Tomasz Klos

Tomasz Klos

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Tomasz Klos

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Information about doctor

Work experience: 32

Languages: Polish, English

Specialization: Liposuction

Tomasz Klos is the owner of Liposuction Center (Kriocentrum)- a clinic located close to Warsaw, Poland since 1996. He graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw in 1991. His main specialization is liposuction. The doctor has performed over 1000 liposuction surgeries with all available methods: traditional liposuction (SAL), vibration liposuction (PAL), laser lipo (LAL), nutation lipo (NIL), water lipo (Body Jet), radiofrequency (RFAL) or ultrasound-assisted liposuction (VASER). Together with MD Marek Batijewski he developed the HemoRF technique – an innovative method of haemorrhoids treatment. He conducted training in this field for doctors from Poland, Europe, and Asia. Doctor Klos is rising his qualifications constantly. He participates in different international training and conferences in the field of plastic surgery.


Medical University of Warsaw


Membership and awards

Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine


Association of Polish Physicians.



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