant surgery. When a plastic surgeon makes the decision that the potential risks outweigh the benefits of the surgery, he/she may refuse to perform the procedure. The good news is that these “conditions” may be eliminated at some point and then the surgery may be reconsidered again, yet patient should always remember that a chin implant is only a plastic surgery – the aim of which is to improve the appearance, aesthetics, attractiveness, and it should never take priority over our health or life.

Well, the main conditions which are regarded as contraindications to the plastic surgery (including chin implant) are smoking and poor health. When you are a smoker, in a way that you smoke over 10 cigarettes a day, the internal organ are in a bad condition – especially the lungs, liver. Smoking also has a destructive influence on the healing capabilities of the body, so if a person is not able to quit it for the week before and after the procedure, there’s a poor chance of getting the procedure done. Regarding the health condition, it boils down to anaesthesia risks, any health problems increase the risks of being under anaesthesia – any serious heart/kidney/lung diseases, cancer, other autoimmune disease, even uncontrolled diabetes or high blood pressure would be a contraindication to the plastic surgery. However, when a health condition stabilizes, a plastic surgery may be reconsidered of course.

Before chin augmentation with implant

girl in flowers

Following pre operative instructions is a key to successful chin augmentation.

Each plastic surgery requires some pre reoperative instructions which patients should follow. Most patients are presented a detailed treatment plan with the pre-op guidelines during the first consultation with a plastic surgeon. The first contact with a surgeon, whether personal or online, is particularly important. First of all, the doctor makes skin quality assessment, only a good skin quality enables performing a chin implant. Secondly, a patient gets a full physical exam and fills in medical history form. Both medical history and physical exam say a lot about a health condition of a patient, so when a patient has some health conditions that need settling, it’s high time to take care of them to get the chin implant as safe as possible.

Apart from patient medical history, a patient should stop smoking. The best time to quit smoke is 4 weeks before the planned surgery, patients should also remember to quit smoke for the recovery time – at least 4 weeks after the surgery.

The third important aspect is avoiding certain medications. Any blood-thinning or anti-inflammatory meds and supplements cannot be taken for some weeks before and after the chin implant. Also, patients should inform a surgeon about any taken medication, herbs, and supplements and check whether they are safe in the surgery time.

The last major preparation step is following a healthy diet and keeping hydration on a good level. It will help in the recovery and will make healing faster.

Lastly, there are also some other logistic and organisational things to do – they are not so important from the medical point of view, yet are still worth taking care of prior to the surgery. Patients should get as many chores as possible in advance so that they do not need to worry about it after the surgery. It is good to prepare comfortable clothes, especially T-shirts with a wider neckline as patients cannot wear pullover after the surgery. If you have family, especially children, it’s good to organise the family life, care for children, patients cannot lift objects/kids during the recovery.

Finally, we recommend that patients take photographs of their chin to compare the look of the chin and face before and after the surgery.

Chin implant procedure

The surgery of chin implant is a surgery which may be performed under local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia. When only chin implant placement is done, and the surgery is a regular one, usually local anaesthesia is enough. General anaesthesia is applied mostly when the surgery is combined with other procedures or in particularly complicated cases.

When a patient is anaesthetized, a surgeon moves on to making an incision. The incision lines can be made either inside the mouth or under the chin. An implant is chosen as for the size, shape and material before the surgery, and it is put in place through the made surgical incision lines.

The implant is fitted around the chin bone. After putting the implant, a surgeon closes the incision with the stitches. Surgical stitches are protected with the tape and bandages and the surgery is finished. When the surgical wound is made inside the mouth, it is not visible at all, and when the sutures are under the chin, they are in the natural crease lines, so they are imperceptible.

Usually, the overall surgery time is usually less than 1 hour.

Chin implant recovery and aftercare

girl with white lines on her face

Most patients are getting back to normal after 1-2 weeks after chin implants surgery.

Chin implant recovery (genioplasty recovery) is relatively short mainly thanks to the fact that local anaesthesia is applied. The total chin implant recovery time reaches a few weeks, yet patients feel very good much earlier when they follow chin implant aftercare. Patients leave the clinic usually on the surgery day, a few hours after the procedure. It is enough to get rest in a hospital for a few hours.

Before leaving the clinic, patients get aftercare instructions, sterile gauze dressings, and chin implant bandage. Sometimes, drains may be put for 24 hours after the procedure, yet surgery drains after chin implant are quite rare. Sometimes, patients may be asked to come to the clinic the next day to change the bandage and check the surgical wound healing, alternatively remove drains, yet it is not necessary and this visit is optional. When regular stitches are put, they need to be removed on day 7, when dissolvable stitches are put, they do not need removal.

