How to qualify for eyelid surgery NHS?

How to qualify for eyelid surgery NHS?

Cosmetic surgery on the NHS is generally not performed unless it is medically necessary and for genuine health reasons. When it comes to cosmetic surgery NHS criteria are very strict. A blepharoplasty may be funded by the NHS when a droopy eyelid is blocking the vision and affecting the patient’s quality of life. Certain medical conditions, like thyroid eye disease and skin cancer, may also mean that reconstructive eyelid surgery is available on the NHS.


When it comes to private health insurance free plastic surgery is sometimes available, in a similar way to the NHS, when vision is substantially impaired. However, this varies greatly from one insurance company to another, so clarification should be sought from the relevant insurance company. It may be possible to obtain plastic surgery financing, sometimes at very advantageous rates, depending on the state of the financial markets.

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