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Invisalign Hungary

Gorgeous girl with a beautiful smile and sunrays reflected on her happy faceWhat is Invisalign? Invisalign braces are a type of orthodontic treatment that works without using traditional metal braces attached to the teeth surface. Invisalign consists of a transparent plastic tray that fits over the dental arch and exerts soft pressures over the teeth causing them to move into the right position. This type of orthodontics is almost invisible making it highly aesthetic and also very comfortable for the patients to wear since there won’t be metal appliances inside their mouths. Besides, the trays are easily removable and patients can take them off when eating or carrying out their oral hygiene routine. How long does Invisalign take? Just like traditional braces, the duration of treatment with Invisalign braces will vary depending on the severity of each case; but on average, simple cases might take around 3 months and the most complex cases could take around 12/18 months, which is basically the same as metal braces. After the treatment is over, just like in any other orthodontic treatment, patients must use retainers for a while to make sure their teeth do not move back into the old position; Invisalign retainers look exactly the same as orthodontic trays.   

Invisalign offers a variety of treatments to fit different cases, these are:

  • Invisalign Full for severe cases.
  • Invisalign Teen for severe cases on teenagers.
  • Invisalign Lite for moderate cases.
  • Invisalign i7 for very mild cases.
  • Invisalign Express mild cases.

clear aligners (2)Each one of those treatment options is designed to be tailored to each patient’s specific needs, making the treatment more effective. That’s why Invisalign results are of high quality and precision. But as expected, a dental treatment with these characteristics is considerably expensive, so dental tourism is a good opportunity to get an Invisalign treatment at affordable prices. Cosmetic dentistry in Hungary is well known for its high quality standards and results, that’s why getting Invisalign Hungary will allow patients to get the treatment they need while keeping the high quality. 

How much does Invisalign cost in Hungary?

The price varies according to the complexity of the case, the type of graft material, and the amount requiredHow much does Invisalign cost? The cost of Invisalign Full in Hungary goes from 2.700 GBP to 3.600 GBP, but less complex treatments like Invisalign Express might cost as low as 1.000 GBP.  Invisalign costs in Hungary are considerably cheaper than in the UK, besides, Hungary’s location makes it a great option for the British to get their Invisalign clear braces. Invisalign price is cheaper because of the low cost of living in Hungary and the treatment’s quality stays the same, actually, all Invisalign treatments are manufactured in the same place and distributed in all countries by the same company. So an Invisalign treatment in the UK is exactly the same as an Invisalign treatment in any other country. Still, one should not blindly trust Invisalign offers in the UK as it could be a scam, prices in the UK are generally very high.

Invisalign cost UK

How much does Invisalign cost UK? Invisalign cost UK varies from town to town, Invisalign London, Invisalign Manchester and Invisalign Liverpool will have slightly different prices but on average, Invisalign price UK goes around 2.500 GBP and 5.500 GBP. There are many Invisalign payments plans UK, but commonly, even with a payment plan, the treatment stills out of the budget for many people. Getting Invisalign on NHS is not possible either since Invisalign is considered a cosmetic treatment, the NHS only covers traditional orthodontics and only in very specific cases. It would be too difficult or even impossible to find cheap Invisalign UK, so one must be sceptical about those Invisalign deals like “Cheap Invisalign London” since these expensive cities wouldn’t offer a real Invisalign treatment at low prices. 

Why Invisalign Hungary is cheaper?

Dental treatment in Hungary is well known for its affordable prices and its high quality standards. Like every dental treatment in Hungary, getting an Invisalign treatment in Hungary can be very affordable. Invisalign abroad costs are considerably cheaper than in the UK, and the main reason is that these more affordable countries have a low cost of living allowing dentists to provide dental care at a lower cost without endangering their income.   Getting Invisalign abroad won’t affect the treatment’s quality since the Invisalign provider is the same for every dentist in every country where they are available, the trays are designed and manufactured by AlignTech, the founding company of Invisalign. Engaging in dental tourism Hungary is a good way to save money while also receiving quality dental services. If travelling is not an option, there are some cheaper alternatives to Invisalign in the market, just like Smile Direct Club, Candid Co, or Snap Correct, but patients must be aware that those brands don’t have the prestige and quality standards that Invisalign holds.

Cheap Invisalign- advantages of Invisalign Hungary

feeling romantic, happy and in love, smiling cheerfully and holding hands close to heartThe main advantage of getting cheap Invisalign abroad is the possibility of receiving a high quality treatment while saving almost half of the money the same treatment could cost in the UK. Besides, Hungary has an impeccable reputation as a provider of one of the best dental works abroad,  advanced dental clinics and affordable private dental charges. It is also essential to highlight that Invisalign aligners are the same regardless of the country, so cheap Invisalign abroad will still work the same. 

When looking for a place to get Invisalign abroad patients can use the “Invisalign near me” option that AlignTech company offers on its webpage, this tool shows a map of Invisalign dentists in a specific area. That’s also a good way to make sure the dental treatment abroad is actually an authentic Invisalign treatment and not one of those Invisalign offers where they promise “Invisalign cheap” that are actually cheap knockoffs.

