How much is a penis enlargement surgery?

How much does a penis enlargement cost?

Clinic Hunter
Clinic Hunter

How much is a penis enlargement surgery?

The penis enlargement surgery cost varies from clinic to clinic. The main factors that influence penis enlargement cost include:


  • the clinic reputation and quality;
  • a plastic surgeon’s fee;
  • a location (e.g. there are huge price differences between countries);
  • a surgery type and technique.


So, it is very hard to estimate penis enlargement surgery. Yet, to give you a rough idea of the cost, the penis enlargement surgery cost UK ranges from 1500 GBP to 9000 GBP. The lowest penis enlargement surgery UK prices are for dermal fillers and the highest cost is for implants or fat graft. This price range is not ultimate, there may be different prices for penis enlargement UK depending on the clinic. In the USA, the cost of good plastic surgery on penis may reach even 18 000 USD. The best way of checking how much is a penis enlargement is asking the considered clinic and attending personal or online consultation. Such consultations are often free of charge, so it is the best way of receiving the final cost of penis enlargement in a considered location.

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