During the first week after the surgery, patients may feel pain. At the beginning – first 1-3 days – the pain can be really acute, yet after surgery pain killers and prescribed medications should alleviate it. From the third day, regular pain killers should help. If you notice that the pain get more and more intense, it is best to speak with the doctor, as the pain should naturally subside day by day.

Another problem in the healing process is swelling and bruising which causes discomfort. It appears in the chin, neck, and face area. To minimize it, patients should stick to the recommended sleeping position, which is keeping the head elevated for minimum 3 weeks after the procedure. Wearing compression garment and following proper diet post-operative instructions (e.g. keeping liquid diet at the beginning, following healthy balanced post-operative diet, get nutrition) also helps in minimizing swelling and bruising. Most patients are getting back to normal after 1-2 weeks. They return to work, do most of daily duties and lead a normal life. Of course, there are still some restrictions, such as physical activity, avoid stress, but generally, the recovery is really fast when all the post-op guidelines are followed.

How to follow a post-op care? The chin implant plastic surgery aftercare tips include:

  • organise yourself help for the first days, you may need someone to stay with you at least the first night and day after the surgery;
  • organise the drive home from the hospital – you will be still under anaesthesia, and it will be forbidden for you to drive on that day;
  • make sure you are instructed about post-surgical care for the wounds and bandage change – it is very important for the smooth recovery;
  • take all the prescribed medications and antibiotics as instructed even if you feel good;
  • do not take any medications without consulting your plastic surgeon in the recovery period, especially aspirin;
  • do not smoke during the recovery – smoking disturb healing process and may cause infections;
  • the physical activity level should be increased gradually, exercises can be restored after about 2 weeks – these may be mild trainings; patients should increase the intensity and length over time;
  • sleep and rest with an elevated head for the whole recovery time;
  • have a positive attitude and avoid stress;
  • don’t pay attention to the facial proportions at the beginning, your face is swollen and bruised, so the final effects may not be visible yet, you may need to wait until the swelling is gone.

Chin implant pros and cons

The list of pros and cons of any plastic surgery always helps make a decision whether we really need and want it or not. The chin implant has some important advantages as well as disadvantage, and it is good to realize both before making the final commitment toward the procedure.


The pros of chin implant include:

  • fast result – in fact the results are immediate, they are just blurred by some bruising at the beginning;
  • achieving desired facial harmony – getting more attractive face shape, acquiring feminine facial features, defining lower facial features;
  • gaining overal aesthetic appearance of the whole face thanks to perfect facial proportions;
  • having an improved confidence – an attractive face and face reshape results in a much better psychological well being;
  • getting rejuvenated and youthful look;
  • chin implant is a minimally invasive surgery / minimally invasive surgical techniques are used;
  • the results of ideal facial proportions are permanent;
  • there’s only minimal scarring, which is non-visible;
  • the results are natural, the beautiful facial proportions are restored with the maintaining the natural look of the face.


The cons of chin implant include:

  • there’s a risk of post-surgical complications and side effects;
  • patients need to realize that it may happen that chin implant complications are serious and require further surgeries or hospitalization;
  • there are some silicone implants side effects, e.g. relocation of an implant;
  • there may be a problem with scarring;
  • patients may notice poor aesthetic change, especially if they expected a spectacular metamorphosis, so the result may not be satisfying;
  • the cost may be quite high, this surgery is not covered by the NHS.

Chin implant side effects, complications and risks

Plastic surgery risks and complications are always involved in the procedure and are always possible. Yet, the good news is that generally, the post-surgical complications are rare, or if they happen, they are not very serious. Patients must be aware of all the chin implant plastic surgery risks especially that the implant is a foreign object which is placed into the body, and it always causes additional risk.

Below, we list the possible surgery risks and chin implant complications (these are silicone implants side effects – as it is the most commonly used type of chin implants):

  • chin implant relocation, it’s shifting from the original position;
  • erosion of a chin implant;
  • chin implant squaring making it look more masculine;
  • nerve damage – causing the loss of movement in the lips or other areas;
  • fat necrosis;
  • lumpiness;
  • chin implant scar / thick scarring – scarring is usually not a problem, but sometimes visible scars may develop;
  • infection or inflammation; chin implant infection may happen during or after the surgery;
  • skin numbness – skin numbness after surgery is normal, but it may be long-lasting in some cases;
  • bleeding;
  • hematoma;
  • blood clots;
  • chin implants swelling – persistent swelling rarely occurs, yet it may happen, and it may blur the final effects;
  • slow wound healing (the longer patients have open wounds, the higher risk of infections);
  • fluid accumulation;
  • anesthesia risks – they refer to mainly general anaesthesia;
  • chin implant pain.