Dentistry in Hungary is high quality

Dental assistant adjusting lightDentistry in Hungary is well known for its high quality and it has been a popular destination for dental tourism since the 80s  as hundreds of Europeans cross borders every year to get affordable dental care. Hungary is also popular because its dental schools train some of the best professionals in Europe. What kind of education is required to be a dentist in Hungary? Dentist qualifications in Hungary are regulated by the European Union, just like in the UK, which means dentist education and training are basically the same in all member countries of the European Union. Dentist degree requirements are five years of study at a university in the country plus a period of professional internship that can last from six months to a year. Dentist education is also much more affordable in Hungary than in other European countries, which is why the country annually receives hundreds of foreign students from countries such as the UK, France, Italy, etc. When it comes to being an Invisalign doctor, orthodontists and general dentists must take the Invisalign course that provides the necessary training to work with the company. Once the Invisalign process is complete, dentists receive an Invisalign certification authorizing them as affiliate dentists. Cosmetic dentistry in Hungary and all kinds of dental practices are carefully regulated by government agencies to ensure the best possible quality and care.

Dental clinic Hungary has state of the art equipment

Hungary has some of the best quality dental centers in all of Europe, as a dental tourism destination, the country’s dental clinics are constantly working to ensure their facilities stay on the cutting edge. Quality dental clinics attract more patients and also have the clinical equipment to provide the most modern treatments available, that’s one of many reasons why dental work in Hungary is considered high quality dental care. It is very common for prestigious clinics to provide Invisalign treatment since Invisalign invisible braces are widely popular among foreign patients.

Hungary dental tourism is very popular

Female medical assistant in clinicDental tourism has been widely practised in Hungary for decades, both because of the affordable prices and the high quality of dental care, but also because of the tourist beauty of the country. Hungary is the perfect place for those who need extensive treatments and want to enjoy a dental holiday and engage in tourist activities while improving their oral health. But when it comes to long term treatments like orthodontics, if we compare Invisalign vs. braces, Invisalign advantages are more than just aesthetic. The treatment’s flexibility reduces the frequency of control appointments by providing various trays so that the patient can move on to the next one after the time of use of each aligner has elapsed. That is why it is quite common for British people to go to countries like Hungary for dental treatment abroad, since the country is very close to the UK and the flights are incredibly affordable, a patient can travel every 3 or 4 months to receive new pairs of aligners and then go back home in the same day. Besides spending a dental holiday in Hungary, there are many other destinations to choose from since dental tourism in Europe is very common nowadays, e. g. spending a dental holiday in Poland. Both Hungary and Poland are great options for British people since both countries are located close to the UK, the prices are much more affordable, it is very easy to find English speaking dentists and also, both countries stand out in terms of the quality of their dental treatments.

The best location for Invisalign Hungary

When getting teeth done abroad it is quite difficult to choose a destination since dental work abroad might vary from town to town. Even so, in the case of Hungary dental care is almost the same in any city in the country, since all of Hungary is a tourist destination and it is common to receive foreign patients even in the most remote villages. But of course, the most prestigious dental clinics in the country are located in the areas with the highest flow of tourists, such as the capital city, Budapest, making it the ideal destination to get new teeth abroad.

Invisalign Budapest Hungary

BudapestAs we mentioned before, dental clinics Budapest are some of the most prestigious and well equipped of all the country, also the most experienced dentists are usually found in Budapest. It is quite logical that dental work Budapest has the best quality in the whole country, even so, the other cities of Hungary are not far behind in terms of dental care.

Alternative countries to get cheap Invisalign

There are many other countries for dental tourism in Europe but the best places for dental work for the British are without a doubt Poland and Turkey.  Those are the best places for dental tourism due to the price/quality ratio of dental care but also because of their tourist potential and easy access from the UK.

Invisalign Turkey

Although dental tourism Turkey is relatively new, the country’s popularity is growing rapidly among the British, especially for those who plan to enjoy tourist activities while receiving their dental treatments and decide to engage in a long dental holiday in Turkey. Dental clinics Turkey are well known for their state of the art facilities and Turkish dentists stand out for the high quality of their aesthetic dental treatments that’s why getting Invisalign Turkey is the preferred option for the British.

Invisalign Poland

at the airportDental treatment in Poland is well known for its high quality standards. Even though there are cheaper destinations, getting Invisalign in Poland is still very affordable compared to the UK prices. Furthermore, Poland dentists are well educated and closely supervised by government institutions to make sure that they continue to update their knowledge through continuing education. Poland dentists also communicate very well in English since it is very common for them to treat patients from English speaking countries. 

Invisalign Hungary reviews

Before engaging in dental tourism, patients must do research such as reading dental treatment abroad reviews or comparing Invisalign reviews UK vs Invisalign reviews from other countries. There are plenty of forums online where patients can find Invisalign images showing the before and after of Invisalign. Usually, Hungary dental tourism reviews are very positive, especially Budapest dental reviews, but we encourage every patient to make their own research about the clinic and dentist they want to choose.


Doing dental tourism in Hungary might be the best option for those who want to upgrade their smile through an aesthetic orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign but can’t afford the Invisalign price in the UK.  Hungary offers the same quality dental care as the UK at a more affordable price, its dental care holds a prestigious reputation, and its dentists are trained to treat foreign patients, making it the ideal destination for many British.

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