How to get a penis enlargement?

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How to get a penis enlargement?

A candidate for penis enlargement surgery should meet some basic criteria. They can be set individually by a clinic or surgeon, yet some basic recommendations to a penis enlargement candidate for this cosmetic surgery include the following:


  • be in good physical condition and in good health;
  • do not smoke;
  • have surgical indication or medical indication for the procedure (e.g. micro penis, erection problems) apart from aesthetic reason;
  • have realistic expectations;
  • have psychological reasons for cosmetic surgery.


Once a man is qualified for penis enlargement, he needs to prepare for the surgery. The general tips for already qualified men are below:


  • gather medical history;
  • fill in medical history form given by a surgeon;
  • attend physical exam;
  • stop smoking, you need to quit smoke at least 2 weeks before the procedure;
  • keep recommended hydration level;
  • take photographs of your penis to see the difference and assess the results;
  • follow any pre reoperative instructions given by the surgeon.

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