Chin implant plastic surgery risks and dangers can be minimized when a patient chooses a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. Putting a chin implant is a surgery which unfortunately requires revisions from time to time. One of the reason is improper placement of an implant. So, doing a surgery by a proper specialist can help a lot in reducing the rate of complications or side effects. The second aspect is recovery – a patient’s role is also significant. Following all the guidelines and instructions given by the doctor helps eliminate the risks and prompt proper healing.

man lloks at the mirror

Chin implant is a foreign object which is placed into the body, and it always causes additional risk.

Chin implants cost

How much is a chin implant UK? Chin implant cost depends on a variety of factors, the ain of which is the type of the procedure and type of implant. Patients should also differentiate between the different chin surgeries, like genioplasty cost and mentoplasty cost. Obviously, genioplasty cost UK differs from mentoplasty price. Mentoplasty and genioplasty UK cost differs from place to place and such factors as the location (city and region), staff (especially surgeons’ reputation), clinic’s standard, regional cost of living, cost for products (e.g. chin implants) and daily expenses determine the final chin implant UK cost.

So, how much does a chin implant cost UK? The chin implant cost UK is 5500 GBP on average. The chin implant cost London may reach even 6500 GBP.

Chin implant NHS

Regarding chin implant UK, generally this surgery is not available on the NHS. People decide to get chin implant usually due to purely cosmetic reasons, to improve the look of the face, and make it more attractive. NHS is not willing to fund such procedures. Improving the appearance and attractiveness is not something that requires an urgent operation or something that endangers the health or life of a patient. The main idea of NHS funding is covering the procedures which are firstly life-saving and secondly health-saving. So, chin implant NHS or genioplasty NHS does not meet these criteria.

Of course, we do not say chin implant NHS is 100% impossible. There is a slight chance of getting it. Patients would need to prove that the look of their face causes a great mental distress and chin implant would have a beneficial influence on their psychology. Or, alternatively, sometimes chin implant may be done as a part of bigger orthognathic surgery, which itself can be sometimes funded by the NHS. So, if someone wants to try to get chin implant within the NHS, it is best to start with visiting the GP and discussing the chances and next steps.

Chin implant UK

Chin surgery – mentoplasty and genioplasty UK do not belong to the most popular plastic procedures, yet they are more and more often chosen by patients. Both surgeons and patients has started to notice the great influence of chin definition on the whole face look, so if a person suffers from a weak, undefined chin or has other chin problems that can be solved with chin surgery, this procedure is really recommended.

Regrading the cost, chin implant London / genioplasty London (including sliding genioplasty UK) is the most expensive. The cost of chin implant may exceed 6000 GBP there, which is really costly. Chin implant Manchester is more affordable – people can expect to spend about 1000 GBP less than in London. The rule is that in the smaller cities, the costs decrease, so it is better to look for the surgery there if you want to reduce the chin implant price.

Chin implant abroad

If patients cannot afford chin implant in their home country, they can get the plastic surgery abroad. Plastic surgery abroad prices in some countries are really cheap, at the same time the level of healthcare is very high, so it is a really good deal for foreign patients looking for top quality surgery and savings.

British, Irish, and Scandinavians usually opt for Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic and Lithuania as for their medical travel destination. These countries have great variety of chin implant specialist, so patients can choose the best chin implant surgeon and still pay a low price, also there are special plastic surgery abroad packages, thanks to which organising such a surgery abroad is very easy. In general, medical tourism has become a very popular trend, thanks to which people have the opportunity to get the surgery, they can afford it, what’s more – they can afford a top chin implant surgeon, and finally, they can change their look and their lives.

Chin implant Poland

Poland belongs to the popular medical tourism destinations in the world and the leading destination spots for European medical tourists. Plastic surgery Poland, together with other fields such as dentistry or orthopaedics, is famous for its great standard and quality and very affordable cost. There are only few countries which can combine such a great quality and low cost, so it is great that Europeans appreciate they have such a country near them.

