Nick Tselios

Nick Tselios

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Nick Tselios

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Information about doctor

Work experience: 32

Languages: English, Greek

Specialization: Dentistry

Nick Tselios was attending the Dental School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He also served as a dentist in the Greek Army. After his military service, he studied in the USA at the University of Michigan where he received a degree in Master of Science in Prosthodontists. He was also trained in the fields of a prosthodontist, maxillofacial prosthodontist, and implant dentistry in Universities in the USA. In 2007, he returned to Greece, and since that time he works as a scientific collaborator in the prosthodontist department of the Dental School at the University of Athens. In December 2013 he joined the Eurodentica team.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Dental School

University of Michigan, USA

Dental Studies

Membership and awards

University of Texas Health Science Center στο San Antonio, Texas

Assistant Professor in Prosthodontics

University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha

Assistant Professor of Dental Oncology in the Head and Neck Surgery department


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