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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality Invisalign Poland.

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Invisalign Poland

clear bracesWhat is Invisalign and why is it a popular dental treatment in Poland? Invisalign braces are a type of orthodontic treatment that consists of clear aligners or trays that fit over the teeth and exert pressure to slowly move them into the proper position.

Once the teeth are aligned, patients must wear Invisalign retainers that can be made just like the clear aligners, but Poland dentists provide different options so the patients can choose the most convenient for them. 

The reason so many British decide to get Invisalign in Poland is the possibility of getting the treatment for a more affordable price with the advantage that Invisalign results remind the same, no matter where the patient gets the treatment, nevertheless, dentistry in Poland is known for its high-quality standards.

How long does Invisalign take? It has been shown that Invisalign works faster than conventional metal braces, but the final duration of the treatment will vary depending on the complexity of each case. 

On average, most simple cases can be solved in three or four months while most severe cases can extend for eighteen months or more.

Even though dental tourism represents a good chance to get affordable dental care, when it comes to orthodontic treatments, patients should consider some other aspects before they go to Poland for dental treatment. e.g. follow-up visits throughout the entire treatment. 

Invisalign Poland cost

girl with coinHow much does Invisalign cost in Poland? Invisalign cost in Poland starts from 1.000 GBP to 4.000 GBP. The lower Invisalign price is possible thanks to the low cost of living in Poland which allows the dentist to offer more affordable prices without it affecting their income.

But the treatment itself is exactly the same as in the UK or any other country. This is because Invisalign clear braces are manufactured in the same place under the same quality standards, regardless of the country of destination. 

Patients should be sceptical about any Invisalign offers or deals since other clear aligners brands look like Invisalign but don’t offer the same results and might even be harmful to health. The cost of Invisalign does not vary much from city to city within the same country.

Invisalign Poland cost and general cost of dental treatments in Poland might not be the cheapest compared to other dental tourism destinations, but patients must consider the fact that dentistry in Poland holds international recognition that endorses its high-quality standards. 

How much does Invisalign cost UK

How much is Invisalign UK? The Invisalign price UK depends on the type of treatment required since there are different types of Invisalign clear braces for specific malocclusion cases. 

british pundsInvisalign Full and Invisalign Teen cost around 2.500 GBP and 5.500 GBP, these are the most expensive types since they are suitable for medium and severe misalignment cases. They work basically the same, but Invisalign Teen provides some special features like a blue indicator that allows the orthodontist to see if the adolescent has worn the trays long enough.

There are other Invisalign types that are suitable for less severe cases and therefore, more affordable.

These are:

  • Invisalign Express: price starts from 1.295 GBP.
  • Invisalign Lite: from 1.800 GBP to 3.500 GBP.
  • Invisalign i7: from 1.200 GBP to 3.000 GBP.

The cost of Invisalign UK is the same all over the country, patients getting Invisalign London will pay the same as patients getting Invisalign Liverpool or Invisalign Manchester. So, if someone wants to find cheap prices in comparison to Invisalign cost UK, the best option might be getting Invisalign abroad

We must clarify that getting NHS Invisalign is not possible since the NHS only covers traditional metal braces. That means that patients must pay for Invisalign in a private clinic. 

An option for those who don’t want to travel abroad is to engage in an Invisalign payment plan UK, but the final price would still be the same since there is no cheap Invisalign UK.

Why Invisalign Poland is cheaper?

visit at the dentistDentistry in Poland stands out for its quality dental services and affordable dental treatments. Dental treatment Poland is possible due to the low cost of living, which allows dentists in Poland to provide cheaper treatments without lowering the quality or damaging their income.

One of the many advantages of getting Invisalign abroad is that Invisalign providers are all over the world and each of them is in direct contact with the manufacturer, which means the quality of the invisible trays is the same. 

Patients interested in getting Invisalign Poland should look for information on quality dental plans since it’s a dental tourism destination and Poland dental treatments are very affordable. 

The Invisalign abroad cost varies from country to country but in Poland’s case the Invisalign prices start from 1.000 GBP to 4.000 GBP being the higher price. 

Keep in mind that even though there are cheaper alternatives to Invisalign, not every clear aligners brand is safe and some cheap brands could cause health problems in the long term. 

Cheap Invisalign – Advantages of Invisalign Poland

gils smilingGetting dental work abroad is a good way to find affordable prices and Invisalign aligners are not an exception, but the benefits of getting dental treatment abroad go beyond the  Invisalign prices. 

Besides the possibilities of getting cheap Invisalign abroad, dental tourism usually provides high-quality dental services, and when it comes to Poland, the country is well known for providing the best dental treatment abroad. 

Some of the advantages of getting Invisalign in Poland are:

  • Invisalign doctors in Poland are well educated.
  • Advanced dental clinics.
  • International high-quality standards.
  • Affordable dental treatments, including Invisalign.

Invisalign doctors in Poland are well-educated

Dentists education and training in Poland are very similar to the UK. Polish dentists stand out for their rigorous training and continued education. 

appointment at the dentistBut when it comes to Invisalign the regular dentists qualifications are not enough, so, if a dentist wants to be an Invisalign doctor they must attend an Invisalign course. The Invisalign process is the same all around the world, not just for dentists in Poland.