The main advantages of having chin implant in Poland include:

  • low plastic surgery in Poland prices – the average cost of chin implant is 2000 GBP, which is 3 times cheaper than in the UK – it makes a huge difference in price and huge savings for medical tourists from the UK;
  • safety – Poland is a safe country, located in Central Europe; it is not engaged in any international or internal conflicts; the situation in the country is stable; people are very welcoming and tolerant;
  • the best surgeons – Polish plastic surgeons are world-class specialists, they are authorities for international surgeons; medical tourists can afford to pay for the best plastic surgeons in Poland, which guarantees the best quality of the surgery;
  • top quality in the clinics – the clinics in Poland follow all the international, EU standards of safety and healthcare; these are modern, well-equipped places which use the best materials, advanced technology and the newest solutions;
  • openness – private clinics offering their services for international patients know their needs, they speak foreign languages, they understand the time limitations, various difficulties, offer help in logistics, staff is very welcoming and helpful; patients can always count on an individual attitude;
  • accessibility – Poland has a few international airports with direct connections with hundreds of European cities. People can get to Poland by plane within 1-3 hours. Also, there are some intercontinental direct connections too;
  • all inclusive packages – most clinics and medical tourism facilitators offer all inclusive packages including hotel stay, airport pick up, local transfers, medical tests, and other facilities – patients do not need to worry about anything as they may get every aspect of the travel organised by specialists;
  • touristic value – Poland is a diversified country, located by the Baltic Sea, in the mountains, it offers lakes, forests, National Parks, unique cities, great local attractions, historical spots, castles, UNESCO spots; it is also very colourful country, having a unique tradition, culture, cuisine, customs – so it’s great to spend some time with local people in local places and grasp the atmosphere of this beautiful country.

Poland belongs to the popular medical tourism destinations in the world and the leading destination spots for European medical tourists.


Chin implant Turkey

Turkey is the second country that is a leading destination for European medical tourists. Besides, Turkey is very popular among Americans and Asians. Plastic surgery Turkey is one of the most popular sectors chosen by foreign patients.

Plastic surgery Turkey prices are the lowest in Europe and one of the lowest in the world, so this country is visited by millions of people every year. Plastic surgery Turkey (Istanbul) cost is similar in all Turkish cities, the competitiveness is really bitter. The low cost for the treatment in Turkey results from the government’s donations and funding – medical tourism is strongly supported by the officials, which is great news for medical tourists. Chin implant Turkey costs less than in Poland. The average chin implant cost Turkey is 1500-1700 GBP. Of course, there are some lower and higher quotes (e.g. chin implant Istanbul may cost 1800 GBP, and chin implant Bodrum may cost 1400 GBP).

What is also worth mentioning, the prices in Turkey always include the all inclusive package – so the hotel, local transfers and airport pick up. So no extra costs need to be paid after arrival. The clinics and hotels in Turkey are known for their luxury and high standard, people may feel really posh and exclusive while they are there.

Thanks to its welcoming warm climate, Turkey is a great place to spend summer holidays, so we always recommend people to combine a surgery with short holidays in a Sea resort. Finally, Turkey is an attractive region combining European and Asian culture and traditions – visiting this country guarantees unforgettable memories and experience, and it’s good to reserve some time before or after chin implant surgery to do some sightseeing there.


Turkey is the second country that is a leading destination for European medical tourists.

Chin implant reviews

A good way of checking a considered doctor and clinic is reading the chin implant reviews, analysing the stories of former patients, and seeing before-after photos of patients having the surgery in this clinic.Chin implant reviews UK always give a reliable and true knowledge about the clinic service, standard, attitude and characteristics.

Checking the opinions and reviews should always be a precautionary measure – the negative reviews, complaints, warnings should ring a bell and make patients reconsider their choice of a clinic. On the other hand, when a clinic has many positive reviews, patients can get reassured about their right choice as for the clinic.

Before and after chin implants


smiling blondie girl in blue jacket

Please give us a call and we help you to find the best surgeon abroad!

Chin implant is a plastic surgery addressing the weak, undefined chin. It used a silicone implant, which is placed into the chin to make it more define, prominent, shaped, symmetrical and proportional.

It can be done on its own or may be combined with other facial procedures (mostly rhinoplasty or facelift). Chin implant gives permanent results and greatly improves the whole face look.

Unfortunately, it is not covered by the NHS, which means that patients need to fully pay for this surgery. In the UK, this surgery may cost up to 6000 GBP, but there is an alternative of getting this surgery abroad.

Chin implant in Poland and Turkey can be over 3 times cheaper than in the UK. So, this option is definitely worth considering. Clinic Hunter team can help you organise the surgery abroad, just contact us to get more information.



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