Once the dentist education provided by Invisalign is complete, dentists will appear on the Invisalign Doctor Site, it is a virtual directory that allows patients to locate Invisalign dentists through an “Invisalign Near Me” option.

An advantage of choosing Invisalign clear braces instead of other brands is that Invisalign is available in almost every country of the world. So, no matter where the patient is, the chances of finding an Invisalign consultation nearby are quite high. 

Dental clinics Poland offer high quality dental care

teethDental clinics in Poland have earned an international reputation as the best quality dental centers in all of Europe thanks to their state-of-the-art facilities, modern medical equipment, and well-trained dentists that allow the clinic to provide high-quality dental care including Invisalign treatments. 

That means Poland is probably the best option to get Invisalign invisible braces or even other types of orthodontic treatments since many patients find it difficult to choose between Invisalign vs Braces. 

Especially when one of the most common Invisalign problems is that patients are not disciplined enough to wear the clear braces 22 hours per day. In those cases, it would be better to choose traditional braces since these are not removable. 

Dental tourism in Poland is very popular

When it comes to dental tourism Europe, Poland is the preferred destination for the British. The fact that Poland provides some of the best dental treatments abroad, has English speaking dentists, state-of-the-art facilities and countless tourist attractions make it the perfect place to spend a dental holiday.  

A dental holiday in Poland is very affordable and safe, but if the patient wants to be back at home as soon as possible, Poland’s proximity to the UK allows them to come and go on the same day. That way they can avoid extra expenses like lodging.  

What city is the best for Invisalign? – The most popular cities in Poland

There are a lot of polish cities where you can get dental work abroad but the best places to visit in Poland are Krakow, Warsaw, and Gdansk. 

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland and therefore it is the most visited by all kinds of travellers. The city is full of dental clinics dedicated to dental tourism but also owns an extensive cultural and historical richness that charms the visitors. 

Other popular Poland cities are Krakow and Gdansk, but there are more options, actually, some patients prefer small towns since these are away from the bustle of the cities. 

Invisalign Krakow

KrakowKrakow has grown in popularity in the latest years not only because of its history and tourist attractions but also because of the number of Krakow dentists dedicated to serving tourists from all over the world.

Flights to Krakow from London take approximately 2 and a half hours and prices start from 30 GBP. Getting dental treatment in Krakow Poland is ideal for a quick dental holiday. 

Invisalign Warsaw

Warsaw dentists are probably the most experienced due to the number of patients who visit the city in search of dental treatment. 

Warsaw dentist prices are cheap due to the low cost of living that allows dentists in Warsaw to provide high-quality dental services at affordable prices without damaging their profit. 

GdanskWarsaw is the capital city of Poland so it is the favourite Poland city for many tourists, that is why most polish dentists are located there. 

Invisalign Gdansk

The city of Gdansk is well known for its beauty and historical richness but also for its potential as a dental tourism destination since many Gdansk dentists are trained to serve patients from all over the world. 

Many dentists in Gdansk Poland are also Invisalign doctors, so it is the ideal place to spend a few days away from home and engage in a Dental Holiday.

Alternative countries to get cheap Invisalign 

Besides Poland, the best countries for dental work are Hungary and Turkey. 

Hungary, just like Poland, holds one of the best international reputations when it comes to its dental care standards, in fact, people from different European countries have been crossing the border with Hungary to get dental work for decades and many patients consider it the best place for dental tourism. 

Turkey is a relatively new destination for dental tourism but it’s growing rapidly and gaining popularity with British patients.

Invisalign Turkey

TurkeyTurkey is becoming one of the best countries for dental tourism, dental centres Turkey are equipped with modern technology and Turkish dentists are well trained and ready to provide dental care for foreign patients. 

Dental tourism Turkey is a good option for patients who are looking for aesthetic treatments since the country stands out for this kind of treatments, not just for the prices but for the quality. 

Getting Invisalign Turkey is the perfect way to save money and also enjoy vacations in an exotic destination. In fact, many dental clinics in Turkey offer extra services like transportation and accommodation. That way, patients can enjoy the most of their dental holiday Turkey.

Invisalign Hungary

Dental tourism in Hungary has existed for years because dental treatments in Hungary have a perfect quality-price ratio. 

BudapestDentists Hungary are used to providing dental care for patients from all over Europe and with the increasing demand for Invisalign by tourists, most of them have gone through the Invisalign process to become an Invisalign doctor. 

Invisalign Hungary offers many advantages because of Hungary’s proximity to the UK like the chance to go and come on the same day and save money from the accommodation.

Invisalign Poland reviews

Deciding to travel and get Invisalign abroad requires proper previous research, that’s why we encourage patients to look for impartial information like Invisalign reviews or dental treatment in Poland reviews.

Many former patients take the time to write dental treatment abroad reviews to share their experience with the community and help those looking for authentic information. 

Some patients even share their pictures of Invisalign before and after so others know exactly what to expect from the treatment. We must highlight that in general lines, dentistry in Poland reviews are usually positive. 


Getting Invisalign abroad is a good way to save money while getting the exact treatment you would get in the UK since Invisalign clear braces are equally manufactured for all locations.

Just keep in mind that dental tourism is not appropriate for everyone so before making a decision you should investigate and know all the details about the Invisalign process abroad. 

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